Raped in a Dark Alley


I had such a long stressful day at work I needed to get away and have a few beers. Not being in the mood for the large noisy crowds of the bars I usually frequent I decided to head into town to look for a quiet dive bar. I walked in planted myself on the stool and ordered a drink. This place is exactly what I was looking for. Very quiet and only 2 other men sitting at the bar watching the Olympics on TV.
Before I knew it 3 hours had gone byand it was already dark outside. It was getting pretty late to still be out on a Thursday night, but I couldn't pull myself away from the TV. The bodybuilders had just taken the floor for their event. I probably threw back 8 or 10 pints of beer over the past few hours making me horny as hell. I ogled each and every one of them as they walked across the mat and prepared for their lift. My eyes locked on a man named Ivan from Ukraine. I watched as he stretched. My eyes tracing the outline of every bulging muscle and every curve of his body. His artificially tanned skin shimmered in the lights of the stadium.

I felt my cock grow in my pants as I admired Ivan's physique. He picked up a set of dumbbells and started to work his chest.

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  His chest rippled hypnotically as he brought the weights together in front if his face. I start to unknowingly rub my dick through my pants as I watched the TV screen.

"Here is your tab" said the bar tender interrupting my from my day dream. I looked down to pay my bill but not before noticing the stunning brunette and athletic muscular man sitting at the end of the bar. They must have come in while I was off in my bodybuilder trance. She wore a white silk blouse that was tight enough to be painted on. The top 3 buttons were undone exposing her healthy cleavage and black lace bra. Her equally tight black skirt ran just above her knees giving way to her incredible legs wrapped in black fishnet stockings and black patent leather high heels. He was wearing a tank top revealing his huge cut arms and chiseled chest, and shorts that came midway down his powerful thighs. I laid down my credit card and continued to check out the her magnificent cleavage and firm round ass from across the bar while I waited for my receipt.

He looked up and caught me staring. In my drunken state I lacked the reaction time to look away quickly or pretend to be looking at something else. She rolled her eyes, but her companion was a bit more confrontational.

"What the fuck are you looking at?" he barked.
"Oh um, sorry nothing" I stammered while trying to look away, hand still rubbing my dick.

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"This guy is playing with is cock in here!" he yelled as grew more protective of his girl.
"Eww what a perv!" the brunette remarked.

I did my best to keep to myself until the bartender returned with my receipt. I signed the check, gathered my copy and quickly headed out of the bar. The couple looking down on me as I passed. As I walked out the door I looked back getting one last look at her incredible silky sexy legs rising from her heels. Just before I turned my head back around the man caught me staring at his girl once again and snarled slamming down his drink.

I shut the door behind me and walked briskly around the block and out of view from the bar's windows. My pace slowed to a crawl as the dizzying effects of the alcohol caught up with me. I continued to stumble down the sidewalk almost forgetting my new enemy from the bar. Seeing a police car cruising down the street I decided to turn down the next alley to recollect myself before I got arrested for being drunk in public.

I remained in the shadows for a few moments leaning against the wall to keep myself upright. The police car passed by me and continued on down the road. Another minute passed before I decided it was safe to venture back out to the sidewalk.

As I approached the sidewalk a tall figure appeared before me in the shadows.

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   He shoved me into the alley. I trip over my own feet and fall on to my back hitting my head on the ground. I looked up as the shadow towered over me. His arm reached down grabbing me by the collar and pulling me back to my feet before pinning me against the cold brick wall. Still in a daze from slamming my head on top of my inebriated state, my only thought was "Holy shit this guy is strong!".

He leaned forward stopping inches away from my face and yelled "Who the fuck do you think you are?"
"Umm I ah" I stutter partially in shock.
"So you like to jerk off looking at another man's chick you perv?"
"Sorry I didn't even. . . " I said before being cut off.
"Bullshit! I saw you checking her out and playing with your dick!" he shouted spitting all over my face.
"I didn't mean it just please let me go. " I begged as he pinned me harder against the wall. Is solid pecs brushed across my back as I struggled helplessly. I grabbed his arm, my hands wrapped around his iron biceps.

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   I thought back to Ivan from the Olympics and began to get aroused.

"She is really upset and freaked out because of you perv!" he shouted again. "She was raped a year ago and your creepy staring made her have a flashback. She is in there crying right now!" He continued on.
"I'm so sorry I didn't know. I would never try to touch her. " I replied pushing my hands against his stone chest and rock hard abs. I let out a soft moan as my fingers slid across his rippled chest.
"Too late for that. Maybe you need to experience the pain she went through first hand. " he suggested grabbing my ass with his free hand.
"Oh shit! Let me go!" I pleaded despite my arousal.
"Not a chance perv boy. You're gonna get what's coming to you"

With that he spun me around placing his right forearm across the back of my neck to hold me against the wall. I placed both hands on the wall in front of me to keep my face off of the rough brick.

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   His left hand reached around unbuckled my belt unzipped my pants and pulled them to the ground taking my boxers with them. His shorts fell to his ankles as he pulled his hardening dick from his briefs.

"You ready to get fucked perv boy?"
"Please let me go!" I pleaded fearing that he might really hurt me.
"Not until I'm done with you. "

I felt the head of his bulging dick slip into my crack and press against my asshole as he pressed himself against me. He pulled back and spit on his dick before pressing against me again. His thick cock pushed firmly against my hole. The pressure didn't let up until the head of his swollen cock pushed into my ass.

"Oh fuck!" I screamed
"Not so brave now?" he sneered pushing the entire length of his shaft into my ass.
"No stop!" I cried out in pain from his thick member stretching me open.
"Take it perv!" he said as he pulled back and rammed into me again.
He pulled all the way out of my ass letting a wad of saliva from his mouth fall onto his cock. I tried to pull away but he pinned me down harder holding his body against my back. My ass opened wide once again swallowing his engorged dick as it plowed into my hole hitting bottom.

"Oh stop!" I moaned deeply as his dick stretched my insides.

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"You like that perv?"
"Ahhh let me go!" I screamed doing my best to disguise my pleasure as agony.

"mmm your ass feels so good wrapped around my cock" he moans while steadily pumping deeper into my ass.

I collapse against the wall.  my knees shaking. A wave of intense heat rushes through me causing my body to tremble.
He grabs me tightly by the hips pulling my ass back onto his dick as he thrusts into me.
"Fuck that ass feels good" he grunts
"oh god please stop" I ruse wanting him more and more. "Please fuck. . Oh god it hurts" I moan. "
“What was that?" he teased.
"Oh fuck my ass hurts!"
"Oh yea? I'll fuck your ass!" he laughed before fucking me deeper and faster.
The rhythmic stoke of his thick rod pumping deep in my ass sends chills up and down my spine. My hard dick flaps back and forth between my legs aching to be touched.
His strong hands moved up from my hips sliding up my stomach and caressing my chest.

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   I push my ass back against him as he thrusts into me burying his dick deeper inside me. My nipples grow stiff in the presence of his rough hands. His fingers take notice and pinch my erect nipples with his finger tips. I push back onto his dick and swivel my hipsin a circular motion taking his dick deep into my ass. I feel his cock poking and prodding my slick anal tunnel brushing and rubbing places that have never been touched. His fingers pinch my nipples harder. Twisting and pulling them as he fucks me.

“Mmm god that feels so good!” I scream revealing my enjoyment.
“You like that dick deep in your ass?”
“Yes sir! It feels so incredible!”
“I knew a little perv like you would enjoy getting ass raped in an alley” he said smugly
“I love it!”
“Yea take my cock you little perv whore”

It was obvious he was turned on by my excitement. He wrapped his arms around my chest squeezing my body tight against his. I felt his rock hard pecks grinding into my back as he continued to fuck me harder and faster. His right hand fell to my crotch brushing the shaft of my flailing cock.

“Oh my god yes!” I scream feeling the rush of electricity from his hand touching my cock.
He takes my dick into his hand wrapping his fingers around my shaft.

“Oh yes fuck my ass!” I scream louder.

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   My knees give out as tremors of passion course through my every muscle. His enormous arms hold my limp body upright against the wall. Every inch of his throbbing dick slowly slides deep into my ass. The shaft of his cock pulls and tugs at my asshole as he slowly pulls out of me. He continues his slow thorough stroke filling my ass completely before slowly retreating. The unhurried cadence of his pace drove me mad. Allowing me to feel every vein, every ridge, every curve, and every time his dick throbbed inside of me.

His hand slides up and down my shaft with his stroke building an intense pressure in my balls. The combination of him deeply filling my ass with dick while stroking my shaft is sending me into convulsions.
“Shit! Your perv asshole is getting so tight” he moaned
“Oh god fuck me! Yes fuck me harder!”
“I’m gonna flood your ass with cum”
“Oh yes cum in my ass! I want to feel you throbbing deep in my tight asshole”
“Damn you perv! I’m gonna fill your slutty ass with cum!”

His dick is now pounding me harder and deeper with every stroke still jerking my dick. His left arm wraps tighter around my chest squeezing our bodies together. I can feel his every movement and every pulse and every breath down my neck making my hairs stand on end. He fucks me harder and faster thoroughly pumping my ass as I grind my hips into his powerful thrusts. He begins to lose control pounding harder and harder. His dick plunges deeper into my asshole with swift ridged strokes shaking my body when he hits bottom.

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   Out of nowhere he opens his mouth wide and bites down on my neck and shoulder gripping me with is teeth. It felt so incredible as he let up and began to suck on my neck.

“Oh fuck yes! I’m gonna cum!” I screech in satisfaction.
“Cum on whore, dump your load in my hand while I fuck you”
“Fuck me harder! Yes Oh fuck yes! Oh fuck yessss!” I groan as I explode clenching is dick with my asshole.
“God damn perv that ass is so fucking tight!”

“Ohhh yessss!” I cry. Cum sprits from my cock filling the palm of his hand. His forceful thrusts prolong my orgasm making me cum harder than ever before.

“Eat your cum perv!” he commands. Before I knew it he brought his cum filled hand up to my face pouring my load into my open mouth and wiping the rest across my face.
“Mmm I want more!” I moan licking cum from my lips.

“You want more perv?” he asks while milking my dick with his hand. My massive orgasm produced enough jizz to fill his hand a second time.

“Wipe it all over my face!”
His hand returned to my face this time spreading the thick sticky cum across my face. I slurped up as much of my own cum as I could letting the rest drip down my neck.

“You ready for my cum perv?” he groaned fucking me harder and faster.

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“Cum in my ass hunk! Fill my slutty ass with cum!” I moaned grinding my hips on his dick clutching him tighter in my ass.
“Oh fuck here it cums!” he shouted unleashing a powerful surge of hot steamy cum into my quivering asshole. I felt his dick throbbing and every pulse as it flooded my insides with creamysemen. I feel the heat from his cum radiating in my slick hole. He grabbed me around the chest holding me tight keeping his dick buried balls deep in my ass through his entire orgasm. I have never felt a cock throb so hard against my inner walls.

After about a minute his raging hard on receded and slipped out of my ass. His cum leaks out of my gaping hole and runs down my thighs. My asshole is quivering bathed in cum. He quickly pulls up his shorts and walks back to the bar looking back at me one last time shouting “Fucking perv!” as he disappears around the corner. .
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