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She halted at the clearing, bent double, sucking in the air in great gasps. Her white T shirt and shorts sticking to the sweat on her body. She looked up in blind panic. ‘which way’, there seemed to be no clear path through the undergrowth. She heard the crashing of branches and dried leaf behind her, then she heard him, baying like a mad dog. ‘Oh fuck, dear God help me’, she screamed silently to herself as she dragged herself forward again. She thought ‘this can’t be happening, this is England, someone must be nearby, someone must help me’, but she dare not scream for help lest he heard her. She heard him again, not far behind and blindly ran forward through the undergrowth. Thorns and sharp twigs and branches scratched her arms and legs, smearing blood across her skin. Totally disorientated she ran hopefully toward the lake and crashed through to the bright clear glare of water in front of her. She scanned the banks pleading with God for someone to be there, but saw no-one, it was still early in the morning.
She screamed for help as loudly as her bursting lungs would permit, scattering wood pigeons from their roost. Almost immediately he burst out from the woods behind her, she screamed again but her scream was strangled as he yanked her ponytail and pulled her back towards him. At the same time he punched her hard in her stomach, as hard as a strong man could and she collapsed to her knees, winded, retching and clutching her stomach.
‘Shut the fuck up, or I’ll kill you’ he spat at her, holding a knife in front of her face, the blade glinting in the light. She gasped as she fought to catch her breath and control the pain that was flooding her stomach.

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   Still holding her hair he dragged her, half kneeling half sliding along, towards a boat house about a hundred metres along the bank. There was no path just overgrown thorn and reeds and bulrushes. He threw the door open to the foliage covered building and dragged her to her feet before throwing her in where she fell against the wooden wall. Locking the wooden door behind him he walked towards where she had fallen. She cowered as he loomed over her and reaching down he pulled her by the hair, dragging her deeper into the building. He stopped and she heard a chain rattling, he forced her to her knees and as her eyes began to adjust to the semi darkness he clipped a metal choker around her neck before throwing her onto an old filthy mattress.
‘It’s attached to about 2 metres of chain so you can move a little but not escape, the chains attached to a wall support so you won’t be going anywhere’, he said almost casually. He reached up to light a gas lamp that was hanging from a beam and light flooded the building. Planking surrounded water on three sides of the building leading up to the lakeside door, the smell of wood rot filled the air.
‘Now let’s see what we have here’ he said to himself as he brought the lamp nearer to her. She was lying on the floor curled up in the foetal position. ‘Lie back’ he ordered and she slowly unravelled herself and rolled over onto her back. ‘What’s your name and how old are you’ he leered. ‘I’m Teresa, and I’m seventeen’. She didn’t recognise her own voice, it sounded so small and frightened.

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   ‘What are you doing here’ he commanded. ‘ I’m on holiday up at the cottage with some friends, I was just going for an early morning run’, she wondered almost immediately if this information had put her girlfriends in danger.
He stood over her in dirty T-shirt and jeans. He looked at her and was pleased with what he saw. ‘You’re a pretty one’ he said to himself as he took in her pretty face and large green eyes slightly covered by the long curly red hair that had loosened from her pony tail. He judged that she was about 5ft tall at most and perhaps 90lbs. She was very slight with skin as white as porcelain and freckles to match her red hair. Her sweat stained top clung to her small breasts and she froze as he knelt down and sniffed her. She knew that she was sweating, partly from the heat and exertion but also from her fear and he seemed to be excited by her smell, pushing his nose against her breasts and armpits before running it down her stomach and sniffing her crotch and ass.
She froze with fear as he brought the knife around and in one movement sliced through her top leaving her breasts open to his gaze. She covered them with her hands but he immediately barked ‘sit up’, she jumped at the order and he ripped off the material from her shoulder. ‘Lean back on your elbows’ he screamed in such a way that there was no negotiation. He stared at her lean body and her small conical breasts topped with puffy aureole and hard nipples. He tucked the knife into its belt sheaf and took her tits in each hand, squeezing them before taking the nipples and squeezing them hard between his thumbs and forefingers. It was painful and Teresa, although determined not to cry, allowed a single tear to run down her cheek.

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He reached down to the waist band of her shorts and tugged, she pleaded with him but he just said ‘shut up and lift your bum up’. She did so and he rolled the material over her bony hips and down over her trainers. He knelt by her, leering at her body, stroking her tits and running his hands down her ribs towards her flat stomach and further to her very pronounced mons, slightly covered by a trimmed fuzz of red hair. His fingers played over it opening her puffy lips to reveal her large clit. He squeezed it and she flinched. ‘Ha, you’re so fucking wet’ he said as his fingers slid into her, ‘You like what I’m doing, eh’. How could she tell him that she was wet because she liked running, running made her cum. Her pronounced clit, an accident of birth and noticed by friends in the school changing room, rubbed against the gusset of her shorts and she could sometimes cum several times within half a mile, that and the feel of her nipples against her running vest always dictated that she ran without any underwear, its why she loved running so much, its why she was out this morning on the first day of her break, whilst her friends were still asleep at the cottage, and the reason why she had run so far into the forest, sweating profusely in the heat of this hot Summer’s morning.
He stood up towering over her, and ripped off his filthy vest. She dared to look at him for the first time. In other circumstances he might have been classed as handsome, with a well toned body and a chiselled featured face, but he had cruel deep blue eyes and a slight sneer to his mouth. His hand went to his buckle which he slowly opened.
‘Oh god’ she thought to herself as she realised what was coming. He unzipped his jeans and they fell to his feet. He wore no pants and she gasped wide eyed at the slowly stiffening penis that rose up in front of her.

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   Teresa wasn’t a virgin, but she was sexually inexperienced. Her boyfriend Mark had taken her virginity eighteen months ago when she was eighteen. On that night he was good enough to control himself until after she had cum, when finally, he withdrew and came squirting over her stomach and breasts. It was nice and they had fucked twice more since then, her only other experience was when sleeping over at her girlfriend. They had shared the same bed as they chatted and giggled until that time between wake and sleep, when she felt Debbie snuggle up against her back and gently slide her hand into Teri’s pyjama top. The feel of her friends hand slowly cupping her bare breasts and teasing her nipples felt like a jolt of electricity and she turned to kiss her friend. They kissed passionately into the night, wet lips on wet lips, tongue touching tongue, until finally they undressed each other and kissed and fingered each other’s bodies to massive orgasms.
But even in her limited experience she knew that this man’s penis was anything but normal and she stared open mouthed and in awe as his cock stiffened and straightened to what must have been well over a foot in length and the size of her fist in girth. It rose up stiffly, veins throbbing along its length leading up to a massive purple shiny mushroom shaped head. She struggled to sit up, trying to ignore the pain in her stomach. She started to say ‘look you don’t have to do this, you’re a good looking guy who won’t have any trouble in getting a pretty girlfriend’ but she didn’t finish the sentence before the back of his hand smashed across the side of her face, sending her spinning sideways to the floor, chain clanking against the boards. As his knuckles smashed into her she felt a bone crack somewhere in her cheek and a fine spray of blood shot out of her mouth, forming the same arc as her head as it hit the floor. Before she could gather her senses he yanked her upright by her hair and in a blind fury screamed at her, eyes bulging, his words mixed with his own spittle, ‘you fucking cunt, how dare you speak to me like that, you filthy bitch cunt. Don’t you fucking dare speak to me like that again you fucking dirty whore cunt. How many men have you had in your cunt hole, a hundred, a thousand, eh?’ He demanded an answer.

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What could she say, he would never be satisfied with just one.
‘a hundred’ she lied desperately,
‘Fucking whore cunt bitch, and you dare question my behaviour’ he screamed into her face. ‘I bet you fuck your dad as well don’t you, I bet every night he comes into your bedroom and you suck him off before he fucks you. I bet your mother helps him, she opens you wide and feeds his cock into your wet and willing cunt and then she straddles your face so that you can lick her as your dad pumps his spunk into you. Don’t he? he spat at her, his local accent thickening in his fury.
Her head was reeling but she knew he wanted an answer, ‘yes’ she said, tears streaming down her face at her betrayal of her beloved parents. ‘I bet you want his baby don’t you’, ‘yes’ she answered to anything to try and placate him. ‘I bet you’ve carried his babies haven’t you’, he grunted at her as he was carried further into his fantasy world, and as the blade flashed before her face, ’yes’ she sobbed not knowing how to continue, ‘how many’, ‘two’ she stammered, ‘a boy and a girl, treated as my younger brother and sister’, she hoped this would satisfy him, ‘and when your belly was too big to fuck you did he fuck you up the ass’, he was breathing heavily now, ‘yes, he would fuck me up the ass and cum in my ass as I masturbated my mum’ she whispered desperately hoping this would be enough to make him stop.
Sheaving his knife he held his engorged prick in front of her face and said ‘suck it cunt bitch, and mind your teeth’. She moved her head towards his cock and touched it with her tongue. She could barely open her mouth, her face was so swollen from the blow, but she opened her lips around the huge head of his cock and managed to get it into her mouth. He sighed as he felt his cock slide into her wet mouth and placed his hand behind her head as he slid further between her wet red lips. She was fearful of scratching him with her teeth but she began to gag as he thrust against the back of her throat. ‘Breath bitch’ he gasped, and she tried but as he forced himself down her throat it was a reflex action that made her retch. Fortunately her stomach was empty and she brought up just a little bile which lubricated him further as he fucked her mouth.

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   She retched again as he put both hands behind her head and and drove himself deeper down her throat until his balls slapped against her chin. She tried to control the urge to throw up but couldn’t and again vomited up a small amount of clear bile over his penis and down her chest. ‘Nnnnaahh’ he gasped as she felt him swell in her mouth, distended veins rubbing her lips, before she felt him bursting against the back of her throat, flooding her mouth with the salty taste of his cum. He came many times in his arousal, and his salty spunk spilled out the corners of her mouth and her nostrils, to drip onto her breasts.
Finally he withdrew, still hard, and stared at her, aroused by the sight of this young girl with his spunk and her bile dripping from her chin onto her breasts. ‘Turn over’ he snarled, she meekly struggled onto her hands and knees with the pain throbbing in her stomach, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand at the same time.
‘Bitch, stick your ass in the air’ and she dropped her face onto the filthy mattress where the pain in her face made her gasp. With her ass sticking in the air she was totally subservient to him. He put his trembling hands on her hips, smoothing over her surprisingly rounded buttocks, and ran a hand down the crease between her puckered brown anus and the swollen lips of her vagina before bringing his fingers back and sliding two into her tight anus. She gasped in surprise before he withdrew them, and, forcing her cheeks apart pressed his swollen cock head against her asshole. She whimpered ‘please don’t hurt me’, but he just said ‘shut up bitch’ and grunting slowly forced his enormous cock against her tight anus. ‘Please make it wet’ she begged, fearing that he would tear her open. He reached down into her swollen pussy and smeared her wetness over his glans. He grunted as he thrust against her, and, incredibly her anus opened slightly to take an inch or two of his swollen prick. She gasped as she felt him enter her ass.

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This was not like the rape fantasies that many young girls had, where sweet desired obscene behaviour was able to take place under duress, absolving them of all responsibility. This was painful, terrifying and humiliating. And it hurt, she gasped as his prick was forced into her, and still further until the pain was unbearable and she begged for him to stop, her begging only serving to arouse him further. ‘Fuck you’re so tight’ he gasped as he thrust up her tight channel harder. She felt herself being stretched and damaged before he leant forward squeezing her nipples as he squirted his spunk into her bowels. He lay over her for several minutes, recovering, before slowly sliding his softening penis from her ass and flopping by her side.
Still crouched on all fours after the rape, with her ass still in the air, feeling his warm spunk ooze down her crack and onto her inner thighs. She cried ‘you hurt me’, and sobbed to herself into the pillow. In a moment of compassion he gently pulled her to his side, shushing her sobbing quietly. ‘Why do you always make me do this’ he said as he rolled her onto her back, chain clanking against the boards. She blinked through her tears and saw a spark of humanity in his eyes. ‘You always make me hurt you, you know I don’t want too but you always make me do it’. Incredibly he bent his head and gently kissed her horribly swollen cheek. He broke away and dipped a dirty handkerchief into the water and wiped the blood from her chin, ‘You must get this seen too before it gets infected, and you must be more careful in future, otherwise you really will hurt yourself’. With sinking heart she realised that this man was a complete fucking lunatic.

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   He propped himself on one elbow by her side, his penis slapping across her belly. She noticed that it was smeared with blood, her blood. He gently cupped her perky breast running his finger around her stiff nipple and aureole. His faced clouded and the benign look was replaced by a harder crueller look to his eyes. He reached back and she heard the knife sliding from its sheaf. It flashed in front of her face. He looked at it lovingly, ‘do you know this knife is made from Sheffield steel, the best steel in the world. It has been chemically hardened and sharpened up to twenty times to become the sharpest knife in production. He gently placed it on her nipple, she tried not to breath, ‘do you know, I have sliced women’s nipples off before they noticed’, he slowly and lightly drew the knife around the outline of her aureole. She felt nothing but saw, in terror, the circle of blood that the light touch of the blade produced. ‘I’ve sliced breasts completely off and the bitches haven’t realised as they continued to talk’, he laughed, ‘Yes, I’ve slit women from cunt to tit before they’ve noticed.
He moved the knife slowly down her chest towards her mound where he gently run it over her distended clit. Fearing that he was going to slice it off she cried, ‘do you want to fuck me, you can if you want’. He laughed ‘girly, I have the power to fuck you whenever I want, but yes, you do please me and I will fuck you now I think’.
He forced her back onto the filthy mattress, once again looking at her lean white skinned body, her small tits above the outline of ribs, down her flat stomach to her large and protruding pubic mound, lips swollen and parted revealing her large angrily swollen wet clit.

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   She parted her legs widely and took hold of his penis, guiding it into her wet lips, she didn’t want him stabbing it into her ass again, anything but that. He leant over her and she felt her cunt lips stretch open as he began to slide into her.
‘Oh god’, he felt so big . She oozed with wetness as he slowly slid up her, his body pressing down on her. He was too big, she started to panic, but the pain turned to a pleasant warm caress as a million nerve endings in her clit were stimulated as the distended veins in his penis caressed them. She felt a tightening in her vagina as her muscles began to spasm. ‘No, no . no, I can’t’ she gasped in disgust as she tried to force it back, but her body betrayed her and as he thrust deeper into her she spasmed again, feeling her cunt walls contract in orgasm, and she had to dig her heels into the boards and thrust her hips up at him as she came in waves of uncontrollable pleasure and disgust.
He felt her tighten around him and was momentarily confused. ‘she’s fucking enjoying this’, he thought as he thrust into her tight wet cunt with greater force, bringing his own climax nearer. He felt the walls of her vagina squeezing and rippling around him, as if trying to draw the sperm out of him. ‘No no, no, you dirty bitch, you’re not supposed to enjoy this’, he said slapping her face and spitting at her as his excitement increased. ‘You’re supposed to be in fear of your life’, he snarled as his frustrated excitement increased. He looked down at her, she was open mouthed, rocking her head from side to side as her body betrayed her in the throws of orgasm. As his own impending climax neared he felt her wrap her legs around his waist and cling to him.

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   Thrusting with all his might he reached one handed for her neck and slid his fingers under the choker. She didn’t feel the pressure at first as she solely concentrated on the feelings in her cunt which rippled up through her body. Only slowly did she become aware of the tightening around her neck, the constriction in her throat and the gurgling coming from her own mouth. Her vision began to dim, her world starting to go darker at the periphery, she clawed at him unsuccessfully. How could she die when she was feeling such intensity. Her eyes began to roll as her body shuddered from orgasm and imminent death and was totally unaware of his drool dripping onto her face, as, slack jawed he thrust once more before exploding into her contracting vagina.
He grunted, low and long as his penis pulsed his sperm deep into her, slowly releasing his hand from her neck to steady himself as he involuntarily continued to jerk. She gasped the air in as her world started to reappear and she became aware once more of her contracting vagina and his pulsing cock. ‘Fuck’ he said, ‘fuck’ once more, ‘that was the best fuck ever’. Her head clearing, and gasping she brought her hand up to her throat and felt the weals on her neck, her throat felt damaged, it was difficult to swallow and she coughed choking in the air, and at that moment, one of complete revulsion at him and herself, she knew she had to survive and perhaps how she could try.
He slumped onto her, his body heavy as he sucked in the air. She caressed his buttocks pulling them apart and ran her fingers along the crack before toying with his anus. She kissed his cheek and throat and felt him stir inside her again. ‘Fuck me again’ She breathed into his ear, her voice hardly working, as the bile rose in her throat at the thought. His head jerked back and she thought for one horrible moment that he was going to butt her in the face, which is exactly what he did.


The blinding flash of pain as her nose was broken and shattered took her breath away. She felt the blood run down her upper lip and down her throat making it hard to breath. ‘Don’t tell me what to do’ he said matter of factly, a smile flickering across his lips. ‘I’m sorry’ she croaked, cowering away from him, ‘I just want to please you’ she murmured as the numbness spread across her face. ‘OK you can’ he slowly smiled as she slid her hand between their stomachs to caress his stiffening cock, still slick from her cunt juices and his sperm. She felt the weight lift from her body as his hips moved upwards before slowly stroking back down into her. She felt his hardness slide back into her, easier this time as his sperm oozes out from around her distended lips. His tongue licked her face as his thrusting increased, then he spat in her face, wiping it into her broken nose and her mouth before hawking up again over her face. It was difficult to breathe and she gagged and bit her lip to stop herself from screaming before clinging onto his neck and wrapping her legs around his waist once more as his thrusting forced her into another shuddering orgasm as her body betrayed her again and she felt his prick begin to throb before bursting deep inside her once more.
Even before his ejaculations had finished, she was running her tongue over his ear, kissing his earlobe and nuzzling his neck. ‘Please let me get on top’ she huskily gasped through her ever tightening throat. He collapsed on one elbow in his fatigue and she somehow managed to slide from under him and turn him onto his back where he began to struggle. She hushed him and soothed his face, running her lips over his cheeks and his nose. She rubbed her distended stomach over his semi hard cock and felt it harden again. ’Please let me sit on it’ she whispered in his ear.

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   He grunted, thrusting his hips up at her in agreement. She sat on her haunches, even though her stomach tightened in pain, reaching under herself to guide his penis between her wet lips. She only felt disgust with herself as her pelvis trembled at the touch of his taut skin sliding into her again. If she could have gauged his eyes out, or strangled him with the chain she would have but before she had time to think her breath began to come in great sobs, cursing her over sensitive clit as she came against his long thrusting penis, again and again, squeezing him to another thrusting ejaculation.
Even as he lay back, his chest heaving as he recovered his breath, she started to slide up and down on him again, bringing his penis back to rigid life. She gently wiped the blood from her nose against the back of her hand, hoping it wouldn’t drip onto him and provoke another rage. Even though her vagina was on fire she had to keep him interested. Her pelvis began to tremble again as another orgasm approached and she also felt him shudder and thrust up at her squirting a small amount of sperm into this time. She didn’t stop and began to ride him again, ‘Damn woman, enough’, he barked, his resistance lessening even as he said it, as he felt her warm wetness caressing him back to another erection.
‘Come on baby, do you like how wet I am for you. Do you like feeling my tight cunt around your massive cock. Spurt into me again baby, make your baby inside me’, she choked, gagging at the thought of it and also at the blood that was running down the back of her throat. He shuddered, grabbing her hips and thrusting up into her again, pumped a single squirt deep inside her before his arms dropped limply to the floor in exhaustion. She kissed his neck, sniffing as her broken nose made it difficult to breathe, and ran her hands lightly over his chest and thighs, just slightly rising and falling on his semi flaccid penis to encourage another erection. Her mind was racing,
desperately thinking about what she could do next when, too late, she saw the blade flashing out of the corner of her eye.

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   Instinctively she threw out her arm deflecting the blow which bounced off her shoulder and slashed across her shoulder blade. She felt it opening her flesh and scraping against bone and amidst the pain and terror she heard him grunt in frustration. “Fuck, that should have cut your heart out” he spat as he tried to throw her off his hips. She gripped his knife wielding wrist and terrified, gasped “ You don’t have to kill me yet, there’s plenty more things you can do to me” and she whispered into his ear all the disgusting, wicked things that she could drag from the darkest recesses of her teenage mind, as the blood ran down her back. He relaxed, dropping the knife and laying his head back onto the mattress as a smile played on his lips at the thought of what he was going to do to this girl before he killed her.
Much later, completely sated, he slept an exhausted but fitful sleep. He dreamt of pain and blood, occasionally nearly waking, and she stopped administering to his groin to sooth and kiss him and quiet him back to sleep.
In the half light of another hot summer’s day yet to come, he awoke to the cacophony of the dawn chorus, he didn’t feel refreshed however, but completely drained, weak, exhausted. In his confused and weakened state he remembered blood. Had he killed her during the night?, he couldn’t remember and turned slowly to look for her, but there was only an empty space where she should have been. “Have I buried her already” he thought to himself, no matter, he would dig her up for a final fuck before the rigor set in, as he had done with many of the others. It was only then that he became aware of an uncomfortable feeling in his ass and a strange puffiness to his cheeks. He felt something in his mouth and toyed with it with his tongue before spitting it out into his hand. Two round fatty objects both with long tendrils trailing. He shuddered in confusion and threw them to the floor.

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   Rolling onto his side he reached back to his ass, pulling at the object that appeared to be stuck up it. Bringing it to his face he struggled to make sense of the 10inches of flaccid bloodied penis that drooped between his fingers.
It was only with a dawning realisation of what was before him that he struggled up on one elbow to look at the congealing pool of blood and yawning gap between his upper thighs where his penis and scrotum had once been.
Teresa had wanted to carve into the wood by his side, something about Sheffield steel indeed producing the sharpest knives in the world, had wanted to dismember him completely, had wanted to slash and cut in a fury of revenge for what she had been made to do to exhaust him, but, such was her terror after unlocking the choker and quietly separating his manhood from his exhausted body, that she made her escape as quickly and as quietly as possible. After 10 minutes of blind panic she staggered into the path of the 400 strong police search party, where in shock, she mutely stood before them uncontrollably shaking as she tried to cover her nudity with her bare bloody hands.
She was in the back of a police Land Rover, awaiting the air ambulance to transport her for the emergency treatment she needed, and resting her head in the lap of a policewoman who gently stroked her head to comfort her, when she heard his scream of rage and pain echoing across the forest, and a thin smile played across her lips.