Shelly’s Boss


Continued from “Landlords Dog”, “Landlords Turn” and “Landlord Shares”

It’s been a week since Mr. Beam saw what Shelly has done and still hasn’t said anything to her about it. This made Shelly nervous all week. Also the looks he would give her didn’t help her situation. Since it was Friday Mr. Beam decided to have Shelly stay late and help him. Every now and then he would ask one of the women to stay and help count the money if it didn’t add up with the computer. The women thought that he messed with it just to have one of them stay to ogle at. Which they were right but it was half the times he did this. Their boss loved how they would wear outfits that showed off legs and cleavage. Today Shelly wore a tight blue skirt, white blouse, blue coat and matching heels. All day Mr. Beam was trying to figure out if she was wearing panties or not. He also wondered if she would fuck him.

It was finally close to closing time and Mr. Beam asked her to stay and help count the money.

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   The others jokingly laughed at her situation but if they only knew. After the last person left and the doors locked the two of them went to his office. “I’ve been looking forward to this day Shelly,” he said. She was nervous and knew where this might be going. Also afraid of what he could tell others of what he knew. “Please Mr. Beam, don’t do this. You’re better than this,” she pleaded. “Actually I’m not my dear. Now take off your close and let me see what you’re wearing underneath,” he commanded her. Shelly stood there for a moment till he yelled to hurry up. After flinching she started taking off her coat then unbuttoned her blouse to reveal a blue see thru bra. Next came off her heels and skirt. Now she stood there only in her bra and navy blue pantyhose. “I was wondering all day if you were wearing panties or not.

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   Sure like seeing your pussy through the hose,” he said with a smile.

“Now lose the bra but lets keep the hose on,” Mr. Beam added. As soon as the bra was gone he was groping them with his hands massaging and squeezing her breasts. There she was in her boss’s office only in her pantyhose while he played with her boobs. This old balding Asian man whose height was up to them and now he had his mouth on her nipples. He finally stopped and told Shelly to turn around and bend over the front of his desk. He pulled a chair up and sat down to start playing with her nylon covered ass now. He was doing the same as he did with her breasts. Shelly had her eyes closed till his hands roamed to her nylon covered pussy. She bit her bottom lip wishing this wasn’t happening. “Ok turn around again and lay down on the desk,” Mr. Beam told her. Once she did he pulled her butt closer to the edge of the desk. Then placed her feet on the arms of the chair.

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   Now her crotch was on display in front of her boss.

First he started licking at her nylon covered pussy till he ripped open her hose so he could stick his tongue inside. Shelly tried to fight the feeling but ended up getting wet for him. Once he got her to come he moved the chair and told her to get on the floor. As she was doing this Mr. Beam was undressing himself. Looking up at this unattractive balding man she pleaded, “Please stop. I don’t want to do this. ” He just smiled and got on top of her. Once he got his cock in her he started fucking as well as licking and kissing her tits. Shelly could hear him breathing weird and making other noises. Luckily it didn’t take him long before pulling out to shoot cum on her. He hit her stomach, pantyhose and pussy. Afterwards Mr. Beam was making the same breathing noise while lying next to her.

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   She took this advantage to get dressed and leave the building. When Shelly got home she put her cloths in the washing machine, threw away her pantyhose and took a shower.

Over the weekend Shelly decided to take control, at lease with her boss. Monday she wore a dark brown dress with matching heels and nude stockings. First thing she did was went to the boss’s office and asked to talk to him. Mr. Beam invited her in and told her to shut the door. “What is it good looking? Want to work late again?” he said with a wink. “That’s just it Mr. Beam. That will be the first and last time. What you made me do was wrong. Not only are you my boss but it was blackmail,” she said in a weak sounding way. “I don’t remember blackmailing you. You even seem to give off the impression that you wanted it.

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   As a matter of fact you’ll enjoy it again after work today. ” “No. This is wrong. I will not,” Shelly said as forceful as she could. Mr. Beam laughed saying “Yes you will. You’ll leave with the others then come back here. Now off to work and not another word. ” She just stood there in shock till he got up from his chair to walk her out of his office.

At the end of the day Shelly planned on going home and telling her landlord about her boss. When she got to Mr. Meaner’s door there was no answer. “Great,” she thought, “he’s not here. ” After a few minutes she got a knock at the door. As soon as she opened the door Shelly was pushed back by Mr.

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   Beam. “I thought I told you to come back to work?” he asked. After looking around he said “This could actually be better. ” He locked the door and looked at her, “Take off your dress you slut for old men. What would the girls at work think if they hear about you fucking me, your landlord and other old men?” Shelly was surprised to hear how cold her boss sounded in her apartment. Feeling defeated she took her dress off and laid it on a near by chair. Mr. Beam grabbed her hand and asked where her bedroom was. When they got there he told her to take off her bra, panties and heels but leave on the stockings. After that he made her undress him after he took off his tie, coat and kicked off his shoes. Shelly felt so humiliated having to undress her boss in the bedroom of her apartment.

As soon as he was naked Mr. Beam told her to get in the bed. Once he climbed on he was between her legs licking and sucking at her pussy lips. After licking for some time he stopped then got into fucking position.

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   Like before at work he was making the same noises. As much as Shelly tired the noises reminded her who was fucking her. She also couldn’t help but to look down and see the top of his balding head as he enjoyed her nipples. Unlike last time Mr. Beam was lasting longer and Shelly came for him. She hated to show any type of satisfaction for him. Luckily for her it wasn’t much longer for he finally came. Hours later he dressed and left. Mr. Meaner the landlord showed up minutes later. She told him about Mr. Beam and Mr. Meaner said he would talk to him. He also decided not to fuck Shelly because he didn’t want sloppy seconds. As he left he said he would see her later this week.

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