Subject 9


Subject 9 (Part 1)

“Wanted: Test subjects for human body experiments.   Participants will receive $1,000 for 24 hour participation.   Must waive liability and sign non-disclosure agreement. ”

Joe had maxed out his student loans and was struggling to hold down his part time job as a male stripper and go to school full time.   He often volunteered to be part of various campus experiments, as long as the pay was decent.   Joe was 6’2” and muscular.   He worked out 6 days a week and did enough cardio to stay looking pretty ripped.   He always had a great body and was used to using it to his advantage, sexually and financially.   He was low on cash at the time and thought that $1,000 would really help out.   How bad could the experiment be?  He had participated in other physical body experiments.   He would hop on a treadmill and suck down a sports drink, while all of his vitals were being measured.   He sometimes took pills and researchers measured their effects on his heart rate or blood pressure.   He even took pills one time that were supposed to increase sexual stamina.   The experiment involved taking the pills and then masturbating a few hours later.   It was embarrassing, but it paid well.   Between campus experiments and stripping on the weekends, he was kind of used to being poked, prodded, and exploited for cash.

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Joe called the number at the bottom of the classified ad.   It was a recording with an address that instructed him show up when he had 24 hours free.   That was it.   So on Friday night, Joe showed up at the unmarked door in a neighborhood he had never been in.   He was somewhere downtown, in an area with big dreary buildings.   Joe hit the buzzer and was immediately greeted by a stunning blond in a latex nurse’s outfit.   She looked like she stepped straight out of porno.   Joe started looking around for hidden cameras.   This had to be some kind of joke.

The ‘nurse’ invited Joe in and had him pull up a seat in the waiting area.   She offered him a glass of water and brought him two forms to sign.   The first was a waiver.   The nurse explained that the experiment was safe, but may cause “some physical discomfort. ”  She said that he would not be hurt and was guaranteed no permanent physical damage.   However, a very small percentage of subjects had had adverse reactions to the experiment and suffered mild side effects.

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    But the nurse reassured Joe that since he was in good physical shape, there should not be any complications.   Joe shrugged.   Whatever, he thought, I can handle whatever they throw at me for 24 hours.   Joe just wanted the money.   He finished his water and signed the waiver.   Then he read the non-disclosure agreement.   If he divulged any of the experiment information, he would forfeit the money and the experimenters could take legal action against Joe.   He shrugged again and signed.

As he handed the form back to the nurse, Joe found himself staring at the nurse’s cleavage and having trouble focusing on what she was saying.   He felt light headed.   His vision began to blur.   Then Joe blacked out. . .


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  . . when Joe regained consciousness, he found himself standing in what looked like a mad scientist’s laboratory.   Everything was white and sterile.   There were several computer monitors and odd looking machines around him.   Joe was standing in the middle of the room completely naked.   His arms were bound behind his back and his feet were secured to the floor.   He had several tubes and wires connected to various points on his body.

A metal collar was firmly clamped onto his neck.   It did not choke him, but Joe felt very restrained by the device.   It had several blinking lights on it and as many wires running from the collar to the ceiling.   It looked like electrical wiring, but Joe couldn’t tell if the wire was designed to monitor or send something to the collar.   Similar to the collar, there were arm and leg bands around each of his appendages.   They too were metal, with different flashing lights, and wires leading up into the ceiling or into a nearby workstation.   Several wires were also stuck to his chest, upper back, and buttocks.


    They seemed to be held on by some kind of adhesive.   Joe was also horrified to find electrodes attached to his balls and penis.   But the most alarming thing was the tube coming out of his dick hole.   The odd thing was that Joe could not tell how far into his cock the tube went.   He couldn’t feel the tube in his penis, but it looked scary as hell.   Joe’s dick was rock hard.   He had no idea why.   He was not turned on.   In fact, he was frightened.   But his erection was raging at this point.   His penis throbbed.   Pre-cum oozed into the tube.

There were three women in the laboratory.   They all wore white skintight latex nurses costumes with skirts so short that their white latex g-strings were visible with the slightest movement.   They were all incredibly hot.

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    They could have been triplets and super models.   Blond, blue eyed, 36-23-34, super long legs, tanned, and toned.   They all wore headsets with microphones.   They seemed very focused.   There was a large one way mirror right in front Joe, so that he could see himself and the crazy wires that he was hooked up to.   The nurses seemed to be talking to someone, but not each other.   There had to be someone behind the mirror, directing the ‘experiments’.  

One of the nurses approached Joe with a syringe.   Joe started to protest but instantly felt a shock at the back of his neck.   His body tensed in response.   Every time he opened his mouth to say something, he received another shock.   He quickly learned to keep his mouth shut.   The shocks were simultaneously painful and oddly stimulating.   His body tingled all over.   The nurse injected Joe with a clear liquid.

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    Moments later, Joe began to relax.   That’s when Joe realized that the arm and leg bands were actually holding him up.   Even when his muscles relaxed, he was still standing.   Some of the wires coming out of the arm and leg bands were support wires.   The only muscle that didn’t relax was his rock hard cock.

Another of the nurses approached Joe from behind and shoved a tube up his ass.   The tube was bigger than the one coming out of his dick, but easily slid up his asshole.   He could not tell how far.   This tube seemed to be slowly forcing liquid up his butt.   It wasn’t alot of liquid and it wasn’t uncomfortable.   It was warm, almost soothing.   He heard one of the nurses say “anal delivery mechanism online”.   It appeared that Joe was taking in more than just warm water.   He thought that he must be absorbing something through his rectum.   Drugs.

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    Experimental drugs.

Suddenly, the flow in the tube in his dick was reversed.   Instead of his pre-cum being sucked out, a light blue liquid was now being forced into his dick.   Joe’s dick began to swell even more.   Some of the liquid seeped out of his dick hole.   The liquid was warm.   It made his dick tingle inside and out.   The pressure build up was incredible.   He felt like he would literally explode, but he was not even close to feeling like he was going to cum.   The feeling was more intense than sex.   The flow was reversed every 10 minutes or so.   He was either being filled beyond capacity or sucked dry.   The sensations were so overwhelming that Joe passed out once or twice, only to be woken by a mild shock to his balls.   He woke to find one of the nurses measuring the length of his dick.   Now Joe was a pretty big guy.

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    He saw that he was currently pushing 8 inches.

The tube was eventually removed from his dick.   The nurse then proceeded to suck Joe’s dick.   This woman was skilled.   She worked Joe into a frenzy.   He moaned and grunted through the entire experience.   Now, Joe was turned on.   He got more feeling in his dick and felt the build up of pleasure.   He thought he would come any second now.   The nurse shoved the tip of her tongue into Joe’s dick hole.   He was extremely sensitive from having the tube in his cock.   His body convulsed and he shot his load deep into her throat.   The computer monitors in the room beeped and blipped as they recorded data.   She easily swallowed every last drop.   If Joe hadn’t felt his own orgasm, he would not have know that he had just shot waves of semen down her throat.

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    His dick emerged clean from her mouth.   The nurse’s face was perfect, down to her lipstick.   You couldn’t tell that she had just sucked Joe off.   The nurse pulled out the ruler again and measured Joe at just over 9 inches.

Joe was sure that was the end of it.   He was never one to orgasm multiple times in one session.   He knew that he would need at least half an hour to get it up again.   He thought they would let him go now.   Ten minutes passed and Joe’s dick was still rock hard.   It didn’t seem possible.   And Joe was now sexually excited.   He wanted more.   Joe thought about the liquid that was earlier being pumped into his cock and then remembered the liquid being pushed up his ass.

  They must be testing some kind of sexual arousal drug.  

Another nurse stepped in front of Joe and peeled off every scrap of latex that she was wearing.

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    Her tits were perfect 36C’s.   Perky and full.   They could have been fake, but Joe didn’t care.   Her nipples were hard.   As she pulled off her g-string, it dripped with her fluids.   She was soaking wet.   She wrapped her arms around Joe’s neck and the other two nurses helped her wrap her legs around his waist.   One of the assisting nurses grabbed Joe’s cock and guided it into the wrapped nurses pussy.   She began to fuck Joe, fully suspended off the ground.   More data streamed to the workstation.   As skilled as the blowjob nurse was, this nurse was even more talented with her pussy. Joe could feel her work the inner muscles of vagina.   It was like she was massaging his cock with her vagina.   Assisted by the other two nurses, she pumped hard up and down.   She was grinding herself into Joe, taking him deep into her pussy.


    Joe felt his penis head hit the back of her vagina.   He seemed to be growing bigger inside of her.   The nurse let out soft moans, which grew increasing higher in pitch.   She involuntarily yelped a couple of times as she impaled herself on Joe’s cock.   About 45 minutes later, Joe’s dick exploded inside of her, filling her with cum.   The nurse squeezed her vaginal walls hard and slowly extricated herself from Joe’s throbbing member.   Joe was quickly cleaned up and measured at about 10 inches.  

Joe’s body ached.   He was spent.   Every muscle was fatigued.   There was no way he could perform again.   He would have collapsed to the floor, if he were not held up by the arm and leg bands.

The third nurse prepared herself for Joe.   She peeled off all of her clothing, stood in front of him and bent over.   Her bubble but stuck up at Joe and revealed the tightest asshole Joe had ever seen.

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    At his current size, Joe knew this was going to be intense.   His dick had only gotten harder since the experiment had started.   He could see every vein in his dick.   His penis head throbbed.   The nurse backed into Joe and one of the other nurses again guided his penis into the waiting hole.   The fit was super tight.   Joe thought he would come instantly, but this was not the case.   She worked his cock like a professional.   She seemed to be able to move her butt cheeks independently back and forth.   His dick would move fully outside of her ass, then get buried deep inside again.   Joe moved his hips in time with her gyrations.   He was fucking her as much as he could within the boundary of the arm and leg bands.   After what seemed close to an hour, Joe shot his load up her butt.   Waves and waves of hot sticky seemed were injected into her.     Joe was so sensitive after cumming that every movement of her asshole on his penis was unbearable.

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    Joe tried to pull back, but the other two nurses held him in place as the ass fucked nurse just kept going.   Joe almost blacked out again from the intensity.   The experience was beyond any sex that Joe had had in the past.   The drugs being forced up his butt must somehow be increasing the intensity, as well as keeping him hard, and making his dick grow unusually large.   The nurse pulled off of Joe and quickly measured his cock.   He had grown, but not by as much this time.   Maybe 10 and half inches now.   She paused, looked at the one-way mirror, and listened.   Then she bent over again and took Joe up the ass for another 30 minutes.   She seemed to work even harder this time around.   Beads of sweat formed on her back.   She began to moan and make sounds.   Semen dripped out of her asshole and down her legs.   Her ass cheeks were now sweating.   Joe was dripping with sweat too.

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    He ejaculated two more times in the 30 minute period.   More data was collected through the electrodes.   He was again cleaned up and measured.   Joe was now at over 11 inches.   He had never seen his cock this big.   His balls seemed abnormally large too.  

The nurse who had originally sucked Joe’s cock was the last one wearing a nurse’s costume.   She peeled it away and stood naked in front of Joe.   She danced in front of him like a stripper.   She was good.   Joe found himself lusting for her.   He wanted to fill every hole in her body.   His dick throbbed.   He wanted to cum again.   He didn’t know how his body could still have any semen left in it.


    Every orgasm was bigger than any he a had ever experienced in his life.   Every orgasm was bigger than the last.   He should have been bone dry after the first orgasm, but he still had cum to spare.   The nude dancer was driving him crazy.   His desire for her body was more intense than being sucked off or fucking.   These drugs were fucking amazing!

The next thing that happened took Joe by surprise.   He felt the electrodes on his dick come to life.   Small electric pulses were being sent through his shaft, causing the muscles in his dick to pulse.   Very carefully, one of the nurses measured Joe at an astounding 12 inches long.   The electrical stimulation continued for two hours, while the nude nurses took turns stimulating Joe in other ways.   They danced and rubbed their sweaty bodies up against him.   Joe shot his load 8 times in the 2 hours.   Eventually, he ran out of cum.   The last time that Joe orgasmed, nothing came out.   He was dry.

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    His dick went back to semi-soft state.   Joe was exhausted.   The women removed the bands that held Joe up and the collar.   They removed the electrodes.   Joe slumped to the floor.  

“When do I get paid?”

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