Tackling the Tutor Part 2


After the first time Brad had raped her in the classroom during their first tutoring session, Nicci was learning to be more adventurous sexually, allowing Brad to fuck her in the library and even the ladies' bathroom at the school.   She had continued to tutor him and he had managed to get at least a C grade in all his classes, enough to keep playing football and be able to accept a college scholarship to play football.
It was the night of a special party for the team, and Nicci had been invited.   Brad had asked her to wear her sexiest dress, so she had selected a very tight mini-dress and was wearing no panties underneath.    She was already wet and hoped the spot would not show up on the dark dress.   Her nipples were stiff and pressed against the thin, almost sheer fabric.
When she arrived, Nicci had noticed that none of the other guys had brought dates.   She thought maybe it was supposed to be just for the guys and they had made an exception by allowing her to attend.   She smiled at the guys but was a little nervous by the way they were looking at her.
"What's going on?" she asked Brad when she finally located him next to the punch bowl.   He smelled of alcohol and the punch had obviously been spiked.   She was a little apprehensive about dealing with him while he was drunk.
Brad grabbed her ass hard, pulling her close.   "We're just going to enjoy some entertainment," he said, grabbing the hem of her dress and pulling it down.   She grabbed it but he had already pulled it down to her waist so her breasts were exposed.
"Brad, stop it!" she said, pointing a finger in his face.

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    But having let one hand off of the dress, she could not stop Brad from pulling it down to her feet.   "Stop!" she said, kicking her legs even as she feltone of the other guys come up behind her abd grab her around the chest, pinning her arms.  
The young man that held her was huge, obviously one of the defensive tackles on the team.   He lifted her and carried her as he stepped backward, turning and pressing her against the wall.
"I see now why you like her so much," one of the other guys said, lifting his glass as if in a toast.
"Go ahead and try her out," Brad said,now downing a bottle of Jack Daniels.
"Don't mind if I do,"  the guy she would later know to be Michael said, unbuckling his pants.   The big guy, Moose, and another big guy named Ox held her arms and kicked her legs back so she would be forced to lean forward.
After that became a blur for Nicci as cock after cock was pushed into her love canal and and rammed repeatedly until each member of the team, including Brad, had fucked her and laft her pussy dripping with their man-gravy.   She had cummed several times and nearly passed out several times form  the trememndous orgasms they had forced her body to endure.
They finally let her go and she stumbled and finally managed to sit on the couch.
"Definitely a great party," Brad said.