That Bloody Belt


The band finished playing and went off for their break, and recorded music took their place, I slid down from the stool and walked around to the pool table area of the bar. Most of the stools lining the bar were taken, but there was one available so I hauled myself up and ordered another drink. Now there’s one other thing to know about this bar, and that is that it is frequented by two gangs of regulars. One from a town about 10 miles north, this is an ex-mining town. The other gang is mainly made up of people from a small farming town to the south; this is the gang my boy friend and I belong to. It is not unusual to have a fight kick off at some time during the night, and when this does happen the place divides into two brawling gangs, all fighting for the sake of fighting. Now I would normally have found a stool near the pool tables frequented by my boy friends gang, and if the wasn’t a stool I’d have gone and hung around by where he was playing. But tonight, still being a bit miffed with him, and there being no stool near their tables, I sat at the bar alongside the tables of the apposing gang. This didn’t present any problem, and as I sipped my drink I noticed the buckle on this guy’s belt. It was really horny, a big sculptured buckle with a naked girl lying on top of a motor cycle on her back, legs up in the air, and a naked guy fucking her. Without realizing, every time this guy turned around, I’d be looking to see just how detailed this buckle was. Then I decided I needed a pee, so I asked the barman to keep my place, and I went to the ladies. When I walked back I just reached my stool, when this guy smashed the cue ball into the pack to start a new game. As the ball broke the pack it flew off the table and landed on the floor at my feet. I stooped down to pick it up, and in stooping my knees went open, not that anyone could see anything, unless they were on the floor. As I was about to pick up the ball a large hand wrapped itself around my hand holding me still for a second.

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   This guy with the buckle had dived onto the floor to retrieve his ball and was on his knees in between my legs. “That’s a nice little pussy you have there, can I stroke it?” He said with a wicked grin on his face. “No you can’t. And let go of my hand”, I replied. He didn’t let go of my hand and I couldn’t stand up while he was holding me down like this. “You know you want me. You’ve been giving me the come-on all night, staring at my dick”. “Let me go. I wouldn’t fuck with you if you were the last guy alive; I was looking at your buckle”. “Yeh I know. That’s like me saying I was looking at your thong, but really all the time I was thinking of how the pussy inside would feel. You might have been looking at my buckle but you were sure as hell thinking about my dick”. “Don’t flatter yourself, if you use your dick like you use the pool cue, you wouldn’t be worth fucking”. “You fucking bitch. Are you saying I can't shoot pool?”“You can’t play shit; my dog plays better pool than you.

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   I could beat you without trying”. “You prick teases are all the same, you flash your knickers, you open your big mouth, but are you gona back it up with a bet?”“Like what?”“I win and you come out to my truck and I’ll fuck that little pussy”. “And if I win?”“Don’t worry about that, that won’t happen”. “But if I win I get your belt?”“No way lady. That belt cost me big bucks”. “So you’re scared you’ll loose it?”“Ok lady you’re on. But you’re gona get the fucking of your life once this game is over”. “Don’t be to sure; if I was you I’d start asking around if anyone’s got any string, cos you’ll need something to hold your pants up soon”. With that the game was racked up, the previous game he’d just started was put to one side. All the guys around were from his gang, and they all cottoned on to what had been taking place between us. There was quite a crowd gathered around the table, and the comments were flying fast and furious, all crude, mostly alluding to the fact they thought I’d get beaten, hence fucked. I only took on this guy because I knew I could beat him, and anyway, he’d pissed me off, so I wanted to take him down a peg or two. The game would have been easy, but for his buddies all around the table. As they had the table surrounded, nobody from outside this group could see what they were doing. Every time I bent forward I’d get some jerk running his hand up the inside of my leg, this made me miss a few easy pots and this guy had taken the lead, with five balls down to my one.

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  I knew if I lost that there was no way I’d get out of here without this guy getting his bet, and I was pretty sure his buddies would come along to watch, so things were getting desperate. I was about to take a shot and as I leaned forward, I felt the hand on the inside of my knee, and it was sliding up my inner leg. I swung around suddenly, turning the cue around in my hands and striking the guy who was feeling me with a very hard blow to his upper arm, knocking him sideways. I stood there with my back against the table holding the cue like a club in a threatening manner. They all started taunting me with jibes like, “come on then little girl give us your best shot, because you’ll only get one”. I knew I couldn’t win this kind of fight, so I said; “Now look here you bastards, I’ll make you a deal. You leave me alone to play this game fair, and when I loose, you can all have a piece of the action, but if any one of you so much as breathes on me before this games done, then all bets are off and I’m going”. Surprisingly one big guy said, “Ok give the little lady some space; she’s earned the right to prove herself. Anyway Burt will soon have this game in the bag, so what's our rush?”With that the game continued, but my concentration was not committed to the game because of all the comments that were going on around me. It got to a real fever pitch, when he got a run of luck and potted all his colours, only leaving the black for the game, and I’d still got six balls plus the black if I wanted to leave without a fucking. At this I was beginning to regret my big headed behaviour, and was thinking surely my boy friend would be wondering where I was by now. But in my mind I knew my boy friend would not come looking for me, it was more than his pride could stand, he’d hire a hooker for the night rather than come find me to say sorry. No if I was going to get out of this mess, I was going to have to help myself. I told myself to block out all the things around me, and think about how daddy had taught me to play. It worked, the ball went in, it wasn't a difficult shot, but that started me going, the next was a simple nudge, and that also went in.

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   Now for a shot that most would find difficult, it was as if they’d all gone silent, and the cue slid over the bridge I’d made on my left hand and caressed the ball with some left back spin, the ball curved around the table and in went the selected ball. I was on a roll, next two shots no problem, now one ball and I would be even. This was another awkward shot, but I knew I could do it, so the outside world was shut out, and I could feel my daddy’s hand on mine guiding the direction of my cue. In my mind I could hear him whispering in my ear as he pressed up behind me, I could almost feel his hard prick that he would push against my bottom. I'd learned to concentrate on the technical explanation about how to make the ball rebound at the correct angle, ignoring him pushing his prick up and down (still inside his trousers, and on the outside of my skirt). The click as the balls made contact, and the last of my balls went in. Now with only the black to go, I could hear the comments once again, but they were ribbing this guy Burt. They were saying things like, “If this one goes down, the next thing to fall will be your pants”. And there was quite a bit of mickey taking, but it was Burt not me at the brunt of it. I got up to the edge of the table and leaned as far forward as I could possibly reach, to get the angle I wanted I had to lift one leg up onto the table side. I leaned forward again, and a hand took hold of my crotch. I tried to react by bouncing back upright, but his other hand pressed firmly down in the middle of my back. I tried stabbing backwards with the butt of my cue, but he was stood to my left hand side and I was powerless to do anything. He leaned over and whispered in my ear, and I recognized the voice of the big man who’d stepped in and calmed the situation down earlier, he must be the main guy in this gang. He was gently squeezing my crotch, his finger ends sliding into my gusset, rubbing my slit, “Come on then girl get his one down and you can take his belt.


   I’m just getting a quick feel cos it looks like your gona beat him”. I couldn’t stop this guy, and he was working my clit with an expert action, so I knew I’d soon loose all concentration. I made one last determined effort to block out what he was doing, letting him have unrestricted access, and not wasting time fighting him off. I lined up my cue and struck the cue ball as soon as I made contact with the ball, I knew I’d miss shot. The ball cracked against the black and sent it towards the pocket, where it bounced against the cushion and came back out across the table, my heart sank. My thoughts now were where will it stop; will it be an easy shot for Burt? Next second my cue ball, which had gone in the opposite direction to the black and bounced against the far cushion, came into contact with the black once again. The black now rolled gently towards the pocket that I’d aimed for, it got slower and slower and as it got to the mouth of the pocket it appeared to stop, then dropped in and disappeared. The gasp of disbelief from the gang gathered around was audible. But although I’d won the game, I was still being held over the table, and this guy was working my clit. Now as I said they had they area well screened off with there bodies, so only they could see my predicament. And now I’d made my shot, I could no longer block out the signals that were coming from my clit. This guy rolled me over on my back and slid me along the table; I can remember someone taking the cue from my hand. I can also remember saying, “Please no. Don’t do this your not being fair. I won”.

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   But my pleas fell on deaf ears, and I was too far gone to struggle or protest. My legs were wide open, and I knew I was pushing down on the table with my feet, lifting my crotch up and down as he pushed his fingers deep up my pussy. He rammed, I lifted the rest all watched, soon I was thrashing up and down and cumming, his mouth clamped itself onto my pussy and he started drinking my cum as he supported my hips with his hands. While I laid there still semi-conscious, the hands were all rubbing and feeling around my crotch. As I came back to earth I tried to sit up, but was pushed back down by Burt’s hand on my bust, “Not so fast little lady I want my turn”, he said. I was once again surprised by the big guy, grabbing Burt's hand and pulling him off me. “What do you think your doing? She whooped you fair and square”, he pulled Burt out of the way, gave me his hand, and said, “Come on then girl get up on your feet and collect your prize, you certainly deserve it”. I walked across to where Burt was standing, and with the big guy glaring at Burt, which I’m sure was the only reason he stood still, I undid his sexy buckle and slid the belt out of the loops on his jeans. I wrapped it around the outside of my dress, buckled it up and let it slip down onto my hips. I couldn’t resist a last dig, “Thanks for the game cowboy, but next time I’d pick on a kid from junior school if I were you”, and with that I pushed my way through the circle of men and re-took my seat at the bar. I ‘d just had my pussy fingered, so I hadn’t got away with it scot-free, but I sat there like the cat that had just had the cream, big smug grin on my face thinking how I’d taught him a lesson not to underestimate women. The guys had mostly got back to there games on different tables, but Burt was with three or four guys in a huddle together. I just thought he was licking his wounds from the humiliation I’d just given him. I turned back towards the bar and continued drinking, humming away to the music, the band had re-started again. I was just musing to myself whether to move to the other side of the bar to watch the band, when the music stopped and the lights went out, the place was plunged into pitch darkness.

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   At that very instant, I was grabbed, two arms were around my body hauling me from the stool, and a hand was clamped around my mouth. I fought and struggled for all I was worth, but it was to no avail. Soon we were outside, and even though it was dark by now I could still see more than in the bar, I was rushed across the car park to a large panel van. The guy running ahead had opened the big sliding side door and I was thrown inside, landing on the floor. At least ten men bundled there way in, and the door was shut. The audio system started up and the music blasted out loud enough to deafen you. Even if I’d screamed my lungs out, I couldn’t have competed with the music. The van started moving and we were soon speeding down the road, within minutes we’d stopped, and so did the music. Burt walked up to me and he was the first to speak, “Ok lady we’re well away from where anyone can hear you now, so if you want to scream carry on cos it ain’t gona help you. Stand up”. I did as he asked, there was no point being awkward, I stood there in front of him. “Right I’ll have my belt back now”. Once again although I’d won the belt fair and square, as the big guy had said, the big guy wasn’t here, and it would have been stupid to say no, so without a word of protest, I undid the belt. I reached out my hand to give it back to him. “You took it off, you can put it back on”.

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   Meekly I went across and threaded it through the loops around the top of his jeans, and started to fasten the buckle. “Don’t bother doing that up my dear, you can start unfastening my flies, you said my pants would come down, and now you’re going to be proved right”. One thing I haven’t mentioned was that from the time I stood up in the van there was one guy flashing away with a camera, every time I moved he took a picture of me. Now I was really in a fix, and a fucking was almost certain, so I figured why take a beating as well, you might just as well do what they want and get it over with. I knelt down in front of him and undid his jeans, lowering them down and lifting his prick out of his pants. I stroked it and pulled gently, and then put my mouth to work, soon getting him to full erection. By now I was being undressed by guys from all angles. My tits were being sucked, and my pussy was being felt. I was laid on the floor and Burt mounted me pushing his prick hard up inside my pussy, being as brutal as he could, but my hole was still wet from the big guy’s fingering, and he slid up easily, and in different circumstances, I’d have loved it. He only fucked my pussy for about a minute, and when he could tell this wasn’t hurting, he pulled out and lifted my legs high, presenting my arse to his prick. My pussy had been working overtime, due to being already fingered, so while he’d been fucking my pussy, the juices had been running out and across my arsehole. He rammed his already wet and slimy prick into my arse, hoping to make me scream, but it slid up quite easily, and he started fucking. He’d hardly got started before someone was shouting something at him, “Come on Burt, we all want a turn at her. You can see she’s taking that too easy. You get on your back and we’ll lower her onto you, that way I can ram her cunt, we’ll see if she still finds that a turn-on”.

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  With that Burt pulled out, and two guys grabbed my legs, and two more grabbed my arms and they hauled me up in the air, still facing upwards. Burt got on the floor on his back and my legs were lowered down so he could get his prick stuck deep into my arse. I was now lowered onto Burt, who took hold of my arms holding me down, not that it was necessary; I had decided resistance wasn’t an option. Now the guy who’d told Burt that he wanted a turn was getting into place and forcing his prick up my pussy, he like Burt was not using any finesse; he rammed it in as if trying to be as brutal as possible. Now I’m not a slut, and I’d never before had more than one man at a time, but I do like sex, and I’ve never found a man up to now, that can give me more than I can take, on the contrary, I usually lay there after sex wishing my partner would suddenly get an new lease of life and fuck me again. So although these guys appeared to be trying to be brutal, the only thing so far was the stretching I was getting, as I’d never experienced two men at the same time. But even this after the initial pain, was a real turn-on, and the harder they banged away, the more I was liking it. Guys were pushing pricks to my mouth from both sides, and I was sucking them all in turn, other guys were sucking on my nipples, and the whole experience was something else. It was like being a kid at your birthday party, all your favourite foods and presents as well, I lost all sense of shame or inhibitions. As the guy up my pussy was ready to cum he pulled out and shot it all over my face, while he was doing that someone else took his place and my pussy was once again in action. Now this went on for at least an hour, and I cum more times than I can remember. I had spunk shot up my arse, pussy and down my throat, and all the guys had their turn, some going at it more than once. The guy with the camera only stopped taking pictures while he was having his turn at me, so how many pictures he’d got I don’t know, but it was quite a few. Eventually they’d had all they wanted, and I was told not to be such a pigheaded bitch again, or they’d give me another going over. The truck started up and we were off, while we travelled, I cleaned myself up with some tissues and wipes, and got dressed, but they kept my thong as a souvenir.

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   The truck stopped and I was bundled out of the door, and off they sped down the road. I was back in the car park behind the bar, so I made my way back in through one of the side entrances and straight to the ladies room, to make sure I didn’t look too bad. When I’d done all I could, to straighten myself up I made my way back into the main bar, and found my boyfriend playing pool. As soon as he saw me he threw down his cue and stormed towards me a full speed, grabbing my arm a half dragging me through the bar out into one of the passageways, away from the main crowd. “What the bloody hell have you been doing? It’s all over the bar that you put your pussy up for a bet. Well is it true?”“It wasn’t like that”. “Wasn’t like what? You either did or you didn’t, they recon you won that porno belt that guy wears, well did you?”“Well yes I did”. “You did. Bloody hell I’ll bet that pissed him off. I can't wait to see his face when he sees me wearing it. Where is it?”“That’s what I was trying to tell you”. “What the bloody hell are you saying you’ve either got the belt or you haven’t?”“Yes I won it. But when the lights went out they took me out to their truck and they raped me”. “And the belt?”“They took that back”. “The cheating bastards.


   That belt was worth a bloody fortune”. “Didn’t you hear what I said? They gang raped me! And all you can think about is the belt”. “Well I’ve bloody told you hundreds of times you dress like a tart, what do you expect. But if you won that belt, the bastards have no right to steal it back. Still I don’t think its worth starting a gang war over, it was too bloody flashy anyway”. “So you’re not going to do anything about me being raped?”“What’s to do, it’s happened now, and you don’t look any the worse for it. I wouldn’t mind betting you bloody egged them on anyway. I’m going back to finish my game, I’ll see you when its time to go home. It’s still a bloody pity about that belt, I’d have like that just to see his face”, and with that he turned and went back into the bar. What could I do, I went back in hauled myself up onto a stool, got a drink and listened to the band. Sitting there I was extra conscious of people looking at me, and I assumed they had all heard of my bet, and that was what they were talking about. But with all eyes on me it was extra difficult, knowing I had no panties on and my every move perched on the tall bar stool was very difficult. I sat there till the boyfriend came back at the end of the evening to take me home. That evening his total concern was the loss of the belt that he now considered was his. You’d have thought he’d won the bloody belt himself.

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   My rape was not mentioned, and he had his usual fuck before going to sleep. The next day as he set off for work, he was still griping about loosing that stupid belt, when I asked what time he’d be home he said, “Du’no, I’m going straight to the bar with the guys, I’ll see you down there”. “Well I’ll come straight home from work I’ll give the bar a miss, I’ve got house work to catch up on”. “Suit yourself. See you when I get back”, and with that he was gone. I went to work as usual, some of the guys there had heard about my bet, and they were all jibing about my cutting this guy from ‘Craigeville’ down to size, and I didn’t put them right, by telling them how he’d raped me, I figured the less people that knew the better. When I got home from work I set to getting all the washing into the machine, and then general tidying up and cleaning, by 8:00 I was about bushed, but the place looked more like a home than a bomb site. I went upstairs to get a shower, and thought I’d slip into a nightie, get into bed and watch a movie. I’d just walked out of the shower, into the bedroom, and I could see some headlights coming up our drive. Our drive was about 100 yards long, and led to a area in front of the house big enough to park up about 10 trucks. The headlights coming down our drive were from not one, but from a convoy of trucks and vans, the first one was my boyfriend’s truck, but there was at least six more following him. First thing that came to mind was that bloody belt, I thought even though he’d said it wasn’t worth starting a war over, like most men he’d changed his mind. Six or seven trucks meant about twenty plus guys, he’d obviously rounded the whole gang together, this was unusual for all the guys to be out like this, it mush be some special event. He’d brooded on the loss of this belt, until it had become a major pride struggle. He was now coming home to collect his baseball bat, or even worse his gun! As the trucks all came to a stop I’d expected him to jump out and come running in for whatever weapon he’d decided on using, but as I looked out, all the guys were getting out of there trucks, and heading for the house.

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   This fazed me, and for a moment I wondered what the hell was happening, but I didn’t have long to wait to find out. I heard the front door open, and the boyfriend shout, “Where are you honey?”“I’m up stairs, give me a minute to get dressed and I’ll be down”. “Don't bother we’re coming up”. “But honey, I’m not dressed for guests. Just give me a few seconds”. But I could hear them all trooping up the stairs, and the general atmosphere told me they were already tanked up with booze. I ran towards the bedroom door with the intention of locking it, but the boyfriend got to the door before me punching it open and storming in followed by all his buddies. As he arrived in front of me he held out his hand with what looked like a spread-out pack of cards, which he threw in the air and they floated down like confetti. Without picking one up I could tell instantly they were photos of me from the night before. “So you were raped, were you? Do these look like someone who’s being raped?”“But”. “But nothing. You fucking slut. You’re just a fucking whore. You fucking asked for everything you got, and you went along with the bastards. You let them fuck you every way possible, and went back for more.

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   Well we’re gona teach you a fucking lesson you won’t forget in a hurry. If you think you got fucked last night, then you’d better think again, cos tonight you gona get a real fucking”. There was an anger and fierceness in his face that I’d never seen before. Now as I said about last night, I knew I couldn’t stop them, and there was no point in getting a beating, and getting fucked as well, so I went along with it. This was another thing that my daddy had taught me; he’d always said for every situation, you can be positive or negative. Lots of times you can’t influence the outcome of a situation, so in that kind of circumstance, you can either be positive, making the best of what your going to get, or you can kick and squeal, but if you cant stop it happening, then making the best of it is always the best policy. This attitude had got me through last nights ordeal without it being a major trauma, so that was my thoughts about how to deal with what I could see tonight was going to bring. At either side of the room there was a guy with a video camera, and there was also a guy with a still camera, they looked as though they were going to make sure they got a visual record of all the action. I was stood there with just my bath robe on; I was totally naked underneath the robe. “Get that bloody towel off and get yourself up on the bed with your legs spread wide”, came the instruction from my now ex-boyfriend. I undid the belt that was tied around my waits, and dropped the bath robe to the floor. I calmly walked across to the bed, climbed into the middle, turned to lie on my back and lifted my legs high in the air, and wide open. As soon as my legs went up there was mayhem, the men stormed in from all around the bed, as yesterday, they showed no sign of love or romance, they were out to abuse me, and abuse they did. The details of what happened when or what happened first, are all a blur, but there were 20 plus men and I was fucked relentlessly for the next 3 hours. They delighted in shooting their spunk in my face, and I sucked cocks one after another all the time I was being fucked.

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   At one point they took it in turn to spunk into a glass until they’d filled it half way, and when they gave it to me I drank it down in one long swallow, without needing to be forced. Some of the men started leaving whilst others were still banging away at me, and there were even one or two extra men arriving well after the whole thing had started. But when they had all finished, and there was about 10 men still sitting around, the dogs in one of the guys trucks parked in the yard were disturbed by some of the guys leaving. The guy whose dogs were barking went to the window and yelled for them to shut up, and this must have sparked off an idea in another guy’s head. I saw he make a sudden bee-line for where my ex was sitting and say something I couldn’t hear. At this my ex got up and said Hal, go and get a couple of your dogs and bring them in here. There always trying to hump my leg when were out hunting, lets see what they can do with this bitch. We ain’t gona use her again, so it don’t matter if they fuck her up. I realized that he was going to get these dogs to fuck me, as before I decided resistance was futile, and in truth I’ve seen photos of girls with dogs, and always wondered what it would feel like. I was soon to find out, as these big wolf hounds came bounding into the bedroom. I was led from the bed, and put on the floor on my hands and knees. As soon as I was down both dogs had their tongues lapping around my pussy, and the first dog was mounting me in seconds. His pointy prick stabbed all around the tops of my legs, and more by luck than judgment it found its target and up it went, there was no thickness to the prick at first, but rapidly it grew in length, and diameter, soon filling my pussy. His pace was rapid and the feeling was real good, but I did my best not to show how much I liked it. Within a minute, I could feel his big knot pressing hard against my hole and my pussy reacted by opening up and in it popped, like pushing a cork into a bottle neck and it slipping inside.


   Once he was in he fucked for all he was worth, it was heaven, and I’d blocked out of my mind the audience watching and let this animal take his pleasure. He came inside me at least five times, before his knot eventually slipped out. As this happened I was ready to fall to the floor and rest, but dog number two was mounting as soon as he’d dropped out. The experience was unreal, I just let myself go and didn’t bother what they thought of me, it was the best fucking I’d ever experienced, and he cum up inside me at least seven times. As his prick slid out I slumped to the floor lying on my side. While I was laid there dog number one sidled across and started licking the tops of my legs. Not bothered about the audience, I lifted my leg up out of the way giving him access to my pussy, which he licked at furiously. Not only did this turn me on, but it turned on the dog as well, and he stood astride me trying to hump, and his dick was sticking out of its sheath. I arched my back, resting on my shoulders and feet, lifting my hips up towards his jerking prick. His prick found my pussy, and we were soon fucking again, this was unbelievable, but difficult to keep myself up for his reach. In this position, he fucked me and cum three more times. After this I just lay still with both dogs licking me. As some of the guys were about to leave, one decided he’d piss all over me as a final insult, and this led to at least six others doing the same. The last of the men left at about 2:00 in the morning, at which point my ex, gathered all my clothes out of the closets, and threw them out of the window. He said I was lucky he wasn’t throwing me out with them, but he said I could sleep downstairs in the kitchen with the dogs, but to make sure I’d left his house before he got up.

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   I did sleep with our dogs, but the three dogs we have are all bitches, even they all took turns licking my pussy. By the time he’d got up I was long gone and riding the buss to the next state. This experience didn’t do me any sexual harm, but it demonstrates that if a man cant wear you as jewellery, to show off to others, then he cant stand anyone else having you and he'll want do destroy you. I am now happily married to a loving man, with four kids. But I have no illusions even about my loving husband, but now I know the boundaries that you don’t cross if you want to keep a man happy. It’s not enough to be cleverer than a man, to beat them you need to be wiser, and wisdom usually comes with experience. Just in case any one is feeling worried about what effect that experience would have on the mental state of the poor young lady, I can assure you that it was pure fiction, and not based on any real person or place. You are always welcome to email me with any criticism or praise, but the criticism should always be kept constructive if you want a reply, thanks for reading, Bye. victoriajohn@hotmail. com.
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Either you are ready for a a journey to the United States or you already live there, enjoying the best escort services in your town, or area, should be a pleasant activity, spiced with a lot of lust. Specially crafted for the ones who are aiming to spend moments in a elegant environment, the escort service is now a universal niche for thousands and millions of persons. In the United States only, there are more than 1 million babes ready to meet and date with you, and you only need a short click on the further article to better understand how it works and where can you meet Delaware escorts .

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