Brian and me round two a true story


I hope you read my first post "this was my first time", here's another true story about Brian & me.

After our first encounter I could hardly wait until our meeting next week so I called him on the phone Saturday and when he heard my voice he said gee I was just thinking of you how about you and I said yes, I couldn't get into any more than that since my parents were there. I said something about the last meeting and was saying he couldn't wait till next week and I chimed in with me too, it was then that he said he parents went out with his little brother & sister and did I want to come over and I said yes and hung up the phone.

I waited a few minutes and told my parents I was going out for a while when they asked me where I told them somewhere that I can't remember now but it wasn't Brian's since my parents thought he was a fagot as they put it and I didn't want to explain why I was going to see him since they would wonder.

I got over to Brian's house and rang the bell; he came out and said come on in with a smile on his face. Once inside he took my hand and walked me to his room and I asked what time his family would be home which he answered with not till late.

Brian took off his shorts to reveal he had no underwear on and out sprang his cock; to my surprise he had shaved all the hair around it including his balls. I couldn't take my eyes off it and dropped to my knees started to play with it and lick it, he then said I guess you like it all I could do was mumble as I took it in my mouth. I gave him a blow job taking his huge load in my mouth this time I was ready for it and swallowed the whole thing without any leaking out.

After I was done Brain asked if I would like to shave mine I said yes, we went to his bathroom took out his razor put in a new blade and then he told me to get in the shower. In the shower he had one of those shower heads that are on a hose so you can take it down and spray your body, he then turned on the shower and started to spray my crotch with very warm water. He then got a handful of shaving cream lathered me up and started to shave me all around except my balls, I asked why and he then said I will do it but I want to let you know the skin there is very sensitive and I will have to be really careful not to nick you. I thought for a second and said well be careful then with a smile on my face and he was there were no nicks.

After he was done shaving me he rinsed me off and started sucking my cock, he stopped for a second and got a towel to dry me off and we then went back to his room where he started to suck my cock again. The feeling of his face against my now shaven cock was great and I shot my load in his mouth and we both just lay back on his bed.

After about 10 minutes Brian started to stroke my cock and I got hard again, while he was doing this he told me he had something to tell me and I said what.

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   He told me that at school, remember he was 15 and I think in his second year of high school, he had a friend that he knew was gay and that on Friday they talked about our first encounter on Thursday. He must have seen the look on my face because he then said I didn't tell him where when and with whom so I told him go ahead.

I don't remember the name of the other guy but he told me he had to tell guy since he now knew he was gay. He said that after he told him the whole story this other fellow grinned and said that he would like to be with the two of us then Brian told him we decided to be exclusive at which he said it would only be sex. Brian stopped playing with my cock looked at me and asked would you ever go for that which I told him maybe if the guy didn't live around here and I wouldn't get caught. It was then that he smiled and said remember I go to a regional school and he lives many towns away so I said don't tell him that I might and let me see him one day, this will be a later story.

Brian then started to suck my cock a bit stopped turned over and asked me to fuck his ass, I thought he meant with my cock but then I looked and he had about a 10" dildo that was at least 7" in girth. He handed me the dildo and a tube of this stuff called anal ease which desensitizes your ass so it is easier to take it in. after a few minutes when his ass was really numb I turned it on and started to inset it into his ass. I thought for a second and said why isn't my nearly 3 inches enough which he said sorry sometimes you need something huge up your ass so I rammed it into him.

While I was fucking him with this thing I swung my hips to meet his face and
said suck me slave and he said anything you want master with a chuckle in his voice. He took my cock in his mouth and then took it out and then put my whole sack of balls in his mouth and started to nibble them this made me pump that dildo harder into his ass until I finally came all over his face while he still had my balls in his mouth then he asked me to lick my cum off which I did boy was it hot.

He then said turn over I want to fuck you with it too so I did. He put the anal ease all over my ass and then when I was numb he fucked me hard with it. I grabbed his cock and told him I wanted to suck his balls too so he spun around and let me not only was his cock huge 7 1/4" and about 5 plus inches in girth, but his sack and balls were too I could almost not get it all into my mouth.

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   I nibbled on his left ball and he let out a loud moan suddenly he shot a huge load on my face getting a little on my nose and a bunch all over my forehead he then spun around and licked his cum off my face while still fucking me with that dildo after he cleaned it all off he took the dildo out of my ass and started to lick it he said that my shit all over it tasted great.

Seeing him do this to that dildo turned me on and I told him to fuck me with his cock this time and he did fuck me for what seemed like a half hour before he shot his load up my ass. After that I fucked him till I came then we started to make out for a while and he gave me another blowjob when he looked at his clock and said shit my parents should be home in less than a half hour so I got dressed he kissed me goodbye and said till Thursday.
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