Brian & Bob after Brian's grounding


Brian had just gotten off of being grounded for the month and called me the first opportunity he had to let me know he would need a ride to the meeting on Thursday and I can’t wait to see you, I hope we can split early and go to our special place. I told him I would pick him up by 5:30 if that was ok since I had to go get the key to open up the building we met in, we usually didn’t leave till around 6:15 but he said he would be ready.
Thursday came and I got to Brian’s right at 5:30 his kid sister Alice came out and said he would be right, out. I hadn’t seen her in a while and as I am bi I checked out her nice little tits smiled and said ok thanks. After about 2 minutes he came out and we left.
On the way there Brian asked what I did while he was grounded and I told him about the three Saturdays that I went out with this new girl that I had met Diane.  I could see even though he knew I was bi and not gay and that we had agreed to be exclusive as far as guy to guy goes he did agree that I could still date girls as long as I didn’t date other guys. I stopped talking about Diane and told him that Thursdays were lonely without him the last 4 weeks, this made him smile and we just shot the shit for the rest of the ride.
When we got to the lodge building we met in I went to the police department to get the key and opened the building up went upstairs to the meeting room and turned on the lights. I guess I didn’t notice but Brian must have followed me up the stairs and as I turned on the lights he hugged me from behind and reached around to grab my cock through my shorts, I just leaned back into his chest and let him rub my crotch. I moaned Brian what if someone comes in and he said I thought you wanted to come early so we could have a little fun, I looked at my watch it was 6:05 nobody ever shows up before 6:45 except the person that is supposed to open up and that was me so I said ok we’ll have to make it quick.
Brian let go of my crotch and came around front and kissed me and said Bob I have been aching for you to fuck my ass it’s been a whole 4 weeks since I had you in there, then he took off his clothes and bent over one of the chairs in the room and shot his ass in the air I could smell the sweet musky smell  coming from his ass and took my shorts and underwear off and stuck my cock in his ass and fucked him I didn’t know how long it took at the time but I shot a huge load up his ass turned to ask him if he wanted to fuck me when I heard a car drive into the parking lot. We both got dressed I winked at Brian and said after the meeting then went downstairs just as a couple of the guys were coming in.
During the meeting I could see Brian getting anxious to leave and looked at the clock it was 7:45 and we were about through with everything on our agenda rather quickly and it looked like we should finish before 8:30 which would give us over an hour to ourselves. The meeting ended at 8:20 and everyone was out just before 8:30.
I had to stay behind to turn off everything and return the keys so after they were all gone I locked the door so Brian and I could go upstairs so he could fuck my ass like I did his.

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   When we go there I said so you want to fuck me and he said no I want you to fuck me and whip me like you did to Nelson in your fantasy you told me about the day we fucked at your house, this made my cock hard just thinking of it.
Brian took off his clothes and I took his belt off his pants and tied his wrists to a railing that was around the outside walls of the meeting room.   Then I took off my belt and at first gently spanked his ass, I could see his ass wiggle as I hit it so I spanked him even harder and then harder leaving dark red belt marks on his ass he moaned and I said be quiet you fucking boy whore and asked him what he wanted he said you. I then brought the belt down even harder and said want me what you slut. He let out a muffled cry and said I want you to fuck my ass, I then hit him even harder actually breaking the skin a little and said is that how you ask and he said please to which I said please what and he answered please master. I loved the sound of that.
 I then took my clothes off and before I put my cock to his face and smacked him lightly with my belt across the face and said suck my cock good first and he opened his mouth and took in my cock and started to give me a blow job. I then took my belt and brought it down across his cock and balls   so hard I thought I might tear his cock off his body he cried and bit down a little on my cock, I laughed and said did that hurt you little baby he actually had a tear in his eye which told me it did and this made my cock swell even harder inside his hot mouth.
He stopped for a minute I think because he was in pain and I smashed the belt harder across his cock again his mouth bit down on my cock and I told him I didn’t tell you to stop and don’t stop again without my permission or you’ll get worse sissy boy. He never did stop until I was ready to cum and then I pulled it out and came all over his face and rubbed it in with my hands telling him he was a good little cum faced boy.
With my cum still all over his face I laid down on the floor and told him to get me hard using his feet so he slowly  took his right foot and started rubbing my cock with it. I started getting hard when he separated his big toe and the toe next to it and took my cock in between them and started to jerk me off with his foot he has rather long toes and this felt really good. Looking at my watch I saw it was now 9:10 and we still had about 20 minutes before we would have to leave so I leaned back so he could make me cum, he must have seen me looking and started to pound his foot up at down my cock even faster. Suddenly I could feel my load ready to shoot and arched my back and shot my load all over his leg, my body then just went limp I was exhausted when Brian said master will you fuck my ass now, I had to tell him no I just didn’t think I could get it up for at least an hour after that foot job.
I got dressed took the belt off Brian to let him loose and he got dressed so we locked up and took the key back to the police department and left to go home I could see Brian’s cock was still hard so I told him to unzip his pants and take it out he did and then lay down and put his head in my lap while I stroked his cock on the drive home I could actually feel what felt like a couple of small welts on his shaft and asked if I had hurt him he grinned and said nothing I couldn’t take or didn’t want to take.

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   Hearing that I stared to jerk him off even faster   after a few moments I could feel his cock swell and then he shot his load all over his own pants, I used my hand to get most of it and held it to his face and said lick it off which he did without hesitation. Brian had to untuck his shirt so he could hide it when the wet spot when he got home.
About a mile from his house he got off my lap and gave me a kiss on the lips while I was driving, I swerved a little and said something like down boy. I pulled over and we made out for a couple of minutes then I said I should take him home. He asked if we could meet Saturday night, I had a date with Diane and told him but said that Sunday my parents were going out with my little brother and wouldn’t be home till at least 5:00 and that his kid sister and mine were both going to a party at one of their schoolmates homes so we could get together then and he agreed so I pulled in front of his house and he got out and went in.
The next story unfortunately is the last in the line of my stories about Brian and I since our meeting on Sunday is the last time we ever got together.