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Now Servicing all Men in MenswearBy saltlakecockslaveI sometime will go to the mall and open up shop in some unexpecting department store's Men's wear dressing rooms. I come with a stack of buiseness cards that say. "SPECIAL TODAY" on one side and the other: in small txt: " Hi I am a young gay male and I think you have a very nice body, And I would love a chance to to give you oral pleasure"If this intrests you and you would be willing to let me pleasure you? I will be in the last dressing room stall in the Men's wear fitting area. Just knock on the last stall door 8 times (thats 8X's) "HoweverYou need not say a word" and I will speak none either" I will open the door, you enter and lock it behind you. Then just drop your pants and I will take care of the rest! Quick, Quit, Discreet and SPECIAL. . . I then will pretend to look there selection of Men's Slack's, Pant's and other clothing and I will discreatly place one inside the pocket! of many of the garments. I will continue to browse until I see what might be my next unsuspecting Man. And then I will pretend to go try on a pair of slacks in the last stall. I sometimes will spend hours doing this and it sometimes works very very well. Oneday while browsing I watched as a tall hunk come into the men's wear and proceeded to browse. I watched from a few aisles away as he pulled my card from a pocket. The look on his face was one of confusion. And I'm sure he had to read it twice. He looked around to see if he might spot the solicitor.

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   However I was already on my way into the fitting area. I closed my stall door and just waited. Within a few minutes there was the continuous eight knocks upon the door. I let the hunk in and just smiled sinking to my knees. He was as eager and quick as I was to get things started. Within seconds I was, face to dick with his manhood. He had a fairly large cockeven limp it still looked at least eight inches. I began by gently raising the head upward with one hand as to get a good look at it in every way. with my other I wrapped my fingers around his balls . and lightly pulled them away from his body. I then looked up at him and directly into his eye'sand began to run my tounge around his nutsack. I slowly bathed them withmy saliva, tasting his salty sweat and smelling his aroma. He sat his ass down on the bench and kicked one leg up onto thebench. Allowing me greater accsess to his now stiffening cock. I pulled his shaft and balls up towereds his chest and took this opportunityto work his perenium with my tounge.

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   However being one of my favorite spots, I didn't spend long there and was soon back to the base and feeling my way up his stiff pole with my wet mouth and tounge. I roamed over and felt his every vein and contour working my way up until I come upon his crown. Never letting my eye's glance away from his. I could feel it swell a bit more in my mouth as his arousal hightened. He tilted his head and body back andI could see pleasure wash over him. However At that point I think he had run out of patience. As he soon took control of the situation. And quickly he guided my mouth to the top of his cock. He began to moan and I had to remind him, to try to be quit. That is, if he could! I opened my mouth and worked it just over his bulbous cockhead. There my lips worked it over in a swirlling patternlike I was sucking a lollipop. A small amount of precum washed over my tastebudsand he tasted great. I was determined to give this guy the best blowjob he has ever or will ever have!He pushed my head down onto his manhood and his head was filling the back of my throat. At this point I worked it down a few more inches so his head wastightly lodged in my asophagus. I concentated breathing through my nose and there I stopped.

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   Not so I could get used to it, but so he could get used to it. and enjoy the moment. This slowed up his urge to blo his wadd. Also I know how it feels to have a guys throat muscles constricting tightly around my cock. The swallowing effect was like being milked. Pure ecstasy. I then pulled off and almost out of my mouth and then back down again I repeatedthis a good ten times. His balls were tightening and I could feel them getting harder. Then I gave into his force and took is thick cock completely down in me. He rammed it hard and fast, fucking my face and stopping only when his balls slapped me in the chin. His body started to quiver and shake and he was on the verge of erupting. I then pulled my face off and away. I opened my mouth and started quickly jacking his cock Holding his cockhead just inches from my opened mouth. And "wow" cum began to burst out of him in long thick ropes that I tried to catch on my tounge or in my mouth. He had built up such a load that it quickly filled my mouth, lips and tounge.

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  He must of shot six, seven or eight hot loads for me. I left my mouth wide open so he could see as i swallowed it down. I then rubbed his dick and the remainingcum around my face. Making sure I milked his every last drop. MMMmmm MMmm I politely thanked im , got up from my kneese and left the dressing room and the department store. I don't know how long he stayed in that dressing room. All day and many men. But that encounter ranks high up on one of my most memorable sexuall encounters of that day!.
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Skorzystaj z cudownej możliwości aby odsłonić imponujące, kompletnie zapierające dech w piersiach niezapomniane przyjemności z seksu z uwodzicielskimi dziwkami z

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any city of Poland to miasto o umiarkowanie małej liczbie mieszkańców. Główną atrakcją w tym niewielkim, ale uroczym mieście jest główny rynek, otoczony stylowymi kamienicami i fontannami o nowoczesnym wyglądzie, oraz innymi budynkami i zabytkami pochodzącymi z czasów Gotyku. Ponadto, gdy już znajdziesz się w mieście any city of Poland, nie zapomnij zobaczyć jego parków i lokalnej architektury, by móc podziwiać jego cudowną przyrodę. Nie ma wątpliwości, że, any city of Poland jest z pewnością wspaniałym i bardzo interesującym miastem w Polsce, które warto odwiedzić. Jednakże, Twoje doświadczenie będzie niekompletne, jeśli nie poświęcisz również czasu na sprawdzenie sex ogłoszenia gdańsk.

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