House Calls 2


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Carrie was feeling quite good after her early-morning house call to the construction worker. There’s no better way to start the day out than by having a threesome with a patient and your assistant, she thought as she was driving home in the mid afternoon.
She had told her assistant to take the rest of the day off. She knew her patients well, and if her assumption was right, she wouldn’t need help for her only other appointment of the day.
She was visiting a married couple. These people were always arguing about something stupid. The only thing that kept Carrie from telling them how dumb they were acting was the fact that they paid her salary.
She met them on a house call after a friend had referred her to them. They were arguing the whole time she was there.
Jack had hurt his eye. They told Carrie he’d fallen and hit his eye on a door knob. Carrie had always wondered if Angelica hadn’t gotten pissed and socked him one.
While she was treating the eye, Carrie decided to get involved in the argument even though her better judgment told her not to. She managed to help them resolve their problems, and ever since, the unhappy couple had been calling her—not as a nurse—but as a “marriage counselor,” so to speak.

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Angelica answered the door. She greeted Carrie with a hug. She led her to the backyard of their spacious home where Jack was sitting on a lawn chair catching some sun. He was wearing slacks and a button-down shirt that was wide open showing off his developed upper body. As always, he was wearing his trademark sunglasses.
He looked Carrie up and down checking out the sexy way her body fit in her nurse’s uniform. “See, now that’s what I’m talking about. I need a little visual stimulation,” he said to his wife.
“Hey, easy there, Jacko. Don’t start feeling like the Lone Ranger or something,” barked Angelica, who was wearing an outfit that resembled Carrie’s uniform.
She was a pretty brunette with an excellent body. The problem was that her excellent body was always covered up by clothes that Jack found unattractive.
Carrie said, “Hey, easy, you two. ”
It was obvious that they were fighting over sex this time, which happened to the only thing that Carrie enjoyed helping them with. This one would be easy.

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   She knew exactly what to do since Jack had already hinted that he was turned on by her.
She said, “Ang, why don’t I give Jack a little jump start?”
“Go for it,” blurted Angelica.
She didn’t care what they did. She was pissed and horny and jack wouldn’t fuck her. She’d do anything to get some sex, even if it meant letting her husband get a blowjob from another woman.
Carrie stood up and approached him. She leaned down and gave him a long, slow, kiss as she slid her fingers up and down his chest.
She kneeled. His legs were wide open. She touched his thigh and slowly slid her hand to his crotch. His cock was soft, but stiffening.
“You like?” she asked.
“Oh, yeah,” he said.
She rubbed her hand in circles around his cock. It was getting harder by the second.

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Angelica had to admit that Carrie and Jack together made a sexy couple. They were turning her on a lot more than she already was. Her pussy was tingling so bad that she had to cross her legs relieve some of the anxiety.
She especially had trouble keeping control when Carrie lowered her head to his crotch and kissed it. Her husband was screaming out, “Oh, yeah,” because he knew what she was about to do. He slouched further in his seat to give her better access to his dick.
Carrie unzipped his pants. She reached inside.
“There it is,” she said.
Jack’s head fell back and he started moaning and breathing heavily. Carrie lowered her face and sucked in a mouthful of thick dick.
Angelica was sitting on the lawn chair next to them. She was at a great angle to see everything Carrie was doing with her mouth.
By now, Angelica’s lust had grown so much that she’d lifted her right leg and was fingering her slit. She watched as her husband licked two fingered and slid them inside of Carrie’s hole.

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   Then she felt herself rising to her feet and walking to the other side of the lawn chairs.
“Here she comes,” said Carrie with a smile.
She was expecting Angelica to take her place sucking Jack’s dick. To her surprise, Angelica knelt between Carrie’s legs and motioned for her to spread them wider.
Carrie was surprised because she didn’t know Angelica was bi-sexual. But then again, judging by the look on her husband’s face, she was most likely doing this for the first time. He seemed to be pleasantly surprised and very turned on by it.
Angelica had also surprised Carrie with how good she was when it came to pleasing women. She was behind her doing magic with her tongue and fingers.
Carrie had bent over and was sucking Jack’s dick on her knees. Angelica was spreading her ass cheeks and licking her from her clit to her pussy to her asshole. She’d finger her in between so she could sit back and take a long, good look at it.
“Oh, fuck. Oh, god,” cried Carrie.
“You like the way she licks your pussy?” asked Jack.

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“Uh-huh. She’s just devouring my pussy. ”
“Her pussy tastes so delicious,” said Angelica. “Mmmm. ”
She was licking her pussy so good that it was hard for Carrie to concentrate on the cock in her mouth, but she knew she was only doing this for their pleasure, so she sucked it up (literally) and continued giving Jack a blowjob.
His cock was seriously hard and tingling. He was sitting in a lawn chair outside with his cock in his nurse’s mouth and his wife was right there so he didn’t have to worry about getting caught cheating. Not only that, from the angle that he was sitting, he could see his cock sliding into Carrie’s mouth and he could see Angelica cupping her ass cheeks while she lustfully buried her face between them. It couldn’t get any better than that.
After a few minutes, he began to focus on his cock and the mouth that it was sliding in. He didn’t even notice that his wife had taken the rest of her clothes off.
“Eat that cock,” he said to Carrie.
“Yeah,” she said, and then she spit on his dick and started sucking her saliva off.
“Oh, yeah!”
His head fell backward and he shut his eyes. When he opened them, his wife was back to licking pussy but now her clothes were gone except for her bra and panties.

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   She licked Carrie’s ass a bit more and then removed her bra, which left her cute little tits exposed with her nipples swollen and erect.
Jack was enjoying Carrie’s mouth, but now it was his wife who was catching his eye. She’d always had a great body and now that she was acting like a slut and having sex like a slut, there was something about her that he found irresistible.
At that moment, there was nothing he would’ve liked more than to bury his throbbing cock deep inside his wife. Likewise, Carrie was enjoying herself, but with all the moaning and trembling that Jack was doing, she knew it was only a matter of time before he came in her mouth. As great a thought as that was, she knew she’d be doing them a better favor by letting him cum in Angelica’s mouth.
“Come get some of this thick cock,” she said over her shoulder.
She moved to the side. Angelica took her place between Jack’s legs.
“Suck it,” said Carrie.
She was waving it around in Angelica’s face like bait for a fish. Angelica spread her lips and inhaled a mouthful.
“Mmmm, look at that,” Carrie said.
His wife gave him a better sucking than Carrie. Her throat was so much deeper and she slurped his cock like it was ice cream.

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   She was slurping so loud that it became impossible to hear anything else—not the cars passing by in the front of the house or the birds chirping in the trees behind them.
Both of them were so caught up in the blowjob that neither of them noticed that Carrie had gotten up and left. Her job was job. She was still satisfied from the sex that she’d had with her first client, and this couple was finally into each other, so there was no need for her to participate. She simply sat on the back porch and watched from afar.
She and Jack were amazed. Angelica was sucking him all the way down to his pubic hairs consistently. How she handled so much dick in her mouth without gagging was beyond both of them.
She kept sucking him louder and harder as she inched her way onto the lawn chair with him. It wasn’t quite big enough for them both to fit, so Angelica’s legs were hanging off while her upper body was hunched over Jack’s legs. From where Carrie was sitting, it looked like she was subconsciously trying to climb closer so she could get more dick in her mouth even though it was already buried to the hilt.
What had gotten into this woman?
“I wanna ride this cock,” she said.
She started licking her way up his torso. She kept going higher until she was kissing his lips. Then she pressed her breasts in his face and continued higher.

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   She stopped with her wet cunt lips brushing over his mouth and her nails dug into the back of his head pulling it forcefully into her sweet hole.
“Ohhhh,” she moaned as she felt his tongue worm its way into her snatch. “Yeah. Oh. Yeah, yeah. ”
She started grinding on his face, moving in, out, and side to side. She was so horny that she could smell her own scent in the air. Knowing her husband’s face would be reeking of pussy was driving her mad. Her pussy was bubbling with cunt juice and it was all spilling into Jack’s willing mouth.
“Oh, I’m so wet. ” She started kneading her tits. “I’m gonna wrap these pussy lips around your cock and ride you. It feels so good. Ohhh, yeah! Let me sit on it now and ride that cock. ”
Jack had been masturbating to keep his cock hard for her.

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   She slipped her pussy off his mouth and dropped it onto his pulsing cock. It was an easy entry with little, if no, resistance at all. Her pussy was soaking.
Angelica bellowed in ecstasy as she felt his rod penetrating her. It had been too long since she’d felt that big cock inside of her.
“Oh, yeah, fuck that hole. ”
She was bouncing on him, taking him the full length of his cock most of the time, but sometimes she’d switch to short strokes just so she could feel him plowing all the way in later. Sometimes she’d sit flush on his cock and start grinding so she could feel it hitting every spot.
Jack was equally enjoying himself. He loved it when Angelica got this horny. It rarely happened, so he made sure to enjoy it when it did. It reminded him of how horny she always was when they’d first started dating. She was a wild fuck back then.
“Yeah, get my pussy!” she screamed.
Jack’s dick was hard as a brick.

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   It was tingling immensely and he was holding her by her waist and driving her up and down hard while she screamed out all sorts of dirty things that she normally never said.
When her legs got too tired to ride anymore, Angelica lay on the lawn chair with her legs spread from east to west and raised high in the air. Jack put her legs on his shoulders and shoved his cock into her. He deep-fucked her for a long time as she continued yelling out obscene phrases that added to his fire.
“Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Oh, yeah, oh, oh. Stuff it in there. Oh, yeah. ”
She even got on knees so he could stick it in her ass. It was a lot tighter than her pussy, but a lot of pussy juice had dripped to her asshole, giving it ample lubrication.
“Oh, stuff it in my ass! Oh, my god! Stuff that hard cock in my ass!” screamed Angelica.
He had been moaning more frequently and fucking her faster.


   His cock was burning with cum shooting up his shaft.
“Oh, I’m gonna cum all over your face,” said Jack.
“Ready?” Angelica asked eagerly. “Give it to me,” she whispered.
She turned around and opened her mouth. Jack was stroking his cock in her face.
“OHHHH!” he grunted.
Loads of semen sprang from his prick and landed in Angelica’s mouth and all over her face. She was moaning too, and trying to catch as much as she could.
She missed most of it, but she had a long tongue, so she licked a lot from the sides of her face. She savored the taste, swallowed some, and let some spill from her mouth so Jack could see her with spunk on her lips as she kissed his cock head and slid her cum-sodden lips across his shaft.
On the porch, Carrie’s face twisted up in what was supposed to be a smile, but the lust she felt inside made it look more like an expression of passion. She was happy to see Jack nutting all over his wife’s face, but damn, how she wished it could’ve been her.
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