Aunty's slave (part three)


As I already had sex with my aunty, so she said that I was going to have a lesson to handle two ladies at a time. After we reached there they went into a room & left me alone with TV. After some times they went out & my anti’s friend was looking at a different way at me. I saw my aunty & she smiled at me & told get ready. In the mean time my aunt’s friend rajani asked me whether kamal( my aunt ) is telling the truth about me or not. I replied silently. She was stunned. Then my aunty asked me to take off all my outer & inner cloth except Bermuda. As I did it she asked me to sat down on the ground with head leaned on sofa. Both the ladies sat on sofa at my two sides. Rajani , as I thought was a bit excited & put a leg on my stomach & started to cress it. Meanwhile my auntie started to play a porno movie on the VCD. Rajani was trying to put another leg over my chest but was slipping. Then aunty came & put that leg directly on my head & ordered me to lick it. I could hear the moan of rajani as I kissed & bite her soft thigh. Suddenly I felt something was pressing my cock over the Bermuda.

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   I tried to see but rajani pressed me head harder as I was trying to pull out. I felt it by hand & it was obviously my sex goddess, my aunty. . After a while rajani got off & pulled her maxi up. With her pussy over my lips she sat down on my head. She gave me room to adjust my head first & then commanded ‘ Chat mere choot ko ……chat jor se isko (lick it hard )’ . She was quiet heavy & my head was buried into the soft sofa. As I was doing this my aunt took my bermuda off. Seeing this rajani put her leg on my dick & stated to rub it. Rajani was moaning ‘ mat kat ahhhhhhhh(don’t byte) , jawan ko ragar jorse shhhhhhhh (rub your tongue). We both were at our pick & she started to cum on my face …. . & suddenly I felt my aunt was putting some lotion on my cock. I was surprised to see that I was not cumming but was going bigger & a strange felling was there at my cock. In the mean time rajani also looked at that & asked about this.

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   My aunt informed her that it is called sex exercise & help to keep the cum inside the dick for far more time than a man can hold. I was worried about its side effect. At this she told me that as we had a plan to spend the night over her, so I would not be worried about it. Then we went to the bed room & the picture was as usual with a little romantic twist in it. I was lying on the bed with hands & legs tied. A light music was on with some dim lights. Two ladies got naked & started to act over me. Rajani kissed me deeply at my lips & I felt something unusual on my cock. Then after braking the kiss I saw that my aunt placed my cock between her two juicy boobs & was rubbing it. Due to that lotion I felt that cum was building in my dick & the filling was. . Something can not be described. I started to moan ‘ahhhhhhh . . Goddess ….

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  oh my mistress. . . hmmmm faster faster…. . ’ After some time she got off & told Rajani to take care of my cock. I was busting with the cum but was not exploding……Then rajani sat down on me with her fat ass & tight boobs…. My cock almost disappeared within her…. & she started to move back & forth. My aunt sat down with her ass on my lips & leaned over to lick Rajani’s pussy. I was completely dying with the pleasure from my member & the aroma of my aunt’s pussy gave a new dimension to it. I felt like I was going to cum. But to my surprise my cock still held it. Then rajani got off both them started to lick my member. I could not hold any more & splash my juice over there face….

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   In the mean time my aunt & rajani both did cum. But my experience with that lotion was quite different. I was feeling like exploding when my jet was escaping my body. After some time I was empty & both the ladies went to bathroom & cleaned themselves up. I was still on bed. Then they returned & started playing a trampling movie on the T. V. They opened my hand & offered me some food & drink. As we were watching the movie I was bit nervous. But when it was over both the ladies turned to me & look at my member. I was shocked to see that it was hard again ( May be due to the lotion) . Then my aunty kissed my lips & rajani kissed my penis head. Suddenly aunt broke the kiss & pushed me on the bed with a leg on my chest. Rajani saw it & put her leg on my chest too. I was completely helpless & was rubbing their thigh with my hands.

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   Aunty commanded me not to move & Rajani came over my body fully. She stood upon my chest & put on leg on my face. Meanwhile aunty put her leg on my penis & started to rub it. They two were heavy for me but it was my ultimate fantasy to be trampled by two sexy matures. From the strange felling from my penis & I thought that it was going to explode again. In the mean time Rajani got off my body & put her boob into my mouth. As I started to suck it , she pressed my head firmly against her breast. My aunty was still over me, but she with draw her leg & sat on my cock with her back to me. As she started to ride me & leaned over me I heard something. Rajani & aunty were kissing each other. My head was released on Rajani's lap & I was plying with auntie’s hard nipple. Then Rajani went away from me & was licking my cock & auntie’s vagaina & aunty was riding wildly while I was licking her neck from behind. Then At last she explored in the last orgasm of that night over my penis. Rajani was continually licking it & then I explode too. Aunt was screaming.

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  . . . . ohhhh mar dala . . . choot far dia re. . . . anhhhhhh. . I was screaming in ecsatasy too, but her screaming overshadowed mine. .

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  . . Then she shuttered over me. Rajani was tired too. . . Above all I needed rest very badly. So we kissed goodnight to each other & slept fully nude on that bed. . . . . . . Next day I experienced something else.

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