Dad and son...


Topic: page 1Ok. . . .      when i was 13, i was a very happy kid all the time.   I had a surprisingly 5" dick, and i would get off all the time.
Ive always had a crush on my dad.   He's a 50 yr old man, but soooo hot!  (to me)  I would jack off to my dad alone sometimes.
One day, our family decided to go on a trip to Savannah Georgia.   We stayed at my rich uncles house who has a multi million dollar home. (not bragging)  It is huge!
On our vacation, uncle steve had to go to work, so my dad asked him if we could borrow his boat.   My mom and my sister went shopping with my aunt.  
So dad and I were all alone. . . .

defranceska gallardo 

  .    hehe
Before i continue, i would like to say that dad has no idea that i like him
ok, im back.     we boarded the medium sized speedboat and set sail
when we got out to the deep water, we opened our cooler and had something to drink
the hardest thing i had to do was to break the ice. . .    so i said  "hey dad. . . "   "yeah. . . "  "umm. . . .

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   how big will my penis get?"   "whoa.   umm well probably when its extended around 6 inches"  so i said lying, "well, since mine is already there,  will it get any bigger?"
"wow really?" he said.
"uhh  yeah"
"no way let me see"  so i exclaimed, "WHAT?  YOURE MY DAD!"  and he replied,  "Well, were both men"
WOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
so i said,  "ok"   then i unzipped my pants and pulled them down.   I then grabbed my lining of my underwear and got a stiffy.
i think dad was enjoying me stripping   :P
so i pulled down my underwear revealing a good sized penis.
"Hmm. . .     well, looks good enough" he said
so i broke the ice again saying. . . "well now that youve seen mine, i want to see yours"  yumm yumm!!!!
so he pulled of everything and my penis turned rock hard.   "oh my gosh. "  i said.
this was hard to say:  "Ive been waiting forever to see this!"   and I came closer to him
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!!?!??"  he exclaimed.

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    "mmmm. . . . "
I walked over to him with my stiffy and hugged him.
OMG  his chest hair was unbelieveable.    I took  my hands and rubbed his chest  while he stood there in awe.
then i bent up to kiss his mouth on the lips!!!!   MY PENIS WAS AS HARD AS A STEEL ROD!!! 
surprisingly he just stood there and took it all in.
then i bent down to his penis and put it in my mouth.
as i sucked, it grew!
Then i was going at it full force!  Uhhh. . .   he said    Ooooohhhh     Uhhhhh
then i walked behind him and stuck my fingers in his crack rubbing them on his butthole
then i stuck my dick in my dad!!!!   IVE WAITED MY WHOLE LIFE FOR THIS!!!!!
I pumped and pumped until i came in my dad      then i straddled my dad and kissed him on the mouth some more
then i put my clothes on and sucked his dick.
he put his clothes on and he drove back to shore while i sucked his dick.
right as we reached the dock.

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  . . .     my dad shot a huge load in my mouth!!!  MY DAD!!!   and i spit it out in the water because it tasted bad!  like soap! or something icky
we then both agreed to never talk about it again.
I still come to visit my dad to fuck him and give him blow jobs
REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!    THIS IS A TRUE STORY!!!!!!!!!!!   That was awesome!