Exposing Sister in the Library


A boy discovers his sister as he grows up, pushing boundaries and breaking the normal "rules". Eventually, he might get the girl, if he plays his cards right. . .



I have absolutely no idea what came over me that day… or how in the world I got away with everything, but I am glad that I did, and I will admit to you that this was the first of many experiences which included my sister and I, and a great deal of shared pleasure.




Growing up in a small mountain town can be hard for young kids. On the one hand, you have the freedom to do a great number of things you can’t do in the city… like make your own fireworks shows, play Cowboys and Indians in the woods for hours without ever seeing a house or road… but when you’re one of four kids, and you’ve always been the outsider of the group… sometimes it can get very lonely when your closest friend lives more than five miles away. I suppose it was nature, then, that drew my sister and I together so strongly. My older siblings mostly ignored me, and yet Jennifer was always willing to play with me.


Some of my earliest memories of playing make-believe games were with my sister when I was five or six years old. From that time forward, we became inseparable as young children. We would spend our hour-long rides to the school together, side-by-side. We would slip into each other’s rooms at night, just to share a bed or to talk; and for the years up until I was about eleven, our parents allowed us to shower together. We played in the water, we soaped each other and helped each other wash… and yet in those early years I never remember even a remote desire to experiment sexually or even “play doctor”. My sister was different from me, and I knew it, but it didn’t affect me one way or the other, I suppose more than anything it was the fact that I had no idea at that age the pleasure that could have come from some of the experiences I regret never having with someone so little, so close, so willing. In the end, though, Jennifer and I had no secrets, still have no secrets, and I suppose all is well that ends well, and there is not an inch of my younger sister that I haven’t explored in the years since.


In the years following those showers and baths together, we both grew up, and eventually hit puberty. I remember being the one to ask her if anyone had explained to her the changes her body was going through… and how quizzically she looked at me before saying “Oh yeah, we talked about that stuff in Girl Scouts”. To some degree it was a relief that she didn’t have to learn from me, and I suppose at that age you could say I was already trying to find reasons to have her include me in her sexual life… I wanted to ensure she was safe, but also a part of me wondered where that conversation would lead.


Throughout my early teenage years I grew up in much of the same awkward in-between position.

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   I knew she was my sister, and yet every time she would lie on the floor and ask for a back rub, I found my hands wandering. For her, it was innocent at first, and when I would tell her things like “removing your shirt would make it more comfortable”, she did so without a thought. I would straddle her bottom and settle in-between her soft bubbly bottom through my jeans, and as I massaged her, I would put slow pressure, allowing myself pleasure as I rocked back and forth, up and down her back, and she would never speak a word about it.


As the years progressed and Jennifer’s body fully developed, I extended my musings of her body to requesting she remove her sports-bra (she always wears them, even today). She continually refused, but asked me to move my hands underneath it so that it would not interfere with her massage. I did for a long while, before eventually sliding my fingers lower and lower along her sides… and eventually… slowly… over agonizing weeks of waiting and pushing ever lower, I suddenly felt the swell of her breasts, and stopped my hands exactly where they were, relishing the new soft flesh I had found, and the wonderful way it pushed outward into my hands. It may have only been the sides of her breasts, but my thirteen-year-old mind was in heaven. It was the first time she ever objected to my massages, and she said she had enjoyed a massage for long enough, and then put her shirt on, and left.


From that point on, the minute she felt my fingers against the soft flesh of her breasts, she would pull her arms tight to her side, and while she didn’t say anything to me, her arms were always at her sides from that point on. She would still ask for a back rub, or a deeper massage, and she would still remove her shirt and look shyly at me before lying down, but she ensured I had no way to access her sides, or the swell of her developed breasts. It didn’t stop me, though, from pushing my fingers into the elastic of her shorts (did I mention she also always wears basketball shorts?) and pushing another boundary every once in a while.

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   She would let me feel her bottom, at least the very top of the curve that separated her lower back from the beginning of her pelvis and the soft, fatty tissue that felt so fantastically springy under my fingers. I never pushed very far, though, afraid she would cut off these sessions altogether. I loved the feelings as my fingertips would roll over the crevice of her bottom, and she would make a soft sound before looking back at me, as if confused.


Needless to say, I realize now that what I was doing would be termed as molestation, I was forcing my fingers upon her and grinding hard member into her bottom as I pleasured myself at her expense. Each and every session would end up with her relaxed and watching television upstairs with my parents while I headed to my bathroom to relieve the immense pressure that had built up. I’m sure she must have felt it, but she never said anything, perhaps she was too young to understand, but since she was only a year younger than I was, I have a feeling there was more going on there than I ever thought about at the time. I wonder sometimes if these sessions aroused her like they did me.


I wish I had taken just a moment during one of these times to look up the leg of her shorts, to try to see if her panties were as soaked with her secretions as my underwear always was with mine. We’ve never talked about it, and you’d think that we would have, considering the story I am about to tell you, but it’s never come up. Perhaps I’ll ask her some time, and get back to you with what she tells me about if she knew what was going on, and whether or not there was heat building in her as I sawed my body back and forth, working my hands from her shoulders to just below her waistline in her shorts, and at the same time working my erection up and down slowly along the crevice of her ass, delighting in the heat she was always giving off.


At some point in the next three years, Jennifer stopped coming to me for massages, but never was there a different experience from what I have described above. There was never a moment where I went too far, or pushed her further than just light touching, a little heavy grinding, and some mutual relaxation. You may consider me a molester, a monster, but my sister has never told me anything like that, and to my knowledge she also looks back on those times fondly… or at the very least… without malice.


It was also in that timeframe that I began to realize my sexual desires were a little out of the norm. For one thing, I couldn’t get the idea of having sex with my sister out of my mind. She was so young, so innocent, and for whatever reason, I wanted to be the one to introduce her to what sex could be, even though I had never had it myself. I knew that no boy would be as gentle, and nobody would care and caress her in the ways I wanted to. The culmination of these thoughts came one day when I knocked on her door to wake her up following a slumber party she had with one of her friends. When I got no response to the knock, I opened the door to find my sister looking directly at the bare vagina of her young friend, Allison. Allison was lying naked on Jennifer’s bed, and my sister was also naked, crouching on her hands and knees with her eyes about six inches from her friend’s bare sex, her fingers pushing Allison’s outer lips apart so that she could look deeper inside.


A great flurry of squeals followed as my entrance was realized, and Jennifer and Allison rushed to cover themselves. I am very sure that I blushed. I also apologized profusely, hurriedly closed the door to her room, and rushed to my bathroom downstairs, to burn the image of the two fourteen-year-olds in my mind forever and masturbate to the curious thoughts that were now running through my head. Her face was close… had she ever kissed Allison there?


Was she considering it when I walked in the door, or had she just finished?


Did they touch each other?


Maybe it was just curiosity, or perhaps was Jennifer a lesbian?


(Yes, thanks to the internet, I knew exactly what that word meant. In fact, I remembered as I was writing this that late one night my sister and I were watching television in the downstairs family room. Everyone else was asleep, and we were both considering going to bed, too, when we happened across a long lesbian movie on either Showtime or Cinemax… we both watched, riveted… all the way through. It actually had a plot, but I do remember my sister staring at the lump in my pants while we watched a nurse and her patient experimenting together.

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   I’ll have to ask her about that night, too. I wonder if she remembers…)


These thoughts continued for days after the encounter, and Jennifer tried to avoid me as much as possible. Allison, however, acknowledged me for the first time in the halls at school, and would smile and say hello as we walked by each other. I know exactly what Jennifer liked about her, and seeing her naked had only increased my liking. At fourteen, I would assume she had begun to grow hair on her intimate area, but spread as she was… I had a great diagonal view directly into her crotch, and one of the things I couldn’t help but notice, and love, was that she had shaved herself bald. I’d realize later in life that this made her body look even younger, though at the time I just thought it was normal.


It was during one of those thoughts, while I was reliving walking in on my sister and Allison, that I received a note from the front office. My sister had softball practice after school, and my mom would usually pick us up. My dad was traveling at the time, and my mom had called to tell us both to stay in the library. This wasn’t uncommon, but since the public library was small… it was attached to our school, and it meant that Jennifer and I would be stuck together for a few hours in a small space. It was my chance to talk to her, if ever there was one, and find out just how much she and Allison had done together.


   After hours there was only one librarian, and the best way I can think to describe her would be to call her an “old codger”. She would sit at the library desk, and would not move for hours. Sometimes she would be buried in a book, other times she would lean back in her chair and drift in and out of sleep. I’m not sure why the library kept her on staff, but when you’re planning on cornering your sister about a possible sexual experience… she was the best type to have.


I went to the library when school ended, and began to do my homework. It was a few hours before Jennifer joined me, and I was fighting an erection the entire time I was waiting. As if on cue, the after-hours library staff started, and Jennifer came walking in the door, still in her softball uniform. I was sitting at one of the two computer stations in front of the window, and Jennifer came and sat next to me at the other. There were a few people in the library, but late in the day the school entrance by the computers closed, and since most of the people in the library were elderly, the computers were hardly ever used once those doors locked. I had my alone time with Jennifer, and I was going to take advantage.


I should also mention, since it will become important soon, that the stairs to the main lobby of the school were just outside the bank of half-wall windows that we were both facing.

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   I remember as a freshman that my friends and I used to stand at the top of the steps and look across to the library windows. Since there weren’t too many computers, the chances were slim, but if a cute girl with a skirt was sitting in the chairs… it was worth the extra effort to try to glace over the window’s edge from afar. You could just see under the desks if you climbed the stairs to the top and tried really hard. That said, you could always see who was sitting in the chairs, as the stairs were very dark once the sun went down, and the library was always fully lit.


Jennifer logged into the computer while I finished up doing some research for my history class, and as I closed my last book I could hear the telltale heavy breathing that meant the librarian had checked out for a few hours. I slid my rolling chair over slightly behind Jennifer, and started to whisper very softly in her ear.


“Hey Jennifer?”


“Yeah?” she answered, and continued to look at her computer screen.


“I was wondering… about that day with Allison…” I watched as her fingers tightened on the mouse in her hand, and I reached out and put my hand on her shoulder to try to tell her I wasn’t angry or mad, “look… I was just wondering… are you guys… you know… together or something?”

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    I don’t think it was the question she imagined; quite honestly it wasn’t the first question that jumped into my head. I had wanted to ask her if she had pushed her tongue sensually into her friend, if they held each other at night and took turns pumping themselves to orgasm on each other’s fingers… but Jennifer seemed reluctant to even look at me, and maybe today wasn’t the time for those kinds of things.


    “No,” she said quietly, and I could feel as a small shiver went through her shoulder, “we’re just friends okay? It wasn’t anything. ”


    “It looked like something to me…” I shot back, almost upset that she didn’t want to talk about it, though I understood completely. “It looked like you were about to… I don’t know… taste her or something. ”


    “What?” Jennifer exclaimed, a little loudly for our current environment, but a quick turn of my head and the sounds of snoring assured me and made Jennifer realize we were talking about something risky, and she went on in a quieter tone. “No, I don’t like doing that to girls, okay? We were just… I don’t want to talk about it.

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    “Do you like touching her?” I asked, and then wondered where the question came from. I was running on auto pilot, my erection was talking and I was sliding ever closer to her chair. I couldn’t see her face, but I could see the blush as it tinged the tips of her ears. Yes, she liked touching her friend.


    “We’re just friends, will you drop it please?” she asked.


    “It’s okay, I won’t tell anyone. ” I countered, “I’m just curious. Allison is very pretty, what does she feel like inside?”


    At this point, I would not have been surprised if Jennifer had gotten up to leave. Perhaps more than my erection had ahold of the steering wheel, because I took my hand from her shoulder and began to run it along the part of her back I could reach above the chair, and Jennifer continued to face away from me and click away on the computer.


    “It’s personal,” she said, almost a whisper, and then she stopped moving the mouse… as if waiting for my response.


    “I…” I started, and I lifted my other hand to her back, and then slipped both hands inside the sleeveless holes of her softball uniform. I could feel the sweat from her practice, I massaged her sides slowly and Jennifer went rigid. It was now or never. I moved my hands, and with very slight pressure pulled her back into the chair so I could reach… and slipped my palms against the soft, wet material of the sports bra that was covering her breasts. “I wish I could be personal with you, I’ve always wanted to be. ”


    I said it as less than a whisper, still not entirely believing I had abandoned my plan and was being so forward.

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       I couldn’t help but realize she wasn’t pulling away, just like when she received my backrubs, she was letting me massage her without a word. I could feel as her nipples began to grow hard and poke out against the material. I grew more bold, and soon had slid my hands down and up again, underneath her sports bra, pushing it up until her soft mounds were exposed underneath her uniform.


    I massaged her for what felt like a very long time, but what I suppose was only a few moments, before she quickly whipped her head from side to side, and slid forward in her chair, releasing her breasts from my reach.


    “Jesus,” she whispered, and looked over her shoulder at me with what was almost an angry glare. “Are you done?”


    “I don’t know”, I whispered back to her, and she settled back into the chair again. Automatically my hands slipped back inside her uniform and I was holding her hardened nipples against my palms. “Do you want me to be?” Jennifer let out a sigh, and then pushed her chair back slightly into mine.


    “I can’t believe we’re doing this” she whispered in response. “It feels so good. ”


    “I can’t either” I whispered back, and then my right hand abandoned her breast and began to snake down to her stomach.


    As I passed her waistline I hardly stopped for an objection. Jennifer sat nearly perfectly still while she pushed the back of the chair around to the side so that there was nothing between me and her except the armrest of the chair, and she leaned back into me as she spread her legs slightly. It was all the invitation I needed. My fingers dove downward, and a small sigh escaped her lips as I breached the final barrier of her resistance, and slipped my entire hand below the waistband of her shorts.


    When I saw Jennifer a few days earlier, sitting on her knees and leaning to look forward at Allison, I had seen her mostly from the side, though I’ll admit I was able to sneak a look at her asshole and still today relish the vision, but what I missed I discovered as my fingers snaked into her elastic shorts and also deep into her panties.

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       She was not one who shaved, and she had a thick bit of hair just underneath her panty-line. For some reason, I felt as though this made what we were doing even sexier.


    She was so close to me now that I could feel her body heat against me, and I could smell the musky scent that her body gave off as it exerted in softball practice, but I didn’t care. As my fingers slid deeper I felt her clitoral hood, and her outer lips. She was completely soaked, and I didn’t know if she was aroused or sweaty, but either way it didn’t matter to my fingers. I massaged her crevice, splitting her outer lips and pushing in further. I had no idea what I was doing, from this angle I was not penetrating her at all, only putting pressure on and in-between her engorged lips. My middle finger worked its way between her outer lips, and snaked into the warm, slippery and smooth groove in the middle.


    Jennifer began to pant slightly as I continued rubbing her. I could feel as her lips were spread apart and slipped in-between my middle finger and the fingers surrounding it. I could feel as her clitoris came in contact with my palm, and how it made her jerk slightly when it did.

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       I tried to keep a rhythm, but I was also very curious. I’d never touched a girl before, let alone from this angle. I wondered if I could penetrate her, and in trying I found if I stretched my arm awkwardly I could slip my middle finger into her, just about past my fingernail. She didn’t seem to enjoy this as much, though, so I went back to my rhythm, and focused heavily on squeezing her clitoris into my palm.


    If she wasn’t sweating before, she was now. I could feel the wetness on her brow as she leaned back and put her head on my shoulder.


    “It feels so good” she said breathlessly, “don’t stop. Oooooh!’


    I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted to, and I could feel the undulations of her hips begin to increase as I kept my tempo steady. Soon she was nearly bucking into my hand, and as I continued to fondle her breasts and chest with my left hand, I felt her breathing change dramatically as I delivered my sister into ecstasy.

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    “OOoooooohhhhh…” she whispered, and he hand dropped from the mouse she had been holding, and squeezed her hand against my own, forcing my palm hard into her sex. I squeezed my fingers together, contracting tightly around her lips and her exposed clitoris. I continued to apply pressure, and work her wet lips between my fingers until she sat up, forcing me to dislodge my fingers from her.


    “Wow”, I whispered… still relishing the feeling of my own sister bucking against me as she humped my hand for her pleasure, but something else had caught her gaze. Jennifer was looking out the window to the steps.


    I had completely forgotten about the windows, about the view, and about how my sister had just had an orgasm that was fully visible to the entire entryway of the school. They may not have been able to see anything, but my movements were not shy, and it would have been very obvious that she was being fingered, and that she had exploded in orgasm. There was a basketball game tonight… and the stairs looked empty to me, but how they had been, or changed, over the past half-hour while I had been servicing my sister in public, guiding her into completely exposed sexual pleasure, I could not say.


    “Is anyone looking?” I whispered, and almost on cue, her phone began to vibrate on the table. My view was blocked by her, and by the chair, maybe she saw someone I wasn’t able to.


    “Yeah,” she whispered. “Allison Is looking right at us. ”


    “What? Shit!” I said, and began to gather my things from the floor behind her. We needed to run; hopefully nobody would believe her. Jennifer picked up her phone, and then grabbed my arm and held me still.


    “It’s alright!” Jennifer said, and I could almost hear the flood of relief in her voice.


       “She can’t see you! She just texted me, she wants to know who is touching me!”


    I froze, trying to think of ways to stay hidden from the window, but at this point the only way out was backward, and if we tried to run she would follow us for sure.


    “We can’t leave while she’s there… can you get rid of her?”


    “I’ll tell her to meet me in the bathroom,” she said.


    “Do you think you’re going to… uh…” I whispered to her, thinking of all the thing I wondered if the two of them did together.


    “What? No! The day you caught us was the first time we’d ever…” she started. “It doesn’t matter, no we’re not going to do anything.

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       Jeeze. ”


    “Okay,” I said back, but I couldn’t let her go just yet… not after what had just happened. “I had a really good time, Jennifer, I’ve wanted to do that forever, and I would love if you would let me do it again, even taste you. ”


    “Now?” she asked, a little exasperated.


    “No,” I responded, not right now, just… can we do this again? More of this?” I asked. Jennifer turned to face me, and I saw a look in her eyes that I’d never seen before.



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      ” She said, and gathered her things. As she walked away, she turned around once, and looked me in the eyes, and then looked down at the computer chair she had been sitting on. It was sopping wet.




    It was a few minutes before my phone vibrated again. I had moved far away from the computer side of the library, afraid to be linked to the wet chair or the lingering feeling I had that something wonderful and extremely dangerous and risky had taken place there. It almost felt surreal, I couldn’t believe I had just fingered my sister, and that she not only had liked it, but that I had brought her to orgasm right here in the library, and best of all… she wanted more. I wanted to go in search of a bathroom to relieve myself, but the only available ones during the school’s basketball games would be right next to girl’s bathroom where Jennifer and Allison were talking.


    I had drifted back to thoughts of what they might be talking about and what they might be doing to each other when my phone buzzed again, and I realized it was my mom. She’d texted twice now, asking where I was and for me to get Jennifer and head for the car.

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       I walked out of the library, up the steps, and into the main building just as Jennifer and Allison arrived at the doors.


    “Hey,” I told them both, “Mom’s here. ” I was trying desperately to act detached, like I didn’t care that I was seeing the two of them, let alone with Allison having the knowledge that my innocent sister had just been publically exposed during a very intimate moment with someone unknown.


    “Cool. ” Jennifer said, also trying to act natural in front of Allison. I guess to Allison it probably looked like she was trying to play her normal self, not the girl who gets felt up in libraries and orgasms for all the world to see, in front of her big brother.


    Jennifer said goodbye to Allison, and we walked to the car. More than once she caught me looking sideways at her, but she didn’t say anything to me.


    “What did you tell her?” I finally asked in a hissed whisper.


    “I told her the truth,” she hissed back, and I gave her a confused look before she added “I was in the library, and suddenly this guy was feeling me up from behind. I wanted to stop him, but suddenly it felt so good, and he was so forceful… I just wanted him to finish me off. ”


    I couldn’t help but smile wide… and imagine what it might be like to do it all again.


     We got in the car, and we started heading home. It was very dark out now, and I sat in the front seat with Jennifer sitting behind us both. I glanced back a few times… but whether it was practice, my ministrations, or just her day… Jennifer appeared to be sleeping in the back seat. I let her sleep, and when my mom asked how my day was, I told her it had been one I wouldn’t soon forget.

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    As we pulled into the drive, I woke Jennifer as I usually did, but poking her knee with my finger.


    “Hey!” she said, and rolled over a bit in her seat.


    “Jennifer, we’re home. ” I said, and she opened her eyes sleepily at me.


    “Oh,” she said, and then looked around stretching.


    “Did you guys do your homework at the library?” my mom asked us both as we walked in the door to the house.


    “Yes”, I said, exasperated, and glanced at Jennifer.


    “I tried,” Jennifer said, “but I kept getting distracted. ” Jennifer looked at me pointedly, and it didn’t go unnoticed.


    “Well,” our mom said, looking at me angrily “if you were the one who wouldn’t let her do her homework, maybe you should be the one to help her with it if she has trouble!”


    I sighed a very heavy sigh, and said “Fine, but I’ve got more to do, too!”, but the comment fell on deaf ears, and It wasn’t long after I had grabbed a drink that I heard Jennifer call from her room “Hey, could you help me with my homework please?”


    As I walked back to her room, I couldn’t help but adjust the lump in my jeans that hoped Jennifer had more than homework on her mind, and when I got to her door and knocked, I wasn’t disappointed.

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       I glanced to ensure my mom was watching television, and then closed the door behind me.


    Jennifer was lying on her bed in another softball jersey from school. I don’t know why, but it was extremely sexy to see her still wearing the same thing as earlier, the same clothing I had overcome when we so recently became intimate together.


    “Hey, what do you need help with?” I asked her, and she turned her head over her shoulder to look at me.


    “Well,” she said, almost at a whisper. “I keep thinking about earlier… and I’m really, really excited right now. I was thinking if you wanted to taste me, I would let you. ”


    “Now?” I asked. I was happy but surprised “Mom’s right outside. ”


    “I know”, she said back, and then spread her legs enough so that as she lay on her stomach facing forward, I could fit between her legs from behind. She bent her legs up at the knee, and I noticed I could look right up the leg of her shorts. “These are the loosest shorts I own, I was thinking I could keep then on while you do it, in case she comes in like you did. ”


    I smiled, and needed no further invitation. I couldn’t help it, her body was so close, and I was so hungry to find out what it was like to slide my tongue deep into her. From this angle, too, I could penetrate her with my fingers if she wanted me to, too. She looked so sexy, and yet so in control as she lay there, her sexual treasures just begging to be exposed and tended to. I licked my lips, and adjusted my pants before laying down.


    I laid my torso on her bed, and pulled her legs back to me until her opening was inches from my nose. I pushed my hand inside her shorts, and slid the material to the side, securing it with my forearm. She was completely exposed, and I realized also how her position allowed me to fully enjoy her bottom for the first time, and I spent some time visually exploring it, as well as the small hole in between her beautiful cheeks before I put my hands on each side of her vaginal lips, and spread her slightly open. It was the first time I had even seen a girl’s sex so close up, and I was astounded by all the different parts, but the glistening of her wetness on the pink skin made me forgot everything else, and I learned forward slightly and extended my tongue, and licked her, diving my tongue directly into her the first time, and relishing the feeling and taste of my sweet little sister.


    I could tell by the way she squirmed that she enjoyed what I was doing, even though I wasn’t sure I did it very well. Her entire sex was so slippery, and the more I licked the more slippery it became. I tried to focus on her clitoris, like before, but the way she was laying it meant nearly licking the bedspread, and finally I thought about asking her for a pillow, and elevated her bottom into the air. It also made her anal opening protrude even more, and out of pure curiosity I spread her cheeks slightly, and ran my tongue from her rosebud downward. I’m not sure what I expected, but it was not unpleasant. I slipped my tongue slowly into her rear passage, and hearing no objections, slipped my finger slowing in and out before she squirmed, indicating her discomfort.


    I went back to licking her wet slit, and realized now with the aid of the pillow that I could push my tongue in even deeper than before, and she seemed to really enjoy it when I did. I slid one hand under her, between her sex and the pillow, and put constant pressure on her clitoris as I continued to tongue her as deeply as I could. Jennifer responded by forcing her body back into my mouth, and as I was able, I would wrap my lips tightly against her and suck in her fragrance, her wetness, and her sex.


    Jennifer kept spasming slowly, and as I came up to rest my jaw, I realized how ready and open she had become. Her outer lips, which had been such a light-pink color and thin to begin with, had become large, dark red, and stretched. I slipped my fingers from underneath her and began to stroke and slide her lips like I had that afternoon. I licked my fingers, then slipped in one finger, then two, then three as I watched her stretch around them. Her skin was like elastic, and after removing my fingers I could look directly into her almost, she was so open, and I couldn’t help but ask her. . . the question was out before I knew what I was asking.


    “Jennifer, are you… a virgin?” I asked, not knowing by looking whether or not she was.


    “I am,” she said, almost a gasp as I continued to rub her and dip my fingers into her.


    I licked her slightly again, and then reached down and unzipped my pants. My boxers were soaked with precum, and I fished out my hard member as I continued to lick her.


    “Are you going to have sex with me?” she asked, and looked over her shoulder as I lifted my mouth from the treasure between her legs, dragging my tongue up to her anus again before sliding it slowly over her rear opening one last time.


    “Do you want to?” I asked, and I saw the look again in her eyes that I had seen in the library, but she couldn’t say anything, or maybe she was too afraid. She nodded her head, and then spread her legs even wider as I climbed on the bed behind her.

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    Instinct took over at that point, and sister or not, I was in love with the girl lying in front of me. She was spread open, ready, and glistening with slickness. I put the head of my member against her swollen wet opening, and then leaned forward above my younger sister’s body. It was like fire had gripped my entire sensory system, and the most wonderful, delicate, soft thing was wrapped around just the tip of my erection. I grunted slightly, not from exertion but to try to contain a moan of pleasure as I slid forward slightly, and felt the velvet feeling begin sliding all the way down my shaft.


    “Oh my God”, Jennifer said, and suddenly I was all the way in her. Being a virgin also, I had no concept that I had torn through her hymen, but Jennifer did not show any signs of pain, and as I pulled out again I felt a glorious suction as her body begged me not to leave her warm heaven. I pushed into her again, and she grunted slightly as we began to build a rhythm. It wasn’t fast, and it wasn’t hard. I took my sister as a lover in the only way my boyish heart would allow me. I slipped in and out of her, in and out of her, over and over slowly and sensuously until I couldn’t stand it anymore.

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       I told her I was about to release, and she lifted off the pillow slightly and placed her hand underneath her sex, and I felt as she raked her fingers in circles over her clitoris while I continued my slow pace, in and out, in and out.


    It wasn’t more than a few strokes before I reached my climax, and even though I tried, I couldn’t stop myself from burying my hard member in my sister. Jennifer groaned and I felt as she also entered her orgasm. The feeling of her walls pulsing around me was amazing, and I felt as though I was going to continue ejaculating until I was empty or I pulled out… but the pleasure was too much. I stayed right where I was, and began to slide in and out of her with my spasms, relishing the idea of continuing our first time and making it last forever. Jennifer wasn’t moving anymore, though, so I slowed down and eventually slipped out of her as I softened.


    “Jennifer? Are you ok?” I asked her, and put a hand on the small of her back. I felt her trembling, and I knew she was crying instantly.


    “Jennifer, talk to me, please!” I said, and I lay on the bed next to her and drew her close to me, wrapping my arms around her.

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    “I… I’m damaged goods now”, she whispered, and I hugged her even tighter to me.


    “No you’re not,” I whispered, and kissed her on the forehead. “Why would you ever think that? What you just gave me is so special, I’ll never tell a soul about you and I, and I’m happy to have had my first time with you. ”


    “It was your first time, too?” she asked, and I nodded my head. She seemed to cry even harder for a few moments, before calmly laying her head against my chest.


    “I love you” she whispered.


    “I love you too”, I whispered back. “You mean the world to me. ”


    Jennifer smiled, and as I lay there she pushed one leg up and over my body next to her. Just as suddenly, she took my erection in her hand, and placed me at her entrance, now much smaller than it had been while she was aroused and engorged.


    “Can we do it again,” she whispered as I kissed her forehead, “right now?”


    I answered her by thrusting into her, feeling the pull of her taught skin without the natural lubrication or arousal we  had only minutes before.


    “You’re so tight”, I whispered to her, squeezing her close to me as I forced the last few inches of my hard member into her.

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       Jennifer sighed, and then I felt her begin to ungulate her hips towards me. I began to feel the fire spread, the velvet feeling of closeness slide up and down, up and down, and then she was cumming again, ramming her pelvis against mine as I too reached orgasm and released my seed into her, into my own little sister.


    As we both came down from our collective highs, Jennifer pulled her legs tightly around my midsection and kept my limp member from sliding out of her completely.


    “Do you think…” she started, looking at me questioningly and almost with a little embarrassment, “that if I don’t wear panties next week… we could try this in the library, too? Maybe we could even… try something else?” As she asked me, I felt her take my hand and guide it to her anus. I could feel the folds of skin as she pushed my arm, and I extended my pinky finger into her rectum.


     I smiled at her and could feel myself growing in her again, my pinky sliding into one hole as my erection took hold of her other. Ah, to be young again and to have that much stamina… We did everything she asked, and in fact a lot more, but that is a different story altogether.


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