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When I look back in time from where I am now, I smile. You see, i'm only 22 and life has been good to me.  I was blessed with good looks, (about 6FT and 195 give or take a few pounds, six pack abs and a good looking face so I have been told. ) I was also blessed with an athletic ability, captain of the football team, assistant captain of the rugby team, hocky and basketball. and i was pretty good at all of them. I don't tell you this to brag, but to give you an idea of what i'm like. But the biggest blessing that i got was my little sister, kelly. she was only 15 when she first seduce me. i was 17 at the time. at this point in her life she was already 5 ft 9 and nice supple b cups. just starting for the cheerleading team in high school and in great shape.
one night when my parents went for dinner and drinks with some clients, my dad was an architect, and a damn good one so he often entertained clients and of course being the good wife mom always went along. my sister and i both got out of practice at the same time so we drove to school together that day. this was the first time i thought my sister wanted me. it was a hot day and after practice i decided to drive home without my shirt on and she kept telling me how much she loved my abs, touching them and flirting with me. about halfway home i realized that she must have had a rigorous practice as well when i noticed that she had taken off her spankys and top so all she had on was the skirt.


   abra and a smile.
"can i ask you a wierd question?" she said to me when i nodded my head she continued. "one of your team mates wants to fuck me" she paused waiting to see how i would take it. "the problem is im still a virgin and i want to know if it will hurt. " i couldnt believe she had told me this, at that moment i wanted to kill the entire team just to get the one that wanted my sister. i figured that if that wouldnt work i could discourage her. "Yeah it will" i figured that i would neglect to tell her that it felt good after a bit. i have taken a few girls virginity and figured that out. in fact the first girl i was with when i was 16 was a virgin as well. the rest of the ride was fairly quiet but it was then that i noticed just how nice her pussy was. it was already getting wet.
when we got home mom and dad were just getting ready to go. kelly and i had dinner together and then i went to my room to study. about an hour went by when mom came and told me she and dad were leaving. i told her to have a good time and to make sure they called if they had to many drinks.

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   i tried to hit the books some more but couldnt get into it, so i went to the bed and pulled out a porn magazine. just as i started to get a hard on my sister knocked on my door and walked in without waiting. i tried to hide the mag but she caught me, i found myself wondering if she would say anything about it, she did. "Whatcha doin" she asked me. the Jig was up " reading a magazine" was all i said incase she chose not to persue it. again she did, " you damn liar she said its a porn" i wondered if she could just laugh it off. " but it is a magazine. " she laughed. i noticed that she had showered and had put on a short denim skirt that really hugged her ass and showed off her bald cunt. she had lost the bra and just put on a loose robe so i could see her tits. " i thought about what you told me for a while" she broke the awkward silence finally, "and i decided that i should get some practice at least before i did it. " i couldnt think of what she was saying. "who is it on my team that wants to fuck you. " she blushed. " it doesn't matter, but i know who on your team i want to lose it to.

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  " i couldn't believe se was telling me this. she walked over to the bed and layed down beside me in a spoon. " its you" she told me. "can you teach me what to do. "
I got up and went to the window and closed it. i dint want the neighbours to hear me yell at her. "you are my sister, i cant do that. " she got up and started walking to me. her blue eyes staring into mine. "your too young to have sex anyway there is no way in hell i will be-" she reached up and kissed me. i didnt know what to do and she really surprised me when she grabbed the bottom of my shirt and started to take it off. " oh what the fuck i said to her. i grabbed her arms and threw her on the bed.
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