KimGirl's Dad - Part 1


“God, yes!” she gushed. Then, “Are you sure it’s okay with him?”“Of course. He thinks you’re real cute. ”“Oh, God…”“Will you let him do dirty things to you?”“I think so,” she said. “Like what?”“We’ll think of something. It’s not like you haven’t had a dick in your mouth before. ”“Right. ”Pam was obsessed with her little 9-year-old brother’s penis, like making it hard and kissing it and masturbating him, and even sucking it whenever she was supposed to be babysitting him. She even drew pictures of it for me, sticking up with stuff coming out, but she’d never done anything with a total grown-up, especially no one as good-looking or as old as my father. She was only two months younger than me, but she looked way younger, a skinny little brunette who still had to stuff her training bra with toilet paper. And she still didn’t have a single hair on the little bare mound of her pussy, just that narrow pink slit down the middle. On the other hand, in certain ways, she was very advanced. When I started telling her the things I’d done with my dad (and the things he would do to her), she slipped her hand into the top of my underpants and down between my legs. She started squeezing me there, and put her fingers into my pussy, too. She knew all the right spots, especially my clit, so I spread my legs in the dark and let her. She started finger-fucking me right away.

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  “This’ll help you remember the details better,” she told me seriously. “And you have to do it to me. ”Like I said, for an 11-year-old, Pam was exceptionally advanced for her age. Anyway, I was only 10, the first time with my dad in the front seat of his car. He was driving me back to my mother’s on a Sunday morning and he showed me how to jack him off. On Saturday night, we’d watched two dirty movies on the X-rated cable channel, ‘Taboo I’ and ‘Taboo II,’ which I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone about. Both movies were about girls having sex with their dads and brothers and sisters and even their moms (which seems icky, I think, at least with my mom), and it got me thinking really dirty stuff. While we watched, my dad kept asking me which dirty parts got me the most excited, so I told him. The truth was, it all got me excited, the sex and even the dirty words like “cunt” and “cock” and “fucking” and “cum” and especially talking to my own dad like that, using those words without getting in trouble. He asked me if I ever touched my “cunt” and I told him “Yes,” and that was fun, telling him, I mean, and seeing how he liked to hear about it. I told him I did it a lot, like every night! That got my father real excited, hearing that, and he wanted me to show him which fingers I used. So I held up my two fingers. He got real shaky, talking about it, and I could see the boner he had under his robe, so I told him how wet my “cunt” was and how good it felt after I played with it. He told me it was called an “orgasm” when it felt so good like that. When I went to bed, I masturbated myself about twenty times, thinking about the ‘Taboo’ movies, and boys (and girls!) I knew at school and even my dad.

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   I imagined myself doing every sex thing I could think of! Every time I’d finally fall asleep, I’d wake up sweaty and start using my fingers in my pussy again, until about 6AM when I really went to sleep. (Months later, my dad told me he listened at the wall and heard me having my orgasms. He masturbated all night, too, thinking about doing sex things to me!) He woke me up early Sunday and on the drive home to my mom’s, he said: “Those movies last night were weird, weren’t they?” “They were fun,” I told him. “I talk about dirty stuff like that with my friends. Sex, I mean. We get all excited. And my pussy gets real wet. ”“Really? And then what?”“You know. ”“No, I don’t,” my dad said. “Tell me what you do. I won’t tell anyone, I promise. ”“Daddy!”I was a skinny blonde 10-year-old at the time, getting embarrassed about sex, but it was fun, too, talking dirty again with my dad. My panties were soaked and I could tell he was getting a big boner again, just like the night before, but this was in broad daylight in the car! With other cars driving by. “Do you talk about dirty stuff with boys, too, or just girls?” he wanted to know. “Mostly other girls.

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  ”“So, what kind of dirty stuff?”“You know,” I said. “Like fucking and stuff like that. ”“Have you ever done it? Fucking?”“No! But I liked seeing it in those movies. ” “What other dirty stuff do you talk about? Your pussies?”“Yeah, like how good it feels. When you play with it. ”“Did you play with your pussy last night, after the movies?”“Some. ”“Just some?”I laughed, and my face got all hot. “All night,” I admitted. “What did you think about when you did it?”“You know, sex stuff. Fucking. ”“You imagined you were fucking?” he asked. “Yes. ” And I had to laugh again. “And doing 69, stuff like that. ”“Did you come?”I nodded.

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   “But it made me nervous. I thought you could hear me. ”“I did think I heard you – you were breathing real hard. ”“Daddy!” “So that made you stop doing it?” he wanted to know. “No. I kept doing it. ” And I smiled, but I hid my face. “It felt too good to stop. ”“So how many times did you come?”“I didn’t count. ”“More than 10?”“Yes. Like fifty!”“Kim – you didn’t come fifty times. I don’t believe you. ”“A lot though,” I said. “At least twenty times. ”He looked at me.

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   “You made yourself come twenty times with your fingers? For real?”I nodded again. “The sex movies got me excited. I couldn’t sleep, so I kept doing it to myself. And every time I woke up, I did it again. ”“Damn. So, what other dirty stuff do you talk to your friends about?”“Like, how much cream comes out of a boy’s boner. Out of his dick. ”“How much does?”I laughed at that. “Daddy, you know. ”“It’s called ‘cum. ’”“It looked like a lot in the movie. Is the girl supposed to swallow it, like that?”“Not always, but it feels good to the boy when a girl sucks it. ”“I’ll bet,” I laughed. “Have many girls sucked yours?”“I guess. Quite a few.

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  ” “Do they swallow the cum?”“Some do, some don’t, but it all feels good. ”“So, how much comes out of your cock? I’ll bet it’s a lot. ”My dad gave me a look. “Do you want to see?”And, suddenly, I was very nervous. My mouth got dry and I could even feel my own heartbeat, but I really did want to see. “You mean right now, in the car?”“While we’re driving. ”“Okay. ”“Do you want me to do it or do you want to help?”That made me even more nervous. Shaky, too. But I tried to act like it was no big deal. “I’ll help,” I offered, but so wildly excited at the idea of helping my dad make cum squirt out of his dick that I could barely sit still. “What do I do?” “Undo your seatbelt,” he said. “And unzip my pants” “Don’t get in a wreck. ”So I undid my seatbelt, leaned over and unzipped my father’s pants. His dick was so stiff, it stood up out of his zipper as soon as it was free.

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   I studied it closely, the first one I’d seen in real life, then put my hand around it. The head of it was huge and swollen and really red. It jerked in my hand when I squeezed it. “That feels good,” he said shakily. “Now move your hand up and down. ”“It’s real warm. And big!”“You’re making it warmer,” he laughed, getting comfortable. “I can’t believe my own daughter is jacking me off. ”“It’s fun,” I admitted. “Will it take long?”“Do it slower, because I want it to last,” he said. “And tell me about you and your girlfriends, talking about fucking. What do you do after talking about it?” “Dirty stuff. ”“Like what? Do you touch yourselves?”“Yes. It feels good. ” “Do you ever touch each other?”“Sometimes.

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  ”“Do you ever use your mouth, like in those movies?”“Daddy…”“You can tell me, sweetie – I promise. ”“Cynthia does. On me. ”“Your little cousin? She’s only seven! And she kisses you down there?”“She licked me, until I had an orgasm. ”“Just one orgasm?”“A bunch,” I admitted. “She really likes doing it. ”“Can you bring her up sometime?” he asked. “So I can watch?”That made me stop and think, but it did sound like fun, my dad and me and Cynthia being together. There was all kind of dirty stuff we could do together. “I’ll have to talk Cynthia into it,” I said. “But okay, if it’s in the dark. . . she’s real shy. ”“Do you ever lick her?”“Sometimes.

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   She likes to do 69, too. ”“Jesus – ”And without warning, my dad’s hard dick jumped in my hand and his white cum came out in several long spurts that made a mess everywhere. I kept doing it, jacking him off, until it finally stopped coming out, but by then it was all over my hand and the front of his pants and even on the steering wheel. “ – Christ, that felt good!” he told me. “I couldn’t hold back another second. ”“What a mess!” I laughed. “Do you have any napkins or something to clean it up?”I was afraid to move and make a worse mess, so I kept my hand around his cock, wondering if I got any on my clothes. My mom was so weird about keeping myself spotless. It was like she was never a kid herself. I knew that even if she didn’t know what it was, I’d never hear the end of it if I got my dad’s cum-stains all over me!Pam laughed when I told her that part. She knew my mom and how weird she was. Throughout my telling her the perverted things my dad and I did, Pam and I had kept masturbating each other, right up to the part where I mentioned the vibrators my dad bought me at the Pegasus Adult Book Store last year. Pam sat right up when she heard that. “You have vibrators?!” she asked. “Here?”“Just one of them here,” I admitted.

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   “The rest are at my dad’s. Do you want to try it?”“Of course!” she just about yelled at me. “Is it one like a dick?”“Let me get it – ”.