Me and my aunt


I always had sort of a crush on one of my aunts she is in her early 40s and most ppl you see now days around that age pretty much show it by gaining alot of weight or something but my aunt roberta was different she was really skinny with long beautiful black hair small breast and a nice ass. She had 3 sons of which im very close to and she lost her husband in a war and never re-married.

I have been really close to her two oldest sons and would always play games with them and of course they never knew about my crush on their mom. But one night I decided to spend the night with them after they begged me. We spent most of the day playing video games and riding four wheelers when night time came I started to make my spot on the couch for me to sleep on after the kids went to bed.

"What are you doing?" asked aunt Roberta

Fixing a spot for me to sleep I answered

Oh honey you dont have to sleep on the couch we can share my bed so you can have more room

I decided to take her offer and went to go get a shower before I went to bed and stayed for a little longer due to my imagination getting the better of me.After cumming a couple of times I put on my t shirt and boxers and climbed in the bed and quickly fell asleep

I woke back up around midnight looking around apparently I was having "problems" sleeping again. While I was looking around my eyes stopped on my beautiful aunt laying there sleeping with a thin pink night gown on. I know it was wrong but I just couldnt help myselfI moved my hand under her night gown and started to play a little bit on her tiny percky tits and not much longer I felt my boxers rise and got a little braver I then took my hand and slid under her panties and felt a little fuzz and kept feeling around till I found her clit. I finally found it and started toying with it as good as could without waking her up while jacking off at the same time but no matter how many times I came it just wouldnt go down so I got up and walked around doing my best not to trip over anything and found her mouth opened a little Perfect i said to myself and stuck my dick in her mouth moving it back and forth it was starting to feel so good that i thought i was about to nut everywhere in her mouth but before I could get that chance she pulled me out of her mouth and cut on the lamp and jumped wide eyed

What are you doing she demanded staring at me apparently shocked

IM SO SORRY AUNT ROBERTA!!!! I started to apolgize and explained to her everything

After a few minutes she said if you wanted to have sex with me all you had to do was ask


of course sweet heart my sex life has been horrible since your uncle died now lets see what we have as she gave me a smile

I pulled down my boxers and she immeadily started sucking my cock until I felt like i was about to explode then she again took it out of her mouth and said I want it in my pussy fill my pussy up with your cum will you do that for me

I was so shocked to hear my always pure and clean mouthed aunt to say something like that but didint hesitate I yanked white panites off and stuck it in her and humped as fast and hard as I could while she moaned and groaned in my ear until I nuted but when I went to pull it back out she slapped me good enough in the face to get my attention and told me we were a long ways from being so I shoved back in her as far as i could go and we fucked until we both passed out.