Topic: MY DESTINY 1 Fact? maybe. I"m a woman, after all do we ever admit to anything! Perhaps a definite maybe, sometimes.
 This series is written after my husband let on he had already written some "LIFES SEXUAL PERKS" and wanted to post these,but not behind my back. I agreed providing he let me have a go as well. To say he was aggrieved that I had different things to tell he had no knowledge of till reading my rendering is an understatement.
 Now in our later years,it certainly stiffened Richard up far more than any Viagra type drug start way back, I was the youngest of 13,when born I already had married brothers with children about my age. I was never a stick insect type like the sister next up to me. The one above that was an identikit of me but taller,well she was nearly eight years older. Back to what this is all about.
 From quite a young age I noticed how men looked and treated my sisters in a sexual manner. I didn"t immitate this and didn"t even know it was sexual,but I did copy little things,like making my dresses rise showing right up to my knickers. I also kept a sharp eye on my tits and pussy because being a large family we girls top to tailed in the same bed and being older they had tits and pussy fur at varying stages of development.
 I had also noted that my brothers depending on age took quite a bit of notice of my knicker displays especially when I let part of my slice peek out. Originally an accident but I soon made this an intended activity. When this happened some of the older ones found a need to sit me on their laps. Although this was casually done, I got to noticing there was always a hardish bump in their trousers that I seemed to land on.

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 Sometimes I was bounced up and down on more than one lap and it gave me a funny feeling if the bouncing pushed my knickers into my slice. I loved this attention and came to realise boys and later men were very attracted to me even though I was quite plain in my opinion. So way before even knowing Richard,I had the makings of a cock teaser,whatever that may be in mens minds.
 Yes me and my friends did flirt at the swimming pool,but we didn"t know that was cock teasing then. I kept secrets even then,what girl/woman doesn"t? Although a certain amount of nudity was inevitable with a lot living in one moderate house,with only a tin bath facility. My mother being victorian in more than just her breeding habits managed to arrange bathing of us reasonably private. The bath was in a dimly lit alcove out of site.
 This particular day I was at home with just me and mother. The tub was made ready and I had just stripped and got in. Just into my teens I had big tits for my age and a pussy bush I was very proud of. I was all grown up because my bush was more than my older stick insect sister. So I though anyway. I wasn"t over modest if someone got a look at it either,after all I"d been trying to show it even when it was as bold as a coot.
 I heard the front door go, it was never locked anyway,it would have cost to much for all to have a key I supposed. I took no notice and heard my uncle Rupert heading down the stairs to the basement living room.

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   As he progressed he called out to my mother his sister. Mother was a compulsive gambler of horse racing,(only small bets mind) so uncle asked if she"d done any for todays racing? "No money" came her reply,"Got any picked out" says uncle going on, "I"ll give you ten bob if you want to do them" She was off.
 "Just dapping to the bookies Jackie,I wont be long. Jackies just having a bath Rup,she"ll make a cup of tea when she"s done wont you Jack" OK ma! I had been soaping my breasts for awhile as I liked the way the suds let my hands slip so easily over them and the coldness when they became wet made my nipples stand up. These I was equally proud of like my pubes because even then they were rather larger than my peers at school and I wanted lots of babies so they"d need them. I didn"t realise they had another attraction.
 Uncles head came round the corner just as I stood up to wash my slice. "You alright there?" Yes thank you unc, do you think I"m growing? He took the opportunity to come closer saying "I"ll do your back and bum if you like but don"t tell your mother mind" "Ok,that would be good my backs hard to do" I jumped as he touched me,his hands was freezing,but I became conscious of my oreoles crinkling up very tightly as forcing my nipples even higher. "Wow your hands are freezing. "Sorry let me put them in the bath and I"ll soap you up" His rough hands were like magic,the more he rubbed the bigger my goosebumps got.
 As he done my bum his face was near my ear and his hands were trembling. "Open your legs a bit so I can get right into your bum groove,but for gods sake don"t ever tell your mum. Are you liking me doing it?" Yes its so nice and it was! I suddenly realised one of his hands was now soaping under my tits and down across my belly. He rubbed back up under my tits as I noticed his breathing becoming more laboured. Then the hand was on and over both my tits.

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   I wanted to tell him to stop now,but it felt so nice I said only, "Do you like how big they are?"
 "God yes, they"re bigger than some womens" His hand left my tits and was on my pubes now,going even farther down I felt a finger start to go through my slice while the hand at the back started in from there. The sensation was that I wanted to pee. "Stop,You"re making me want to pee!" Go on then I"ll wash your legs after. "No stop now mum will be back" OK, was it nice? "Yes,but it made my slice go all tingly" Yes it would,thats because you"re getting older,do you always bath about this time on this day? "Usually,why?"
 Oh I thought you might let me do it again for you. "I might,it was very nice with your rough hands" While talking I noticed uncles trouser front was tented and I realised it must be like I felt in my brothers when they bounced me. "I"ll just go out to the lavatory while you get dressed" but he stayed put as I got out and wiped. When I unwittingly bent over to wipe the lower part of my legs and again when I put each leg upon a low stool to wipe my foot, I heard him make a strange noise,like he was being strangled sort of. Immediately by,"Must go to the loo now,cant wait,be back in a minute"
 I dutifully made our cups of tea just as mother reappeared. "Everything alright?" Yeah I"ve just done the tea.  Uncle just sat saying nothing, but his bump was gone.
 All for now!