My Sweet Big Brother


My big brother always protected me. Against bullies, ex-boyfriends, or even current boyfriends. I was his little Annie B. My name is Anna Baruth, but Wesley always called me his Annie B. He was only two years older then me at seventeen. No one in our family really understood our relationship. Our parents were away too often to see why the others were so confused so there were never any real problems. I don't think we even really understood our relationship. We didn't care. I was his Annie B. and he was my Wesley.

One Thanksgiving our family went to New York to celebrate with our relatives. When we had finished eating, and the adults were becoming great friends with the brandy, Wesley rushed over to me with his hands behind his back.
"Guess what I've got Annie B. !" He exclaimed
" What!?" I exclaimed back playing along.
He pulled his hands from behind his back to reveal a turkey bone.

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   I felt my smile fade. I plastered a fake one on within seconds. " Oh Wesley you shouldn't have. . . seriously though, you shouldn't have. That's gross. "
He laughed. " Its the wishing bone silly. "
My eyes lit up. " Oh you shouldn't have! Which end would you like?"
After holding it out to me he said, " You pick. "
" Very well. " I said, choosing the skinnier end.
His eyes twinkled like a child's. " Now make a wish.

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I wish I could be with my brother forever.
" One. " He whispered.
" Two. " I whispered excitedly.
" Three!" We exclaimed as we squeezed our eyes shut and pulled. When I opened my eyes, I saw that I had won. I flung my arms into the air. " Yay!" Then I put both hands on his cheeks and pecked him hard on the lips. " Kiss me Wesley kiss me!" I chirped in a high pitched voice. "Oh Happy Thanksgiving!" *Smooch* *Smooch* *Smooch*
We laughed and I asked. " What did you wish for?"
" You know it wont come true if I tell. "
" Please!!!!!" I clamped my hands together. " I wont tell a single sole! I'll take it to my grave! And if I ever feel like I REALLY need to tell someone I'll dig a hole and tell the earth!"
" Then the entire earth will know!"
I crossed my arms. " You'll tell me eventually.

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" That's probably true. " He smiled.
I got a funny feeling in my stomach. I looked at Wesley. He was Seventeen and beautiful. His green eyes looked exaclty like mine, and his dark brown hair curled around his ears. His skin was very tan and muscular from all the swimming he did. I was fifteen. With my long red hair, light skin, and dainty figure it would be hard for strangers to tell we were even related.
" I love you Wesley. " I whispered.
He turned to me and smiled. " I love you too Annie B. "
" I always want you with me, okay?"
This time he laughed. " I'll always be there protecting you.

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   I promise. "

We arrived home a week later. I was walking to school when my boyfriend, Rick, all of a sudden showed up beside me and put his arm around my waist. " Hey baby, I missed you over break. "
I kept walking. " I missed you too. " I lied
The truth was, I hadn't even thought about Rick once the whole vacation.
" Lets have some fun tonight. " He whispered in my ear.
" No. You know I'm waiting. " I said firmly without looking at him.
" Aw come on I haven't seen you in a week. I've been lonely. "
" That's what your hand is for.

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He grabbed my arm and yanked me around to face him. " When are your gonna cut this prude shit Anna? It's getting ridiculous and it's pissing me off!"
I tried to yank my hand away. " Then go find yourself a slut because I'm not that girl!"
" Yeah but your MY girl. My prize, and I should be enjoying you! Stop being a bitch!"
I lifted my other hand and smacked him across the face. " I'm not your fucking prize. "
He lifted his hand to hit me.
"Hey!" A voice shouted.
Oh thank God.
Wesley was only a few feet behind us. " Keep walking Rick. " He said firmly.
" This isn't your problem. " Rick spat.
" If you don't let her go I'll make it my problem. " Wesley said protectively.

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I didn't want Wesley getting in a fight . Even though it was obvious he would win, I didn't want to take the chance of him getting hurt. " Wesley, it's okay. I can handle this. "
Without a word Wesley sprang forward and knocked Rick hard in the nose with his fist. Rick let go of my wrist and held his nose.
" Or you could just punch him. " I mumbled.
Wesley put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me back towards the direction of home. Right when we got through the door I threw his arm off my shoulders. " You're a fucking idiot!"
" That guy was a creep Anna! I couldn't just stand there and let him hit you!"
I threw my jacket and bag onto the table. " I could have handled it! Do you know how much trouble your going to be in?"
" Do you think I give a shit? I'm just glad I got you away from there!"
I put a hand to my head and closed my eyes. " What the hell am I going to do with you?"
For a while it was quiet and I thought maybe he had left. Then I felt strong arms around me, and lips by my ear. He whispered.

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   " You going to stay my Annie B. forever. "
I opened my eyes. " What if I don't want to be your Annie B. anymore?"
His arms tightened around me protectively. " If your not my Annie B. then who will you be?"
I turned to face him in his arms, and put my hands on his chest. " I want to be more. "
For a moment he looked confused. Then, an understanding look crossed his face, replaced by a loving one. Slowly, he leaned in and pressed his lips to mine. I kissed him back. Joy flooded through me, and I wrapped my arms around his neck. His hands moved to the small of my back, and lifted me onto the counter top. I wrapped my legs around his torso and opened his lips with my tongue.

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   His tongue found mine and played with it. I felt his dick getting harder against my pussy. I plunged my tongue deep into his mouth and stroked his cock. My head was screaming at me to stop, but everything felt so good that eventually I couldn't even hear the little voice anymore. His right hand was gripping my ass while the other slid under my bra and massaged my breast. I was so turned on I could feel a heavy pulse inside my pussy. He moaned and pressed harder up against me. When my head hit the cabinet I was able to force him away.
" Stop!" I gasped.
He pulled away. " Oh. I'm so sorry. I didn't-"
I shook my head. I couldn't look at him. " I'm tired.

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  " I blurted before I ran out of the kitchen and up to my room. I flung off my clothes except for my underwear and bra, and climbed into bed, throwing the covers over my head. My mind raced in a play by play of what had just happened. How good it had felt. Half of me wanted him to knock on my door and the other half was begging him not to. I was mortified, stunned, and horny.
Eventually I manage to drift off into a deep sleep.

I flung myself out of bed and fell onto the floor. I looked at the clock. It was 1 in the morning. I couldn't believe I had slept that long. I couldn't believe that nightmare had been scary enough to throw me out of my bed. I crawled back onto my bed, and tried to relax. The darkness was too much. I couldn't stay in there.

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   I slowly stood and crept over to my door. I noticed it was open. Since Mom and Dad were on a business trip for a few days, I knew it had to have been Wesley checking on me before he went to bed like he always did. I walked down the hall to his room and knocked on his door. There was no answer. I turned the knob and peeked in. I couldn't see a thing at first, but when I shut the door and walked over to the bed I saw the outline of his body in the covers. So I walked around to where he was laying, and put a hand on his shoulder. "Wesley. "
His head shot up. " Whats wrong? Are you okay?"
I patted his shoulder reassuringly. " I'm fine. It's just. . .


   I can't sleep. I had a nightmare. "
" Every thing's alright. It was just a dream. "
I nodded. " I know but still. . . can I stay in here tonight?"
He lifted the covers, and pulled me in next to him. It was then I realized that I was still in my bra and underwear! I was about to lift the cover but then stopped. What was the point of he had already seen anyways? I turned to face him and pressed my body up against his. " About today-"
" It was my fault. " He stated.
I lifted my eyebrows. " It was no body's fault.

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   It wasn't a bad thing. "
His arm wrapped around my waist. " You mean you wanted it?"
I slid my fingers through his hair. " I want it. "
He kissed me hard, as if he'd been waiting for this for years. I tugged at his shirt. He unclasped my bra, and slid it off my arms. His lips left mine, and met my nipple. I gasped in excitement. My fingers found a little rip in his shirt. I gave up trying to pull it off and just ripped it off by tugging on that. I felt his cock rubbing between my thighs. His mouth moved from my nipple and his tongue traced down to my pussy. I locked my fingers in his hair and moaned in pleasure as he plunged his tongue into my clit. Then he pushed his fingers in, and slid his lips up to my neck.

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   I moved my hips up and down as his fingers did. After pulling his fingers out, he lifted them to his lips and licked the juices off.
" Oh fuck me!" I moaned.
I couldn't wait another second. I felt the tip of his dick slide into me.
" I don't want to hurt you Anna. " He said.
" Do it Wesley! Fuck me!"
He shoved his cock deeper and deeper into my pussy, popping my cherry. The pain was so unbearable, tears flowed out of my eyes. " Oh god. " I groaned.
" Hold still baby. " He said as is began to pull out a little and then push back in. Then again. Each time harder, and faster.

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   I still wanted more. " Harder. "
He shoved in harder.
" Harder. " I begged again.
He shoved even harder.
" Harder!"
He began shoving in so hard the bedpost smashed into the wall over and over again. Finally, his cum pumped into me, and he collapsed onto me, panting. When his semen was done flowing, I kissed his lips softly once. We were both wet with sweat. He let his head fall into the crook of my neck.
"God damn Anna. " He breathed, still catching his breath.
" Are you alright?" I whispered, out of breath as well.
He nodded.

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   " Just give me a minute. "
I kissed his head and hugged him to me. After a few minutes he spoke. " My wish came true. "
I smiled. " Keep your promise, and mine will too. "
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