Nasty to my step sister


My father remarried a terrible woman when I turned 15 who brought along a hellspawn daughter into our family. My new step sisters name was Samantha. She was 16, had a freckeld face, green eyes, long red hair, and all too perfect body. She was about 5' 6" with smallish perky tits. Her heart shaped ass was amazing.
 Being that Samantha was a year older than me made her feel like she had the run of the house. She could get away with murder and blamed me for everything. I was grounded several times for events I had nothing to do with. From letting the dog out of the house, to breaking an expensive dish we had mounted in the dining room. And she was always dressing in skimpy clothing as if purposely taunting me.
One morning I was sitting at breakfast when Sam sat down across from me. She was wearing a pink robe with white lace around the edges. As she poured cereal her robe opened enough for me to see a breast complete with her beautiful round nipple. It was all I could do to stop drooling. I had several seconds to glance at it before she looked up and noticed. She glanced around to make sure mom and Dad weren't looking, then flashed open the whole thing.

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   Bother her perky tits were hanging in front of me. "That's the closest you'll ever get to a girls tits," she said to me. This is when I decided to get even with her. After all, I was a horny teenager and I was masterbating frivolously every night. She will pay,
That night, I rushed into the bathroom to take a shower before her. I knew she would take one after me. I had to watch her wander around the pool all day in a bikini and have her flash glimpses of her tits and pussy when nobody else was around. My cock was already rock hard as I closed and locked the bathroom door,undressed, and started the shower. I was in luck when I found a pair of her panties in the laundry hamper. I would use those to help get me off.  I took out her tooth brush and rubbed it against the under side of my cock, knowing it would be in her mouth. I also managed to get some pre-cum on the bristles.
All the build up from the day had my cock raging. I took her bottle of shampoo and opened the cap. Using her panties, I wrapped them around my cock and stroked it.

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   The smooth purple cotton material felt wonderful. Each stroke inched my closer to her. I could feel the cum welling up inside. I steadied the open top of the shampoo bottle at the tip of my cock just as I was coming. I sent 4 streams of cum into it waiting for her to mix with her hair. Her shampoo was a pearly white anyway so she would never notice.
My cock still stood as if there was more to be done. I grabbed the sponge she used in the tub and rubbed that on my cock. I would cum in that too. I jerked the panties more and built another load to sit in her sponge. I grabbed the bottle of soap she would use and added some cum from the sponge to the soap. Now being spent, I finished my shower and put everything back for the unsuspecting victim. As I left the bathroom as I had found it, I yelled to Sam "Shower is yours Sam!"
I waited in my room as I heard her close the bathroom door. It seemed like forever before I heard the water begin to run. Her normal routine would be to brush her teeth, get in the tub, probably shave, then wash her body and hair.

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   That would mean first, my pre-cum would be srubbed into her mouth. Then as she washed her body with her sponge and soap, she was rubbing in my seed to her entire body. I can only imagine it swirling in the water around her pussy. She would then lean her head back to wet it, then apply the river of cum and shot into her shampoo.
25 minutes later she came out without saying a word and went to her room for bed. I was again raging hard at all the thoughts of what had probably transpired. My cum seeping through her unsuspecting hair. I wondered if she had picked up a strange taste from her tooth brush? My plan was not complete. I was now more horny than when it had begun.
I waited until about 2AM when the house had been silent for long. I crept out of my room down the hall to hers. She was asleep and her door was partly open. I crept in. She was laying in bed on her side facing away from the door. Her long red hair draped down in front of me.

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   My cock wanted to leave more for her. I pulled it out through my shorts and began to jerk off over her head. I looked down at her face as she slept in peace. I began to feel the warmth stream up my shaft. I aimed my cock at her hair and shot one stream after another of my hot sticky seed into her hair. I clang to it like sticky glue. I milked every last ounce of it until it was all over her head. I put myself away and crept back to my room.
I don't know what happened to her when she woke up, but I knew she was taking another shower in the morning when I awoke.