Shooting pool with the guys by :jessi james


"Oh no you're not you little brat!" I fell back to the couch laughing and squirming to get up. I was almost free when I felt another pair of hands grab and restrain me. Steve was just joining in on the fun when mom came back in to see what all the noise was about. Seeing her little girl getting tickled by the boys actually put a smile on mom's pretty face. She walked over and started tickling Mike telling him that 2 against 1 wasn't fair. We were all on the couch tickling whoever we could when dad came home and put an end to all the horseplay. We didn’t even realize he was home until he had pulled mom and me up Dad was smiling and said that he won the fight. After that mom and I went upstairs and she checked my room and told me I did good. Mom looked at the clock and told me that if I wanted to be ready when Danny got there, I had better get in the shower. I jumped in the shower washed my hair and body and shaved my legs and pussy. I was hoping that Danny would want to play around like we did the last time we were alone together. We were in his room doing homework when we started kissing and some light petting. I usually stopped him before he went beyond rubbing my tits. That time I was bold and let him rub my pussy through my panties while I rubbed his dick through his briefs. Just remembering how nice his finger felt on my pussy had me damp with anticipation. I dried my hair and applied some light make up and perfume, before leaving the bathroom in my robe.

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   I got to my room and picked out an outfit that daddy would let me go out in and that would also catch Danny’s attention. I picked out a skirt that stopped at the top of my knees and a bluish green shit that left my belly exposed. For jewelry I wore the heart shaped ring and necklace that Danny had given me for Valentine's Day. I also added a belly necklace that I had made myself out of several old chains that I found in the bottom of my mom's jewelry box. I was just slipping on my sandals when I heard a knock on my door. "Hey squirt, you’re pretty boy is here. " I opened my door and pushed Mike out of my way and went down stairs to meet Danny. When I got there Mom and Dad were talking with Danny. I walked in and after saying our goodbyes, and Dad reminding us of my curfew we left. Danny and I went to Red Lobster for dinner and then we went to the movies. After the movie we went to "look out point" which is a popular parking place for teens in our town. We made out for a bit but it was getting late so Danny took me home. When I got home I figured everyone was in the bed cause it was late and the lights were all off. I walked up stairs and was on the way to my room when I heard a soft moan coming from my brother's room. I stood still for a few minutes to make sure I heard what I thought I heard.

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   Again another low moan from Mike's room, then I heard Mike say. . "Ohhh yea man, that's it lick my balls. " My curiosity got the better of me so I crept silently towards Mike's door. His door was about half open and I could see him and Steve on the bed. Steve was sucking and licking Mike's dick like it was a lollipop. I was stunned and somewhat turned on. I had never thought that seeing two guys together sexually would be a turn on. But seeing Steve with a mouth full of my brother was strangely erotic. I crept back to my room and changed into my nightgown and tried to go to sleep. The images of Mike and Steve wouldn't leave my head. I slipped a hand inside my panties. I slid a finger up and down my wet slit, surprised at how wet I was. I rubbed my clit a few times before I got up and stripped. I lay back on my bed and with the thoughts of my brother and Steve floating in my head I began to rub my little clit harder.

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   I could still see the look on my brother’s face when Steve was sucking him. I'm not sure why seeing my brother's best friend sucking him turned me on so, I just know it did. I kept rubbing the top right part of my erect clit and soon I felt my orgasm building. I plunged a finger deep into my wet pussy and I exploded. I had to put my pillow over my face so I wouldn’t wake anyone up. I fell asleep happy and content. I woke up the next morning and showered before I headed down stairs for breakfast. At breakfast Mike and Steve acted like nothing happened last night. After breakfast my mom and dad said they were going shopping for new carpet. They told us to behave and that if we decided to go anywhere that they were leaving mom's car for us. They said they would probably catch a movie and lunch out so we were on our own. We said goodbye and they were gone. I went up stairs to call my friend Cassy, Cassy and I talked for about 2 hours. I went downstairs to see if the guys wanted to order some pizza or something for lunch. They weren’t in the living room so I went down to the basement that some years ago my dad turned into a rec room.

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   The guys were playing pool and trash talking to each other. I went and had a seat at the bar and watched while Steve ran the table on Mike. I was enjoying the view of Steve bending over; he had a really great ass. Finally the game was over and Mike turned to me and said. . . "Hey squirt, what you fixing for lunch?" I gave a short laugh and replied. . . "Fend for. . " "Fend for? What the hell is that?" "Fend for yourself. . . I'm not some push button maid you know.

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  " Steve was laughing at us and he said. . "Hey Mikey, you should have seen that coming. I saw it coming a mile away man. " "Shut up, you’re supposed to be on my side here man. " "I am I am, it's just that she nailed you. " By this time Mike was starting to get mad at Steve and me so I made a suggestion. "Tell you what Mike, if you and Steve teach me how to play pool I'll order and pay for us a pizza. " Steve and Mike looked at each other before Steve spoke "Hey sounds like a good idea to me, pizza for teaching a sexy girl how to play pool is right up my ally. " So with a wink and a smile to Steve I went upstairs and ordered the pizza. After ordering I went back downstairs to start the lessons. As I was coming down the stairs I heard Mike telling Steve to keep his hands off of me. I couldn’t help but laugh a little to myself as I continued down. I entered the room and let the guys know I ordered the pizza. I looked to Steve and asked him if he would start my lessons while we were waiting for the pizza.

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   "Sure, c'mon and I'll show you how to hold the stick. " He said with a wink. I went over and he showed me the right way to hold the stick and had me lean over the table and he was behind me helping me line up a shot. His warm hard body felt good wrapped around mine. I decided to tease him a little bit and started wiggling my butt against his front. After about 10 minutes and 3 or 4 different shots our pizza was here and Steve had a big bulge in his shorts. So I went upstairs got the pizza and some drinks and went back down. We ate pizza and shot pool, at one point I was sitting on the couch next to Steve. I watched the way he would look at my brother, he would get this dreamy look on his face every time Mark would bend over to shoot. Finally I decided to play devil's advocate. At one point Mark was bent over right in front of Steve and I. I leaned over to Steve, ran my hand up the inside of his leg to his crotch and whispered in his ear. . . "Does my brother's ass taste as good as it looks?" Steve turned pale as he looked at me.

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   "I don't know what you’re talking about. " I just grinned and decided to let the cat out the bag. . . "I saw you two last night. " Mark was the first to speak up. "And just what do you think you saw last night? And why were you snooping around my room?" Poor Steve was shocked silent; I gave his crotch a small pat as I told my brother of what I saw the night before. "I saw Steve sucking your dick and I heard you tell him to lick your balls. I also saw you licking his ass, and for your information. . . I was NOT snooping. I was on my way to my room and heard you guys. " Mark looked like a cross between totally pissed and scared. "You aren’t gonna tell mom and dad are you?" I pretended to think about for a few minutes then said "I wont tell under one condition, I want to watch you two.

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  " Finally Steve spoke up. "What do you mean you want to watch us?' I smile and gave his crotch a gentle squeeze and told him that I wanted to watch him and my brother have sex. STEVE The longest silence ever. Mike and I looked at each other, both frozen. I felt a twinge of excitement at the thought and my heart skipped a beat or two. “Wh-what? I wouldn’t touch your brother with somebody else’s-“I stammered nervously and saw Mike shake his head slowly, giving me that just-shut-the-fuck-up look- “and oh, all right we’re busted. ” Amber, Mike’s sister, just smiled that evil girl smile. I looked at her and said, “Do you have any Astroglide?” Ok, stop. Now wait a minute and lets back it up. A month ago, I was like any other guy at school. I made decent grades, especially in the classes I cheated in, almost all of them. I had friends who were just like me: all the boys had the same haircuts and the girls did too, and we all bought our clothes off the same rack at the same department stores and our mothers and fathers each bought us nearly identical Japanese cars to drive around in. I was on the swim team. I had a hot girlfriend. I was just like everybody else, and I was happy about it.

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  And now? Well I still have the car, the clothes, the friends and the swim team. The girl is gone and something in me now knows I’m not like everybody else. What nobody knew until Amber just now is that I am my best friend’s lover. Or prison bitch. Mike is hardly the romantic type; lets put it that way. But I am on his cock every day, just the same. For 30 days straight, I’ve sucked him, licked him and let him cum inside me. He knows I love it, but what he won’t admit is that he loves it too. Before Mike and I became what we are, I had the beautiful Tamara. A cheerleader, volleyball player, student council senator and all around blowjob queen. She was amazing, in the last regard. She wasn’t a half bad volleyball play either. But sucking cock was her talent. I could watch Tamara loll my cockhead around in her mouth all day long. She sucked me hard and then soft, licked my dick wet and blew air out her nose to cool me.

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   She’d hum when I was solidly down her throat and when I came it was in her mouth, on her face, and sometimes both. She loved to suck cock and I loved to watch her. My mouth would water as her lips did their dance. I never told her what I was thinking about as she sucked me. It was Mike, always Mike. I’d dream that I was her, in her position, with my best friend’s hard cock slipping down my throat. I’d close my eyes and picture Mike cumming on my face and then do the same for her, in real life. That all ended because I don’t know how to operate the cable remote. I claim ignorance, your honor. That thing has like fifty fucking buttons on it, I swear. About a month ago, mom and dad, mine, were on a trip. Mike and I were sitting around the house, Saturday morning, eating cold cereal out of the box and scratching ourselves. Mike took a shower and it was that morning when I saw his cock (I had seen it plenty of times in the locker room during swim meets, but this particular morning was special) – it was halfway hard, reflect in the mirror and dangling between his lean thighs, I almost creamed. I was happy admire him from afar. I was very happy in fact.


   I went straight to the bathroom and jerked off. Bored out of our minds, we ordered up a porno on the pay per view channel. Mike settled in across the couch and I sat Indian-style on the floor by his feet. The cheesy music and cheap titles splashed across the TV. Something was wrong, however. Mike sensed it too. He sneered as he read the credits. Rod Hardman. Stick Matthews. Clint Everwood. And the title didn’t bode well either: “Cops and Roger. ”Mike made the trenchant observation: “This is for fags!”And then fifteen minutes later… Mike has cock engorged in his hand, tweaking his nipple with the other while two would be cops have their way with Roger, a one-time straight boy that ran afoul of the law. Mike turned to me while I was stroking my own cock and said, “if you tell anybody about this, I will kick your ass ten times!”The movie carried on and Mike stroked himself lightly. “Oh fuck, oh fuck,” he moaned. “Hey Steve?” he said to me finally.

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  My attention snapped away from the screen. I was blushing. “What?”“Suck my dick. ”“No!” I screamed with just the slightest stutter. “Come on dude, I need it. I know you’ve wanted it. ”“What?” I asked, face burning red with shame. “In the mirror today, I saw you looking. Come on, suck it!”Then something took over me. I didn’t say a word, or even look Mike in the face. I simply lurched forward and took his dick from his hands. He was right, I did want it, and finally I’d have it. Lucky I had been watching Tamara so closely. I took Mike’s head into my mouth, pushed my tongue into his slit. I sucked him down deep in my mouth and stroked him with my hand at the same time.

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   I gave him a Tamara blowjob and he rewarded me with a hot stream of cum down my mouth. Since that day I’ve been Mike’s toy, his pleasure is my own. I can’t even make it through the day without his cock entering my imagination. He told me to leave Tamara and I did without question. He said that girls were absolutely off limits for from now on, and I didn’t argue. I was at his mercy. I was in love. By the end of our first night, Mike had fucked me. By the end of the first week, I knew just how to make him crazy, knew that if I licked my tongue from his ass, up between his balls and then to his cock, he would nearly cum every time. Every day for the past month I’ve been worshipping his cock. Almost every day for a month he has fucked me silly. And now, the secret was out. Amber handed daintily handed me the lube. “I hope he doesn’t hurt you honey,” she said with a laugh. Mike and I looked at each other.

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   I started to drop to my knees before Amber caught me and put me back upright. “What no kiss?” Amber asked us. “I don’t kiss him,” Mike said like a sullen boy, “I’m not the fag. He is. ”Amber squeezed my cock, just to check, I suppose. “Don’t be a bad boy brother. Kiss your boyfriend. ”“He is not-“ Mike hissed before Amber shushed him with her fingers. “Kiss or I go and tell mom and right now. ”Silence again. Mike looked at me with a piercing anger. “They won’t believe you,” Mike said to Amber, while looking right at me. “Let’s try and find out, bro,” Amber bratted. Mike shot a look at Amber that would have killed me. Then back to me.

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   “Kiss me bitch,” he said, before pulling me by the face to his mouth. Mike kissed me hard. His tongue shot straight down my mouth and at first I held my hands out helplessly and tried not to fall over. Then my hands went to his back, rubbing him. I began to suck his tongue and our lips smacked. What started, as a punishing kiss became the best I’ve ever had. I melted against his body and rubbed myself against his cock. His hands cupped my ass and pushed me closer to him. He sucked my lip. I massaged his tongue with mine. We kissed, made out for five minutes at least before breaking off. My hand rested against his crotch when we both turned to look at Amber. She sat in a chair with a hand down the front of her skirt. “Don’t look at me nancies,” she said, “I want to see some fucking. ”Kissing tongues and mouths together.

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   Our bodies pushed together. I slowly kissed down Mike’s chest; unbutton his shirt as my head drops lower and lower. Mike has a beautiful body, smooth and pale, lightly muscular, like a Greek statue. I stopped at his belly and slipped my tongue inside. His stomach was taut and hard, my mouth chewed on the hard muscle of body before reaching down to this fly. I slip my mouth on to his fly and pull it down with my teeth. Just the kind of thing Mike loves to see. I pulled his pants all the way off and immediately kiss his half hard cock, till it grew against my lips. I showered his cock with soft kisses before I opened wide and took his dick slowly into my mouth. My throat opened and took him deep, deep inside me. I could hear Amber above me, breathing hard now and making little girly moans. I sucked my man hard, bobbing up and down. I stroked his cock as it slipped in and out of my mouth. I loved his cock, completely. I took it out of my mouth and licked it up and down like a lollipop.

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   My tongue slipped between the crack of his balls before sucking him back inside me again. Mike huffed and cursed me as I blew him. My tongue did swirls around his shaft while he was buried balls-deep in me. He pulled me by the hair, up and down, fucking my mouth. My cock was raging hard and pushing against my jeans. Mike yanked me up by the hair and pushed me over the top of the pool table. He shoved my face into the felt and stepped behind me, rubbing his hard, wet cock against my ass through my jeans. “You wanna get fucked?” he said to me, while undoing my jeans. “You want this hard cock inside you?”“Yes yes baby,” I whispered while pushing my ass against his cock, “fuck me. Fuck me so fucking hard. ”He yanked my jeans down fast and suddenly I heard Amber laughing. I had forgotten all about the fact that Mike ordered me to wear pink thong panties today. “Very cute Steve!” Amber giggled behind me, “I might want to borrow those sometime. ” I was beyond blushing now, still begging Steve to fuck me. Steve turned to his sister while pouring the lube into my ass and said, “I like the way they feel when I fuck him.

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   I like to feel panties rubbing my cock when I fuck. ” Mike pushed his cock just past my panties and slowly inside me. Mike played rough, but when he fucked me he was perfect. He took me deep and slow and I gripped his cock from inside, squeezing him off. I reached out to the sides of the pool table and Mike gripped my hips. Together, on the table, we made love. His slick cock found no trouble pushing deep into me. My eyes scrunched up and I concentrated on keep his rhythm. He started slow and then slowly turned up the heat. His hips slapped my ass and his balls pushed against me, faster and faster. I took him deeper, harder, faster. He rolled his hips in little waves as fucked my ass. Though I couldn’t see her, I knew by her noises that Amber was playing with her pussy. I concentrated on the cock inside me, my man’s dick impaling me on this table. I was so close to cumming.

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   My balls swelled up fuller with every pump inside me. Mike called me every name but I knew by his actions that he wanted me that he loved to have me just like this for him. Suddenly he pulled out and rubbed his cock on my crack. Hot jets of cum sprayed my ass. I came too, right on the side of the pool table. Mike came hard, spurting all over me with his sticky stuff. I reached back behind me and rubbed his juice deep into my skin. I dropped to my knees before him. Just as I always do, I sucked his cock clean. I licked up every stray drop of cum and ate it. While I did, I heard the brother and sister above me talking again. “Are we done?” Mike said, while patting my head. “No brother, I am afraid we aren’t. Have you seen my new cell phone? It’s got one of those camera thingies. ” Amber paused for affect.

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   “And now I’ve got all the proof I need. We aren’t done yet, not by a long shot. ”Mike sighed and pulled his dick out of my mouth. “What now, sis?”“Now we are going back to my room, the three of us. And you brother are going to watch as I give Stevie his reward for being such a good girl. After that, we’ll work on some other surprises. ”Mike looked down at me. “Come on,” he said softly, “we should just do as she says. ” Mike’s eyes darted to the cum I left, running down the wooden side of his pool table. “Oh fuck man, look what you did! You better clean that shit up!” Mike ordered. And clean it up is exactly what I did. . With my tongue. Part 2 is on it’s way. I owe a great big thank you to my writing buddy.

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  . . James. All comments positive or negative are welcome @ jessi_james57@yahoo. com.
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