Storm Child part 6


       I woke up, blinking my eyes. I could feel Jenna's nude, warm body snuggled against me, she had a smile on her face as she slept. I thought back over the past week, Amanda was due home tomorrow, and Jenna and I had been making love like honeymooners. Every night, Jenna had followed me to bed, no question about her sleeping in her own room, and we had always turned a dim light on. Jenna had always wanted me to see that I was fucking her, my daughter, and I always wanted to see the joy and delight playing across her face as I rode deep inside her buttery slick depths, the tightness of her around me, eagerly milking me, the orgasmic explosion gushing out every drop. Then in the morning, she would be right there, and she would give my cock a welcome wake up call, and again I would ride deep, plunging into her heat, until my morning load boiled up, and take me over the edge, her tightness spasming wildly, virtually sucking on my cock, as I let my morning load go inside of her. Add to that the times during the day when we would again be between the sheets, in a heated 69, or another ride to fill my daughter's needy, wonderfully greedy pink velvet, and I was glad to see that I could keep up with my sexy daughter's desires.

     I decided to give Jenna my wake up call, Amanda loved to be awakened like this, and I was sure that Jenna would like it just as much. Like mother like daughter, and I slid slowly over. Bunching up a pillow, I rolled Jenna over onto the pillow, her hips upthrust, her legs parted slightly, the tight lips of her pleasure well just slightly parted. Burrowing my face in between her cheeks, my tongue reached out, licking up and down her tight lips, her breathing starting to deepen, as the wonderful sensation started to push through her sleep. I spread her lips gently with my fingers, licking at the sweet juices that were starting to churn up. Her breathing turned to little gasps as she rose faster and faster to wakefulness. Her growl of pleasure brought me up, I pulled her hips up a little higher, and placed my eager cock against the slick lips.

     Jenna exclaimed sleepily, "Yes, oh yes, give me your cock Daddy!"

     I pushed in, feeling the heat enveloping me, our grunts of pleasure joining as I felt the walls of her tight teen cunt wrapping around my cock. Gripping her hips, I started to ride her, Jenna's cries of pleasure urging me on, as I gave her a morning doggy style ride.

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   I reached up, pulled her body up against mine, and continued to drive my cock into her from behind as I ran my hands around her body, cupping her shapely young breasts, pulling and tweaking gently on her stiff, turgid nipples.

     "Yes, oh yes, give it to me Daddy, let me have it!"

     I was happy to do so, driving my cock up into her slick tunnel, the heat and the grip bringing me up, my cock jerking and swelling up, piercing her cervix. Her hand reached down, stroking at my balls.

     "Yes Daddy, so deep, let it go Daddy, fill my womb, you're right there, do it, do it now, oh fuck, I'm gonna cum too, cum in me, cum with me, now, NOW, YEESSSS!!"

     Her howl of orgasm did it, and I erupted, thick ropes of cum gushing into her, her body shaking and jerking with orgasm as I let it go, filling her womb as her tightness spasmed around me, milking out every drop.

     I flopped back, and suddenly saw Jenna repositioning herself. Her cum filled pussy loomed over me.

     "Daddy, you made my pussy so messy, now I want you to lick me clean! Lick out every drop, don't swallow, then kiss me and feed me your cream, so I can swallow it all!"

     As Amanda and Jenna had no hesitation about having their sexy mouths filled with my cum, and swallowing it, I was happy to do as my daughter requested. As I pulled her down towards my mouth, her fingers slid down, parting her tight lips, I could see the glut of my spunk ready to go. Opening my mouth, she settled herself down, and, gravity doing most of the work, my cum slid quite easily out of her sexy center, and into my mouth. Jenna quickly lifted off, and her face quickly loomed above me.

     With a sexy smile, she whispered, "Give me what you have Daddy, pour your load into my mouth. "

     She lay back, smiling at me as I moved up over her. I lowered down, she opened wide, eager for it, and as our mouths connected, I opened up, her body shaking with pleasure as my load was delivered to her eager mouth. She swallowed it all, and her face was radiating joy.

     "Yes, yes, the best tasting cum in the world, Daddy, you are the best!"

     She snuggled with me, having her in my arms, resting after lovemaking, felt so natural. 

   What would happen tomorrow, another story.

     "Still thinking about Mom coming home?" Jenna whispered.

     "Yes I am baby girl, the past week has been one of the most enjoyable, sex filled weeks I've had for a long time. That's not to say that I'm a frustrated husband, your Mom is a very loving, giving lady, who is always as eager for sex as I am. It's just been a while since I've had a week where I've been worked over as gloriously as you have done with me. "

     She smiled at me, and I continued, "But, with Mom coming home, you and I will have to make some major adjustments. I don't know if your Mom might see our relationship in the same way that you see it in. And I certainly do not want to explode us apart with a nasty divorce. But I know that I cannot give you up completely. "

     Jenna said softly, "I understand Daddy. I know that Mom has to come first, you married her, and you love her very much. I am sure there will be plenty of times, like when Mom goes shopping, or after school, or another business trip, times like that, when you and I can share some more glorious time. And remember what I said, I'm a part of you both, so I think that making love to me can't be considered cheating. "

     Up for the day, we went to a movie, back at home, she had that horny gleam in her eyes as she led me to the bedroom. In a heated embrace, we slowly stripped each other, mouths kissing, tongues licking at newly uncovered skin.

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   She manoeuvred us into a very enjoyable 69. The feel of her tight, pouty lips sliding up and down, my cock surrounded by the hot, slick wetness of her mouth, as I licked and sucked at her tight opening, her juices running freely, brought me quickly to the brink. Eager to get her off as wildly as possible, I slid two fingers up her, and worked over her G Spot, Jenna had to stop sucking me so she could voice her pleasure.

     "Oh my god, Daddy, Daddy, oh fuck, I feel. . . like. . . ungh, ungh, oh fuck, I'm going to. . to. . yes, yes OH FUCK, FUUUCCCKKK!"

     Her rising shriek of pleasure filled the room, her orgasm slammed into her, and she started to spray, her girl cum splattering all over my face, each squirt was accompanied by a loud grunt, as I got her very juicy facial. She quickly swallowed me again, and I could feel the cum bolting up, I just let out a loud grunt as I exploded, gushing wildly, giving Jenna a mouthful of my cum.

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   She swallowed it all, and then turned around to be face to face with me again, smiling with pleasure.

     At dinnertime, Jenna wanted to go out to her favorite restaurant, and I was happy to do so. After dinner, I could see the advancing line of a storm front, off in the distance, we could see the approaching cumulonimbus clouds, those heavy towering masses with that dark-grey to nearly black bases, looked like it was going to be a stormy night.

     At home, Jenna was nervous, and as the storm front crept closer, lightning and thunder started to sound, the louder booms shaking the house slightly. She bounded into the bedroom, pulling me after her, and a bright flash, with the boom, knocked out the power.

     "Daddy, now that it's just like it was, how about if we recreate the night my virginity was gloriously removed? I'm just going to my bedroom, and put on the same T shirt and panties that I wore, and you put on your pyjama bottoms, and let's do something to ward off the thunderstorm disturbance, I'm kind of nervous right now!"

     That sounded great, and I quickly stripped down, pulled on my pyjama bottoms, and hopped into bed. The door opened, in the total blackness, I could hear her approaching, then she slid into bed next to me.

     I heard her voice whisper, "Okay Daddy, let relive that glorious time. "

     I rolled over to her and wrapped my arm around her, resting my hand on her stomach. I ran it back in my head, what we had done that night, her breathing was more rapid with her nervousness of the storm. I slipped my hand under her T shirt and slowly moved up, gliding over her skin, cupping the curve of her breast, her nipple pebbly stiff to my touch.

I started to tug and pull gently on her stiff, turgid nipple, Jenna letting our little gasps of pleasure, arching her back, and pressing my hand harder against her. I squeezed gently and leaned in, planting a line of soft, delicate kisses up and down the sides of her neck. Her coos of pleasure spurred me on, and I moved closer to her as she pushed her hips back, my hardness pressing against her sexy ass cheeks. Her hands reach down between her thighs, I feel her eager fingers opening the flap in the front of my pyjamas, as my hardness pushes out her hands grasp my cock.

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   My cock is rock hard, surging in her hands, my lust burning, the storm has built up my sexual tension to a peak, I need the release of my cock deep inside her sexy pleasure well. I pushed my hips forward, slipping my cock between her thighs. I can feel the head of my cock nudged snugly against her tight lower lips as I moved back and forth, pressing against her panties, the crotch of her panties is slick and hot with her lubrication, I can feel the dampness of her passion as my cock head rubs against her. She sighs with pleasure as she feels my rampant hardness pressing against her through the thin material. I move my hand down over her belly and slide it under the front of her panties to run it over her mound, my senses tingling as my fingers gently caress her bare, smooth shaven mound, drawing more moans of pleasure from her. The idea that I needed to get Amanda to shave off her neatly trimmed bush zips through my mind. My fingers find her hard clit and I stroke gently, bringing more moans of pleasure. She moves the crotch of her panties to the side, her hands lead my surging cock and positions me, her bare, smooth opening ready and eager. I let out a growl of pleasure as I feel the head of my cock running along her opening, her lips, syrupy and slick with her juices rubbing over the length of my shaft. Her hips roll back and the head of my cock pushes against her pussy, with a low moan, she thrusts back hard, eager for me to fill her, and I let out a grunt of pleasure as she buries my hardness into her slick, fiery core. She lets out a loud gasp of pleasure as she impales herself, mixing with my grunt as I am wrapped in her tightness, her wet, fiery heat engulfing me, she humps back against my thrusts, and I am fully swallowed, my cock rammed in deep, right to the balls.

     I whisper in her ear, "Oh yeah baby girl, fuck, your hot cunt is so wet and so tight, you're gonna suck every drop out of my hard prick!"

     She moans, whispers, "Oh yeah Daddy, drive it in deep, fuck my cunt, give your daughter every drop, let me have it!"

     Eager to do so, I pull back halfway, then drive it in deep, starting out slowly, she humps her hips back at me to meet each thrust, adding to the heat of our fucking. Her delightful tightness clutches at my cock, her inner muscles grip me snugly as I pick up the pace, plunging my cock in, the gripping cling of her around my shaft makes my prick sizzle as I feel my cock working up towards orgasm.

     I feel her body start to tremble in my arms, her orgasm is picking up speed, I start to tug and pull gently on her stiff, hard clit, her juices lube up my fingers, and I am able to slowly spin my fingers around her hard clit erection. I move my other hand around her so I can tug and pull her stiff nipples, her moans egg me on, my cock jerks, swelling up tight with a massive urgency, I can feel my cock head tight against her cervix.

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     She gasps, "Oh fuck, yeah, fuck, gonna cum, fill me, fill up my womb, I want Daddy's hot, incestuous load, oh fuck yeah, I'm cumming, oh my god!"

     Letting out a howl of pleasure, her body freezes, then starts to tremble, letting out gasps and grunts of pleasure. As her body shudders in climatic joy, I can feel her pussy tighten around me, milking at me, urging me on to my explosion, the juices of her release gushing over my hardness.

     I whisper into her ear, "Oh fuck yeah, gonna fill you baby girl, gonna flood your hot cunt with my hot spunk, oh yeah, cumming baby, cumming, YEAH!"

     She whispers back, "Yes, oh yes, fill me, flood me now!"

     Her orgasm took me over the edge, I reached down, grasped her hips and I thrust hard, burying my cock as deep as I can. The head of my swollen cock splits open her tight cervix, she let out a grunt as my cock head forces its way into the entrance to her very womb. That does it, and I erupt inside of her, my throbbing cock spraying and pumping a flood as my hot incestuous sperm pours directly into her womb. Her wonderful tightness ripples with spasms, her tight grip milking my cock for every drop. I pull her close to me, kissing the back of her neck.

     A match strikes, and the bedside candle is lit. I see Jenna lighting it, and I am confused. If Jenna is not secured on my still hard cock, then. . . . . .

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  as the glow fills the room, the confusion ends. My cock is buried deep inside Amanda's tightness, she turns her head, and looks at me over her shoulder.

     "Hi honey, I'm home!" she whispers, then giggles.

     "Mission accomplished Mom!" Jenna says with glee, hopping back into bed.

     To be continued. . . .                           


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