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I feel like i am a normal 19 year old man and she was a beautiful 13 year old girl. We live on a farm several miles from a town, so we spent lots of time at home with little to do. I have been jacking off two and three times a day for several years and played with my little sisters pussy since she was about 10. She liked me to finger fuck her and then when she started getting tits I would suck them and finger her until she would cum. She would jack me off and watch my cum shoot in the air but I couldn't get her to suck me off or let me try and fuck her. I guess you could say I watched her grow up in more ways than one. When she started getting a little hair on her pussy it really drove me crazy. When she would see me go to the barn in the afternoon she knew that I was going to jack off so she would follow me and ask if she could do it for me while I fingered her.
My Mom and Dad had left to visit my ill Grandmother and left us alone for the week end. That afternoon I had ask my sister if she would like for me to finger her and have her jack me off. She smilled and said sure. We went to my room and I was so horny and excited because I thought this might be a chance for me to actually get to fuck her. We stripped naked and of course my cock was hard and sticking out. I helped her take off her cloth and she was beautiful with her small little tits and pussy with some light brown hair on it. She started rubbing my cock and I was fingering her clit. She had spread her legs to allow me access to her pretty little cunt.

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   I had heard about men licking a womans pussy but had never tried it. I decided that this was my chance to try something new and maybe get my cock into that small little pussy. I got down between her legs, and she said "what are you doing"? I said I want to make you feel really good. When my mouth got close to her cunt I could smell the sweet aroma of her hot cunt. I kissed her pussy a couple of times and she let out a little moan, but when I put my tongue between her pussy lips she sucked in her breath and let out a "Oooohhhhh". Her legs spread wider as I licked her cunt and started to flick her clit with my tongue. It didn't take long until her was cumming and put her hands on my head and pulled my face into her cunt. She said "Oh brother did that feel good, where did you learn how to do that?" I told her she was my first and that I loved making her feel good and would she like to try making me feel good? She ask me what I wanted her to do and I just put my cock up to her lips and said "suck me off". At first she just looked at the hard bulging head but finally started to kiss it. I said "suck it" and she opened her mouth and allowed the head to go into her warm moist mouth and I thought I would cum on the spot. I started to slowly push my cock in and out of her mouth and she got into the rythem and soon she was sucking me like a pro. I told her I was going to cum but she just kept sucking until the first load squirted out of the head and she pulled her head off and let the rest hit her in the face.
I assured her that she had more than repaid me, and that I loved her dearly for doing iot. We lay there for a while talking and I started sucking her tits again and in a little while my cock was hard as a rock again. I ask her if she would like to try something that would make us both feel better and she ask me what.

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   I got between her lets and rubbed my cock up and down her little fuck hold touching her clit each time. She said "It's too big and it will hurt me". I told her I would go slow and that I didn't want to hert her. Finally she gave me the Ok and spread her legs as wide as she could. I lined my cock up with her tiny hole and started to push. When the head of my cock sank into here wet hot pussy she let out a moan and so did I. I had never felt anything that was so wonderful in my life. I slowly pushed in and out going slow not wanting to hert her. She was so tight and hot I couldn't hardly keep from blowing my load each time in went into her further. I slowly fucked her until I was completely in there was no chery to break and soon we were fucking like wild. She had her legs up in the aid and I was punding her pussy as hard as I could. Soon she started to say things like" OH fuck Oh fuck that feel good", Oh yeah big brother fuck your little sisters cunt", and each time she said something like it brought me closer to shooting off. After a while she started to almost scream " I'm cumming I'm cumming, Oh shit I'm cumming" and with that I shoved my cock as deep into her hot wet fuck hold as I could and blasted her with a huge load of cum. With each jet she would shout "Ohhhhh". We both collapsed and my soft cock slowly slid out of her pussy.


She said can we do it again, and I told her we have all week end.