Tasha and I at the Gloryhole Party 2


Tasha and I at the Gloryhole PartyPart 2by MrKingSaturday, the week after that fantastic glory hole party, Tasha told me that we had plans for the evening.   Based on last week's fun, I was pretty excited to hear that. Once again, we got ready for the evening, her checking with me to make sure she was hot enough, and with an ass like that, how could I not say yes?  She was wearing a nice black cocktail dress with black garters and stockings, and bright red, satin panties beneath.   She was every man's wet dream. Well, after we got ready, there was a knock at the door and I was told to stay in our room for a bit. Talk about a long wait.   I sat on the bed, patiently waiting.   And then waiting some more.   And then, just for kicks, I waited even longer.   It was killing me.   I had no idea what she had in store.   My cock was rock hard in my slacks and getting really uncomfortable. Well, after what seemed like forever, she finally came up and got me.   She took me downstairs and showed me a nice little pair of holes she had cut in the wall to the laundry room.   The great part was that I saw a pair of lips on the other side of one hole, and a tight little asshole behind the other.  God, I love Tasha.

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  I heard some muffled moaning and a little bit of shuffling from inside the laundry room, but I'm guessing they were just getting settled.   She told me, though, that I wasn't allowed to take advantage of either hole for a while.   So I followed her back upstairs with my cock straining against my pants.   It's gonna be a long night. Well, after just a few minutes, timing couldn't have been better as all of the people from the previous week started to show up.   I was even surprised to see my step-dad show up.   Once again, we pretended in front of the others that there was no relation, but just kept to small talk and light social interaction.   Tasha brought out hors d'oeuvres and the party was getting to into full swing. We continued to talk and make small chit-chat for about an hour, consuming cocktails and snacking on excellent little treats.   It was amazing that these people had a good idea of what was coming, but had such the ability to just talk and talk like it was nothing special.   The whole time I think I'm going to cum in my pants if we don't get this rolling. . Well, after quite a while, Tasha took charge and told everyone that this evening's entertainment is in the basement.   So everyone filed downstairs and took their places sitting around the family room.   Clothes started to slowly come off, and after a bit all you saw was a room full of hard cocks and dripping pussies.

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  Tasha pointed everyone to the two holes and told them to enjoy, and then came back to sit with me, telling me that I had to wait to enjoy the fun.   Two of the first people up were a man with a fairly small penis, and my step-dad, who was packing plenty to keep my mom happy.   The man went up and immediately chose the little asshole, I'm guessing it was about all that would make his cock feel large.   My step-dad went to the other hole and it one stroke pushed his cock all the way to the balls into the mouth.   You could hear a bit of a gag from behind the wall, but he just started sawing in and out, going the full length each time.   There was a lot of moaning from behind the wall, so I'm guessing that they were thoroughly enjoying the event. After a little bit, the man with the smaller cock started to cum, filling the tight little asshole with his creamy juice.   He was quickly replace by a woman that was interested in tonguing that cum right out of the pink little hole.   This was enough to push my step-dad over the edge and he moaned and pushed very deeply into the throat, emptying his balls deep inside. Up next was a man with a fairly large cock, it was pretty impressive to see hard with a little shine from the pre-cum leaking out.   He took my step-dad's example and went in in one thrust.   This was almost too much for the throat as you heard lots of gagging and then eventually quiet.   I'm not sure exactly what was happening, but eventually you heard moaning coming from behind the wall, so I'm guessing the throat loosened up.   Whomever is behind there must really like the abuse, because the moaning was getting fairly loud. The onslaught of cocks and pussies and tongues continued.

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    It was one, after another, after another.   Eventually the asshole was surrounded in a ring of cum and leaking cum out of the hole down the wall.   The set of lips were a bit puffy from the pounding and also covered in a mixture of cum and pussy juices.   This was when Tasha said it was my turn. I quickly got up and walked over.   I wanted to try both, but I wanted to start with the mouth, getting me nice and acclimated first.   I very slowly pushed my hard cock between the lips, not ramming, but continually feeding it in until I was pushing against the wall, my cock buried deep in the throat.   I could feel the throat swallowing against the head of my cock.   It was amazing.   There was also a nice bit of moaning around my cock, sending vibrations deep into me.   Tasha took this time to try to tease me a bit.   She walked over to the asshole at the wall, pushed her finger inside and brought out some cum.   She then spread my ass cheeks and pushed the cum covered finger into my tight little hole.   Once it was in deeply, she went back to the asshole at the wall and started to tongue it deeply while she finger fucked the mixture of cum deep into my ass.   It was amazing.

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    The throat around my cock, the finger pushing in my ass, and visual of my girlfriend tonguing a well-used asshole, it was all almost too much, so I stopped for a minute, pulling my cock out from the hungry mouth.   I then told Tasha we were going to switch, that she could have the mouth in the wall, but I was going to have that asshole. . We switched, but Tasha blew my mind yet again when, rather than leaning her pussy up to the captive tongue, she leaned in and was kissing the mouth very passionately, swapping the excess cum back and forth.   It was freak'n hot.   I had to really concentrate to get my mind back on target, and I pity the person connected to the asshole, because even though I'm no porn star, my cock is fairly large and I was going to fuck that asshole hard.   I rammed myself in all the way in one very hard stroke.   The only thing saving the hole was the fact that it was still so coated in cum, otherwise it would have been a very rough experience for the person behind the wall. It seems like I was fucking for hours, watching Tasha tongue the mystery mouth deeply and lovingly, but it was probably only a few seconds before Tasha turned to me, cum glistening on her lips and said "Why don't you fill that little ass up with your cum for me, baby?". Yup, that was the winner.   I blew cum into that ass until I thought my body was going to cave in.   My balls were 100% empty as my sticky load rocketed out of my painfully hard cock into that tight little ass.   I thought I was going to black out I came so hard. After I sat back for a sec, I realized that I was the last person to go and we were all done.   The asshole I just got done hammering was bright red and dripping a mixture that was mostly my cum and the whole room was looking at me and it with big smiles, having enjoyed the offerings of the evening.

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  Tasha told everyone thank you, and then went to set our guests free.   I followed her because I wanted a good look at how things were set up. I couldn't have ever been prepared for what I saw. I figured out what all the moaning was from.   It was set up just like the other people's house, with tie-downs on the wall to hold them in place.   My mom's head was tightly secured to the wall.   My 13 year old sister Jenni had her hips and legs tightly bound to the wall, offering her tight little ass to the party goers. The thing that I hadn't thought about and didn't expect was that with the other ends of them available, Tasha had thought of a way to keep those ends busy too.   We have two Great Dane's, Hux and Luke.   They were in the room with these two.   Both had their collars secured to the wall, so they couldn't move much at all.   Hux was lined up with my mom's asshole, and by the red, cum-covered looks of things, had been pounded her tight ass since Tasha set this all up, which had to have been two or three hours. My sister, a little fresh teenager, was blindfolded and had the other experience, as she had also worn a dog collar that kept her firmly under Like's belly, so he could fuck her face for hours and hours.   Her face was covered in cum and there was plenty leaking out of her little mouth. It was the hottest thing I've ever seen.

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  It took me a minute, but I eventually started to help Tasha untie everyone and lead them out to a room of cheering party goers.   Everyone was satisfied and it was something I'll never forget.   I've got my fingers crossed that there will be other fun things we can do.   I can't thank Tasha enough for letting me in on my little family secret. .