Painting the Roses Red


Painting the Roses Red

By Beagle9690

September 2008

Shakespeare wrote: "What's in a name?

That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. "

When I first met her, she was Blanche, Blanche Rousseau.

I assumed she was somewhat of a recluse spinster caring for her elderly bedridden father.

At least that was the consensus of most of my neighbors.

I lived in the house directly across the street from Blanche.

I found out later that it was encumbered upon by lien after lien.

Although bedridden at the time of his death, Mr. Rousseau was a mean, abusive bastard.

Before his wife died, Mr. Rousseau was a very successful businessman.

His family wanted for nothing and he gave his wife and daughters everything, including himself.

The Rousseau's were a well-liked and respected family.

Mr. Rousseau was a Deacon in his Church.

The family attended Mass every Sunday.

After his wife's death, Benedict Rousseau denounced his faith.

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Alcohol became his sacrament . . . then, his damnation.

I moved there after he was bedridden and knew of him by reputation only.

Never married, Blanche was promised the house after he died.

Sadly, for all intent and purposes, Blanche was left with nothing for all her sacrifices.

This sweet, passive lady had no formal education beyond high school.

Blanche worked part time on weekends delivering the local penny saver to get spending money.

Although Blanche was left the house in her father's will.

Everything else was left to her younger sister, Clarette.

Clarette and her latest boyfriend removed everything of value from the house.

They even took Blanche's bed and dresser.

They dumped Blanche's meager clothing to the floor, trampling them as they carried the furniture out.


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They backed a rented moving van up to the house while we were at the wake.

Blanche and I were the only attendees.

Clarette never attended her father's wake or funeral.

I lived next door to Blanche for almost a year and never talked to her until the night when. . . . . . . . . . . .

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  . . . . . . . .

I was washing 2 weeks accumulation of dirty dishes when the doorbell rang.

I answered the back door off of the kitchen and saw Blanche standing there.

It was obvious that she had been crying.

Blanche's eyes were red and puffy.

I invited her in and sat her down at the kitchen table.

"May I get you something Miss Rousseau?

Coffee, tea. .

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  . water, perhaps?"

Blanche was sitting with her face in her hands, not answering.

"Are you ill?

Did something happen?"

Miss Rousseau, Blanche. . . . I called her Blanche then.

I called her Blanche when I hired her as my live in housekeeper/maid.

I changed her name when she became my submissive lover.

"My father died this morning. "

Blanche said hoarsely.

She started coughing, trying to clear her throat.

I brought her a glass of ice water and made her sip it slowly.

Then I put the teakettle on to boil.

Chamomile tea with honey and lemon would be just the thing to sooth her raw throat.

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When the tea was ready, I brought her a cup and sat down across from her with mine.

I put my hand on top of hers.

"Take a deep breath and sip your tea.

Good, take your time and calm yourself. "

It was obvious that Blanche was hoarse from crying.

I held her hand while we sipped our tea, neither of us saying anything.

Although a bachelor, I am a man who enjoys looking at women.

My first passion is for fishing.

My occupation, I build custom fishing rods for a living.

I am a stickler for details, striving for perfection.

I specialize in split bamboo.

My prices for bamboo start ay $2500. 00 per rod.

I build no more then 25 rods a year.

I require a 75% deposit upon placing an order and the average waiting time per bamboo rod is two years.

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I also will fabricate oak & leather hard carrying cases for any of my rods to the purchaser's preference.

As we sipped our tea I studied her, taking in the smallest details.

Blanche's face is heart shaped with a nice little turned up nose.

She has a marvelous creamy completion with dimples in her cheeks.

Miss Rousseau has full generous, inviting lips.

And when she smiles. . . certainly not then, and not often at first. . . . but now. . .

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  . often, sunlight, warm and inviting. . . lighting my life.

Dark brown eyes, little puppy dog eyes with such long eyelashes and perfect, precious little ears.

Blanche was five foot-five inches tall.

A slim petite woman, no more then 110 pounds if that.

Her figure was perfect for her small frame, round full breasts and a cute little round ass.

I believe the correct terminology is that Blanche has a small frame.

Blanche had small graceful hands.

Beautiful hands with long fingers, the type of beautiful hands one sees in advertising for hand cream.

As I was holding her hand, I was thinking a shame that she bites her fingernails.

This is in to way a put down, especially when taking into consideration her circumstances.

Blanche's clothing although clean was threadbare, possibly second hand.



It appeared she no real sense of style, so unlike Laura my friend David's wife, or Samantha.

Blanche wore glasses.

The frames of her eyeglasses made of black plastic.

They were broken at the bridge, then amateurishly glued back together

They were too large and the wrong style for her pretty heart shaped face.

Blanche was not wearing them that night.

They were hanging from her neck on a rhinestone eyeglass cord that was missing three stones.

The only jewelry of any quality that I could see was a fine 1. 5 mm diamond cut sterling silver rope chain.

Blanche's mother's platinum wedding band was hanging on that chain.

As well as her birthright, a flawless, blood red 3- carat heart cut ruby.

The ruby was mounted in a solitaire platinum ring and was nestled between her pert breasts next to the wedding band.

Blanche had her father convinced that he pawned them while on a drunken binge.

Blanche later confided with me that she hid them from her father so that he couldn't pawn them.

"Mom promised me the ruby before she died, Adam

The ruby was always to go to the eldest daughter. "

Mom inherited the ruby from Grandma, who in turn, inherited from her mother.

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This is a tradition from mother to daughter for as long as anyone can remember. "

As I sat with Blanche, I remembered that it was her hair that I noticed when I first moved here.

I saw Blanche from a distance riding her bicycle to work.

Her hair was pure silver white in a thick solitary braid down her back, as it was styled now.

At first, I assumed she was an older woman, perhaps in her sixties with a wonderful figure and graceful movements.

Although shabbily dressed, and wearing black frame glasses on a rhinestone cord.

I was intrigued with that old woman, or so I thought her old at first glance.

As I said, I am a man who enjoys looking at women; therefore I watched for her return.

And return she did;"Curious & Curiouser" said Alice (she was so much surprised).

This popped into my head when I saw Blanche's youthful face.

I was much surprised and pleasantly so.

I contemplated, why in the world of all things did that thought pop into my head just then?

Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll. . . what nonsense I am thinking.

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On the other hand, I would love to Tweedle Dee her little twat, and then, Tweedle Dum her little bum.

Now that's more like it!

Honest male carnal lust.

I walked back into my house grinning like the "Cheshire Cat. "

Blanche was the first to speak

"I don't know what to do.

I could tell from her expression that she was starting to cry.

My sister won't help me and Clarette is demanding. . . "

"Slowdown. "I interrupted, gently squeezing her hand.

"Start from the beginning, Blanche. . . . may I call you Blanche, Miss Rousseau?

Blanche wiped her tears with her hand, and nodded, yes.



"My name is Adam and I will help you anyway I can. "

We called the county coroner.

Afterwards her father was taken to a funeral home for a one-day viewing.

Fortunately we were able to bury her father next to her mother in their family plot.

Her mother preceded her father by 23 years.

During all that time that bastard never bought a headstone for his wife.

Between the cost of the funeral and the headstone, I paid out over nine thousand dollars.

Not that I am Saint by any means, but this was the right thing to do.

The creditors foreclosed on the house two weeks after the funeral.

Blanche and I came to an agreement.

She would work for me as my live-in housekeeper/ maid.

Blanche would receive room and board.

In addition, she would receive a small weekly stipend: twenty-five dollars for spending money.

We set up a payment plan.

Blanche would satisfy my loan to her in eighteen months.

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If she decided to stay on we would renegotiate a salary.

Blanche moved in with two plastic garbage bags of clothing, plus four large cardboard boxes of books.

I kept it to myself, but I was outraged.

I can't put it into words without using the vilest, most explicit profanity.

Such was the contempt that I held for her selfish, mercenary sister, Clarette.

In retrospect: It made me all the more protective of Blanche. . . well, so much for minding my own business.

Blanche was my housekeeper/maid for 6 months.

I suppose that she grieved for her father in her own way.

Considering how he treated her. . . .

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   abused her. . . lied to her.

Blanche was smiling more often now.

I had not heard her crying in her room for weeks.

I discovered that I could tolerate having a woman underfoot.

The house was certainly much neater and cleaner.

As a matter of fact, it was spotless.

There were no more dishes piling up in the sink.

The hardest thing was learning to share our one bathroom.

Blanche scolded me for leaving the seat up, but she was right, so I started leaving it down.

Blanche's bedroom is across from mine and is the largest bedroom of the four rooms upstairs.

Originally half the size, the previous owner removed the wall separating them.

This made one very large room out of two good-sized ones.

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Not that I have many overnight guests, but I furnished this room quite lavishly as a guest bedroom.

This room had a queen size poster bed with bedside tables on both sides.

I furnished it with brass hurricane lamps on each table.

I included a secretary's desk, vanity table- with attached mirror and matching chair.

There are three large dressers, a rocking chair with a matching footstool placed near one of the windows.

I included a tiffany floor lamp beside the rocker for reading at night, plus a small round table near both for books or whatever.

Unfortunately, this room had no closet.

I included two large floor to ceiling wardrobes with mirrors on the inside doors.

It should be noted that all the mentioned furniture is of black walnut.

After six months, Blanche's books were still in the boxes on her bedroom floor.

I decided to surprise her by putting some barrister bookcases in her bedroom while she was out.

I have a friend, David Ares who builds furniture and restores antiques.

David was sure to locate some bookcases to match the bedroom furniture, and I was right.

David arrived with his wife Laura while Blanche was out of the house.

Wednesdays are Blanche's days off.

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Normally she stays in her bedroom and reads or is in and out of my garage workshop just watching me work.

Often she will just sit on a tall stool near the window with a book keeping me company.

Blanche is not allowed to talk while I am working so that I will not be distracted.

On this Wednesday, I gave her specific instructions that I needed to be alone and sent her away for the day.

David helped me carry the bookcase sections upstairs.

We rearranged the furniture while Laura unpacked the books and filled the bookcases once they were stacked in place.

Most of the books were dog-eared paperback romances, at least the books on top.

The books on the bottom hidden from view were books on the subject of Erotica and Erotica Novels.

They just looked at one another smiling, the non-verbal message understood only by them; two people most intimate.

For a second I was jealous. . . . and then they looked at me, nodding and smiling.

"Why are you both looking at me like that?

Are you going to tell me or is it some big secret?"

"When are we going to meet her?"

Laura asked.

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"You want to meet my housekeeper?"

I asked, feigning obtuse. "

Now who is keeping secrets. "?

David offered.

Changing the subject I said.

"How about lunch it is on me. "

"Make it Indian and you have a deal. "

David agreed.

During lunch at "Little India", Dave and I talked about our upcoming weekend fishing trip.

Laura was unusually quiet and I noticed her studying me, a thoughtful look on her face.

I also noticed her frequently touching her silver shell shaped locket.

I believe it was scallop shell.

During lunch I got another strange look, then Laura smiled at me

I'll be damned if I knew what for.

At least the subject of me being single did not come up.

Laura was always trying to fix me up with a nice girl.

When she and her friend Marie got together, watch out!

I was in my workshop when Blanche arrived home.

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I looked up and she was standing in the doorway studying me.

I noticed that she had unbraided her hair and it fell well past her ass in silver white waves.

This was the first time that I had seen her hair out of her braid.

"Hello Blanche how was your day?"

"I want to thank you for the bookcase, Adam. "

"You are welcome, I hope you like it. "

"The bookcase is very nice.

But, I want to really thank you. "

Blanche took a step forward.

I put my plane down and walked over to her.

I held out my hand for her to shake but Blanche shook her head; No.

I stepped closer to her waiting to see what she would do.

Taking a step back, then hesitantly stepping forward, Blanche got up on her toes.

She put her hands on my shoulders and gave me a quick kiss on the mouth.

I was rewarded with the most precious red blush that spread across her pretty face.

"I'll be in my room if you need me.

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She said, turning and quickly walking away.


She turned to look. "Yes, Adam. "

"I will join you in a minute. "

I said, smiling and winking.

I really shouldn't have teased her like that, but the look on her face was priceless, and the next blush was better then the first.

I continued smiling and wiping my hands on the shop towel, watching her squirm.

"Did you eat, Blanche?"

"No, I was going to fix myself something.

"Can I make something for you?"

"I'll split a large pizza with you.

I like mine with Italian sausage and anchovies if that's OK with you?"

"That would be nice, I'll pay for half. "

Blanche offered, looking relieved and smiling.

"Order it then, I will go pick it up while you set the table.

I have something I want to talk to you about. "

When I returned with our pizza, I was not surprised that Blanche braided her hair again.

We sat in the kitchen and ate our pizza with a wonderful tossed salad that she made, and we drank root beer.



Blanche loves root beer.

"I have decided that you will wear a uniform when working.

One must strive to be their best whatever their chosen profession, however temporary.

As your employer, I will of course defer the costs. "

"But. . . . "

She started to say.

"No buts, I am speaking to you as your employer now.

I will broach no insubordination.

Do I make myself clear?"

Blanche just nodded, looking down.

"Look at me when I am talking to you, Miss Rousseau. "

"Yes, of course, whatever you think best, Sir.

Blanche replied, looking into my eyes.

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"Good, it is settled then.

I will be going fishing this weekend with a friend.

I will be leaving early Friday and returning Sunday evening.

I will leave you with my cell phone number to call in case of an emergency. "

"Tomorrow I will take you to purchase your uniforms. "

I reached across the table and put my hand on hers.

"I'm telling you this as Adam.

You have a sweet smile and adorable dimples.

There you see, one here and one here. "

I reached up and touched each of her cheeks with my hand.

"You really need to smile more often.

Thank you for the kiss.

It is always a pleasure to be kissed by a pretty woman.

Particularly one that blushes so nice, see you are doing it now. "

In the morning we went to a store catering to women's professional wear.

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I selected three short sleeve housekeeping dresses in basic black that fell just above her knees.

The dresses were styled with concealed buttons with a single top button and white lapels plus white angle cut cuffs.

I also purchased half a dozen white rounded maids aprons, plus 6 pairs of white pantyhose.

I also bought her two pairs of black walking shoes and two plain cotton bras.

Now I knew all of Blanche's sizes.

Before we left the uniform store, I made her go to the dressing room to change into her uniform.

Then I sent her to wait for me by the truck.

I made a call on my cell phone to a woman that I had an affair with.

I was the bogeyman to her un-committed lover for whom Samantha wanted a promise.

We succeeded in making Grace jealous and I was invited to their small private ceremony.

"Samantha, this is David. . . . .


  . . . . . . . . . . Yes, I'm fine thank you for asking. . . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . Of course next Tuesday

Now for the reason that I am calling, I need a favor.

I need to make an appointment to have my maid's eyes examined. . . . .

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  . . . . four o'clock will be perfect.

One other thing, what are you wearing. . . . you need to change.

I want you to put your hair up. . . why, you are gong to love this. .

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  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . . .

Blanche was standing by the passenger door waiting for me to unlock it.

"You look very professional in your new uniform Miss Rousseau. "

"Thank you sir. "

Leaning closer, I said softly.

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"You are also a very pretty woman, especially when you smile and I love your dimples.

Therefore, I am taking you out for lunch and I will not take no for an answer. "

"May I first ask you a question, Sir?"

"You certainly may, Blanche. "

"Technically, I am supposed to be working.

I should be preparing your lunch, correct?"

"Yes, technically you are correct. "

"Then what type of lunch are you taking me on?"

"I will show you. "

"Turn around.

Now stand straight with your hands folded in front of you.

Very good. "

I took her thick silky silver white braid in my hand and stroked it, gauging its weight and thickness.

I knew there was some women whose hair started to turn gray or white at an early age.

Most of these women dyed theirs.

Blanche's hair was very soft and thick and obviously well cared for.

Her braid tapered at the bottom.

No doubt a good cut was in order.

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When I cut it, another mental knot, binding her in submission to me.

I loved the color of her hair. I found it to be quite exotic.

I planned on cutting her hair myself. . . . her soon to be lover.

Cutting her hair. . . . intimate and erotic. . .

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  . dominate for my part and submissive for hers.

This thought was so delicious, that I could hardly wait.

As a fisherman and rod builder, I am more then familiar with ropes and knots, wrappings, bindings or braids.

The possibilities of her submission to me: a bookcase full of possibilities.

The maid uniform was the first mental knot. . . now for the second.

I started to take her hair out of her braid

"Adam what are you doing?

You can't. . . "

"Hush, I'm almost finished. "

I smoothed her silver white waves of hair down her back and buttocks.

I received no further protests, nor did she try and move away.



Reaching around her waist, I took her small hands in mine.

I gently brought them behind her back and held them in place with my left.

At six-two and weighing 175 lbs. I can easily overpower Blanche.

I have watched her work, moving furniture to clean and she is quite strong for her size.

I admire her for that.

Nevertheless this maneuver illustrated the fact without hurting her.

"When you are technically working, I have decided that you will put your hair up in a nice bun or chignon. "

Now that you are dressed properly, a long braid however beautiful is not in keeping with your new prim and proper image. "

"Do you really think my hair is beautiful, Adam?"

Blanche asked hopefully as I stroked her waves with my right hand.

"Your hair is not only beautiful, I find the color to be very exotic.

The color of a sweet white rose.

As is the meaning and origin of your name, Blanche: French for "white".

I let go of her hands and Blanche turned to face me.

Her long hair naturally falling in a center part, now that it is was loose and unbound.

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"Are you asking me out on a date, Adam?

"That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. "

I said bowing with a flourish, then offering her my arm.

"I accept!"

Blanche smiled and took my arm.

During lunch, I told her about her eye appointment with Dr. Sam.

"You really could use some new glasses, Blanche.

I will purchase three pairs for you.

One of the 3 pairs will be a polarized sunglass, and the other two will have changeable lenses.

I was thinking something in a metal frames.

Consider it part of your paid eye plan.

I have made all the arrangements for you.

Dr. Sam is the expert and will fit you perfectly and stylishly, trust me. "

Samantha, Dr. Sam was a board certified optometrist.

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Sam is a large woman, plus sized with a round voluptuous figure.

Sam is an inch taller than I and we probably weigh close the same.

She is a true alpha female.

Sam is a strong willed dominant woman with her submissive lover, but feminine and sexy as hell.

I met her on a trout stream of all places.

Sam is the only one of two people to receive one of my custom bamboo rods as a gift.

The other person receiving a rod was David.

I have also made Sam split bamboo switches with mahogany reel seats and cork handles.

She will apply to her submissive lover's buttocks, never in anger only to discipline.

I also know that Sam loves Grace and theirs is a consensual relationship.

Both of us are the dominants, as Grace and Blanche are submissive.

We have much to talk about during our Tuesday luncheon dates, besides fishing and fly tying.

There was a special event that brought us closer together intellectually and emotionally; an unspoken oath sealed with blood.

It happened almost a year before I met my sweet Rose.

One Sunday, Samantha telephoned me.



"Adam, I have a proposition for you, what do you say to a Ménage a trois, you, Grace and I?

Tonight's the night.

I want to share it with you, for agreeing to help me make her jealous.

Grace is ready to submit to me totally.

She is such a luscious little morsel, and now will be molded to my will. "

"Does Grace know I am coming?"

"No she does not. It will be a surprise.

"Grace will show you the proper respect, or else! "

Then Samantha explained the script to me over the telephone.

When I arrived, Samantha was wearing a black silk kimono, with lacey black panties and matching bra underneath.

Sam's long silky raven black hair is the same color as mine.

Normally it is unbound when we have sex, falling just below her shoulder blades.

This evening, it was now in a high ponytail.

Her makeup, quite sultry: purple eye shadow with silver sparkles, silver eyeliner, and purple lipstick.

"Here is your kimono Adam. "

Sam handed me one exactly like hers, along with a black silk men's brief.

"Would you like a switch, Adam?"

"No thank you, I prefer my good right hand.

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I answered honestly.

After I dressed, I sat down while she fixed my hair.

Nothing outrageous; as a prelude to sex, she always enjoyed greasing my hair and combing it straight back.

This was a small concession on my part.

Our love making always started with oral sex.

The hair grease was what she used to grease her fingers to lubricate her anus, and my penis.

I performed anal sex while she played with herself.

Oral and anal were all I was allowed to give her.

Samantha would never allow me vaginal intercourse.

However, I got marvelous blowjobs.

Samantha would put her hair up in a bun for me to take down.

I would remove the hairpins to play with her long silky ponytail.

Then, finally out of the ponytail loose and unbound.

I loved playing with her long hair, Sam's concession to me.

Samantha is very vain about her hair.

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"Now for your makeup. "

Sam announced, holding up a tube of pink lipstick.

"When pigs have wings," I said laughing.

Samantha just gave me such an odd look.

We went to Sam's bedroom, the thick carpeting muffling our footsteps.

I observed that Grace was sitting on a backless barstool with her hands secured behind her back with pink rope.

Pink rope secured Grace's legs to the stool.

Grace had on a pink silk scarf for her blindfold.

Grace is about the same height as Rose, and in her mid-twenties.

She has a very slim boyish figure with breasts the size of small apples and hardly any ass.

Grace is rather plain, although with makeup and the right clothing nice to look at.

Her two best features are her golden blond hair and blue eyes; eyes the color of blue turquoise.

Samantha confided to me that Grace is very vain about her hair, constantly fussing with it.

"I know I am somewhat fussy myself with my hair, Adam.

But Grace takes it to the extreme.

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I have spent a fortune on Grace for hair care products.

Some she has used only once and then throws away. "

"I have to bribe my stylist to cut Grace's hair, and that is just for a trim the ends.

My stylist Mandy is the best that there is.

Grace always finds fault with Mandy's best efforts.

The water is to hot or to cold.

Not enough shampoo, to much shampoo. . . . you get the picture I am sure. "

Grace was wearing a frilly pink teddy and matching pink panties.

Shocking pink lipstick, makeup lightly applied.

Grace's long fingernails were colored the same shocking pink as her lips.

Sam spoiled Grace almost to the extreme.

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Samantha just about gave in to Grace's every whim, and that was about to change.

I could feel myself getting hard, looking forward to the part I was too play.

I was to remain silent for the moment, letting Grace think that she and Sam were alone.

Samantha walked and stroked Grace's long golden blond hair, wrapping her finger around one of the long ringlet curls.

Normally, Grace's hair is straight and smooth almost reaching her slim waist.

Tonight, her hair styled in luscious ringlet curls caressing her back.

"What is your purpose in life, Grace?

"To love and serve you Mistress. "

"What else?"

Sam lifted Grace's chin with her switch

"To obey you in all things and to serve and obey all dominants. "

"Do you swear to obey me in all things as is witnessed by your Master?"

Sam asked.

Grace paused, not answering right away.

I am sure that Grace thought Sam misspoke and meant to say Mistress.

This was quite clever on Sam's part.

"I so swear Mistress. "

"What are you my dear?"

Samantha asked.

"I am a cunt.

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I am your little cunt Mistress and I must learn to be a good girl. "

Samantha leaned in and kissed her mouth long and deep.

"You have been behaving like a spoiled brat, but that will change little cunt.

You will no longer be rude to Adam or refer to him as the Bogeyman.

I do not share your prejudice towards men.

You have much to unlearn from college. "

Sam said sternly and grabbing Grace's curls and tugging for emphasis.

"I will no longer tolerate your jealous behavior towards him, Grace. "

Adam is very special to me. "

Sam said, touching my cheek with her hand.

That was not in the scrip.

I took Sam's hand and squeezed.

"You must learn to accept him and take what he has to offer. "

Sam told her, and looking at me knowingly.

"You will apologize to him and address him as he tells you.

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I am sure that he will forgive you. . . . if you please him.

Then I will determine your punishment and he will carry it out. "

"Now, again in regard to men, and particularly in regard to Adam.

From this moment forward your will no longer use your saucy mouth and sharp tongue to criticize Adam

You will use them to compliment and celebrate his manhood as do I. "

"Do you understanding what I am telling you Grace?"

"Yes Mistress. " "Grace answered impatiently.

Are you going to make love to me now?

I am so horny, please untie me now Mistress. "

Grace said, starting to tug at her bonds.

"Do you love me Grace?"

"Yes, Sam. . .

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  . I mean Mistress. . . please, I am so horny. . . "

"Hush dear one. I love you as well. "

I was touched; it was obvious to me that they did love on another.

I was so used to thinking inside the box.

There are many ways to show love and affection.

Grace's total surrender for one: We all have our prejudices.

"And we will certainly make love this evening. .


  . . the three of us. "

Sam said, letting go of her golden curls, and kissing her mouth.

"I don't understand. . . . " Grace started to say.

I interrupted by pulling her head back by her hair and kissing her mouth saying.

"The Bogeyman is here you spoiled little brat; beware the jabberwocky!"

Again, I was now quoting Lewis Carroll and Samantha gave me such a look?

"You may call me Master Bogeyman. "

"As I said earlier, my dear little cunt, you have much to unlearn from college. "

Sam explained, removing the pink silk scarf from Grace's eyes.

"Humility for one, Grace. "

"A slave has no need for clothing.

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" Adam, if you please. "

Grace said, turning the stage over to me.

I stepped in front of Grace and grabbed her lacey pink teddy, ripping it easily at the seams, stripping her naked to the waist.

"Samantha please, not him not now, I. . . "

Her pleas stopped in mid sentence.

Sam's switch came down sharply on Grace's naked back, causing her to scream out in surprise and pain.

"You do not have permission to speak.

And you will not speak for any reason without permission from Adam. "

"He is my witness your vows. "

"Do you understand now?"

Grace nodded her head up and down for yes.

Grace was pleading with Sam through her eyes and tears, afraid to look at me.

"My slave has no need for long painted fingernails. "

Sam said, handed me nail clippers.

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I cut Grace's nails nice and short.

Sam removed the makeup and lipstick from Grace's face with a washcloth.

Grace's hands were still bound behind her back.

"As of Monday morning you will be starting your new job as a receptionist.

My receptionist so I can keep and eye on you. "

Sam announced, while stroking Grace's small breasts.

I watched Grace's nipples grow hard, standing erect and proud.

Sam nodded to me.

I put my right hand underneath Graces little ass lifting her up to remove her panties.

I slid them down to her knees before ripping them off of her.

I untied her legs from the stool and I made Grace stand, stroking her erect nipples from behind.

Sam was in front probing her moist pussy with her fingers.

Grace's pubic hair was the same golden blond as the hair on her head.

"Little brat.

I am going to untie your hands now.



You had better be a good little girl.

Your Mistress is a woman, while you are a selfish spoiled little brat!"

I untied her hands and dropped the pink rope to the floor.

I then held both Grace's small hands behind her back in one of mine.

"A woman is allowed hair between her legs if she chooses.

Spoiled little girls do not. "

I advised her, stroking Grace's now wet cunt with my left hand.

I led her to the bathroom where Sam was waiting with the electric clippers.

I picked Grace up and put her on the large vanity sink. I spread her legs for Sam to shave the little brat's Mon's pubis.

Sam started with Oster Electric Hair Clippers, and finished by lathering then shaving her smooth twice with a Gillette Fusion Razor.

"Kneel on the floor slave. "

Sam ordered, lightly tapping Graces shoulder with her bamboo switch.

Grace got down on her knees in front of me.

I opened my robe and took off my black silk briefs, my manhood standing proudly at attention.

Sam grabbed Grace by her long curls.

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"You will now use your mouth and tongue to celebrate and compliment his manhood. "

Sam pushed Grace's head to my welcoming cock.

I took hold of Grace beautiful soft hair and told her to start licking.

Sam got on the floor next to her and played with Grace's wet pussy, caressing and probing with her fingers.

This caused Grace to moan with pleasure.

"Lick the tip in a circular motion. " I said.

"Very nice, now the shaft from the base to the tip like an ice cream cone.

Marvelous now alternate between the two. . . . . . .

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  . . . mmm.

You will make a marvelous little cock sucker with practice.

Open your eyes, Grace and look at me. "

I ordered, tugging at her hair.

"Look at my eyes. . . . the eyes of the Bogeyman whose cock you are licking.

Your Mistress wanted me to shave your head as punishment for your bratty behavior towards me.

Don't stop licking. "

"That is right my sweet little cunt.

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Fortunately for you Adam is a kind man and convinced me otherwise. "

Samantha told her, handing me the scissors.

"Now you may suck on it, starting with the tip. "

I told her, smoothing her curls down her back; suck and use your little tongue. "

Starting from the right, I took a section of hair from the front.

I cut her curl off at chin level, holding up for her to see.

I dropped the severed curl into a crystal bowl that Sam was holding.

"You will now take my whole cock in your mouth and suck.

But don't forget to use your tongue. "

"That's right, keep your head still, suck while I finish your haircut.

I continued cutting until Grace's it was even with the bottom of her chin.

"You are on your own now, I want you to lick and suck my cock until I come in your mouth.

Then you will swallow my semen, all of it.

If I enjoy my blowjob, and for your sake I had better, I may not to cut your hair super short during the rest of your ceremony. "

My hands were in buried in Grace's much shorter bobbed hair using it to control her speed to match my pleasure.

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All the while Samantha was licking and sucking Graces smooth, hairless cunt.

Sam was sticking her finger deep into Grace's asshole, using my hair grease to help lubricate.

Grace was moaning loudly enjoying the attention to her little cunt and was licking and sucking with abandon.

I pulled my cock halfway out of her mouth just before I came as not to gag her.

Grace swallowed all of my semen, having her orgasm soon after.

Then, I made her clean my cock and balls with her mouth and tongue.

I ordered her to the bathroom to get in the shower and wet down her hair for the final cut.

Considering that this was my first attempt at cutting a woman's hair, it came out quite well.

Perhaps it was because I was proficient in creating the dry and wet flies and streamers I use in fishing.

Shaping the much smaller feathers and fur to a precise shape and texture.

Creating dry flies and streamers was satisfying.

However, not sensual or as enjoyable as this: cutting and shaping a submissive woman's hair.

Grace not knowing how it will be styled or how short it will be cut.

I made Grace sit perfectly still on her stool.

I combed her hair down, cutting it perfectly straight and blunt all the way around to the bottom of her ears.

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I could tell that Samantha was getting aroused watching me.

At the end of the cut, I turned things over to her.

Sam blow-dried Grace's hair, fluffing the short bob around her face, declaring;

"Adam, I love this cut on her!

I can't wait to curl it or slick it back away from her face and tuck it behind her ears!

I want you to cut her hair on a permanent basis. "

"How about every fifth Tuesday?"

I suggested.

"That will be perfect, Adam.

Grace will of course compensate you any way you see fit. "

Before leaving, we tied Grace's ankles together, then her hands behind her back.

We used the silk scarf for the blindfold, leaving Grace lying on the bathroom floor.

Then, we went downstairs to the living room to share a bottle of champagne, chilling in the ice bucket.

Taking a sip from her glass.

"Adam" I can't believe that you said that, beware the jabberwocky.

You never fail to surprise me.

How could you possibly know that Alice in Wonderland & "Through the Looking glass are my favorite books in the whole world?

I am sure I have never told you.

I didn't want you to think me silly. "

"Samantha, I have something to tell you.

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"You need not say it Adam, I feel the same way about you. "

"Sam, I. . . "

"Let me finish. "

She interrupted.

"I have thought about you and I. "

Sam said, squeezing my hand.

"I am more Lesbian then I am bi.

I am ashamed to say that at first, you were only a dalliance. . . a walk on the wild side.

I will always prefer women best. "

"Can you forgive me Adam?"

"There is nothing to forgive Sam.

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We are what we are. "

"I tell you this honestly Samantha and this must remain between us.

Man or woman, I have never in my adult life felt comfortable discussing my sexuality with anybody but you. "

"Carnal desires aside, I am humbled and honored that you are sharing Grace with me.

I can tell by the way that you look at Grace that you truly love her.

It is every man's fantasy to get it on with two or more women.

And if they are lesbians, men of my preferences imagining that we can turn them straight.

You too were a dalliance of sorts.

I imagined I could. . . . . . .


  . . . . .

"Adam, are you embarrassed?"

I paused and took a deep breath, and Sam continued

"You are embarrassed. . . . the Bogeyman. . . this is so sweet.

Again you surprise me, and I know what you mean.

I won't finish your sentence.

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"Of course I will keep this between us.

You have my word on that, Adam.

You have just made me feel so special. "

I am changing the script for you. "

"When we go upstairs, I want you to fuck my cunt and then come inside of me.

You can even cut Grace's hair shorter if you like.

Just don't cut it to short.

I want something to hold onto when she licks my cunt. "

"Samantha, I have never heard you talk like this before you are usually quite reserved. "

"That is because we are now each others confessors!

I am the one whom is humbled now, Adam.

"Do you realize the different perspectives we can now share?

Our hair fetishes for example, I always knew you had a fetish for long hair. "

Then, I saw the look on your face while you were cutting Grace's hair off. "

"And yours was as well, Sam. "

I pointed out, playfully pulling her ponytail.

I believe I could do a pretty good job of trimming yours as well.

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Then, I kissed her mouth.

Surprisingly, Sam didn't comment to my teasing.

I would love to take over trimming Sam's hair as well.

Even though Samantha would dictate how I must cut it.

"But, you are right Samantha, my dear Mistress.

Who better then we as mutual confessors. "

I removed my Spidero Cricket folding knife from my blue jeans hanging on a chair next to me and then opened the blade.

I stood in front of Samantha and looked into her blue eyes.

I made a small shallow cut in my right palm, deep enough to draw blood.

I handed her my knife and Sam cut her palm as well.

We grasped each other's bloody right hands and squeezed. . . . our blood mingling in a silent oath.



Going back upstairs we got into Sam's bed.

Sam lay on her back and stretched like a plump cat, her arms above her head.

I straddled her, my hard cock poised to enter her hot pussy for the first time, as I looked into her eyes

"I want you to fuck me fast and hard and don't be afraid of hurting me, Adam. "

Sam reached up as if to touch my face but slapped me hard instead.

I returned the slap with equal force, smiling, knowing what to expect.

I rammed her hard making her gasp, then smile.

As I pounded her, I felt her nails rake across my back.

Sam reached up and pulled my head down to kiss me.

I felt her tongue in my mouth as she kissed me, but then Sam bit my lip drawing blood.

I slapped her face even harder stunning her momentarily, and then slapped her again.

I looked into her beautiful blue eyes with my own gray ones, and daring her to bite me again.

I let Sam push me off of her.

Encouraged, she tried to get me on my back and pin my arms, screaming.

"Brute, how dare you hit me you animal!"

"Bite me again and see what happens you Amazon, those were just love taps. "

I allowed Sam to get me on my back and mount me.

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Sam impaled her self on my cock, a look of triumph on her face as she pinned my wrists to the bed, and crossing them.

Did she actually think she could hold me down with one hand?

Samantha slapped my face hard, smirking.

I grabbed her long ponytail pulling her to the side, forcing her on her stomach.

I pinned both her arms behind her back crossing her wrists.

I held them there with my left hand making her scream in frustration.

With my right hand, I used her ponytail like a pony's reins as I pounded dripping pussy with my cock.

As our orgasms peaked, Sam was screaming.

"Fuck my cunt you brute!"Fuck my cunt you male animal!

Both of us were in the throes of honest carnal orgasmic ecstasy.

Sam was still trying to free her arms.

We were fucking like feral animals, intent on pleasing only ourselves.

We were oblivious to Grace who was frightened and sobbing on the bathroom floor

Even after she came, Samantha was fighting me and enjoying it.

I rolled her over on her back and pinned her wrists to the bed keeping her in place.

Samantha was looking up at me, grinning.

"The Cheshire cat has teeth and claws as well as a grin. "

I commented, grinning back at her.

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"You pulled the cat's tail. . . no fair. "

Sam said teasingly.

We bogeymen are famous for that. "

I admitted, letting go of her wrists and helping her sit up.

I took her hair out of the ponytail and arranged it over her breasts and shoulders.

I kissed her mouth, wincing as my lip was starting to swell.

"I'm sorry Adam, I got a little carried away.

Now I know what you mean when you said you preferred your right hand.

It was fortunate that you didn't get carried away and strike me harder then you did. "

"Would you please put my little kitten on the bed for me?

Grace needs to be mothered. "

I got out of bed and down on the floor next to Grace.

"Grace its all right, calm down.

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I said stroking her hair.

"I didn't hurt your Mistress.

"Stop crying. "

After I untied her, I picked her up and gently put Grace on the bed next to Samantha.

Sam stroked Grace's hair and cradled her gently in her arms.

Sam was whispering to her soothingly to calm her.

To assure Grace that she loved her.

I made eye contact with Sam, smiling at her and shaking my head.

Initially, I was invited by Sam to spend the night in bed with the two of them.

But that was before we went off script early in our carnal play.

After all that just transpired between Sam and I, our blood oath.

To stay would be selfish.

I left them the 2 bottles of champagne I brought for them to enjoy chilling on ice. . .

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  spending the night at home. . . alone.

When we arrived for Blanche's appointment, Sam was in the back waiting for her cue.

The office was empty as planned except for Grace.

In on our little production, Grace's hair was styled in luscious short tight ringlets and parted on the right.

Grace was dressed to entice.

She was wearing a short, tight slinky blue dress with high heels, her makeup quite sultry right down to bright pink lipstick.

Grace walked over to greet me warmly, nodding at Blanche.

Grace put her arms around my neck, hugging me and kissing my cheek leaving a lipstick imprint from her lips.

Blanche sat down in a chair glaring at her, while I sat across from her on the couch.

I gave Grace's ass a little squeeze for good measure.

Then, Grace brought over the forms for Blanche to fill out and sign, and then sitting close to me making small talk.

Grace's hands were all over me.

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I could see Blanche watching us out of the corner of her eyes.

Blanche was quite annoyed and getting angry with Grace's flirting, and no doubt jealous.

At one point, Blanche pressed down hard enough on the clipboard with her pen to tear the paper.

She had to start over with a fresh sheet. . . . twice. . . so far so good.

"I'm done now Mr. Richards. "

Blanche said, getting up and glaring at Grace.

"When will I be seeing Dr.

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Blanche asked, putting the form on Grace's desk and continuing to glare at her.

"Would you please see if the Doctor is available to see me now?"

Blanche asked, sitting down between us, and giving Grace a shove.

"I have a few questions for him before he examines my eyes. "

Grace got up and smiled sweetly at Blanche and bent over and kissed my lips.

"Don't be a stranger Adam. "

Giving Blanche a clear view of her lacey pink panties, and giving her ass a little shake in Blancher's face for good measure.

Then Grace walked into Sam's office closing the door behind her.

After about five minutes, Sam and Grace came walking.

Sam was wearing a knee length dark gray skirt, with a matching gray jacket over a white silk blouse.

The blouse was cut to show off her ample breasts.

At my request Sam had styled her long black hair in a French twist.

Sam's makeup was conservative and proper.

Samantha offered Blanche her hand, introducing herself.

It was obvious from the look on her face that Blanche was expecting a man.

Putting her at ease, Sam sat with Blanche ignoring us making small talk while reviewing Blanche's paperwork.

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Next came the eye exam followed by the selection of frames.

Sam told Blanche that the glasses would be ready in 2 weeks.

While all this was going on, I was talking to Grace.

We were talking softly so that Blanche could not hear the conversation.

Blanche was watching us in the mirror and staining to hear what we were saying

"How am I doing, Master Bogeyman?"

Grace asked, smiling.

"You are a very convincing actress, little brat and you look very pretty today.

I love your curls. "

Sam calling to me interrupted us.

"Mr. Richards, may I see you in my office for a moment?"

"Certainly Doctor. "

"I'll be out shortly Miss Rousseau.

If you like you may wait for me in the truck. "

"Thank you sir but I will just wait for you here if you don't mind.

There is an article in this magazine that looks interesting. "

Blanche said, sitting down, still glaring at Grace.



We went into Sam's office closing the door behind us.

Then locking the door with a loud click.

We intended to make Blanche wait a good 20 minutes.

Sam was to take her hair down and then style it in a low chignon.

Then she would walk out of her office with me, pretending to have forgotten to put her jacket back on.

I received a bonus; I took her hair down while she performed oral sex on me.

Afterwards Sam fixed her hair in a chignon.

I watched Blanche on the security monitor waiting impatiently.

Blanche was still in the chair, staring at Sam's office door.

We came out of the office as planned.

Blanche was staring at Sam, a surprised look on her face.

We were quite certain what Blanche must be thinking.

Before we left, I shook hands with Dr. Sam for Blanche's benefit.

When we got into the truck, Blanche slammed her door shut.

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She then took a Kleenex from her purse.

"Adam you have something on your face.

Blanche roughly wiped the remains of Grace's lipstick from my face.

There that's better. "

Then shoving the used tissue into her purse, closing her purse with a sharp final snap.

Blanche had a temper after all: she was so cute when she was angry.

On the way home from her eye exam we stopped off at the drug store.

Blanche went in to purchase some large hairpins and more elastic hair ties.

She bought herself shampoo and conditioner as well.

I waited in the truck for a while, wondering what she was doing.

Blanche was taking more time then she usually does.

I went back into the drugstore to find Blanche in the perfume and makeup section.

Her back was to me.

I was sure that she didn't see me come in.

I went back outside to the truck to wait for her.

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As Blanche was getting in I asked.

"What have you got in the all the bags Miss, Rousseau?

Did you buy out the store?"

" Never mind, just some girl things. "

Blanche was still angry and looking straight ahead, trying to ignore me.

"What kind of girl. . . . oh, those things?"

Blanche gave me a dirty look.

"Oh, I see, those kinds of girls things. "

I said, pretending to be embarrassed.

I was treated to another dirty look.

I put the truck in gear and drove home.

Later that day I was in the front of the house cutting the grass with my push reel lawnmower.

I hate the noise that gas lawnmowers make.

My property is just under an acre.



Using a push reel lawnmower is good exercise.

Still in her maid's uniform, my Blanche came outside to model her first bun for me.

As I said earlier, Blanche's hair is thick and heavy.

Looking at the results, it was obvious that she had never fixed her hair this way before.

Lets just say her bun was adequate.

And it appeared that this was also her first attempt with make-up and I will leave it at that.

Blanche did these things for me and I loved her for it.

Who was I kidding, certainly not myself.

I was wrong about what I said early. . . . tolerating having a woman under foot.

I wanted Blanche here and not just for 12 more months.

"How do I look, Adam?"

"Well that depends?

Are you asking me as Miss.

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Or am I talking to somebody else?

Could you be somebody else. . . perhaps my sweet Rose?"

"Let me show you, Mr. Richards. "

Blanche put her arms around my neck and I leaned forward so that she could kiss my mouth.

Blanche kissed me nether hesitating or blushing.

"Miss Rousseau, you look prim and proper, very professional. "

Blanche's arms were still around my neck.

She smelled faintly like roses.

This fragrance was perfect for Blanche.

It was if she could read my mind.

"Let me show you again, Adam. "

I put my arms around her waist while Blanche kissed me.

Blanche tasted delicious.

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She has such marvelous, generous lips!

"This time it is definitely somebody else!

And she is sweet and pretty, no! make that beautiful, and smells like roses. "

Rose put her head on my chest, and I could feel her melt into to me.

I have never had a woman do that before.

"Who do you suppose this lovely lady is that I am holding?"

"Your sweet Rose?"

Blanche suggested.

I glanced over at my sad white rosebushes.

It seemed no matter what I did with them they would barley flower.

Mostly they produced leaves, so I let them grow wild.

I intended to dig them up eventually.

I working in the yard for more then an hour and I didn't notice it. . . . one perfect red rose on the smallest of my rosebushes.

Taking her hand we walked over to the bush, and then I cut the rose from it with my pocketknife, removing the thorns.

Turning to her, I placed the red rose in her hair and kissed her cheek.

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"Please make me a pitcher of green mint iced tea Miss Rousseau, I'm absolutely parched. "

I then turned and continued cutting the grass.

That evening, I invited Rose to cuddle with me on the couch for the first time and watch classic movies on television.

I had to get up early in morning as David was picking me up at 8:00 AM.

I kissed her cheek then handed her the remote.

I stood up wishing her a good night.

Dropping the remote, Rose got up and put her arms around my waist.

"Adam, what about me, your sweet Rose, aren't you going to make love to me tonight?"

I kissed her mouth this time.

"Are you sure that you are ready for that, Rose.

As capable you are in so many things, you are a mere baby in these matters"

I advised her kindly, stroking her hair.

"Are not our hugs and kisses enough for now?"


"Now you are teasing me Adam and I am hardly a baby!

Do I look like a baby to you?"

"No of course not, Rose.

And, I am not teasing you.

I am merely pointing out your lack of experience in these venues.

I have been with many women, and have women as friends

"You can teach me.

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She offered. Trying to undo my belt.

I put Rose's hands behind her back and held them there.

"Are you sure that you are ready Rose?

I could take you right now and have my way with you.

Can you not feel my erection through my pants pressing against you?"

"Shall we start tonight as lovers. "

I said kissing her mouth long and deep.

"Shall I teach you to please me as I will please you?"

"Do you promise trust me Rose. "

I asked letting go of her hands and putting my hands around her small waist.

"I promise to trust you Adam.

"I have always trusted you. "

Rose pressed her head against my chest, hugging me.

"I love you Adam. "

"You have been so kind to me. "

"Listen well my Rose my love. "

I can no longer take money from you; there shall be no debt between us.

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In this you shall also obey.

As you trust me Rose, you must also obey me in all matters.

Especially pertaining to our lovemaking, you must submit to totally. "

"I promise to obey sweetheart, I just want to please you. "

Rose said eagerly. "I will do anything you say. "

"I will hold you to that. "

I said looking into her brown eyes.

"Show me your hands Rose.

We shall start with your hands.

I said, stepping back and holding her hands palms down.

"Starting right now, you will stop biting your nails!

Children bite their nails.

If you do not stop I will not make love to you.

If you persist in biting them, corrective measures will be taken. "

"One way or another, I will break you of that bad habit.

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  Your hands are too beautiful to be marred in this manner.

Let show you what you will be missing if you persist. "

"Put your arms around my neck. "

Rose meekly complied.

I picked her up; my arms were underneath her knees.

Rose kissed my cheek, sighing with contentment as she put her head close to mine.

I carried her upstairs to her bedroom.

I put her down in front of the wardrobes opening the doors so I was standing behind her.

Rose was facing the mirrors.

I put my arms around her trim waist and said.

"You may not speak until I give you permission my sweet Rose. "

"I will no longer call you Blanche.

You shall be my Rose and too Rose you shall answer.

The white page will be written over and so shall you as we complete our story together. .

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  . . our life together. "

"I have often undressed you with my eyes. "

I slowly unbuttoned her double knit polyester blouse.

I was thinking; My sweet Rose deserves to be wearing fine pima cotton, cashmere or satin.

I took her blouse off of her and dropping it to the floor.

Next came her slacks of the same material.

Underneath, Rose was wearing plain but practical white bra and panties.

Rose should have fine silks caressing to her creamy smooth skin.

I ran my hands over her smooth flat tummy, watching her reactions in the mirror.

I nuzzled and kissed ears, neck and shoulders while enjoying the lingering scent of roses from her perfume.

I removed her bra, dropping it to the floor, my hands caressing her breasts, making her moan with pleasure.

I felt and watched her nipples hardened.

Rose's breasts beautiful and round with large pink sensitive areolas just begging to be licked and sucked.



Placing my hands on her shoulders, I gently turned her to face me.

Taking her hands and looking into her brown eyes, I placed them at my top shirt button.

I let her undress me.

First my favorite red flannel shirt, all that I was wearing above the waist.

Rose held it to her face and smelled it, sighing with pleasure before dropping it on her pile of clothing on the floor.

Rose took her little hands and starting at my shoulders, caressing chest.

Then kissing my stomach, slowly kissing her way to my button down Levi blue jeans.

It was if Rose could read my mind and I hers.

Rose was now kneeling before me as she unbuckled my brown garrison belt.

Then slowly undoing the buttons, smiling, and then pulling the jeans down to my ankles for me to step out of.

I was wearing nothing underneath to surprise her and surprise her I did.

Rose hesitated, looking up at me.

"You are doing fine. " I said softly as I caressed her face.

I could somehow sense that Rose was not quite ready for that yet.

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"Perhaps you are not ready for that yet. "

I said, taking her face in my hands.

Offering her my hands I .
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