His Wishes part 5

Mind Control

Chapter 5

James made his way over to Sam’s house. She had lived there her whole life. James remembered back when he and Sam played with her sister, Alex. They used to run around in their house play dress up. They were so close that they used to even walk around naked. But now, he would have been embarrassed to even be in the same room as them.

As James stepped in front of the house, he rang the doorbell. He waited a while until the door opened. And there stood Sam’s mother, Mrs. Parker and Alex, Sam’s sister. Wendy Parker was the exact opposite of a milf. She was 48 years old standing at 5’0 with 42DD and looked like she weighed 200 pounds. Alex Parker was 20 years old 5’2 with a 38C blonde university student. She always wore glasses with her hairs tied up in a scrunchy.

“Hello Mrs. Parker, Alex.

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   I’m here to see Sam. ” Not knowing anything, James was allowed in. As he stepped into the house, he was met up with Sam. Surrounded by Alex, Sam and Mrs. Parker, James began to work his magic. First he looked at Mrs. Parker.

“You will let me fuck both of your daughters. Also go on a fucking diet so you look at least a bit decent. You don’t have to work anymore. I’ll get my mom to send you money through your bank account. So just go to the closest work out gym and work the hell out. And from now on, when you work out thinking of this. ” James pulled down his pants all the way showing the three ladies his 8” dick. He heard the girls all gasp.

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   Turning to Sam and Alex James went on to say

“Now you two will be my slaves forever. You guys will let me fuck you guys whenever I want. Also from now on you will call me master and do what I tell you. Whenever you guys enter my house, you guys will be naked. And Sam from now on, you will be my dog. You will eat anything I give you, even my piss and shit. ” Their response was to give a slight nod with a quiet

“Yes master. ” And “Woof” Sam got down on all four as she said so. Mrs. Parker left to her room to get a change of clothing to go to the gym.

“Good, now Alex take me to your room. I want to fuck you somewhere comfortable. But now take off your glasses and scrunchy. Let me see how you look without those. ” As Alex took off her scrunchy and glasses along with her clothes off, James felt his pre-cum spill out.

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   Her body was slender, with curves where there should be. They never made it to her room…

James was following Alex up the stair to go to her room, when he lost the temptation. Her ass was swaying back and forth right in front of him. James decided to take her on the stairs. Before Alex got to the top stairs, James pushed her down on to the stair. Turning Alex over, James began to kiss her very passionately. He began to play with her nipple as he kissed her. Breaking off their kiss, Alex opened her mouth as wide as she could to fit James’ dick in it. At first James fucked her mouth slowly but gradually got faster and faster. He soon put his whole dick in Alex’s mouth that it actually went into her throat. James could hear Alex gag from his cock but by looking at her eyes, he knew that she was enjoying the whole thing. James decided to take his dick out of her mouth so that Alex could breath.

As Alex was taking large breathes, James entertained himself by playing with her clit. This was the first time he ever saw one up close in person. He knew that when it stood erect, it meant the girl was enjoying the whole thing as well.

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   Alex was no exception. Her clit was standing straight up. James put her clit in his mouth and began to suck on it. He heard Alex moan from the pleasure. Alex soon began to shudder as she came from James licking her off. James was so focused on Alex that he didn’t realize that Sam came up from behind. Seeing Sam behind him, he grabbed her by her hair, pulled her under his dick and stuffed his cock down her throat.

James was busy, he had to move his hips back and forth to get Sam to suck him off and he also was sucking off Alex. When he thought that Alex was lubed enough, James took his cock out from Sam’s mouth and carefully inserted it into Alex’s virgin pussy. She was tight but and it looked like she was in a lot of pain, but she just wrapped her arms around James and tried to keep a smile on her face. James dick began to pump faster and faster and soon Alex seemed to be enjoying being fucked more and more. James soon was about to cum.

“Ah Alex I’m gonna cum! I’m cumming!” And with that, he came for the first time in Alex. He knew that he would be the first time for many other people. Now he turned his attention to Sam.

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“Alex can get a dildo and fuck your sister?” Alex scurried away and soon came back with a strap-on. With the strap on, Alex grabbed a bunch of Sam’s hair and began to fuck Sam in doggy position. While Alex was fucking Sam, James positioned himself behind Alex. He took his dick and stuck it up her ass. Alex’s ass was tighter making it much more exciting for James. He felt that Alex was squeezing her ass on his dick.

The house was filled of moaning sounds. James knew that he would have to get used to this sound. James came in Alex’s ass just as Sam screamed

“Master I’m cumming!” Alex pulled the strap on out from Sam as James pulled his dick from Alex’s ass. James knew that he was going to be staying at this house for a long time. He had to try out so many threesome positions. First he wanted to do sandwich. He got Sam to lie on top of Alex while facing together. As Sam got on top, the two started to make out. Wanting to be part of the action, James stuck his dick in between to two tongues.

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The two began to give James the best blow job he ever received. They were both licking away and it felt so good that James could have came right away. As he was about to cum, James pulled his dick out from between them and blew his load all over the sister’s faces. He watched as the sisters continued to lick his cum off each other, then resume making out with each other.

James went over to the other side and stuck his dick in between the two pussies. He began to rub his dick against their clits. James kept on doing this until he came. Changing positions, James lifted Alex onto a table and began to lick her pussy as Sam got under the table, lifted her ass and inserted James’ dick in her virgin ass. James was in absolute bliss. Even though Alex was a squirter and so he got his whole face wet, he still was enjoying the whole thing. Sam’s ass was so damn tight that it was hard for James to properly fuck her.

James kept on his fuck frenzy for another 3 hours, checking up more sex positions online. After their many sessions of fucking each other, the three grew very hungry. Alex made James and her curry and fried rice that was in the fridge. But for Sam, he made her something to eat.

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   It was called his shit from all the food he ate for breakfast. After Sam ate her food, she got a drink of his piss. James was thinking of raising Sam as a dog so that she would clean up any mess that he made.

After eating lunch, James went on to fuck both Sam and Alex in their pussy before he decided to leave. James really wanted to buy a car, but his mother never allowed him to do so. Now he decided that it was the right time to get one. He left Alex and Sam and went to the closest car dealer. As James entered the dealership, he saw one dealer who he liked. She looked almost exactly like Mrs. Wolfe. Walking up to her, James decided to make her his.

“Hello, I have a question for you. Are you in any way related to Sandy Wolfe?”

“Why how did you know? I’m her younger sister. Ashley Bergman. It’s our maiden name.

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“You guys look exactly the same. No, I would have to say that you are sexier. ”

“Aww thanks. That’s the nicest comment I heard from a guy. All the rest of the guys were just pussies sneaking looks at my jugs. ” Ashley gave her tits a slight shake. “Any ways how can I help you?”

“Well I was looking for a Lamborghini Reventon Roadster. Do you think you can find me any?”

“Ooohh a rich boy. I like rich boys. ” James was liking where this conversation was going.

“I have something else that you will like. ” James pushed down on either side of his dick so that Ashley could see his bulge more clearly.

“I think we should go to my office to discuss this little a bit more” Ashley said giving him a wink. Walking ahead of him, James watched Ashley’s ass sway back and forth in front of him. James followed Ashley back into a row of offices.

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   He then followed her upstairs. Ashley, who was walking ahead of him, got more and more daring as she went that she began to keep on flashing James. Going up the stairs Ashley even took off her panties so that James could see her bare pussy. Luckily Ashley’s office was close to the stairs because James was about to erupt. As soon as Ashley was in her office, James ran in, taking off his pants in a flash and had Ashley sucking on his dick. James was pushing Ashley’s head all the way in so that his whole shaft was in her mouth. Ashley seemed very experienced in sucking people off.

“My, my aren’t you feisty to get your dick sucked off” Ashley said as she pulled away from James’ dick. James response was to just push Ashley back towards his dick.

James was not his usual self, getting teased by Ashley turned him more and more. Blowing his load right down Ashley’s throat, James was getting ready for round two. Even though Ashley was coughing, James didn’t care, lifting Ashley on to her desk, James didn’t give Ashley time to rest as he began to fuck her pussy in missionary position. Ashley’s moans filled her office. Now James was fucking her harder and harder making everything on Ashley’s desk fall off. James loved fucking his new sex slave.

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“Ah! God! I’m cumming! Fuck me harder you stud! Yeah does it turn you on that your fucking a hot chick like me in her office?”

James was about to cum, pumping his dick harder into Ashley, He felt his dick go all the way into Ashley. Cumming all in her pussy, James let his dick stay in Ashley’s pussy.

“So I’ve fucked you but I still don’t know your name yet. Are you going to tell me?”

“You can call me master. From now on whenever you come to my house, you will strip naked. You will let me fuck you whenever I want. And only my dick will pleasure you. Do you understand?”

“Yes master”

“Now slut what time do you finish work?” Ashley looked at the clock.

“In less than 10 minutes”

“Okay bitch, I’ll be at the McDonalds across the street waiting for you. As soon as you finish here, meet me there. Bring your car so you can give me a ride home. ” James went to the McDonalds and ordered a double quarter pounder with cheese. Eating his food, James began to think about how he could play with his new slave. As James waited for Ashley a 30 year old 5’7 with 50 EE. He couldn’t conceal his growing erection.



Then suddenly he someone from behind reached forward and grabbed on to James’ dick. Surprised, James tried to turn around to see who it was. Turning his face to the left all he got was a face full of tits, and the same happened when James turned his head to the right. Arching his head straight back, James saw Ashley as she stood there. She leaned closer to James and gave him a kiss on his lips.

“Lets go, give me a ride to my home, Slut” Ashley lead the way to a red Toyota Prius. As Ashley opened the door to the driver’s seat, James stopped her from stepping in. Dropping his pants, James sat on the driver’s seat.

“Get on my cock. ” Ashley did as she was told. Ashley was riding James’ dick as hard as she could. James loved being humped in a car. It was a new sensation that he never felt before. It could have been because Ashley’s cunt was so dam good, but James now knew why people would fuck in the car.

He pounded his dick all the way into Ashley’s pussy.

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   Ashley was moaning like crazy.

“You like my cock in your cunt, slut? You fucking whore. That’s what you are a cock loving slut. ” James reached into Ashley’s coat to feel her tits to find that there was no bra.

“You like it master? I never wear bras. So stuffy, I like my tits to be free. ” Ashley took out her tits letting them hang freely. James reached around, grabbing Ashley’s tits with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. Ashley just took all her clothe off with only a slight movement.

“Now lets go to my house. Drive there. ”

“Yes master. ” She drove all the way back to James’ house riding on his cock.

James was surprised at how well Ashley fucked him and drove well at the same time. The only time she sped was when James stuck his fist in her ass.

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   But unfortunately, Ashley sped right in front of a parked police car. As the police car rang the sirens, James had an idea.

“Mam do you realize how fast you were speeding?” The police said as Ashley lowered the window. But then the police officer lost his words as he saw Ashley lean her chair back showing him her pussy as she rode James’ dick. From behind Ashley, James said

“Now lieutenant Mike, you will be under my command. You will refer to me as sir at all times and you will think of me as a god. Whatever I say you do. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir!”

“Good now get in and I’ll let Ashley give you a blow job. ” Mike hurried in the Prius to get head from Ashley. Ashley, with her tongue made Mike cum very quickly. After cumming, Mike left the Prius and headed back to his car. Ashley then resumed with going to James’ house.

Arriving at his destination, James walked to his house as Ashley followed him. To his surprise, it was about 6:00 pm but, there were still people in the pool. Approaching them, James found Dakota, Julia, Christine along with his mother all naked and in the pool playing with each other.

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James grabbed Ashley by her arm and flung her in the pool. It seemed that the four in the pool didn’t notice James approach them because they all screamed when Ashley entered the water. Turing to his mom, James ordered food to be served outside. When James turned his attention to the remaining girls, she found Christine and Julia already licking James’ cum out of her pussy. Ashley was lifted out of the pool as Christine and Julia went on lapping at her pussy trying to drink James’ cum as it spilt out.

Dakota, however, slowly walked out of the pool and towards James. Holding her pussy apart, he beckoned James closer. James didn’t waste any time. Running to Dakota at full speed, he grabbed her around the waist with one arm, and groping her tits with the other, James began to passionately kiss Dakota.

The two were licking it out, two minutes later when James’ mother arrived with his dinner, James had already put his dick in dick in Dakota’s mouth, ass and pussy and came in each hole at least twice. They were on the air mattress floating in the middle of the pool.

On the corner of his eyes James saw Ashley being licked by Julia as Christine made her way over to James along with his mother. The two entered the pool, James’ mom holding a tray full with food. As James’ mom, Emma, approached James, she put a piece of chicken in her mouth. Bringing James towards her, Emma pushed the chicken into James’ mouth.

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“Forget the food slut now let me fuck you” James jumped into the water. Pushing Emma under water, James made her give him a blowjob underwater. From above, James brought Christine closer on the air mattress and began to lick her ass.

“Christine you slut lick you mistress Dakota’s pussy” James said. He made sure to emphasize the word mistress to show her his love. Just then Emma came out of the water gasping for air. Lifting her off her feet, James pushed his dick into his mother’s cunt. He kept on fucking his mother until he came in her pussy. Then James moved on to Dakota, then to Christine, then back to Dakota, to Julia, back to Dakota, then Ashley then finally Dakota once more before James felt that he had no cum left in his balls. James decided to eat his dinner so he had some strength left to walk to his sister’s room to sleep.

“Hey Ashley you fucking cunt. If you see a good sports car, buy it for me and I’ll be sure to pay you back in fucks” James said as Ashley got ready to go back home. Giving her a slap on her ass, James reminded her that she was his forever.

Now James finished eating his dinner. He sent off Dakota and Julia and went to his house to get some sleep.

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   On his sister’s bed, James told her to fuck him until he slept. She did as he told her. But it didn’t take James long to fall asleep.

Collapsing onto Christine’s tits, James slept while sucking on her nipples.

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