He stepped into the light and Jade gasped . It couldn't be. She put her hands to her face, willing the image to leave her. She stood there for a few moments sobbing. Suddenly, she felt two strong hands envelop hers, and pull them from her face. Jade kept her eyes closed.
*Please* he begged *Please , look at me, * she had waited for this, and now that the moment had come, she was terrified. * I . . . . . I can't . . . * she stammard.

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  she began to relax, as he held her hands,  softly running his thumbs over the backs of them. he placed her hands against his bare chest . her fingertips brushing the familiar body she had so gently kissed and caressed not too long before. he gently tilted her chin up and kissed her lips ever so softly. with this tears streamed down her cheeks like  cascading rivers. the man slid his arm around her waist pulling her close. Jade could feel his thighs pressing against hers.
* Please * he begged again. * Please , will you look at me ?* he said his voice low and husky.
slowly she opened them and through blurred eyes Jade saw what she had dreamed to see for months after the news of his death. Dante was now standing before her. she smiled remembering the day before he left. the had made love that day. slow passionate love. as if they would never have the change again .

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   after , she laid in his arms as  he caressed her side and kissed her lips. . . he had promised no matter how long it took . he would come back . even out of the fiery pits of hell. nothing would stop him . the need of her was too strong . not even the devil himself could contain him.
Dante ran his hand along her cheek rousing her from the memory. she looked at him again and smiled. slowly as if afraid to touch him . she reached up and softly caressed his face. . as soon as Dante felt her touch his eyes closed and he leaned into her hand.

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   then kissed her palm softly . how long had it been sense he had felt her last? how long had he ached to hold her and love her ? not only in mind but in body. on the lonely nights laying in his bed he had spent the time dreaming of her . of her soft skin resting against his . their arms and legs twisted together in a passionate embrace. their bodies striving to become one . him thrusting into her willing body.
he groaned at the thought as a stirring started in his loins. slowly he wrapped his other arm around her waist pulling her body flat against his own . his hard on now pressed into her belly , wanting to be touched. she slipped her hand between their bodies slifing her hand over him . he groaned again and opened his eyes . looking down at her he smiled. she was so beautiful he thought . ha had never seen another like her .

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   long silky raven hair , skin the color of honey, and so soft it was like touching rose petals. her eyes my god her eyes were the color of pure jade. two bright flurescent green orbs . which could look straight into a mans soul and penetrate his thoughts . her lips were full with a gorgeous red hue. dante reached up with one hand and ran his thumb over her lips . in response she closed her eyes and kissed it.
* god ive missed you  *, he silenced her by gently pressing his lips to hers and kissing her . he pulled back and brushed his lips against hers.
* shhhh im here now, lets just enjoy the moment*, he replied. he slipped his arm back around her waist and pressed  her so tight to him ,that it was like he wanted to absorb her into him . she stood leaning against him , smiling at him. now that her mind was thinking clearly again, she noticed he hadnt really change much . he was 6'5 and still fit and lean , handsome with piercing eyes a strong jaw and dark hair. she also noticed his tattoo.

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   a panther on his bicep . which she now softly ran her fingers over . he smiled at her touch and noticed she was wearing a tubetop. he smiled again knowing he had easy access. he nuzzled her neck inhaling her intoxicating aroma. a mixture of natural woman and lavendar. slowly dante trailed soft kisses down her neck and chest. he stopped at her tubetop and grunted in disapproval. he hooked two fingers into the top and quickly pulled it down revealing her firm beautiful D cup breasts. she shuddard feeling the cool air hit her skin . dante squeezed her left breast and pinched her nipple a few times feeling it hardend slightly . her head fell back and she moaned in pleasure when he lent down and took her nipple into his mouth . his lips tight around it as he sucked . he ran his hands down her back and gripped her ass hard lifting her off the floor. she pushed up her skirt and wrapped her legs around him .

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   as he held her up , he caressed her ass with his left hand . his right roamed her body. teasing her other nipple then slidding inbetween their bodies and underneath her skirt. he ran his hand over her , finding her to be soaked . she kissed his neck and the side of his face, as she ground against his hand, urging him on . he pushed aside her thong and teased her clit abit making her moan.   after working her into a frenzy he pushed two fingers into her then a third . dante started slowly thrusting his fingers into her warm pussy. until she was pulling on her free nipple and moaning low in her throat . he thrust harder and harder feeling himself becoming more aroused by the sounds and smells of her . she started screaming and her body shook with the coming of her first orgasm. dante pushed her against the wall, reach down and undid his pants . she pulled his face up to hers and kissed him breathlessely, as he pushed his pants down to his ankles .   he pulled his fingers out of her , and with a quick movement ripped the thin material of her thong , exposing her pussy to him . he steadied himself and with a hard quick thrust.

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   he forced himself into her . her cries muffled by his kisses. she tightly wrapped her legs around him, locking him in place. he pulled all the way out , until there was just the head inside her and drove into her again . he did this a few times until he had his rythem. they stayed like this for what seemed like hours. her digging her nails into his back, moving with him until he hit just the right spot, which sent her over the edge . she screamed again and buried her face in his chest as her body shook violently , as the  orgasm coursed through her . her muscles contracting tightly and squeezing his shaft was too much for him . he groaned and came in her, his body shuddering . after he stood for a minute still being  inside her he kissed her , and lowerd her to the floor. until she was laying on her back . she ran her hands over his body as he moved. the muscles moving under her hands . he impatiently pulled her top over her head .

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   then grabbed her skirt and ripped it open . . the buttons flying everywhere. he pulled the remenants of her thong from her body and leanend down to kiss her . . he kissed down her body , licking , biting , and sucking her nipples . . . . down her stomach. . . running his tounge around her navel . then down to her inner thighs . he rested one on his shoulder and kissed slowly up her thigh.

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   she shivered as he did the same to the other . then stopped at her pussy. he blew slowly causing her to twitch. then ran his tounge along her pussy lips. just barely grazing her clit. he did this until she moaned loudly and pushed his face into her pussy. he spread her lips apart and sucked on her clit making her writhe. he slid two fingers into her pussy as he did this sucking hard on her clit and thrusting into her pussy until she screamed and came again . he moved down and began licking and sucking her pussy . sliding his tounge deep into her licking up her juices, sucking her into extreme bliss. she laid there panting, small rivulets of sweat running down her temples. . breasts heaving . he kissed her pussy then moved up her body stopping to lick her nipples. she smiled wrapping her arms around him .

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   she kissed him and held him against her. his head rested on her breast, as she  ran her fingertips acrossed his back . they both fell into a fitful slumber, both smiling with satisfaction.
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