Imaginations are dangerous things


Topic: page 1 Let us start by setting the scene. It’s a late winter evening after a large snow storm. Outside, the snow is now lightly falling from the sky, however it does just keep falling and falling, and there looks to be no end to it. Snow drifts are piling up under the window and the pine trees in the distance sag with the weight of the fluffy snow. Inside the cozy house the rooms are dimmed, and the flicker of the fire plays with the shadows of the room.
Slowly I’d stride over to the couch where you’d be sitting and, and sit down close putting my arm around you comfortably. I would brush back the hair covering the ear closest to me, slowly and gently, making sure to brush the tips of your ears as I did so; but only the tips of your ears.   As I did this I would look deep into your eyes, and read every little secret you’ve ever had, I’d read your past, future and present. I would know everything about you, and not pass judgment. And as I looked deep into your eyes for what would seem like forever, I would slowly make my way to your ear, and softly whisper into your ear, making sure to tickle you with my words, something so profound, so remarkable, that your eyes would widen; your jaw would drop; you would start salivating; your breath would become short; your nipples would become harder than diamonds.
After tickling your ear with your whispers, I would slowly shift back and look at your reaction and smile, then wink. And you would break. In a hails storm of flying cloths you’d be naked, and on top of me wanting me to be inside of you more than life itself. Fortunately I’d wrestle you down, and whisper into your ear “Control yourself” which would do two things. It would turn you off long enough to realize what’s going on, and make you feel guilty enough for me to remove my hands from holding down your wrists.
As you lay there naked, near the warm fire, the fire light will play across your sexy naked body, making the air itself hot and heavy.

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   I get real close and crawl over your body straddle you, I start at your fore head. I take my soft dry fingers and move your hair back behind your ears again, making sure to only touch the very rims of your ear slowly sending shivers down your back, because of first sensual contact.
From there I would kiss your forehead, and then run my dry soft index finger back and forth across your forehead. Back and forth, back and forth, and then down one cheek and then up again. Then back across the forehead and down the other cheek, and up again. Then across your forehead stopping in the middle and slowly dragging my finger down the bridge of your nose, then back up and across the rest of your forehead and down your cheek. This time not stopping but going down your cheek, under your chin, and up the other cheek.
I would then take my soft dry warm finger and trace down your cheek and down your neck and trace circles on your collar bone. From there I would make a V down toward your breasts and then back up to the other collar bone, tracing circles there as well.
I would then take my index finger, on both hands and slide them down your arms, then the inside of your arms and when I reached your wrists I would use all five fingers to trace out to the tips of your fingers, and then swiftly grip your hand and give you a deep long kiss. After nipping your lips to make them even more sensitive, and taking your breath away with your long awaited kiss. I would take my ring finger and softly drag it across your lips turning you on even more. After about five loops around your lips with my ring finger I would kiss you yet again, with deep passion, making endorphins in your head explode with passion.
After I was done blowing your mind with a kiss that could rival any gods, I would slide back down your body and kiss your collar bone, then the upper center of your chest, an inch down form where neck reaches bone. And from that kiss I would use my index finger to circle the kiss and then slowly softly, drag my finger down between your breasts.

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I would then make large slow circles around your breasts with my soft dry fingers. Slowly I would make the circles smaller, and smaller inching in toward your erect nipples until I reached your areola. I would slowly and softly circle your areola five times each time, making sure my thumb gently touched your erect nipple each time. This would send shock after shock of sensations roaring through your body.
As you try to fight back insanity from sensation, and control your sexual urge to touch yourself – believe me that’s my job – I would work that same magic on the other breast. Slowly circling inward toward the areola and then circling it, slowly softly briefly touching your erect nipple. After I have done this with both breasts I would then take my index finger on each hand and bring them down from your breasts toward you belly, and trace spiral on your love handles and belly button.
While my fingers are busy doing the circles and spirals, on your stomach, I would take my tongue and slowly make counter clockwise circles around your erect nipples. Then I would take my tongue and slowly cross across your erect nipple then back again. And then I would suckle your nipple, getting the tip in my teeth. Not to hurt but to pinch softly and heightening pleasure. As my teeth hold your nipple my tongue would make small arcs on the lower part of your areola. I would then do the same on the other breast.
After the party I threw on your nipples, I would slowly kiss between your breasts and then an inch lower, and an inch lower, and then an inch lower than your belly button and then another inch lower, giving you hope that maybe I would let you release all your pent up sexual energy, however, there I would stop, and resume my finger wandering.   

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