More than just roommates...


      Passing my new roommate Kylee's slightly ajar bedroom door, I noticed that I could just make out her sprawled form lying naked across her bed on her stomach.   The moonlight shining in through her window pooled across her gently curved bottom and lower back, ending in a silver splash, illuminating the side of one sweet breast.   I had just woken up from a deeply arousing, yet unsatisfying dream and was headed to our shared apartment kitchen to get a cool drink to try and calm down.   The way her breast seemed to quiver slightly every time she breathed resonated with the pulses of my rapidly lengthening cock, causing it to strain at my boxer brief's fabric.   As my breath sped up, I considered again how I had the good fortune to end up living with such a stunning creature.
    When the slim and beautiful blonde had answered my ad for a roommate, I had been more than a little surprised and secretly quite pleased.   Introducing herself as Kylee, a 24 year old graduate student at the nearby university, she didn't seem to mind the fact the she would be living with just me in a two-bedroom apartment on the outskirts of town.   I certainly wasn't going to make any objections and we seemed to hit it off right away as we discussed the apartment and lease arrangements.   Wasting no time, Kylee moved in that weekend, taking up residence in the second bedroom, beginning to decorate it to suite her own tastes.   Now scarcely two weeks had passed and we seemed to have started to settle into a comfortable familiarity that I wouldn't have expected so soon to arise between two former strangers.   But tonight's unexpected glimpse had started my mind to imagining much more interesting and intimate encounters in our near future.
    Shaking my head to clear my heated thoughts, I thought I might have seen her head move slightly, but I decided it was just my imagination entwined with my guilty thoughts.   I didn't want her to wake and find me panting outside her doorway - hardly inspiring of trust between two recent friends, even if she had been the one to be sleeping nude with the door ajar.   However as I continued on to the kitchen to get some juice, I already knew that I'd just happen to glance in again on my way back to my own bed.
    This time, I could see that she had shifted onto her back, exposing both of her very full and sexy breasts.   My hungry eyes traveled further down over her muscled abdomen, taking in her gently curving hips before straining unsuccessfully to see into her shadowed nether regions.

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    I freed my cock and slowly began to stroke its smooth length in time with her breathing. Coming to my senses, or not as the case may be, I quickly moved on back down the hallway to my bedroom, wanting to leave her some privacy as I was not normally in the habit of taking advantage of young ladies, even lithesome young ones like Kylee.
    Leaving my own door ajar, I took off my boxers and laid back naked on my bed, still slowly stroking myself as I thought about her.   Sleep was slow to come and my cock was even slower to subside, but I eventually began to slip under.   Just as I was drifting off, I heard soft footsteps coming down the hall toward my room.   Seeing as how the bathroom was at the end of the hallway, I didn't think much of it at first, but the footsteps paused outside my door.   Pretending to sleep, I opened my eyes slightly and could just make out Kylee's face peering through my doorway.   I was still lying naked myself on my bed, drifting off before having a chance to cum to my memories of Kylee's moonlit body.   I suddenly wondered then if she had seen me outside her doorway; my heart immediately began to race in my chest, but after gazing at my nude form for a while, she turned and continued into the bathroom.   I was going to wait to see if she stopped again on the way back (hoping actually), but after a time, I instead drifted off into sleep, smiling to myself at the picture of her breasts glowing from silver moonlight in my head.
    For the second time that night, my sleep began to take on an arousing atmosphere as I began to dream of a faceless woman gently rolling my balls as she licked back and forth along my shaft before swirling her pink tongue along the underside and then taking the head slowly into her mouth.   As the feelings intensified, I began to realize I was waking up and that there was something definitely exciting happening down at my crotch.   Not giving myself away just yet, I looked down to see the top of Kylee's blonde hair spread out over my stomach and thighs as her delightful mouth continued to encircle and twist along my cock.   One hand was indeed slowly rolling my balls and I could see the rest of her delightfully naked body lying between my legs as she supported herself over my cock.   I couldn't believe my luck; evidently I wasn’t the only one with heated thoughts this night.


    I still wasn't quite sure if I was dreaming all of this, but I wasn't going to pass up this unexpected opportunity to explore all of my incredibly sexy roommates body before this night was though.
    Her mouth was making a more assertive and audible exploration of my cock head as I lifted my hand to gently stroke her hair.   Kylee instantly froze, but quickly restarted bobbing up and down, sucking my cock even more greedily into her divine mouth.   I could feel my balls begin to tighten in response to her lips, but she seemed to sense this as well and abruptly stopped, letting my hard cock slide out from between her moist lips.   Kissing her way up my chest, she nipped at one nipple in passing before kissing me passionately on the lips.   Responding in kind, I began to stroke her sides and back, reaching down to caress the top of her cute buttocks before sliding back up, then down again.   Feeling her breath quickening, as our tongues caressed, I began to shift my body so that my cock began to slide exquisitely along her thigh and then into the edges of her neatly trimmed bush.   Feeling dripping heat, my cock began to rub gently back and forth along her slit, picking up increasing amounts of her cum in response to my cock brushing across the hard knot of her clit.
    Laying a finger across my lips, she looked deeply into my eyes and smiled hungrily before turning herself around and placing her swollen pussy lips above my own.   Sucking my straining cock again into her velvety lips, I returned the favor and began to lick with increasing fervor at her pussy, exploring every sweet tasting fold with my tongue.   Every so often I would slide the tip of my tongue across her throbbing clit, eliciting a delightful shudder through her entire body, before continuing in my exploration of her inner folds.   As our pace increased, so rose the sounds of our mutual passion, her groans and sighs of pleasure muffled by my thick shaft between her lips.   I used my own voice to vibrate against her delicate pussy, and I took her moan's increase in pitch as a sign of approval.
    By now my cock was straining at her mouth in rhythm with her movement.   I could feel my head press deeper against the back of her throat as she seemed to seek to devour every inch of my cock, and eventually succeeded.

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    With her nose now buried in my pubic hair, her groans of delight took on even more significance as the vibration of her voice did wonderful things to my cock.   I was now rapidly reaching the point of no return when she suddenly pulled away and quickly got on all four on the bed, presenting her curvaceous ass to my inspection.   With almost frantic need, I got up behind her, and placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy, and began to push urgently into her.   I sank slowly into her steamy embrace, each inch of my cock sliding deeply within her and out of sight until at last my cock lay buried deep within her wet and so delightfully tight pussy.   I have always loved the sight of my cock buried to the hilt in a beautiful ass, but Kylee was beyond everything I had previously experienced.   Her pussy muscles gripped my shaft tightly as I positioned each of my hands on her hips and drew back, almost releasing my cock, before plunging deep within again, and again, and again.   Kylee began to sway backward to meet each of my thrusts, seeming to want to take more and more of myself within her with each forward movement.   As our bodies slapped wetly together, Kylee's moans increased in volume with my own, each of us wanting to make audible our incredible desire for each other and our deep satisfaction in our joined embrace.
    Kylee's breasts shuddered in time with my thrusts as they hung down in front of her, eventually beginning to slap back and forth against her chest as my dick impaled her from behind with increasing strength.   I reached down to grab as much of each breast as I could in each hand, squeezing her pliant flesh between my fingers, before releasing them to sway freely as I once again grabbed onto her hips to thrust anew.
    By now we were both simply consumed by our burning need for each other, flinging ourselves together again and again as our climax approached.   I could feel the cum bubbling up in my balls as they slapped against Kylee's ass with each thrust.   Suddenly Kylee screamed out and pushed back hard against my cock, burying me deeper than ever within her pussy's embrace as she began to buck wildly against my cock.   This immediately pushed me over the edge and I erupted deep within her, thick streams of my cum spurting forth to coat every inch of her pussy walls until it began to stream out of her pussy lips and down her leg.
    With a final shudder, I slipped my cock out of Kylee, releasing a fresh torrent of our combined cum from her pussy lips and I fell back onto my bed with exhaustion.

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    Kylee immediately turned around and sucked my still erect cock into her own mouth, her pink tongue seeking out and swallowing away all traces of our combined juices until nothing remained.   Kylee then lay down within my arms until we both drifted off into our first true night's sleep, completely satisfied in each other and our unexpectedly fulfilling encounter.