Seducing Nick (Part 2)


Carefully she moved on the bed, sliding down until his rigid cock was in her face. She slid her tongue over the tip, swirling it over the smooth flesh. She heard a soft moan slip from him as she continued. Still Nick had not awakened from the wonderful dream he was having. Part of her wanted to wake him, to see his face contort in pleasure as he released his seed into her mouth. The other part wanted to see if he could withstand her skill. Her lips gently wrapped around him as she took him into her mouth. Her eyes fluttered shut as she savored the taste of sex upon him. Her tongue worshipped every inch of him as she took him deeper. He let out another moan, this time his body jerked as he awoke. He was shocked when he realized it was not a dream. He stared in awe at the beautiful woman lying next to him as she devoured his throbbing erection. It was the most incredible feeling that he had ever felt. Her lips were so soft and her mouth so warm and wet. His breathing was becoming labored as she continued to manipulate his shaft with her expertise. Her eyes met his as she stared up at him, the tip of his cock buried deep in her throat as she swallowed around it.

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   He could see it in her eyes. She wanted to make him lose control, she wanted him to succumb to the pleasure. His fingers intertwined with her hair as he tenderly guided her head up and down. His moans became more frequent as well as more passionate. He closed his eyes as he let her weave her spell of seduction. His hips began to lift as he pumped his cock in and out of her greedy mouth. The lusts she had awoken in him now consumed him as well. She pressed her tongue against him harder, tracing over the flesh as it crossed her lips. Finally, she felt him tense. Thick, warm ropes of cum flooded into her mouth, she let as much of it as she could gather on her tongue, letting it pool there so she may savor its wonderful taste. Her eyes locked on his as his eyes opened wildly, his fingers tangling in her hair as he grasped her tightly. He forced her head down hard and held it there as she swallowed hard around him, the muscles milking his erupting cock of every bit of his precious semen. He was panting as his body collapsed back against the bed. His semi erect shaft still twitched in her mouth as he released his grip on her. He lay there for a moment, silent and still except for the cycle of respiration.

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   She let him slip from her mouth as she sat up on the bed, licking her lips as she noticed the candles' light was fading. His heart sunk for a moment as he thought he might have upset her. He sat up and placed his hand on her shoulder, ready to apologize as she turned to face him. A delicate smile crossed her baby pink lips as she dragged her tongue across them. He looked deep into her eyes and all he could see was the love and desire that she possessed. Her cheeks began to turn a lovely shade of pink as she felt him stare deeper than ever. "I love you Nick," she whispered as she pulled him close. He could not speak. He knew that all along she felt it deep inside her but she had never came straight out and said those words to him. The words were there but he just could not say them. As he tried to say them, she pulled back, placing her fingertip to his lips. She shook her head slightly, that same smile upon her face. "No words Nick. You don't have to say anything. I'm going to blow out the candles and we can get back to sleep," she giggled softly.

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   "I know you must be tired still as well. ""Ok Delia," he reluctantly answered and lay back down. He watched her as she stood up and extinguished the flames. The pale moonlight that filtered in through the windows accentuated her body so beautiful. He sighed softly. He did not want this night to ever end. She had given him so much that now he felt as if one night would never be enough. She made her way back to the bed where he remained on his back. Her head rested against his chest as she ran her fingertips along the center of it. The soft thumping of his heartbeat lulled her back to sleep, feeling safe in his embrace. Nick sunk back into the deep sleep she had awoken him from, never letting go of his beloved. Several hours later, the room was flooded with the warm morning sun and the sound of birds twittering outside the window. It was a beautiful morning but even it paled in comparison to the night before. Nick awoke with Delia clutching him tightly against her, her leg draped carelessly over his. Her body felt so good against his.

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   He wanted so badly to make love to her again. He watched her sleep, gently brushing the hair back from her face as he kissed her forehead. Groggily, she opened her eyes, smiling as she looked up at him. She could not believe how incredible it felt to wake up in his arms. She had longed for this for such a long time. He stared into her eyes for what felt like an eternity, unable to do anything but drink in her beauty. The feel of her body pressed against his began to arouse him more and more. He could feel that undeniable desire to make love to her consume him. He pressed his lips softly to hers as he rolled her onto her back and slid his body on top of hers. Her arms encircled his neck, as the kiss grew more passionate. Her legs spread slightly, allowing him to slip between them. She could feel the hot smooth tip of his cock against her moist pink flesh. Her hips lifted just enough as she squirmed for him to barely enter her. She let out a soft moan into the kiss as she felt him penetrate. With a swift thrust him hilted himself inside her.

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   The warmth enveloped him as stopped for a moment, reveling in the feel of her velvety folds engulfing him. Very slowly, he started to work in and out of her. Their bodies moved in perfect synchronicity as the passion between them grew. His pace remained painstakingly slow though, not wanting the glorious feeling to end just yet. Their tongues wrestled as the duet of moans filled the room. Delia raked her nails down his back as he pushed deep into her once again. He pulled back from the kiss and looked down at her beautiful face. It was contorted in such pleasure. He smiled blissfully as he continued to thrust into her. His pace began to quicken ever so slightly as he watched the fiery need building inside her. Delia let out a sharp cry as her body twitched. Her chest began to heave as an intense orgasm raged through her. The spasms of her muscles around him were quickly melting his resolve. He rested his weight on one arm as his hand moved to her chest, caressing the quivering mound of flesh. He pinched the distended pink nipple gently as he watched her lose herself in the feeling.

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   He knew that it would not be long before he filled her once again. His pace became maddening as her hips bucked to meet his, prolonging the pleasure. "Oh Nick," she cried out as her body shuddered hard. "Oh my god Nick. "Nick couldn't form coherent syllables. The sensations had him so caught up in the moment that he could barely control himself. He wanted to hold out until she had yet another string of orgasms. He fought with all his might to hold back. Just when he was about to lose the battle, Delia began to shake again. He stared deep into her eyes as he watched her give in to the pleasure. Delia's eyes locked on his as she gazed up at him in complete amazement. The second set of orgasms was much stronger than the first. Her muscles milked him as the sweet creamy liquid erupted from his throbbing cock. He threw his head back as he let out a fierce growl before his body collapsed to hers. The two of them laid there covered in a thin sheen of sweat, panting softly as they held each other.

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   Delia softly stroked his back as he lay on top of her. His lips sought out hers as they shared another wonderful kiss. Nick rested his head against her shoulder after breaking the kiss, casually playing with a bit of her hair. Neither of them needed to say word. Inside, they both knew what the other was thinking. Everything was finally perfect. .
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