In the forest (True story)

Sex In Public

It was a warm Sunday afternoon. My boyfriend and I had decided to go for a walk in the forest. Since it was the first sunny day after a period of rain, a lot of people had the same idea. So we drove around in the car, trying to find a less crowded spot. My boyfriend knew there was a military practice area nearby. Most people didn't dare to enter the area, afraid of getting shot by accident, but my boyfriend knew that there wouldn't be any soldiers there on Sunday. We walked around and only saw one other person in the area. So I thought it was safe enough to fool around a little. I started kissing my boyfriend passionately, putting my hand on his crotch trying to make him hard. It worked; his erection was easily to spot in his wide pants. We didn't go any further though, since there could still be other people around. We walked further and found a bird watchers' hut. We climbed the stairs to be able to look around and watch the view. Again I tried to turn my boyfriend on, since I figured nobody would be able to see us there and the chance that someone would enter the hut at the same time was really small. But again my boyfriend didn't let me go far. He is so shy when it comes to sex in public! Of course I wouldn't want to get caught in the act either, but the excitement of it had always appealed to me a lot.

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   I really wanted to get down on my knees and suck his cock. But my boyfriend already decided to leave before I got the chance to do so. .