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I'm a personal trainer at a gym in the next town.   Because of my free gym membership i workout almost daily.   The only problem is that I usually have to wait until it's almost time for us to close for me to be able to workout.   This was a problem, until the night that sarah stayed to close.  
I have always thought that Sarah was extremely sexy.   She's about 5'2" with short black hair, what appeared to be 36 DD tits and an sweet round booty.   I already mentioned that i workout almost daily, so i'm in pretty good shape.   I'm about 6'3" 235 lbs and solid.   My dick isn't anything special at about 6" long, but I have never had any complaints from any girls to this point.
Anyway, one night I had a late client so i couldn't workout until about a half hour before we closed.   As I was really getting into my workout, i realized it was 10 p. m. , closing time.   All of the members had left and it was just Sarah and I left.   Since I was about done, she let me finish while she went around and locked up.   I had planned on going out that night so i needed to take a shower.

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    I made sure it was alright with her and went on in to the locker room to wash up.  
I finished up the shower and dried myself off.   I headed out to get dressed when i saw Sarah come into the locker room.   She seemed to be suprised when she saw me, saying, "oh, i thought you were done already. "  i told her that i was but just needed to get dressed.   I assumed she would leave, but to my surprise she actually started walking towards me.   As she walked towards me, i began to get hard.   the tent forming in the front of my towel was obvious.
When she got right in front of me, she said, "well, why don't you just stay undressed and I will join you?"  Without a second thought, i said sure.   with that, she slowly removed her shirt, revealing her huge bra covered breasts.   Next she reached around and unhooked the strap revealing the most beautiful set of tits i've ever seen.   My now rock hard dick was sticking out from my towel, so i just went ahead and dropped it to the floor.
I couldn't take it any longer and reached out and puller her to me.   Her naked breasts pressed up against my chest as i gave her a deep sensual kiss.   We began making out, getting more and more excited as we went.

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    She pushed me back slowly and had me sit down on one of the benches.   She she did, i told her it wasn't fair that I was completely naked and she had her pants on still.   She agreed and upon my request turned away from me to remove them.   As she slowly slid them down over her glorious ass, i just had to reach out and touch it.   Once, she had them all the way off, she turned back around to reveal her clean shaven pussy.   With that, she dropped to her knees in front of me.   In one quick motion, my dick was in her mouth.   I almost came instantly!  In between sucks she would tell me how much she has wants me.   She then started to suck faster and getting into a good rhythm.   After about 5 minutes I couldn't take it any longer.   I told her I was going to cum if she didn't stop, and she simply kept going!  after about 3 more pumps i blew my first load deep down her throat.   when she finished licking me clean, i told her it was my turn to make her cum.   I took her by the hand and led her out to the workout floor.
As i sat her down on the incline bench press bench, i leaned down and gave her a deep kiss.   Tasting a little bit of my cum.

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    I kissed her all the way down her body.   Sucking on her nipples and kneeding her ass.   When i got to her pussy, i lifted her legs up and spread them nice and wide.   Her shaved wet snatch was such an inviting site!  I slowly started licking her lips.   Slowly licking deeper and deeper.   Her moans of pleasure were a sure sign i was doing something right.   After licking for a couple minutes, i pushed one, then two fingers into her as i started to suck her clit.   This was apparently what she wanted as she started moaning loader and loader.   They were almost screams of pleasure.   After about 3 minutes she yelled out "I'm gonna cum. . . don't stop, please DON'T STOP!"  Then with a flood, her juices rushed into my mouth.   her body shaking and her legs clenched around my head.
After she came down a little bit, she pulled me up to kiss me deep once again.

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    She then told me, "I want your dick in me, NOW!"  I picked her up and took her to the preacher bench curl chair and kissed her neck from behind and i squeezed her tits.   She started getting impatient and actually begged me to fuck her.   So, i bent her over the preacher chair so i could fuck her from behind.   As i inched closer, i got harder and harder.   I thought I was going to burst!
Once i was lined up perfectly, i pushed forward and entered her hot wet cunt with one thrust.   Her pleasured moan almost made me cum.   I started to pump in and out while playing with her tits and squeezing her ass.   As I pumped, she started moving back and forth meeting my thrusts in a perfect rhythm.   Her screams of pleasure getting loader and loader when she yells out "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" 
After she came down from her second orgasm i decided it was time to just pound her into submission.   I layed her on her back on the seated row seat.   Spreading her legs wide, i climbed on top and penetrated that sweet snatch once again.   This time i started pounding hard and deep!  "Harder, faster," is all she could say.   My head was spinning with pleasure as i fucked this gorgeous girl's brains out!  after about 5 minutes of my assault, she moaned that she was cumming again.   This was it for me as i was set over the edge.   With one final pump, she came and I unloaded possibly the biggest load of my life deep into her pussy.

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    As we both slowly calmed down, we realized that it was getting really late, so we should be getting home.
But, she didn't want to go home with cum dripping out of her, so we went and took a shower to get cleaned up.   Her body wet and under the shower was magnificent.   We didn't do anything else that night, but every chance we get, we do fuck.   Especially when I have late clients. . . which has been happening a lot lately!! ;)