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It was Monday, so I had a feeling that, if I went to see a movie, I'd be one of the only people there.   Sure enough, when I walked in the theater, clutching a bag of popcorn in one hand and a Coke in the other, backpack slung over my shoulders, I was literally the only person in there.   I took a seat in the back row, set my Coke into the cupholder, and waited.   The movie started in five minutes, so I wasn't able to start yet; someone else might show up.
But the lights finally dimmed, and the commercials started.   My cock was beginning to bulge below my underpants as a soda commerical came on.   Then the commercials mercifully ended and the previews began.   I was still the only person in the theater, but I was sneaking glances at the door whenever I thought I saw movement; thankfully, I was still alone.
Finally, the previews ended and the movie began.   It was a stupid romance-comedy, and one I'd already seen before, though with other people in the room.   I waited five minutes into the movie; if no one showed up before then, I reasoned, they weren't going to show up at all.
Sure enough, at the end of the opening credits, I was still the only person in the theater.   I decided to get started.   I unzipped my jeans and slid them down to my ankles.   Then I pulled my now rock-hard cock and balls through the slit in my underpants and began to stroke.
Even though I was totally alone in the darkened room, and the only way the man in the projection booth could see me was by knocking out the window and looking directly down at me, it felt oddly satisfying to pretend someone was watching me, maybe jacking off in response to me stroking my seven-inch cock and fondling my balls.

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    It made me hornier and the pleasure greater to know I was sitting in a seat someone else had occupied before, pants around my ankles, working to spray my cum all over the seat in front of me.
I was pumping furiously with one hand and rubbing my balls with the other.   Heat began to spread at my waist; it was like my cock was becoming molten with the cum slowly making its way up it.   My hand slowly stroking my balls coaxed more pleasure out of it.   I'd never felt more at ease during a session.
Unfortunately, the movie wasn't helping.   Although the chick playing the female lead was hot as hell, I kept losing my concentration.   Once, I thought I had an orgasm, but someone made a really stupid joke which broke my concentration just long enough.
I realized then that a hand wasn't enough.   I needed more.   So I snuck in my backpack and felt around for a while, then I extracted two things: my sister's big purple dildo (I'd stolen it from her room earlier) and a tube of K-Y Gel.   With a thrill of excitement, I slid my briefs down my legs (with some difficulty) and put my legs up on the seat in front of me.   My ass was sticking out now.
I popped open the tube of lubricant and spread some on my fingers.   Then I rubbed them around my asshole and slid them inside.

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    I knew some gel was trickling down to the seat; that only increased my sense of fear of getting caught, which made me hornier than ever.   That, coupled with the fingers in my ass, the dildo waiting to replace them, and the whole realization of what I was doing, made me want to cum right then and there.
But I waited.   I knew that, if it took me an hour to cum (it usually did when I jacked off in front of a TV), I'd have an amazing orgasm.
Once the gel was spread all along the inner walls of my asshole, I slid my fingers out, poured some more gel on the dildo, and worked it around with my non-stroking hand.   For reference, my cock is seven inches long and about two inches around.   This thing I was about to fuck my ass with is nine inches long and about two and a half across.   I felt along the plastic cock I was preparing to take.   I felt ribbing along the sides and a flared head, with two half-balls making up the base.   I took it in my non-stroking hand and guided it to my tight, unfucked asshole.   I tickled around the opening with the tip of the dildo, only pushing the head in a little bit before pulling it out.   I always loved teasing myself.
Then I decided I was ready.   I pushed the dildo in, taking the head only at first.   The feel of this dildo inside me made me lift up my head and moan.

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    Had I been in my room, alone in the house, I would have screamed with joy.   But I wanted to be quiet.   Slowly, I worked more and more in, inch by inch, until I hit the back of my hole.   I was taking six inches in, and it was so big it was ripping my hole apart.   But I loved it so much that I started to ride it.   I was sliding it in and out of my asshole while I worked my cock with another hand.  
At that point, the movie was as important to me as shit.   All I knew was that I was fucking myself with a dildo bigger than my cock, I was nude in a movie theater where I could get caught in a seat where someone else was going to sit and had already sat before, and, from the feeling I was getting in my crotch, about to spray my cum all over the theater.   I decided to bring my imagination into play.
"Yeah, that's it," I whispered huskily to the dildo.   "Come on, big boy.   Fuck my tight asshole harder.   Ooh, that's how I like it.   Shoot your load in my tight hole.   Come on, my virgin hole is yours!  Cum in me, you big-dicked slut!  Make me feel as good as I'm making you feel.

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    Oh, yes!  Yes!  Right there, baby!  Now fuck me harder!
My body was seizing up and my balls were retracting under the scrotum.   I knew I was about to cum, and with no one else in the theater, I felt okay yelling my guts out.   As I began spasming, I reached the point of no return.   I kept stroking and stroking until finally, I felt my orgasm hit.
I started to yell as cum flooded out of my cock and sprayed everywhere.   Some landed on the back of the seat in front of me, some flew past that and hit the seat cushions, and quite a bit landed on me.   It was fantastic, and I was in heaven.
But when I was done, something else happened.   Someone else screamed.   My first thought was that it was the female lead, but I was wrong.   It was someone else in the theater.   From the sounds of it, a girl.
I was not alone after all.   She'd been lying down in her seat when I came in, and I hadn't noticed her.   What was more, she was masturbating too!
For some reason, I was feeling rather daring after cumming all over a movie theater, and my erection was still very much erect.

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    What the fuck, I thought.   Let's see how much we can get out of this.   I slowly pulled the dildo out of my ass, regretting the loss of its hugeness in my ass.   I put it and the lube back in my backpack, but I slid my pants and underpants off all the way, and stuffed them in my backpack too.   Then I wiped the floor and other chairs down.   I got up and limped down a few rows (the dildo was awesome, but fuck me, it hurt!), ass-naked from my waist down, until I reached her row.   Her beautiful head was still reared back, eyes closed all the way.   The dildo she had been using was still in her pussy; it was glistening wet, as was the seat cushion.   She looked at me and saw my erection, still glistening from the cum I'd squirted all over it, and smiled.  
"Okay, hon," she said seductively.   "Sounds like we're both warmed up.   Now let's get to the main event. "
She stood up, pulled the dildo out (it was smaller than mine!) and beckoned me to the seat she just vacated.   I sat down, cock pointed up like a sundial, and she sat down on it, facing me.
It was clear she was no amateur when it came to fucking, although her pussy was blissfully tight.


    She rode me like she was riding a horse, bouncing up and down, taking me in her up to the balls, then just to the tip of my head, then to the balls again.   I lifted her shirt up over her head and off.   Amazing: she wasn't wearing a bra.   Her tits, 36Cs by the looks of them, bounced up and down before me, nipples hard as tiny rocks.   I gently sucked on them, and she moaned with pleasure.
It was then that I saw the dildo she had been using.   It was lying across the seat next to us, still glistening wet with her juices.   I picked it up and licked her juices; she looked at me, eyes so seductive, so horny, practically begging me to take her, to do what she thought I would do.
Whether that was what she meant to say or not, I did.   I reached behind her, felt around for her asshole, and pushed the dildo in.   She reared her head back and moaned louder.   I manipulated the dildo so that, when I pulled back from her pussy, the dildo pushed in, and when it pulled back, I pushed in.   She seemed to like it very much; a minute after I started that, she screamed as she had another orgasm.   Her spasming body shook the row of seats we were in, and I thought she'd sound an alarm through the theater, she was so loud.   But no one came in to check, so we kept fucking like animals.

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    She had two rods in her and I was fucking a hot girl in a movie theater.   No wonder we were so horny.
I was nearing the point of no return again.   I had soon forgotten about the fact that there might be people outside; I was only concerned with giving this girl the fucking of a lifetime.   And when I reached the point of no return, I was ready to give her the grand finale.
"I'm cumming," I groaned.   "I'm fuckin' cummin' in your cunt, bitch!  Ooh, I'm gonna fuckin' blow my load in you, you little cunt!"  I wasn't kidding, and apparently, the temporary addition of dirty sex talk was just what she had wanted, because she went up and down a couple more times, then, when she felt me tense up, slammed down on me, just as I started to cum.
We both screamed; me as my cum started to explode out of me, her as she felt it gush through her netherregions.   It seemed I was using a lifetime's supply of cum at once, I was cumming so long.   She was writhing with orgasmic joy as I flooded her cunt with my juices.
"YEAH!" I was yelling.   "TAKE IT ALL!  TAKE IT, YOU HORNY BITCH!"  She loved it so much.   And I realized I loved her.
It took what seemed like hours for our orgasms to subside.   The movie was still playing, but it was almost over.

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    She slowly lifted her body off my subsiding erection; cum dripped out onto the floor and she wiped it off, then passed a napkin over her pussy.   We put on our assorted clothes, then made out through the rest of the movie.   I was fondling her breasts; she was handling my crotch.   I wanted to fuck her again and again.   She seemed to read this in my face, as well as in my cock, which was growing again after a while.
"Calm down, cowboy," she whispered in my ear.   "Come back to my place after the show.   I'll show you what I'm really able to do.   Maybe you can show me too. "
"God, I fucking love you," I said.
"I fucking love you too," she whispered, and we started making out again.   We probably would have fucked again if the movie hadn't ended.   We got up and walked back to her place, looking innocent until we left the theater.   Along the way, I knew this was going to be a long and very fun night.

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