Stranger on the train Pt 1.

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I fucking hate catching the train this long distance and I sure as hell fucking hate catching it early in the morning. But this one day changed my point of view of trains and the people who catch them…let me tell you what happened.


She got on at my stop but I have never seen her before, she was beautiful, everything about her caught my eye. Her hair, her legs, her face the way she walked all drew my attention, she would be classed by a lot of men including myself as hot. I watched her as I waited for the train but I would not have expected what was to come in the follow day.


I was just sitting there on the train reading my book, Every now and then I would steal a glance at her but realizing enough was enough I let the hope go, I left her sitting there on her phone typing away as I went back to my new book.

The book was complex and dragging me in, it has happened may times before and I have been known to miss train stops and walk right past my house while been draw into the world of letters so I couldn’t actually say for certain that this really happened.


“Ohhhhh”…then nothing,

I swear I just heard that hot chick moan, I looked up at her and she stole a quick glace around the train before returning to her phone,

BULLSHIT! I thought to myself “did she just cum?” I put my head back down and thought to myself about the situation, “no way did she just cum,” I looked around the carriage and no one else on the train seemed to notice, Fuck I swear she just moaned out load. I looked at her again and noticed her hand resting in her lap and one leg lifted with her feet on the seat.

My mind was racing, “there is no chance of me getting back to my book now” I thought to myself and I shut it and just sat looking out the window. As I sat there thinking about what could have just happened my cock started to grow, I looked down and saw that there was no way that anyone can see it so I let my thickness run its course and forced my gaze back to the outside word zipping past me. We soon entered a tunnel and as my visual pleasures dropped into blackness I noticed I had another pleasure in front of me, a perfect view of the hot girl reflected in my window.

I took in the outline of her body without having to turn my head to look at her. Her hair sat in a way I couldn’t see her eyes but her lips were in full view. They looked so wet and smooth, the sort you interrupt a conversation to kiss. As I watched her I noticed her shoulder moving and following her arm I could see her hand, the one resting in her lap slowly rubbing herself.

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“She is fucking doing it, I knew I didn’t imagine it!!!” I thought

My cock grew even bigger from watching this and to my agony…daylight. The tunnel was gone and with it the reflection of my hot girl rubbing her clit.


“Next Stop Victoria Station” rang the automated voice over

Fuck my stop. I don’t want to get off, I wanted to watch this beauty, I wanted to go over there and help with her solo effort. Surely she would prefer what I’m packing.

I rearrange my cock so my erection didn’t show, stood up and made my way to the door.


As the train pulled into the station I caught yet another reflection in the window of my hot masturbating girl but this time she was behind me. My heart skipped a beat and my cock twitched in my pants, “its her stop too. ”

The doors opened and I stepped forward making my way to the wall, pretending to check my bag so she could get in front of me. I followed her up the stairs, the whole time getting to look at her perfectly shaped arse move back and forward with each step up. My cock was not getting softer, as I had hoped but I did a good job of rearranging it earlier so that my pulsing erection was concealed.

I didn’t know what has come over me but I was not heading the way I should be. It’s as if my feet had a mind of their own and they only wanted to walk in the footsteps of my hottie.   I followed her undetected for about 15 minutes until she walked into a big building in the insurance quarter. I walked past the building while trying to get a fleeting glimpse of the girl.

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   I couldn’t see a thing but crossing the road as to not draw attention to myself, I paused at a newsstand and looked across at the large building. My girl was gone, that shake of her booty and flicking of her hair may never been seen again, but the thought will live on. It’s at this stage that I noticed my cock was still hard, I brushed my hand against it and it twitched again. I looked around the block and could see a MacDonald’s up the road. BINGO!

I walked in and headed straight into the toilets, I unzipped my pants and out sprung my thick cock.

Pre cum was attached from my waste to the tip of my cock, and pooling there. I had not seen that much pre-cum leaking out of my cock of ages. I dipped my finger in it and brought it to my mouth. That familiar taste was exceptional, (I have always loved the taste of my pre cum and have tasted it every opportunity I get,) but I didn’t have time to lick all that up. I grab my cock and with one stroke my foreskin was pulled all the way back and my thick head was wet and in clean view, I stared down at my cock and started to beat it thinking of my hot girl cumming on the train and what I would do to her. My hand quickened and my balls tightened, all of a sudden my arse clenched up and that good old feeling hit me like a ton of bricks, I pumped twice more and then was met with a fire hose like force of spunk shooting from my cock, it hits the wall with full force and I had to bite my lip hard so as to not make any noise. The sheer force of my orgasm subsided and soon it was dripping out of me. I caught my breath and then pulled my pants up. Leaving the mess on the wall for the next person, I licked up the cum that dripped onto my hand and headed out of the toilets and back onto the street.


My head is always clearer after an orgasm and standing on the street I realized I actually had places to be, I made my way to my meetings quickly and the whole time tried to work out what just came over me.

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The whole day I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened, the whole way through my meetings my cock just kept getting harder. I had to jack off another 2 times in public toilets to try and relieve some pressure in my balls. By 4 o’clock I had worked out what I needed and that was the box of that hottie on the train over my cock.

I took a deep breath and made my way back to the street she had taken me to this morning. This was a fucking long shot and I didn’t even know what I was going to do, I just wanted to see her again.

I found a café where I could get a clear view of the entrance of the building and sat in the window nursing a coffee I didn’t even want.

My eyes never left that entrance, and after an hour and a half I was about to give up, I mean it was a fucking stupid idea in the first place! when all of a sudden I saw her leave.

I jumped up and left the café. She had a bit of a lead over me but I caught up quickly. Like that morning I stayed out of sight and followed her all the way to the station. Even after 9 hours of work she looked very fuckable and those legs and arse, fucking damn!!!

She headed back to the train we caught this morning and boarded it. I caught up just as the doors were closing and made sure I sat outs of sight just in case she saw me. I mean its not an odd occurrence to be on the same train as someone twice in one day but it would be better if she didn’t see me.

I couldn’t read my book I just looked at the back of her head and thought about what I wanted to do to her, my cock grew again in my pants and it was driving me insane. I was counting down the stops until it was ours.

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   I don’t know what had come over me but I couldn’t get this chick out of my head.

Finally our stop!

I stood as she did and went to the opposite door again not to arouse suspicion. We left the train and yet again I kept my distance as I followed her.


She didn’t look back once on the whole walk. I think its safe to say she didn’t see me but really what the fuck was I going to do?

As I kept following her she suddenly turned into a house and pulled keys from her bag, I crossed the road and kept walking past her house, I did a lap of the block and when I cam back she was gone. The only sign of life in the house was now the lights were on. I walked past a few more times and after an hour of no one else entering it was safe to say she was alone. But this question kept coming back to me. “What the fuck do I plan to do?”

“Why am I standing in the middle of this unfamiliar street, looking at a house I have never seen before thinking about the girl who is inside of it, who I have never spoken to before?”

“Fuck knows” was the only answer I could come up with. Another half hour went past and I was still in the same place, I finally plucked up the courage to go and knock on the door.

“But what are you going to say, hey I have been stalking you all day and jacking off whenever I can…ummm you wanna fuck” I laughed to myself and before I knew it I was reaching for the doorbell. “Fuck your distracting mind” I thought as I watched my finger ring the bell. My cock twitched in anticipation.


The door opened.


And there she stood the hottie who had masturbated on the train that very morning.

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   She had changed from her work clothes and was now wearing hot pants and a white vest, her hair in a ponytail.

She smiled “hey, you alright?” I opened my mouth but nothing came out, I stared at her, ok now it is officially strange

“Can I help you?”  She repeated

“ummmm” is all I could think of and then I pushed the door fully open.

“What the fuck? Who are you?” she yelled and I slammed the door behind me. Dumping my bag I put my hand over her mouth and grabbed her arms by the wrists.

“What the fuck are you doing?” she let escape, and that was a fucking good question, what was I doing?

I grabbed at her tits and dragged her into the living room.

She started to bite my hand trying to make me remove it from her mouth, To be honest, it did start to hurt so looking around the room I saw a tea towel sitting on her coffee table, I removed my hand and grabbed it quickly, I still held her hands tight so she couldn’t move and grabbing the tea towel I shoved it back into her mouth as a gag.

She looked totally shocked. She screamed but they were muffled by my improv gag, at this point she tried to break free from me but couldn’t, I pined her arms behind her back and pushed her against the wall. I looked around the room and all I could see was the couch. I dragged her over there and pushed her head down into it.

Grabbing at the shorts I pulled them and her underwear down in one go.

There it was, the sight I had been masturbating over all day, right in front of me, her bare legs and naked arse on show and fuck they looked good.

My cock was throbbing and I quickly pulled it out of my pants.

She was still thrashing around but I was strong enough to hold her in place, I felt for her pussy with my cock but found nothing but inner thigh and then my cock hit a spot. It definitely felt different to inner thigh, it was soft, inviting, warm and really really wet.

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To me the wetness was odd but I didn’t care I pushed in and with one stroke I was balls deep in her pussy which that very morning been treated to its own pleasure on the train.

It was far from a love fuck so I didn’t mess around I started pumping into her with all my might, I quickly noticed that her muffled screams had turned into muffle moans and she wasn’t resisting as much as before. In fact she was actually pushing back against my cock. I didn’t dare let go of her hands and her face was pushed right into the sofa, I kept fucking her and before I knew it I could feel her pussy start to clench up.

I wanted to dirty talk the little bitch but I didn’t want her to hear me. I just put one leg on the couch for more leverage and started fucking her harder. I pulled her arms to put her in an awkward and probably painful position but that only resulted in more moaning.

“This bitch loves it” I thought to myself and before I knew it her legs lost strength and her pussy exploded with cum all over me, and I mean all over me!! I looked down and the bitch was squirting onto my thighs, my shirt and pants were covered in cum. She started to shake but I just kept fucking her harder

I reached up and grabbed her ponytail, I yanked her hair back and she let out what sounded like a squeal, but it was hard to tell.

I pushed her back down and then stood up on the couch so I could really ram into that pussy I as fucking this pussy harder then anything else I have ever fucked. I pulled her arms up again and she started to moan, she had no way of getting out of this position and just had to take what I gave her. I kept pushing in and all of a sudden I felt my balls tighten.

There it was, for the fourth time today that spectacular feeling was about to hit me but that time I wasn’t going to shoot my spunk against the wall of a public toilet while thinking about this chick that time it would be as deep as I could possible be inside of her when I let rip

I moaned and I think she could tell what was going to happen, she pushed back with so much force I nearly lost my balance, I gripped her wrists that I was holding tight and just as I started to blow my load I felt the warm wetness of a woman’s orgasm hit my thighs again, I looked down and sure enough she had sprayed on me again.

I emptied all I had inside of her as her legs totally gave way, she again looked awkward just hanging from my grip like that so I let her go, she lay in a ball on the couch shaking, I think, and I hoped, from the sheer force of the orgasms she had had and not from fear. I pulled my pants up which were soaked and did them up.

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   She reached up and pulled the gag out of mouth while she coughed.

I looked down and saw my cum leaking out of her pussy, I didn’t know what to do, I turned on my heals and headed straight to the door leaving her there. I picked up my bag and closed the door behind me.


I made my way up the street and around the corner not knowing what the fuck I had just done. “I raped that chick!”


End of part 1

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