The Time Shifter Chapter 22


Because I was driving, I cut myself off from the weed and beer. Iwent out to the car and retrieved my acoustic guitar and sat out onthe patio just noodling around. I looked into the house and saw Peteand his target exchanging soft kisses. I smiled and hoped this wouldturn into something for him. He was the only one in the band whohadn't been attached at least some point during its existence. Istarted playing Cat Stevens' "Moon Shadow" as I gazed at that brightwhite orb. I followed that with Joni Mitchell's "Circle Game"because it and the Stevens song kinda remind me of each other.

Pete and his girl of the moment, Lynn, joined me. "Hey Melody, couldyou please play, "Over the Hills and Far Away?" I granted his wishand he began singing it to her while I backed him. She, like him,was semi high, so she loved his gesture. He then asked me if Iwanted to do "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" with him. I said I would haveto take the harmony part and he the lead. He assented to that and sowe did it, our voices and the sound of my guitar reverberatingaround the patio. A few more people came out to hear what we weredoing. We transitioned to "Your Move" with Pete lamenting that he didn'thave his bass with him at that moment during an instrumental bit inthe tune. Darrell wanted me to do "that song about scotch and beeryou did last year.

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  " I had tucked my slide into my bikini top, so Ipulled it out and did it as best I could vocally before segueinginto "Boom Boom. " Darrell passed out more beers and someone had madea pitcher of margaritas and was lining some up on the counter. Isuggested we do "La Grange" and so he sang the lead on it while Iaccompanied him. I downshifted into the Eagles' "Tequila Sunrise"and went from that into "Take it Easy," which is practically thenational anthem, so to speak of California. Someone knew it and sangit, but out of tune. We all got a good laugh out of that.

I just suddenly went into Joni's "Both Sides Now"  and then Bread's"If. " Someone asked if I knew any Beach Boys. I didn't, at least toplay, but I did do Chuck Berry's "Back in the U. S. A" since BrianWilson's boys were so influenced by him. I pulled the slide outagain and began doing "Freebird. " Pete sang the lead vocal so Ididn't have to. "God, I miss Joe when I play this," I observed. "Who's Joe?' someone asked.

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   "The other guitarist in our band," Iinstructed. "This song normally has three guitar parts in it. " Peteand I then insinuated ourselves into "Tush," with Pete singing andthen me doing the slide guitar solo. That was it. It was now wellafter midnight and I thought that the neighbors needed a break. Petegot Lynn's phone number and we went home.

"Look's like you scored, babe," I said to Pete. "Yeah, it seems so,"he acknowledged with a big grin. "Thanks for helping," he expressedgratefully. "I'm glad I was able to, sweety. " Pete spent the nightwith me and, yes, we had sex, because he was still too high to drivehome without risking being sussed by The Bill.

Saturday, I went up to North Hollywood to hang out at the SugarShack. I got dressed to kill in a black leather bustier and amatching mini skirt, black thigh high stockings and stilettos. I sawa pre-Runaways Joan Jett there. She was still just Joan Larkin backthen.

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   The club itself catered mainly to kids in their mid to highteens and it was where Joan met Cherie Currie. Cherie wasn't therethat night. I walked up to Joan and introduced myself. She waspretty blase and appeared to be slightly drunk until, in the courseof our small talk, I told her I played guitar. Her eyes lit up (andshe has totally amazing peepers!) and we started talking about gearand what glitter rock rock artists we liked. I took her to my car,where I showed her how to play a couple of Bowie songs on theaforementioned Epi acoustic. I gave her my number and told her tocall me if she ever wanted to sit in with my band or jam sometime.  I totally wanted to sleep with her, but I guess she wasn't thatinterested since she never phoned.

When I left the Sugar Shack, I went to Tower Records on Sunset andbought a bunch of albums before setting the controls for home. Iwhiled away all day Sunday learning songs off of those records. ThenMonday, I roamed various colleges in my county attempting to arrangegigs. Tuesday, I did it in L. A. County and then Wednesday I went allthe way down to San Diego State and UC San Diego for the same purpose. I left press kits at all of them and hoped for the best.

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Not having modern cable tv was driving me nuts. There was justnothing on all the fucking time with so few channels available inthe mid-1970's except for Don Kirshner's Rock Concert and MidnightSpecial and an occasional program on Channel 28 (PBS) unless therewas an Angels or Dodgers game, which wasn't that often. . I wasn'tinclined to watch All in the Family or Maude and such again. Sounless someone was over who was actually interested, my tv didlittle more than gather dust.

Monday, I went to the beach wearing my yellow bikini. After Islathered sun screen on, I took leisurely walks up and down thewaterline and checked out the guys and girls passing by. Some ofthem eyed me, too. I then laid out on my towel to tan my body. Allof a sudden, someone said, "hey, aren't you Melody Kang?" I lookedtoward the person who uttered my name. I didn't know who it was. "DoI know you?" I wondered. "I go to your school," he countered. "Okay," I rejoindered in a non-committal manner. "You play a prettybitchin' guitar.

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  " "Thanks. " "Do you mind if we hang out?" "We" washim and his friend. "Yeah, I guess," I tentatively allowed. Theypicked up their towels and moved over next to me.

They introduced themselves. The guy who made the initial contact wasnamed Sonny and his friend was called Brad. Sonny was pretty cute atjust over six feet and at a proportionate weight with long darkbrown hair just past his shoulders. Brad was okay, but not someone Iwould sleep with. "Are you here alone?" Sonny inquired. "Yeah. " Iasked them to tell me about themselves. They were both going to bejuniors at my now former school, so they were two years younger thanme and were avid body surfers, but not jocks, thank God. We madesmall talk for a while. Sonny revealed that he had gone to that LedZep tribute show and thought that our anti-prom flier was prettyfunny. That helped me loosen up somewhat.

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   Brad went to get somethingto eat and drink and Sonny took the opportunity to tell me hethought I was cute. I thanked him for the compliment and then heasked if I wanted to go out sometime. "I guess," I said. But Iadded, "do you drive?" "Not yet. I have my learner's permit rightnow. What about you?" "I already graduated sweety and own my own carand house. " "Oh," he reacted, his confidence drooping. "So how doyou intend to take me out?" I interrogated. To be honest, I was kindof having him on a bit. "I guess I'll have to wait until I get mylicense," he said in that simplistic way teenage boys often do. Igiggled. I was getting the impression that there wasn't a lot ofthere there, if you know what I mean.

"Have you ever had sex? And tell me the truth," I cross examined. "Not really. " "Why not? You're not bad looking and you had theconfidence to end up next to me.

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   So how do you not have sex yet?" "Idon't know," he shrugged, employing another vacant teenage boyresponse. "You're evading the question. How come a guy like youhasn't been able to ball a chick yet?" I riposted in a demandingmanner. "Be honest," I encouraged. "Because I kind of lose my nerveonce I get a girlfriend and want her to basically ask me to have sexwith her. " "Ah, just as I thought," I said. I explained to him thatwomen want to be led and don't want to have to carry the guy ontheir backs. So the confidence to go after what you want in thebeginning has to extend into the relationship itself where youcontinue to pursue your desires, though I added a lot ofqualifications to that so as to not sound like I was advocatingrape. "Woah, that's really heavy," he remarked as Brad returned.

I stuck around for another hour and then had to leave before I wasafflicted with a bad sunburn. He asked for my phone number and wewent to my car, where I wrote it on a page from a small spiralnotebook I keep in my ride for a variety of reasons, but mostly incase I have good ideas while I'm driving or somewhere other thanhome. I did the weekly shopping on the way home and, when I finallygot back, there was a message on my answering machine from a juniorcollege we had never played at before. I called back and got us abooking for the first Tuesday of September at noon.

Later that night, Sonny called me. Way too anxious.

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   I made a mentalnote to talk to him about that. He just wanted to know what I wasdoing and if I was going to the beach again soon (I said I didn'tknow because I usually decide to do that on spur of the moment) andjust basically trying to freeform a conversation because he feltlike he had to talk to me in order to play to my vanity. Guys suckat phone calls anyway. I think he was hoping that I would carry theconversation, but because I was basically a male inside I wasn'tgoing to do that. Thus, what he was doing smacked of desperation,which women tend to view as unmanly. No wonder he wasn't gettinglaid.