The Time Shifter Chapter 23


Sonny ended our conversation without asking me on a date. I think hetook to heart what I said about him not having a car while I did. Imight have shrunk his balls a bit there. It would be interesting tosee if he ever called back again.

Tuesday, a rep from a four year university called wanting to bookus. It would be the Wednesday the same week as the juco gig. Sweet. I did housework and the other band members came over that night torehearse, where I told them about the two appearances we would bedoing.

As the week progressed, more bookings were entered. Sonny calledagain Friday night asking if I wanted to go to a party. I agonizedover it because I wasn't sure I wanted to attend some dumbass teenwingding. Then it struck me that I could shmooze the kids there andperhaps they would want to come see us sometime down the road. Thekicker was that I would have to drive there by myself. I can't say Iwas totally surprised, though. So I motored to where the "party"was. Again, like with the guys who had disparaged the idea of womenplaying guitar, this was more of a small get together for thepurpose of getting high at a house where the parents weren't home.

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  In this case, the parents had gone on a weekend getaway. In additionto Sonny and Brad, there were four other people there. I definitelyfelt like I was slumming.

Sonny introduced me to everyone and a joint was lit and passedaround. I opted to not partake and so the next couple of hours werespent just listening to music and trading goofy jokes. Sonny wassitting next to me on the livingroom couch and I guess the weed lenthim some courage because he put his arm around me. I've never beenmuch for turning down a good cuddle and so I let him keep it there. They continued smoking it and pretty soon the conversation reachedan impasse as everyone was now pretty wasted. I knew that Sonny waslikely to be pretty horny and I was waiting for when he wouldinevitably try something. He didn't disappoint, as he turned towardme, looked into my eyes and slowly moved to put his lips on mine. Heattempted to undo my blouse, but I batted that down. Things got moreheated between us and I felt that familiar slickness between mylegs. Whispering in my ear, he asked me if I wanted to go toupstairs to bed. I retorted that this wasn't his house and told himto kiss me some more. We continued to tongue wrestle and he gropedmy left breast over my blouse and bra.

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   I was becoming pretty hornymyself and was kissing him just as hard as he was me. He pleadedagain to be allowed to take me upstairs, but I stayed strong andsaid no. I actually wanted to take him home so we could have a goodrutting, but I was afraid of the possibility that I would get pulledover. I knew nothing would happen to me, but he would get in bigtrouble with his parents at the very least since he wasn't protectedfrom arrest by Vishnu as I was.

"I think I'd better go," I informed him and went home. I'm sure hehad an epic case of blue balls and, having been a male, I feltguilty about that.

Saturday, he called me. "Are you mad?" he inquired. I giggled andreplied in the negative. "I knew you were going to try something assoon as you guys started getting high," I chuckled. "Besides, wewould have had sex if it was in a more private setting," I said. "Iwas enjoying the making out as much as you were. " "Cool!" hebubbled. "You want to hang out?" he begged. I rolled my eyes.

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   Boy,this guy just won't get the leadership message. "I'll tell you what,Sonny, I'll pick you up and we'll go to Bear Flag Park because thereare some things I need to talk to you about," I explained. He wasinto that and I got directions to his place. I collected him abouthalf an hour later and took him to the aforementioned park. Wekicked it in a shady tree lined section  to get out of the summerheat and I proceeded to explain how relations between men and womenactually work. I emphasized that he had to stop drifting throughlife just hoping things would bend his way and take the bull by thehorns and make them happen himself. "Like I said at the beach,sweety, you went for it when you saw me and you went for it when youwere high, but when you're sober you get timid in the middle of thegame. 90% of making any hustle work is just having balls, honey," Ipropounded. "No guts, no glory and no pussy," I stated firmly. Ithen used hypothetical situations to illustrate what I was talkingabout.

"So how come you're telling me all this?" he pondered. "Because Ihate to see people flail and waste their time. It causes so muchstress and insecurity," I reasoned. "Thanks," he expressed brightly. "I want to see your house," he declared. 

   I smiled because this was asign he was beginning to take some of my advice. "Okay baby, let'sgo," I consented. When we arrived at my place, I showed him my musicroom. "Is all this stuff yours?"  he asked. "Nah," I denied. "Thekeyboard setup belongs to a guy in my band and so do some of theamps and the drum kit," I revealed. "This is totally cool," heburbled. 'Yeah, if you want to increase your chances of gettingchicks, learn to play guitar. If you want to join a band, though,there is always a shortage of bass players, but singers andguitarists still get almost all the female attention," I instructed.

We went back out to my livingroom and I asked him what he thought ofmy home. "It's definitely nice, Melody. I could dig living here. ""Well sweety, if you work hard, you can get a house like this, too,"I pointed out. "Oh yeah? How did you end up with this kind of pad?"he riposted. "I got it the old fashioned way: I inherited it," Igiggled.

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   That amused him.

There was a break in the conversation. He put his arm around myshoulders and pulled me toward him. He kissed me passionately and myheart began to race while my pussy commenced lubricating. I ran mylefthand up his tank top and explored the topography of his chest. He slipped his hand up my top and tried to unhook my bra. Iexplained to him how to do it and  soon felt my boobies tumbling outas he extracted the brassiere from my body. I pulled my top off,exposing my tits to him. He felt me up and I whispered in his earhow to do it to heat me up. I then pullled his head down to have himsuckle my nipples. I directed the manner in which he did it and wassoon moaning eight to the bar. "Hey baby, throw me over yourshoulder cave man style and take me to bed," I ordered. "God, that'sso hot when a guy does that," I proclaimed as he tromped off towardmy sleeping chamber with my form slung over his body.

He gently dropped me on to my bed. "Okay sweety, get those clothesoff!" I breathily intoned with a huge smile. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   My eyes went to hisgroin as he peeled his shoes, socks, jeans and, finally, his boxersoff. My eyes widened when I got a gander at how hung he was. He wasa rock hard eight inches plus and thick. His weapon reminded me alot of the one wielded by Jim. "Okay honey, now pull my pants andpanties off," I commanded, but do it slowly. " He unsnapped my jeansand grabbed them at the waistband and pulled them down my legs andoff, leaving me in a pair of blue silk panties. He deprived me ofthose, too, and he finally got a look at a real live pussy. I sat upin bed and grasped his sturdy schvanz, stroking it at a leisurelypace. He tried to fondle my breasts, but I told him to kiss meinstead. After about five minutes of that, I slid off the bed andkneeled on the floor, taking his meat into my mouth. He gasped ashis brain first registered how my tongue and lips felt on hisprotuberance and then emitted a long groan. "Does that feel good?" Iinterrogated with a giggle. "God, like you wouldn't believe," hemoaned. I sped up my head bobbing and the friction from my soft, moist lips over his penis nudged him closer and closer until heexpelled his burden into my yapper.

"Oh my God, that felt so good!" he enthused.

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   I giggled. "I'm gladyou enjoyed that, honey. Now it's your turn," I said. "What do youmean?" 'I want you to eat my pussy," I asserted. "Oh, okay," heawkwardly acknowledged. Again, keep in mind that this was the 1970'sand so kids weren't looking at internet porn yet or talking aboutsex with each other in the much freer way they do now. Therefore, boys weren't as knowledgeale about satisfying women asthey would later become. I opened my legs as far as I comfortablycould and pointed out where my clit was and how good it feels whenit's stimulated with fingers and tongue. I also explained about theg spot and how to use his fingers on it. He set about darting histongue at my nubbin. I reminded him to keep his facial muscles,especially those around his jaw, relaxed as he endeavored to get meoff. I think he was initially afraid it would taste like pee orsomething. As time progressed, he became more aggressive, sucking onit, too. The more I sighed and that my breathing became moredifficult to control, the more glee he seemed to take in stimulatingme and I went right over the proverbial falls, pulling his head intomy crotch and pleading with him to keep it up. I came a couple moretimes before he complained that his jaw was tiring.

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He was back at attention already and slid up between my legs. Iguided his fat dick into me. "Oooh man!!"  he exalted in getting hisdick wet for the first time in his life as I felt it boring into thedeepest sectors of my body. I reminded him to relax as he thrust hiscock into me and to use long, slow strokes at first. His stuffing mewith that very filling fuck stick generated such euphoric frictionthat I ascended the mountain of pleasure with great alacrity. "Ohfuck, oh fuck!!" I panted. "Fuck me harder!!" I begged and heslammed his meat knife into me like Jack the Ripper, sending me intoparoxysms of ecstasy. "Oh God baby, oh fuck, your cock feels sogood!" I celebrated as he cleaved my slit time and again, handing meanother searing climax. I pressed my nails into his back while acaptive of the flexion of his hips and the protrusion they pushedand pulled inside me, my legs resting on his lower back. "God Sonny,oh fuck yesssssssss," I hissed as I felt the tide building again andthen there was a huge crash within me when the multiple orgasmssurged through me, the unstoppable pleasure owning me as long as hewas able to hold out. That was for about another five minutes beforehe unleashed his mancream into me.

I pulled him down on me as his cock went flaccid and went intoreverse. I know that inside he was doing his own private touchdowndance, but all I heard was his breathing slowing. "God, that wasgood, baby," I praised. "You're not kidding, Melody.

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   You're socool," he exclaimed. "Thanks, sweety. " He still had a few things tolearn, but I would let him revel in losing his virginity beforeputting my sex teacher's cap back on.
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