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Anyways she wasn't super smart, but she was smart, yet she always asked me to help tuter her because she just couldn't figure out the hard stuff easily and since every1 says I'm the smartest guy in the class she came to me. And I agreed to it too. I met her at her House, wich was lucky of her to have so close to colledge, it was a nice house, but it seemed to have a lonely effect on it. Anyways I flirted with her as I helped her and I ended up coming and help her about 2 times a week. I got to know her really well and she seemed to like my company so we started to hang out and do stuff, but only at night. We would go swimming and I took her fishing, and even to eat it all had to be done at night. I thought it was a little weird myself, but I didn't think mutch of it. I could tell then that I loved her, but I didn't think she loved me, she just enjoyed my presence. I started to do everything with her and every1 at school acted like we were together wich didn't bother me at all. I wanted her so bad, some times I just wanted to rip her clothes off and do her in the middle of class. One day she invited me over but told me to be there at 11:00 and she wanted to tell me some secret of hers. So as you would expect I did go over. I found her dressed in a small black dress, the kind thats kind of see through that looks whitch like, but extremely perfect on her bra-less breasts. I could tell something was going to happen and my cock was hard at the thought of it. Well I asked her about her secret and she told me not yet, that she would tell me at 12, so I thought sure why not. We were watching some movie, one of those sexual comedys that everyone loves and well I started to rub her thigh gently thinking she might pull away but she didn't infact she smiled at me about it.

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   So I got back to work, coressing her body slowly from head to toe rubbing the tips of my nails along her sensitive areas on her thighs and everywhere else except around her pussy. She liked it alot and even layed back to make my work easier on her. I then put my hands on her breasts and began softly squizing them and kneeding them. She told me how great that felt and that she wanted to have sex with me. My hard cock had control of me and I stripped her of her clothes as fast as I could thinking this was the secret she wanted to tell me. I knew what I wanted to do, I thought about it thousands of times and I had it memorized. I layed her back on the couch and I pulled off my jeans. She liked my body she said, "I love tall guys, and if they all were nice and toned like you no girl would have to want a guy". I blushed at her comment cause I'm not that muscular, but hey if she likes then it's great with me. Well anyways I kissed her for the first time ever and I held that kiss for what felt like an eternity while I grabed her butt and rubbed her thighs. I then began to nibble on her colar bone and suck on it a little while I ran my fingers on the inside of her thigh where it creased and I could feel her body wiggle with delight. I then began to kiss down inbetween her perfectly formed breasts and I used my other hand to squize her breast to my face as I stuck my warm mouth to her flesh. She broke out with goose bumbs so I blew slightly across where I had been sucking and her nibbles seem to want to turn blue because of their hardness. So I licked around the base of her breast and kissed up it slowly where I planted my lips just on her nipple and I edged the tip of my thumb in-between her pussy lips. I then used my free fingers to rub her small bush and around her mound as I swirled my tounge on her nipples and nibbled on her nipple.

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   I pinched it between my teeth and began flicking it with the tip of my tunge and while doing so I pushed my finger a little further and rubbed around the walls of her pussy trying my best to aviod the clit. She began to moan pretty load wich only made me work harder and I used my free hand to help my pull my cock along her inner thigh toward her pussy and she shook with a climax. So I then got on my knees by the couch and I pulled her to the edge where I began to eat her out and taste her sweet juices. She tasted so sweet and while my hands where grabbing her ass and pulling her to my face she was pushing my face down into her tight hole. I then began to play with her clit for the first time using my skills from playing the trumpet in the band, I began to double-tounge and growl on her clit and hum a tune. She couldn't handle that and she had a second orgasm. It was neering 11:45 I noticed just before she said she wanted to suck my cock, so I put her on her back and pushed my cock inbetween those breasts and let her lick the head of my cock as I pushed her breasts againts my hard dick. She then sucks the head in her mouth and I began to titty fuck her and get a blowjob in one session. It wasn't a hard task for my eight and a half inch dick. After a few minutes of this I trades spots with her, I sat on the couch but she got on her knees on the floor. She took my cock in her mouth and deep throated me while squeezing my balls in her hand and pressing her breasts against my thighs. I knew I wasn't going to last long at all cause of all this fore-play so it didn't surprise me that it just hit 11:45 when I blew my load into her mouth, but she swolled it, infact not a bit of it was left. . . not even in her mouth.

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   She sucked me dry then layed down and set my soft dick in her pussy where she worked her muscles to excite it once again. I got hard fast and began to fuck her slowly, but picking up speed. It was hard getting my cock all the way in cause of her size and she was just so tight, but I finally started slapping her ass with my balls as I ramed her deep and hard. Her beautiful breasts bounced and her legs wraped around me pulling me in with my thrusts. She moaned loadly and I pulled both of her legs over my arms and i leaned forward pushing my chest to hers and squizing them with my thrusts. she started to moan harder as I picked up the pace. I continued the barage on her pussy as I started to squize her ass and I told her to work her thighs. That only hightened her moaning as we finally both had our climaxes at ounce and I must have shot my load 4 times in her. So she looks at me and smiles and kisses me. . . then she looks at the clock and my eyes follow. . . it's now 11:59 and she looks back and says time for the secret, she pulls me close and wispers in my ear how she loves me and wants me to be with her forever, and i agree and on doing so I recieved a strong pain as she bites me at my neck.

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