My best friends sister


Topic: My best friends sisterIt was friday. i had just gotten done with work and my friend john wanted to hang out. he had just gotten a new video game and since i had gotten my license recently i was more then wanting to use it to get over to his house. i hoped in my car turned up the volume on the radio and started on my way. i couldnt wait for the long night of video games, junk food, pop, and the ocassional flipping through of his porn stash.
my name is charlie and this is the story of my experience with my best friends sister. im 16 years old and its the summer. i have a job, a shit job that barely pays anything but its a job. my friend john is the same age as me but he doesnt have a job or any responseabilities for that matter. i guess his parents just dont really care to much. were best friends and ive known him since about the 4th grade.
i was just pulling into the drive way at johns house only he was home at the moment so we could pretty much do whatever it was that we wanted. so i went thru the door and he was down stairs. already playing the video game with a bowl of chips and 12 pack of pop on the table next to him. we did our hand shake and i sat in the chair next to him. we started playing the game and next thing you know his sister comes walking through the door.

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   Her name is molly, she has blonde wavy hair, a slim but some what curvy body. through the years of knowing john ive seen her plenty of times, one time i was her fake date to party she was going to, other times shes been in our dumb videos the all of us guys make for the hell of it. shes younger then me and shes never really seemed to attractive to me, the only time the i had ever gotten slightly turned on is one time when john and i were pretty much doing exactly what were doing now and she walked out of the bathroom down the hall. The door went open and a wall of steam came rolling out, she walked out in a short towel raped around her, her legs were bare and the towel couldnt have been more then a couple inches away from showing her pussy, her wet breasts were barely covered up, her skin was still wet and shiny and her hair was wet and all over. she kinda looked around and might have seen me look at her, so i quickly looked back at the tv screen.
At the moment molly was wearing a t-shirt with some short jean shorts. odly when she walked in and sat down on the computer she looked cute, her boobs bounced when she sat down and i couldnt help but stare. "whats going on molly" i said while i was still watching the tv screen. "o im doing ok,just getting some things done, what are you boys doing?" she said. "just playing some video games" john said. we kept going on with the video games and pretty soon it was around eleven oclock, so i figured i might as well stay the night. now going on about 2 am molly had now been in her room for a couple of hours. his parents were still gone ,and we were still playing video games and both of us decided on taking a brake.
we went up stairs to his kitchen and John told me that he had to go to the bathroom, most likely to take a dump. so i was going through the cubbords to find some more chips and shit, i found what i needed and sat at the counter waiting for john.

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   molly came walking up the stairs and into the kitchen, she was only wearing some very short shorts that were tight as hell, and a tight tank top that went down to just above her stomache. i couldnt believe how hot she looked. her tits were pointy and breasts bulging out. i could tell she wasnt wearing anything underneith, she walked in and gave me a look, "so your still up i see" i said, yep i dont quite feel like going to sleep quite yet, i have way to much energy!" molly said, she opened one of the cubbords and bent way down. Her shorts slid down a bit and started to expose most of her ass, she kep moving it and swaying it back and fourth, "where is it, o there you are!" she said. Molly pulled out a box of popcorn, she flicked her hair back and i watched her tits bounce. she smiled and put a bag in the microwave. As she looked back at me she gave me a suductive smile. "so what are you all doing on your laptop thats keeping you in your room all night?" i said. "o not a whole lot, just talking to some friends, looking at pictures. " she said. "o i see" i said. the microwave went off, and the popcorn was poping. "mmmmm that smells so good!" she said. as she opened the bag the steam flew up and rolled around her face, she took a peace from the bag and ate it, it seemed like it all happened in slow motion.

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   "you wanna piece?" she said. i noded my head, she walked over to the counter and bent over, her breasts hung down and they were almost touching my face, she took a peice of popcorn and put it in my mouth, her finger touched my lips and she slid her finger across my lips, and then stuck it in her mouth, "mmmm i love that taste" she said.
she walked away shaking her ass with that bag of popcorn, and for some reason after that point i was hooked she looked like the sexiest thing that has ever been put on the face of this earth. john came walking back out, "damn that was a doozie" he said. i kind of chuckled but was still thinking about molly, her tight ass and curvy body, i had to have her.
It was the next morning and i was a bit tired and kind of dizzy, mostlikely the pop hang over. i went up stairs to get a glass of water, peter was already up their, and he was also dressed. "damn you got ready fast" i said, "dude im so sorry but i forgot that i have to do some earends, for my grand mother, ill be back at like 3 or so" he said. after he left the house all i could think was, what am i going to do until then? after that point i went back down stairs and sat on the couch, molly walked out of her room and went down the hall, she saw me and kind of skipped, her breasts and ass jiggled, she jumped and landed on the couch, she sat down right next to me. "good morning" she said, "good morning to you too" i said. she smiled at me, "wheres john?" she said, "he had to go do something for your grand mother, he said hed be back around 3" i said. "oh ok, so its just you and me here?" she said sudductivly, "yep it sure is, so what are you going to do" i said. "um i dont know, do u wanna go ride around town, now that you can drive we can go where ever you want. " she said. "sure that sounds like fun, god i need to take a shower i feel disgusting, i said.

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   " you can take one here if you want" molly said. "um sure, ill go up stairs" i said. "no thats alright you can take your shower in my bath room" she said. "are you sure i mean i can just walk upstairs" i said. "no trust me just go into my bath room the water pressure and shower is much better than either of them upstairs" she said as she put her hand on my leg only a couple inches away from my dick.
so while i was still trying to figure out, why she wanted me to shower in her bathroom so bad. i got in there and undressed. turned on the shower and waited for it to warm up. while i was waiting i was checking out my surroundings. i saw a drawer slightly open i opened it up and there was only a towel in it, but i saw something stuffed in it. as i unwrapped the towel i saw something that i couldnt believe. there was a Hustler, i started flipping threw it. i knew for a fact that this was only molly's bathroom, and how john has told me before that hes never alowed in her bathroom or room. i stuck it back in the towel the way it was and closed the drawer. After i got done with the shower i put on my pair of jeans and was about to put on my shirt but, i must have for got it in the living room.

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   as i walked out with no shirt on molly came from her room and saw me. "how was the shower" she said. "felt great, you going to take one now?" i asked. "yep, by the way nice shirt" she said, as she tossed it at me and ran her hand across my abs. after putting my shirt on i looked back at her, she walked into the bathroom, took off her shirt and her breasts bounced out. i could only see her back wich pissed me off, she started pulling off her shorts and i could start to see some of her ass. she turned her head a bit almost like she was going to look back but then took her foot and kicked the door shut.
i was sitting on the couch now still thinking about how hot molly was starting to appear. i soon started to think about the hustler magazine, it couldnt have been johns, but why would Molly have it? Then a quick thought popped into my head, why was she spending so much time in her room on her laptop? i started to get curious, i walked into her room i didnt see the laptop any where. i began to quickly look into the drawers in her dresser and night stand, in the 3rd drawer on her dresser it was mainly socks. one of the socks towards the bottom had something in it. i took the sock away and inside was a blue vibrator, i was astonished and oddly turned on. i put it back and then kept looking i found a pink dildo and and a set of hand cuffs. after looking at this i made sure she was still in the shower. i saw a slight bulge under her bed, it was rectangle, i slid off the cover and there it was, her laptop.

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   i began to think about it, i really shouldnt look at whats in here, but then my curiousity got the best of me. i opened it up and started clicking around.
first i looked at her pictures, it was mostly just pictures of her and some friends and then i started to find some of me and her in there. i kept checking around but still didnt find anything else. i then saw down on the taskbar a internet window was minimized. i clicked on it and a porn website came up. there was a video that was paused and i clicked play. it was of a brunnette fingering her self. i then got even more curious, i clicked on the history and a huge list of porn websites came up. i clicked on a couple to see what they where. a couple were of just a guy and girl having sex, some where of two lezbians. then there were some that were just cumshots and women squirting. i was so intruged and just plain amazed that i could barley think. i clicked back to the first video that i saw so i could get out of the room and put it all back to normal. but then as the video was still playing i clicked another minimized window that i didnt see before.

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   Holy shit! was the first thing that i thought. it was a video filmed on a web cam of molly pretty much doing exactly what the girl in the porno was doing. now at the time i wasnt thinking outside of the computer so i didnt hear the shower turn off, all i did hear though is the two movies playing, both of them were moaning and making sounds. then i glanced up quick, and there she was, standing in the door way. . . .
Molly was standing in the door way with only a towel on. she was still wet and her hair was damp. i looked at her speachless, between trying to say something about the laptop and me snooping around, and trying to say something about how she looked i got completely tounge tied.
"ive been curious, after hearing so much about sex and everything i just couldnt get it out of my mind. so i started looking it up and i started wanting to learn how to do just about everything. " she said as she was giving me a suductive look. me still being tounge tied just looking at her, "that video of me is kind of my comparison to how well i do compared to a porn star" she came up infront of me as i was sitting, she put one leg around me and put he arms around my neck and then put the other leg around me. she was now sitting on my lap and i was pretty sure she could feel my boner pressing against her.

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   she was just looking at me, she gave me a kiss and looked at me agian. i gave her a kiss back and then she sat up a bit and let her towel drop to the ground.
As her towel dropped making her entire body exposed i was once again speech less. Her skin was damp, my eyes started to drift down, her breasts were exposed and were absolutly amazing, her stomach was flat and my eyes met her pussy, it had a small couple of lines of hair above it but other than that i could tell she just shaved it. her skin was soft and smooth. my arms drifted around her to her back and down to her tight ass. "ive wanted to know what it feels like for so long, and ive wanted to what it feels like, with you" she said. Then she took a long look into my eyes, then she went in for a kiss. we kept kissing and kissing, i started to move my head down on her body, kissing her neck then her shoulders, then the top of her breasts. The entire time i was doing this she was moaning and making all sorts of sounds. now yes i have had sex before but i dont think i had ever been as excited to have as i was now.
my face was now pretty much stuffed in between those two perfect tits. i was sucking on each nipple and the rubbing the other. i fully layed back on the bed still with molly on top of me. she sat up and started pretty much dry humping my crotch while i still had my pants on.

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   my hands were on her on her ass, she stood up quick and pulled off my pants and then my shirt and then pretty much ripped off my boxers. My cock bounced up and she instantly took a long look at it and then got on her knees. her head went between my legs and her soft hands grabbed my long cock. she started to some what stroke, and then instantly went to sucking it. Even though she was just keeping her head in one spot and barely moving at all she still looked super hot down there. "her just move your head up and down, mmmmm good job that feels alot better, put some tounge into. " i said as molly was obeying my every order. she was so awsome at it even though it was her first time. i put my hands on her head and helped her with some of the pushing. her tounge was moving side to side as her head was moving up and down. she was getting every inch in her mouth. my cock began to throb a bit and i could feel my cum starting to force its way out. Molly left her head where it was at and i could tell the cum was starting to fill her mouth up, she started to gag a bit but still held it there, some cum started to seep out of mouth and ran down my shaft and onto my balls.
She pulled her head off some what coughed spilling some of the cum in her mouth onto my dick. "sorry about that, ill clean it all up right away" she said as her head went back down.

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   Molly ran her tounge across my sack and then up my shaft, she sucked the head a bit and got all the cum off. She looked back up at me and smiled, her lips had some cum on them and a line of cum was dripping down on her chin, she licked her lips and took her finger and wiped up the cum on her chin, she stuck her finger in her mouth with a big smile. "mmmm i could get used to that taste!" molly said as she gave me another big smile. "God that felt amazing!" i said. " you really think so? i hope i got all of your cum off your cock. " she said.
"so what are we going to do now? i probably shouldnt have completely let you cum. " she said. " "no trust me thats fine i can go again, when ever you want" she started crawling up my body and was kissing all the way. her tits were sliding across my chest. we began to kiss and my cock went from limp back to rock hard. my hands ran down her curves and grabbed her tight young ass, i gave it a nice slap when i got there. my cock was pressing against her wet pussy, she sat up and rubbed her cunt on my dick, i grabbed my cock and rubbed the end on her pussy lips. "put it in" molly said. i continued to rub it on her pussy, "o put it in!" molly said again while she was rubbing her hands on her tits.


   i continued rubbing and barely put the head in and rubbed it around. "god damnit! Put that cock in already!" molly screamed out as she looked like she was having an orgasm. i finnally started to sink my cock in slowly, molly's eyes closed and held her breath. "holy shit! take it out" "o no you wanted it in" i siad as i kep pushing my cock in. molly's eyes were rolling back in her head. i was about half way down when molly began to hold her breathe again. i finnally reached the end and held it there. my balls were pressing against her cunt, i felt a small drop go down my cock and roll off my balls. molly ran her hands down my chest, she began to scratch and left red lines going down my chest, it hurt but odly felt good.
i took my cock out and molly breathed again, her eyes came back and was breathing heavy. i looked down at my cock and saw that the drop on my cock was actually blood that i figured out came mollys tight virgin pussy. "jesus your bleeding"! i siad. "its fine just keep fucking me!" "but molly" "keep fucking me i said!" she sat back down on my cock and started breathing heavyer. i was moving it in and out slowly. her pussy was so tight im surprised i didnt hear a rip.

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   "faster baby!" molly said. so i started moving faster. in and out my cock went. hearing my dick slip through those pussy lips. i began to move faster. thrusting in farther and harder. molly was making a cute little sound every time my cock went in. she put her feet down on the bed and started to move with me. now we were really thrusting. air was popping every time my cock went in. she was beathing heavy and making lots of sounds, her boobs were bouncing up and down. i was getting sweaty and also breathing heavy. molly slipped off my cock and i picked up on what she was going for.
Molly went on her hands and knees and i sat up. "fuck me in ass baby!" molly siad.

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   o i will fuck you in the ass! i said as i gave her a hard slap across that bootey, "o yeah again baby" molly siad. so i gave her a big ol red mark on her ass, and i watched it jiggle. i thrusted my cock in to her tight ass and molly screamed. i began moving fast and thrusting hard. "yes fuck me fuck me fuck me" molly siad through her teeth clenched together. her ass squeezed on my cock tight and i almost screamed, but molly did. she was having a hard orgasm. her pussy got wet and also tightned up. i then felt my big cock throb and i filled her ass with cum. i held my breath, cum started to seep out and i slipped out my cock. i was stilling jizzing as the cum ran down between her ass cheeks, and down to her pussy, and inbetween those red pussy lips.
i fell down onto her bed and so did she. molly spread her legs and fingered out the cum and licked her cum covered fingers. "damn that was amazing!" molly siad, and i agreed. we sat there for about a half an hour talking about every thing that we just did.

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   soon we both looked at the clock and relized john was going to be home in a few minutes, so we both got dressed quick and kep kissing every once in a while. john got home right as molly put her shirt back on, i gave her one last kiss and we both went up stairs to see what was going on. hey john we both said. "hey you guys, so hows every thing bee. . . why are both of your faces so red?" "well it is a little hot in here dont u think?" molly said. "yeh i guess" john said.
so our secret got kep safe and we still fuck every once in a while. but for now thats the story of fucking my best buds sister. Hope you enjoyed! and make sure to read my other new storys.
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