Rainy Day


My life with a young mother and her daughter began one rainy day.


After my divorce, I found myself on my own in my mid 40s, self employed, living with a cat in an inner city neighborhood just ready for but not quite at the point where the young middle class move in with bistros and coffee bars and the properties triple in value. My house was a modest bungalow built after WW II on a short block with four others and a few empty lots where time had taken its toll on the structures. To the west of my house was one of these lots then three small houses occupied by a large Hispanic family in one, an elderly black widow in the next and a couple with loud motorcycles in the last. To the east was a bungalow identical to mine with a young single mom and her daughter and a vacant corner lot.

I had gotten to know most of the neighbors only casually as much of my days was spent over a computer remotely managing my business which on its website seemed like a corporation but was in reality just me taking orders and sending them off to another company who shipped out the goods and sent me a percentage of each sale. This particular afternoon, I had finished a long session on the computer and the set off to the liquor store for some exotic beer and the discount store for a few other items needed around the house. While shopping, I heard the sound of the sky opening up and dropping a heavy spring shower. I wished I had parked closer to the doors. As I left the store to stand in the small shelter of the doorway, I saw my neighbors to the east, Gina and her daughter Annie, both loaded down with bags of this and that from inside.

 “Bracing for the dash for your car, Gina?” I asked as she looked over and noticed me.

“Worse, “she said, a frown across her face, “The car isn’t running. We took the bus. ”

“Make a run for that red Audi. ” I barked, taking off in the deluge for my car across the lot. We all laughed as we jumped in and slammed the doors.

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   We had made it but we were all three soaked to the skin. To my disappointment, Gina had jumped in the back seat and Annie was in the seat beside me. Her wet t-shirt clung to her young chest, showing breasts that were just beginning to get to the small handful and her bicycle shorts seemed to highlight every curve and crevice of her young body. I thought about what a perv I was for looking a few seconds too long and then glanced at Gina in the rearview mirror. Her t-shirt clung to her just as well and showed off a dark bra clinging to ample breasts. I knew it had been too long since I last felt a woman’s touch and my thoughts wandered for a moment. A few moments later, I pulled into the driveway between our houses. Gina and Annie shouted their thanks as they ran thru the rain to their porch. As I gathered my bags to dash for my door, I noticed 3 forgotten bags of theirs on the floor.   I took them in hand and ran first to their porch, looking like a drowned rat by the end of the short run. Annie smiled wide when she opened the door to my knock. Seeing the bags I held, she turned and yelled, “Here are those bags, Mom. Jim has them. ” Then turning back to me, “Moms in the kitchen unloading the stuff. ”

When I stepped into the kitchen, I found myself staring at Gina, her soaked clothes outlining every curve of her body.

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   She had a few pounds more than most of the girls in men’s magazines but all of that seemed to be in just the right places. Her breasts were full, her hips wide and the vision of her round ass in wet shorts with no visible panty line was one I knew would stay with me a long time. I felt a stirring in my shorts. Just as Gina noticed me staring, Annie came back into the room.

 “Get out of those wet clothes before you catch cold. ” Gina said, “You can leave them by the washer. ”

Annie stepped across to the laundry nook and to my amazement, stripped off her top and shorts and stood totally naked not 8 feet from me, definitely seeing how this had gotten my attention. Gina broke the moment’s silence. “Now go get dry clothes on, young lady. ”  I turned to Gina, a bit flushed.   “Not at all shy, is she?”“Don’t know where she gets it. ” As Gina spoke, she stripped off her shirt and shorts and bra, standing, wet clothes in hand in just a thong. She set the clothes on the washer and slid off the thong, turning to me now completely naked.  Her uncovered body showed how well the few extra pounds were placed. She was short and her round breasts stood high on her chest, her wide hips begged to be handles to pull her closer.


   My growing cock made a tent in my shorts.

“Are you gonna stand there admiring me or can I dry your wet clothes too?” she finally said. “I guess you’re breathtaking. ” I said as I began to unbutton my shirt. She stepped up to me and undid my belt and shorts before I had finished. She slid the shorts and my boxers off as I dropped my shirt, leaving my cock at attention in the small space between us. “This looks happy to see me. ” She said, reaching out and taking my shaft in her hand. I could feel it throbbing in her gentle grip. I leaned in and cupped her face in my hands and kissed her deeply, my tongue pushing her lips apart and seeking her tongue. My hand moved to her breast and my thumb flicked across the hard nipple. I felt her gasp as our kiss became more frantic.

I backed her the short distance to the table and cupped her firm round ass as I lifted her onto the edge of it, bringing her closer to my own height. Her hand was slowly and rhythmically stroking my cock and I slid my hand down her tummy and between her legs, which opened for me willingly.   She was fully shaved and as my fingers slipped over the soft skin, she shuddered.

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   I ran my open hand over her mound and my middle finger parted the lips and felt the slick hot wetness there.   I could feel her large swollen clit and could sense her excitement as my fingers massaged it. Gina broke off our kiss and she pulled my cock to her wet entrance.

“I haven’t felt a man in so long.   I need you in me. ”

Without hesitation, I pushed my cock where she guided it and in one thrust my 7 ½ inches was buried inside her. I stroked slowly back and forth and her hips rocked to meet each stroke. Her pussy was much tighter than I ever remembered my ex’s being and gripped my meat tightly as it moved inside her. My thrusts became faster and harder and she wrapped her legs around my waist. She threw her head back, eyes shut tightly, as I felt her hot pussy contracting around my cock and tremors radiating through her body.

“Oh Daddy … fuck me daddy. ”

Hearing a girl half my age call me daddy was too much. My cock was harder than ever before as I rammed deep inside her like a pile driver.   When I felt her reach another orgasm, I reached my peak and my cock flooded her with blast after blast of my hot semen. “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Daddy… yes, yes, fill your little princess!”

She hugged me tightly to her as our bodies came slowly down from the peak and my still semi-hard cock slipped from her oozing hole.

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   “That was incredible. “ I gasped. “Age hasn’t hurt you at all. ” Gina said matter of factly. “All your parts definitely still work just fine. ”  A smile crossed her face and she gently squeezed my balls. “The right inspiration certainly helps. ” came my words as my hands slid over her still hard nipples. “And when you called me daddy it was enough to send it all to another dimension. ”

“I was always a daddy’s girl.   He had my cherry when I was 12. I had Annie when I was 13. I said it was a boy from school but Daddy and I knew better. Even after I moved out and had this boyfriend or that, we always found ways to get together. ”

“Where is he now? And what about your mom?”

“They were in a wreck a few years ago.

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   It has taken a long time for Annie and I to accept it.   She was young when they passed but I know Daddy had been tickling her special place. Old habits are hard to break. ”

This revelation surprised me a bit but my mind went to the vision of Annie standing naked by the washer and my cock stirred again.

“It looks like daddy’s friend is still happy. ” Gina said, pushing off the table and dropping to her knees in front of me. Before I knew it, her tongue was exploring the length of my hardening cock and circling the swollen head. Her full lips engulfed it as she took its length in her mouth and her head began to bob up and down, filling my senses with electric sensations. I was overwhelmed and could only stand while her expert tongue and lips brought me a million electric feelings racing through my member. My eyes closed tightly as Gina coaxed a sudden explosion of cum from my cock to fill her throat. I almost fell over as the blood drained from my head and into my throbbing, spurting manhood. Through half closed eyes, I just saw Annie in the next room, a big smile on her face as she watched.


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