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- WOW, I do not know what to do as of
> yet. We had the family Turkey day at my house. It was all
> great everyone full and chatting. My niece came up beside me
> and slapped my cell phone and said hey, thats a new one. May
> I look at it, it's pretty cool?
> Well she is a little super hottie. That I have seen grow up
> all these years. She is maybe 5'3 Blonde and a perfect
> little body with someone elses tits. They look great. Well I
> gave her my phone and she went and sat down on the couch and
> was going through it like she knew what she was doing. Kept
> saying cool wish mine did this and that.
> She kept looking at me and smiling. Before to long she got
> up and went upstairs. I had and fe beers while she had the
> phone and I did not remember she had it. Time goes by the
> Cowboys play and win. Yeah. the family all gets up and says
> their good bys shaking hands and hugging.

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> My little niece gets up and gives my cell back to me. Gives
> me the biggest hug ever and rubs her perfect tits into my
> chest rel good and for a long time. Says good by and goes
> and gets into the car.
> About an hour passes and I get a text message. It is a
> number not a name. It says, "Hi uncle. it's me. Thanks for
> letting play with your phone. Go to the bathroom and check
> out your videos. " Well I never had her number but she has
> mine now and I have hers. So I program her name in and like
> she said went to the bathroom and looked.
> My mind is going crazy at this point. I am thinking she
> flashed her tits or something. Oh HELL no.
> When she went upstairs.

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   She went into my room and locked
> the door I hope. She stripped down naked. Got on my bed and
> played with her clean shaved pussy and came twice. All the
> time talking to the camera saying my name. In how she can't
> wait till I run my tongue up inside her. Also how she is
> going to wait and let me bust her cherry when she turns 18.
> Now here is the problem. No she don't live far off. Same
> town. But she now has the hots for me. I have video proof.
> She is only sixteen years old. Birthday is in December. I
> now have about thirteen months of watching or dodging this
> girl till she is 18 and legal.
> I just hope I can make it.

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