A Little Rough Romance


One often wonders about certain circumstances and how they arise. Fate, it seems, loves to surprise us with things that come out of nowhere. Such was the case with Lindsay. I won’t bore you with the gory details of my previous romantic debacle, needless to say it was a bad breakup that left both parties wondering what the hell they had seen in the other. So I had vowed not to get involved with another woman for quite some time. I told myself that I needed to get out of the dating scene and be on my own for a little bit.
Then, as I was idly writing something in some anonymous forum, and believe me, there are many, I got a random IM from a girl in Florida. This is a sexual story, and as all sexual stories this one is relatively one-track. So I may as well just tell you that this girl turned out to be Lindsay.
Now as I just stated this is a sexual story. That requires clear-cut images of the people who are involved so that you, dearest of readers, can further picture the two of us in the middle of our sinful acts. First and foremost, when you think of me think Tall. I’m 6’7” or 6’8” depending on which doctor is measuring me. I like to think that I’m not skinny and that my work at the gym actually pays off. I’ll never be, nor do I want to be, one of those men whose biceps are thicker than his head, but I look alright. Another thing that makes me stick out from the crowd, as if my height wasn’t enough, is my hair.


   Red. I hate it with a fierce passion.
Lindsay showed me herself almost immediately, and I felt obligated more than anything to return the favor in kind. So I did. To say that we both liked what we saw would be an understatement. We both became hopelessly enamored, things were set into motion after our first conversation that I don’t think either of us were aware of, it didn’t take very long at all to recognize it, though. I realize that many question the validity of an internet encounter. I’m foremost among them, believe me. However, an emotional connection is still very real, cyberspace or not.
Now to describe the woman in this little duet of mine. She has shoulder-length red hair, maybe a little bit longer. Large eyes that always seemed to have a mischievous glint behind them in the best possible way. She was one of the few women out there who is truly endowed with that hourglass figure that I consider to be at terms with the ideal woman. She didn’t have the figure that we see on television or Cosmo. No, here we had real beauty.

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   To top it off she was three years younger than me, and I was dangerously attracted to her.
I bit my tongue, I think we both did for a while. She being bolder than I she started to make mention of feelings she had. I’m normally a surly loner, but she cracked through the outer defenses in record time. Apparently now I’ve fallen under the category of “nice” which I wasn’t too happy with but I suppose it beats being an asshole in a lot of ways.
Everything seemed to stop. We were thrust into the awkward situation of finding the other irresistible while being terrified that we found the other so damn irresistible. It was worrying, it was frightening, it was even horrifying. More than any of that, though, it was incredible. Very soon we admitted to what was really between us. That obvious 4-letter word that has become the driving force behind so many cliché movies and books. This is not one of those stories. I just want to get my point across, loud and clear. That being that this is not a random sexual encounter driven by lust. She was a virgin, and she wanted to give that to me.

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   I recognize what a huge, mountainous proposal of trust that is. It’s something that can only be given once, she was beautiful and had doubtless had men after her, but she had waited for the right man. That she considered me that right man has never been lost on me.
We soon set a date to meet, and before long my plane tickets were booked and I was ready to go. After a painful flight and an even more painful extraction from the airport down in Florida I was ready to meet the object of so many of my desires and fantasies.
For passers-by I imagine it seemed quite mundane. For me it was like something out of a book. There should have been some sort of hokey song playing. I saw her, she seemed to stick out like a jewel among the crowd. She was the first one that I lay eyes on. She saw me just as immediately. My heart seemed to slam in my chest with every step that I took. My feet were moving hurriedly and by the time I was twenty feet away I had dropped my bags and had dashed forward, making somewhat of a fool of myself.
We didn’t say much for a long time. We had been wanting to touch each other for so long, that at this point it was enough.

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   We also knew something else about the other.
Although it doesn’t seem to fit my romantic tale thus far, I can assure you that things take a turn for the hardcore. I am a sadist, she is a masochist. I like to deal pain and she likes to receive it. We both like things to be rather rough, and so we knew that things WOULD be rough. Even her first time. We had discussed what we were willing to do to the other and we found very few boundaries within ourselves.
There was the bout of shyness, what does one say to someone that has been pined and pining for you for months? Eventually our sense remembered who we were, and things got monumentally easier. We spent the day out and about, it was a blur of nuzzling and kissing. While we both enjoy our rough play, we’re both romantic as well.
Soon, though, our hormones did manage to get control of us. It started in a movie theater, when her closeness finally had the inevitable effect on me. I felt my erection start creeping up the leg of my pants. Almost immediately I felt her hand on it as she rubbed the obvious bulge through my pants. I looked down into her eyes to see so much of that playful mischief and lust dancing behind them.

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   I grinned and lowered my mouth to hers, she was more than compliant and our mouths found each other. We had been sharing soft kisses all day, this one was rather different. Our tongues explored the other almost savagely as the pace of her rubbing increase. We were sitting in the back, in case just such a situation arose. Not that either of us cared. I’m positive that a few threw disgusted glances in our direction.
Still, I tried to keep things discreet when I let my hand slip down the front of her top. I brutally kneaded her large breast, and they are large (40d, if you can believe it) through her bra. I felt her nipple stiffen from my manipulations and roughly grabbed the bullet-hard nub, twisting it through her top and pinching. She gasped and pressed herself closer to me. Her hand had found itself inside of my pants, and her warm fingers were now wrapped around my shaft. I tried to keep quiet as I exercised every bit of self control that I had. Had I let up for even a second, I would have bent her over the next chair and fucked her brains out right there in the theater.
Luckily, I DID exercise self control, so I just let my hand creep down to her pants. I had them unbuttoned in mere moments, and my hand quickly found its way through the well trimmed bush and down to her wet folds.

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   Her breathing quickened as I let my finger play up and down her wet slit, feeling the hard little nub at the top I rubbed in quick circles, eliciting moans of pleasure that she only just managed to stifle. I grinned as I let my finger slip up inside of her, reveling in the feel of her tunnel contracting and gripping my invading digit. A second finger soon followed, and I pushed in and out of her slowly while she met every thrust of my hand by grinding herself forward in her seat. At this point she had begun to slouch some and the smell of our arousal was beginning to permeate the air. I suggested that we take our leave.
We stood to go, my fingers still glistening with her juices. I grinned as I felt her guide my hand to her mouth as she idly sucked and licked herself from my finger with her miraculous pink tongue. She didn’t seem to mind the people staring, and I knew that I didn’t give a shit.
Somehow or another we finally managed to make it to my hotel room. The moment that it was closed, or perhaps before, we were all over each other. I had her pinned to the wall and was kissing her savagely as her leg came up and around my hip. I vaguely recall reaching around and lifting her by her buttocks, so that our crotches were pressed together almost violently. I felt her nipping at my ear as I lowered my kisses to her neck. I bit her, hard, on the neck and licked my way further down even as she was gasping. I kept lowering until I reached the top of her breast, with wild abandon I gripped her shirt in one hand and tore it open down the front, I could buy her a new one later.

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   The bra was quick to follow.
She was left in the most alluring way, with her large breasts displayed between the tattered remnants of her clothes. Her face flushed and her eyes glazed over with lust. I gripped those breasts fully for the first time, my hand was just large enough to encircle the entire mound and I dug my hand in. I lowered my mouth to her other nipple, felt it grow hard immediately under my tongue as my lips closed around it. I pressed her writhing form harder against the wall as I bit down on her nipple. Not hard enough to do any damage, mind you, but hard enough to hurt her in the way she liked.
I let her drop for just a moment. She seemed to understand and her pants were immediately a thing of memory as her shapely legs came into view. I felt her hands around my shirt, peeling it off of me for the first time. She didn’t seem to mind the array of nicks and cuts that dotted my form. Old scars from the past that don’t bear mentioning in this story. I merely felt her tongue running over my chest as my naked vixen crept lower and lower. Her tongue creeping ever lower as her hands tugged at my jeans. She fished my throbbing member out of my jeans.

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   A small drop of precum had already gathered on the tip. Without word her tongue flicked out and caressed the underside of my cock. I grunted as I felt her lips encircle me, traveling almost all the way down to the bottom as she pushed me warmly, wetly into her mouth.
Her tongue worked wonders, and soon I felt my hands in her hair, gripping it fiercely as she worked. Never taking her eyes off of me while she did so. I grunted slightly and forced her head lower onto my cock. Her eyes opened slightly wider, but she gave no indication of protest. So I held her by her hair and moved her head up and down my shaft, giving her virtually no control over her own movements. I watched as her pink lips trailed up my shaft, leaving a wet trail behind them as her big eyes stared up at me. I let her head go for a moment, and she immediately set about furiously licking up and down my shaft, her tongue worked wonders on me and soon I had her hair in my hand and had pushed myself back into her mouth. I felt the normal pressure in my balls and knew what was coming. I started to thrust into her mouth harder and even deeper, pulling on her hair as I did so I felt myself erupt into her mouth.
After a moment I released her, and with that same mischievous glint in her eyes she opened her mouth for me, showing me my cum on her tongue briefly before closing her mouth and opening it again, showing me that she had swallowed. A small amount had managed to trail out of the corner of her lips and she deftly wiped it with her finger and scooped it back into her mouth. Seeing that was almost enough to make me cum again right there.

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   As it were, I remained hard and continued to strip off my pants.
Naked, and still hard as a rock, I lifter her up and pressed her against the door. I knew that she was horny right now, so was I. As I lowered her and felt my cock head pressing against her labia and easing up, poised to take her virginity, I searched her eyes for any signs of protest. All I saw was love, and a desperate need. I took that as my sign and lowered her slowly as I touched places that no man had ever touched, and I hoped right then that I would be the only man to ever touch that. She let out a long moan as I lowered her slowly onto my weapon. Her legs wrapped around me and she bit her lip and closed her eyes. I finally felt our pelvic bones meet and her incredibly tight tunnel gripping me fiercely. I waited for her to get used to it as I started pulling out and thrusting upwards again, relatively slow until she gave me her nod.
I had been moving slowly in and out of her, just reveling the feel of her when she gave me her nod and uttered the one word I had been dying to hear. “Harder”
I was not one to disappoint her. Immediately my thrusts became violent as I pinned her up against the wall. My hand encircled her neck, keeping her pinned to the door that way as her breathing came slightly lighter. I squeezed her neck slightly as I pounded up into her, biting her nipples savagely as I thrust upwards.

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   I pulled out almost all the way, and rammed back home with full force as hard as I could. The noises of our sex were obscene and very soon I felt our combined juices running down my leg. Our combined sounds of ecstasy and pain rocked the room as I kept her pinned. Her small gasps for more air were met with my gradual loosening of my hold on her neck, only to tighten on it again as I nibbled and bit on her breast. Her nails dug into my back, I’m positive that they drew blood as they etched their way across the bunched muscles in my back.
Every dominant fiber of my being was in full force as her body was rocked with the impact of my cock inside of her. I was bottoming out inside of her and beyond as every upward thrust was met with a high cry of pain and pleasure. I felt her arching her back, I kept her neck pinned to the door as her tongue darted out from between those sweet lips in a cry of ecstasy.
I knew we were close, I was close. I used that hand I was supporting her ass with and shifted it. My finger had long since been thoroughly wetted and I pushed it against her rear entrance. As she started to come, two of my fingers jerked up into her ass. Her eyes opened wide and her cries of pleasure heightened in pitch even more. I felt her pussy and her ass contracting around me and I fairly snarled with passion as I drove up into her, squeezing harder on her neck and biting harder on her nipples. Her body continued to arch out for more as she rode the waves of her orgasm.


Finally, things started to calm down. I lifted my hand from her neck and my mouth from her breasts. With my cock still inside of her I looked up at her. Flushed in the glow of post-sexual pleasure. We both had small smiles on our faces. I kissed her softly on her lips, pulling away with a small smile. “I love you”
She only smiled and closed her eyes, it was enough for me. When she returned her answer it was almost a whisper. We stood like that for some time, with her legs wrapped around my and my shaft not softening inside of her. She began wriggling around a bit while impaled on my member. “Done yet?” She asked mischievously. I ran my finger around her ass, implying my next plan.
“Not nearly. ” I grinned evilly.
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