MCS goes to college


Ok let me start by describing myself and my girlfriend. Im 5’6” 145lbs red hair and a fairly big dick from what im told. My girlfriend is 5’5” 130lbs brown hair a big round ass that is absolutely perfect and 34C tits that are firm and perky and also absolutely perfect. The only problem is im at college and she isn’t. So now my story. . . .

One long weekend she came up to suprise me at college. She knocked on the door wearing a tight shirt that showed a ton of cleavage and the shortest of short mini skirt with nothing underneath but a black lace push up bra. I answer the door and as soon as I do she pushed me back in the room and slammed me against the wall. she jumped on me and wrap her legs around me and start passionately kissing me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me closer as she whisper in my ear how fucking sexy she thinks I am and how much she wants me. She bites my neck and gives me the biggest blackest hickey ever.

She tells me that she’s in charge and I have to listen to mommy and if I do she’ll give me a nice reward. I rip off her shirt and I’m so rough that all her buttons pop off.

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   She pulls my shirt off and keeps kissing me without even stopping for a second. I carry her over to the bed and put her down and before I know it she turns around and pushes me on the bed and straddles me so that her tight mini skirt comes all the way above her waist, exposing her tight soaking wet pussy. I put my hands on her ass while she runs her fingers through my hair and kisses up and down my body. She undoes my belt and rips off my button and start rubbing my huge, long dick. I’m so hard that my dick barely fits into her hand.

She starts off slow then starts to go faster and faster till I’m begging for more. I grab her tits and roughly rub and squeeze them, making her moan in pleasure. She kisses me and licks down my chest, to my hard sexy abs, and then down to my massive dick. She barely licks it so it gets just wet enough to slide nice and easily into her tight wet pussy. I roll on top of her and shove my huge dick into her soaking wet pussy. She’s so wet that it goes right in and it goes so deep that she can feel it all the way in her stomach. She tells me to be rough and kinky and go as deep and as hard as I can. I make her moan so loud that we have to turn on music to keep ppl from hearing us. I fuck the shit out of her until we both cum in unison.

I do me so good that she orgasms multiple times and I cum inside her over and over again.

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   We don’t even skip a beat. I immediately grab her ass and pull her closer while she grabs my dick and starts getting me hard again, which of course doesn’t take long at all. This time she licks down my body, past my dick, to the inside of my thighs. She teases me for a minute while she guides her tongue back and forth across my thigh, just in reach of my balls. Finally when I’m begging her to continue she takes both my balls in my mouth and start sucking on them until I’m leaning back and moaning for more. She licks up my shaft to the tip of my dick and swirls her tongue around the top so my whole body gets chills. She licks up and down my shaft while holding my balls in one hand and slowly massaging my dick with the other.

Finally she takes my whole huge dick inside her mouth and she swallows it so much that she barely manages to fit my dick and my balls at the same time. She deepthroats me till she gags and chokes. I finally can’t take anymore and blow a huge load of cum inside her mouth and it’s so much that she can feel it hit the back of her throat. She licks my dick clean and then tells me it’s my turn to please mommy. I kiss her and then grab her neck and start sucking it until she’s shaking because it feels so good.

She does a sexy little dance that I love so much and I get so turned on that I throw her against the bed and kiss down her body to the edge of her pussy. I draw a line with my tongue, teasing her so much that she’s the one begging me to continue. I lick the outside of her pussy and swirl my tongue around her clit, making her go crazy.

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   All of a sudden I spread her legs and slide my long wet tongue into her soaking wet pussy. I eat her out until she’s screaming my name and yanking my hair and telling me how I’m such a good boy for mommy. She orgasms so much that my mouth is filled with her cum. I lick her pussy dry and then climb back on top of her and start kissing her without even stopping for air.

We’re both so hot and sweaty we decide to take a shower together. I pick her up and carry her over to my shower and before we can even turn the water on I slam her against the wall and start thrusting her against the wall. She’s so turned on that her pussy is dripping wet and she tells me she needs my huge long hard dick. I shove it inside her, making her gasp for breathe as I thrust my huge cock deeper and deeper inside her. Now that my dicks nice and wet from her cum, I pull out, turn her around, bend her over, and shove it all the way up hertight ass in one thrust. She screams in pain as I rip her ass open, especially since I’ve never put my whole dick up her ass before. She reaches around and grabs my hips trying to slow me down. I’m so far up her ass she’s screaming that she can feel my big cock up in her chest.

She realizes I’m going to fuck her ass as hard as I can and gives in and starts to enjoy in and starts pulling my hips closer so I can get a deep as possible. I’m fucking her so hard that we’re both moaning and orgasming multiple times. While I’m fucking her ass I reach around and shove 3 fingers up her pussy.

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   It’s so wet that I can fit 4 and then I fist her, making her scream more. She’s in so much pain and pleasure that she shaking and moaning my name and telling me how sexy I am and how wet I make her and how good this feels. I peak at my orgasm and let out another massive load of cum right up her now soar ass. . . its so much that she can feel it all the way in her stomach. I pull out my dick and watch cum slowly spill out of her gaping asshole. We’re both exhausted so she grabs my hand and we go back to my bed and cuddle up naked together. I tell her that was the best I’ve ever had and how hard she makes me. She kisses me and tells me how much she loves me and I pull her close to me, kiss her forehead and tell her to close her eyes and go to sleep. . . :) the end.