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Hi my name's. . . oh, should I tell you that? I mean, I hardly know you! Ok, well you can call me Jen. I am 14 and have recently found out that sex is not a dirty word nor a dirty action. It's the best thing that has ever happened to me and I really want to tell someone. I can't exactly tell my mum so here goes. . . .

The street I live in as awful, no chance of keeping a secret as the old biddies have their noses to the curtains constantly. A few dorrs down though there is a new family. There is only one son and his mum and dad but he is great, unlike any lads in my class or even in the neighbourhood. His name is Pete and he's nearly 16. I'd said hi to him a few times and he'd smiled back in a shy but cute sort of way.

Anyway, he has just got a new motorbike that his dad got him for his 16th, even though it's a month away yet.

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   He was sitting on it when I walked by and he asked if I liked it. He invited me to have a little ride on it and I agreed. Had always wanted to try a motorbike anyway but my dad would have gone ape if he'd found out. He's away with the army though so no big deal! I sat on the bike and Pete started the engine. In seconds I had a huge grin on my face which he took to mean I liked it. . . . but he had NO IDEA!

Yes, the bike was great but it wasn't that I was enjoying as much as the amazing vibrations that were making me feel. . . . WOW! I had only started exploring my body a couple of months before and had fingered myself a few times and found it really pleasurable but had not 'gone all the way' yet. But my fingers could never have the effect this throbbing motorbike was having, it was like a giant vibrator and I couldn't keep a straight face. I was trying desperately to keep my eyes open so I didn't betray what was happening down below but he kept revving the bike and I struggled desperately to stifle the pleasure moans I would have otherwise been screaming from.

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I jumped off the bike, muttered something about having to get to my part-time job down at the nearby pony stables and said goodbye. I could hardly walk straight with my legs still feeling the power of that engine and my cherry still quivering with excitement. I got home and went to my room. I didn't want to go to work, I wanted to lie down on that bed and ifnger myself into a frenzy but I can't afford to lose my job so I pulled on my jodhpurs and riding top and headed off to the stables.

When I got there, the boss had left a note saying she had to go away and if I just cleaned out Honey, my favourite pony, I could ride her, put things away and then lock up. Well, Honey certainly got a riding and I wondered if he could feel my thighs squeezing more tightly than normal. All I could think about was the vibrations from that motorbike and soon I had Honey back in his stable, all tidied and locked up. As I checked the other stables, I found one was still open, it was empty as that was the horse my boss had taken away. There was fresh clean straw and just the usual riding gear but nothing else.

I went inside, left the door on the latch and walked over to the straw. It smelled fresh and inviting and I lay down on it. Soon my thoughts were back on the motorbike and my young pussy was waiting desperately for my fingers to come and stroke it. I undid my jodhpurs and they were tight so I took them off, leaving just my pink panties on and my riding top, just a silky thin blouse. I opened my thighs and slid my hand down to my virgin fur, my index and 4th finger gently pulled my slit open and my middle finger started rubbing on my little clitoris. I could feel it enlarging as I got more and more excited, my breathing getting heavier and my mind turning to the owner of the bike.

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   Pete was a slim and fresh-faced young guy, shy with girls and I knew he had no girlfriend. Oh how I wished he was there with me.

I went further than ever before with my fingers vibrating my clit madly and felt like I was about to achieve my first ever orgasm, I let my middle finger slip into my pussy and it felt amazing, soon I added my second finger and started to imagine what a real cock would feel like right now. But that was as far as I would get. . . I jumped up with a start as I heard an engine outside. Surely not my boss back, she had said she would be back tomorrow.

I looked out through the ajar door and almost squealed, it was Pete on his motorbike. He knew where I worked as it is the only stables around here and he had come to see if I wanted another ride. OH DID I!!!!

I almost stupidly rushed out but realised I still had just my top and panties on, no bottoms so I went back to pick them up. Then to my horro I heard the door open just as I was bending down to pick them up. 'Mmmm, great view!' I heard Pete's approving voice and turned round to see him smiling. I tried to say something but was so embarassed I couldn't speak. He suddenly seemed older than his years and took control.

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   'Don't be embarrassed,' he said. You've obviously been having a good time. What's so wrong with that?'

I smiled weakly and he walked over to me. 'You've got gorgeous legs. . . . and the rest is pretty good too!' He raised his hand to gently stroke my silky blouse. I went to pull back but I didn't really want to. I fancied Pete but I was only 14. Surely he wouldn't be interested in me. . . . would he?

'You know, I think I'd like to see you without this.

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  . . . ' and his fingers quickly unbuttoned my blouse. I didn't know what to do but was not about to let this moment end so I just smiled and asked if I was good enough underneath. 'Oh yes, more than good enough. Come here. ' With that he pulled me closer, not in a rough way, and kissed me. He started gently but quickly became more passionate. I could feel his breathing getting harder and just knew this moment was going to take a while longer. I had no experience at all of guys but I had lived the moment in my mind a hundred times and my hands quickly found his belt buckle. I opened his belt to see if he would stop me. . . .

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   he didn't! In a moment, we were both naked and in a close embrace, him kissing me all over my neck and his hands feeling the contours of my body. My young breasts are only about the size of lemons and my nipples tiny but he bent his neck down and took one of them in his mouth, sucking gently and allowing his tongue to circle the nipple. I felt like I was in a crazy, fantastic dream and allowed him to pull me down with him onto his jacket which he had thoughtfully laid on the straw.

I tried to imagine what an experienced woman would do to Pete but he was happy taking total control. I let him do whatever he wanted and son felt the warmth of his breath gently but passionately exhaling over my excited young pussy. His hand caressed my cherry for a few moments and I could feel those amazing sensations once again but they were different this time. Soon his tongue pushed against my cherry and started deftly flicking over it. I arched my hips towards him and soon his whole mouth was embracing my pussy like a passionate French kiss. I could feel his tongue quickly working my clit and then slipping into the entrance of my vagina and back again. I couldn't wait much longer as I could feel my whole body starting to flush with vibrations. I knew I was close to my first ever orgasm but wanted it to be 'real' and not second-best. I pulled on his shoulders and he looked at me. He must have been able to see that my face was yearning for him to push his teenage dick into me. . .

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He pushed my legs high and moved up onto his knees. As his thumb continued carressing my love button, I felt the tip of his penis pushing to enter me. I had heard of people having trouble at this point the first time they tried but in seconds his whole cock was sliding into me. I gasped out loud and he slid back but just as I thought he was going to withdraw, I felt its length rubbing along my clitoris as he pushed deep inside me. For a few seconds I felt a sharp pain and he noticed. He paused to ask if I was ok. How considerate, but I wasn't about to miss out on my virgin climax so I pushed his hips towards me and felt his hard cck sliding right into my wet pussy until his balls were right against me. He started to slip in and out with increasing speed and I felt like I was about to explode with excitement. He was moaning and I could see his eyes were closed and a serene smile made him look every inch the lover I had always wanted to be my first.

His thrusts became hard and fast, I yelped slightly with a sharpe twinge but that soon passed and I begged him to keep going, harder, faster, his hands were squeezing my tits and his hips going like a wild cowboy. . . .

My eyes closed and I felt an amazing sensation spreading across my body, not just in my pussy and my tits as I had expected but spreading out to every part of me.

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   Like a powerful electric shock but immensely pleasurable, my whole body shook with the pwoerful force of my exploding orgasm, I cried out loudly, oblivious to anyone who might have been able to hear us. In a few seconds I heard Pete moaning also and felt one long deep thrust of his cock and a warm explosion inside my pussy. His moans mingled with mine as we both enjoyed a mutual orgasm of new feelings for us both. Despite his apparent skill, this had been his first time too. Slowly he stopped thrusting and I instinctively pulled his hips to mine. I didn't want him to withdraw yet, I just wanted to feel him inside of me until my body started to relax.

We lay in the straw for a while, not saying a word. His hand reached up and stroked my face gently. 'You are beautiful' he said. The moment will live long in my memory but it won't be the last. Pete has asked me out next weekend. He says his family have a summer house which is empty. . . .

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   maybe I'll be back to tell you how it goes!.
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