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hey there, i'm Trevor i'm in my early 20's and am studying to be a doctor as is my friend Alex who is studying to be a surgon.
We had just finished our first year and had signed on to work at the local hospital over the summer, we decided to crash at Alex's place as my family had left for Maiami for the summer, now the problem with working as a trainee at a hospital is that if anything at all happens that the full time staff don't want to bother with we get called in.
That was the case tonight " damn Trev i've just been beeped! i've got to go in there short a surgon and there desperate" at this i smiled " i've there calling you in they must be!!" to this Alex laughed sarcasticly and threw a cushion at me " shut up " " hey are your folks going to be ok with me being here on my own?" " yeah no problem man, but you'll have to crash in my sister's room ok!" " ok but won't see feel a bit uncomfortable with that?" " nah don't worry she's out with a friend then there spending the night at her's, i'll see you in the morning allright if you get hungry just help yourself" with this Alex put his coat back on grabbed his bike keys and walked out.
We had planned to order some indian and have a few beers but on my own i decided to just get some sleep, I dropped off instantly but woke not long after to they fantastic feeling of a hand job at first i lay back and enjoyed this feeling until i realised hat both of my hands where linked together under my head!!, i quickly opened my eyes and to my shock Alex's sister Lisa and her friend Eve where sitting at the end of the bed Eve smilling and whispering instructions as Lisa strocked my dick "whoa" i shouted as i moved away from her warm hands (so fast that i fell of the other end of the bed) " what the hell are you two playing at?" i asked slowly picking myself up whislt trying to remain covered up. Lisa had gone bright red but Eve just smiled and replied " well you see Trevor Lisa here has never seen a penis before" " so you just thought hey Trevor's here lets check out his equipment!" " hey don't look at me i've been trying to get her a bofriend for weeks! hell i even offered her mine so she could get in on the fun, but she don't want any of it she want's you".
Now most guys would jump at this as Lisa is a very hot blonde 5"6 nice breasts and a killer ass and Eve a 5"8 redhead with a body that was hotter than most volcanos, but i had to live with Alex and if i let this happen he would kill me so you see it was a tough choice in the end i decided hell theres plenty of people i can move in with, and i had been single for awhile now.
So i was intrested but i didn't want to give up my advatage so i said " and you felt it would be best to just creep in and grab my dick and hope i didn't notice?" Lisa finaly spoke " well not at first but when we came in you where hard and i couldn't help myself" " oh come on Trevor let us use you for just a little bit then we'll give you a reward" i tried but failed to look unimpressed " what kind of reward?" " if you do this for Lisa i'll let you do anything you want to me afterwards! and Lisa if she's willing" at this statement Lisa went red again but did not refuse the offer.
" Oh come on Trevor what do you have to lose we're not looking for a life long thing here" " what have i got to lose!! my teeth that's what your Alex's sister if he find's out there goes the cracking smile i'm so proud of" Eve had heard enough and jumped over and pinned me to the bed starring at my dick " look at that, i think part of you want's this more than your letting on, ok Lisa get over here and we can start over" Lisa did so and after five or six strokes i stopped fighting so Eve let me up and began undressing Lisa would have been embaressed by this but she was too busy enjoying the feel of my rod in her hands " ok now Lisa take the tip and put it in your mouth you won't be able to take all of him but he'll love it" lisa did as she was told and soon after i was in heaven so close in fact that i began to think that this girl was no amature, Eve moved behind her and started to remove Lisa's jeans and pants at this Lisa stopped and turned to face her " what are you doing?" "don't worry Lisa just go with it you'll love it trust me" staring at Eve's naked body and the fantastic blow-job i was getting i shot my load in Lisa's hair and face as she turned back to face me " oh shit Lisa i'm really sorry!" i said she wasn't listening some of my come had ran down her face too her mouth and she began licking it up " hmmm... that's lovely she giggled" grabbing Lisa's waist Eve added "you ain't seen nothing yet" and she moved her pussy just above my face, i knew was comeing next and didn't wait for an ivitation.
Eve quickly shoved her tounge in Lisa's mouth as she began moaning loud enough to wake the neighbours " wow Trev you must really know your stuff even i don't scream that loud" she said after she was able to quiet Lisa down to a low purr " you do have condoms don't you i'm not going any farther if you don't" i said even though i knew that was crap wild horses wouldn't stop me now " of course i do" Eve said as she opened one and placed it on my hard again dick " hey Lisa do you mind if i go first?" she asked but Lisa was well on her way to her third orgasam and was not listening " i'll take that as a yes" Eve said as she placed her pussy lips at the head of my rapped rod and dropped down on it " OH MY GOD!!" she screamed a moment later " wow Trev your bigger than i thought after doing my boyfriend i thought i could take anything but MY GOD!!" she screamed as waves of pleasure washed over her by the time i had shot my load again Lisa had snapped back to reality " emm.. Eve can i have a shot now?" Eve went redfaced " oh yeah sorry i forgot you where here for a moment" she climed off of me and smiling i asked " ok Lisa what position would you like to do this in?" she looked cofused and then turned to Eve for guidence "whats best Eve?" " well i lost my virginity on my back and that was ok you should try that one" " ok then" Lisa got on her back as Eve removed the used condom and replaced it with a ribbed one, i went to protest but she simly shushed me and winked "it'll make it better for both of you" at this i placed myself between Lisa's legs and began rubbing my dick up and down her pussy and as i slid in Eve moved over and began playing with Lisa's tit's "this will make it easier on you when Trevor brakes your cherry trust me" as if on cue i began to slowly thrust in and out of Lisa increasing speed in time with her moans twenty minuites later i shot my load into her and she reached over kissed me deaply and said thankyou afterwards we all fell asleep together and got up early for another lesson then the girls left so that i would be alone for when Alex got home.
Now here is where i made a BIG mistake!! i decided to be honest and like i thought i got punched in the face knocking out two of my front teeth, ah well never mind one of the guys i know is a dentist and if i can recall his sisters pretty hot too :)  
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