When my little sister became a model


It was several years ago back when I justturned 16. I had already had my learner's permit for over a year and Iwas ready to get my driver's license so I could drive where ever Iwanted without my mom being with me. I soon found out that this newprivilege was also a burden. My mom was a pretty lazy person and startedmaking me drive to the store to buy groceries and she also started tomake me take my little sister to the movies and pretty much any placeshe wanted to go to. My sister signed up to auditioned for a modelagency to for fun and to get a little cash ( and by a little I reallymean not much) . My sister was thirteen and she had a small frame withsmall tits , but she had one of nicest 13 year old ass ever. The onlyprobably was she 5'2, pretty short for a model so I was surprised when Ifound out she was selected to start posing in pictures for them.

On the day of the photo shoot my mom didn't feel like taking her to thephoto shoot and forced me to do it. I was upset that I had to do itbecause to me it would be a complete waste of 2 hours of my life , but Ithere was no way I could get out of this mess so I had to go along withit. I took my little sister to the photo shoot and stayed around towatch. My sister had went into the dressing to change while the cameramen set everything up.

Next my sister came back out wearing a sexy two piece bikini. They beginto take hundreds of pictures of my sister posing. They got photos of mysister bending over revealing a nice view of her booty while on herknees and elbows like a dog. They also took pictures of my sister withher hands in her bikini bottom. They also took many photos of a guyspanking and squeezing my sisters ass with another guygrabbing on hertits while rubbing tanning oil all over her body.

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   For my sister's lastpose she removed here bikini top and hide her tits by holding with herhands. My sister then went back to the dressing room and I incorrectlythought it was over. It was far from over.

My young sister then came out of the dressing room with a very tinymini-skirt on with a bikini top and a Popsicle in her hand. They mendrooling over my sexy sister took photos of her sucking on the lollipop. They way she was sucking it was as if it were a dick. My sister endedup dropping her Popsicle on to the ground and when she bent over to getit I realized she was wearing no panties so her tight young pussy wasexposed. A guy in his mid twenties walked up to my sister with his dickwhipped out and just forced his cock into her mouth. As she beginsucking his dick he took the Popsicle and inserted it into her tightcunt and pushed it in as far is it could go and pulled it out andrepeated this over and over again until he got the entire Popsicle deepinto her pussy. Many other naked guys came over to my sister and sheproceeded to suck all of their dicks. They did all types of shit with mysister. They spanked her ass with their dicks and others guys laidthere dicks in my sisters ass crack and just begin to fuck it. My sisterwas enjoying every last one of their dicks just jerking and suckingevery single one of their cocks. The camera men didn't stop shooting andthey even got closer for better shots and views of my slutty littlesister. At one point one of the guys inserted his dick in my sister'spussy and fucked her brains out.

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   My sister starting screaming because ofall of this sexual pleasure she was experiencing. The guys took turnsfucking my sister over and over again wearing out her young pussy andblowing their loads all over her ass, tits , and face. I had mysuspicions that my sister would turn out to be a slut , but I neverexpected her to go through her first gang bang at age 13, but then againmaybe it was her first. It was crazy they started triple penetratingmy sister!! She had a cock in her mouth , butt, and pussy all at once. Ithought that had did every sexual thing imaginable until they jammedtwo cocks into her pussy. They even figured out how to get 2 in herass!! There was over 45 guys on site that day and I'm pretty sure shehad sucked and fucked every last one of them because by the end of allof this there was cum every. In her pussy , in her ass , in her mouth ,on her tits and even in her hair. Even three older guys in there earlysixties had there fun and tripled penetrated my 13 year old littlesister. I wanted to join in so bad , but I realizedthat they wererecording everything and I didn't want to be on camera fucking mysister.

At every last person came they cared her to the shower and cleaned heroff and she came back dressed and ready to go. It was an awkward drivehome and I didn't say anything to my sister about anything. That wasn'tthe last time that my sister went to "pose" for that modeling agency ,but I decided not to stick around for the photo shoot because I knewthat I'd eventually lose composure and starting fucking my little sisteron camera and I don't want any of my friends to ever know that I'd havedone that. One day I auctally visited the website of the agency andfound the photos of my sister , but those were the soft core safe forwork ones, but I knew the hardcore ones were inside the membership area. The one funny thing about my sister's modeling was that she was onlypaid 25 dollars for each shoot, but I guess she loved her job. And forthose who wonder if I ever fucked my little sister, well that's foranother story.

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