A True story of dogging (Dartford Viewpoint, Kent, 2001) - part 1... the red BMW

True Story

************* Please note. . . . . The local council closed Dartford viewpoint in 2006, so please dont go there expecting dogging action now **************

After finding out about dogging (see my "Toby walks" story) I started to look for places nearer to home. The first time I went to Dartford viewpoint was on a Saturday night about midnight. At first I was put off by the sheer number of cars there. . . (probably 6 or 7) all filled with single guys. After 10 minutes, I was thinking of going home, but just then, a red BMW pulled in with 2 people in the front. . . . It stopped about 10 yards away.

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It seemed that people knew this car, as - almost immediately - people started to get out and approach it.
The passenger door opened and a pair of legs swung out. . . . rather than getting out, this person started to take off a pair of knickers.
the first guy was already slipping a condom on, and without any preamble, he just spread the legs and started to fuck the girl inside.

I got out to get a better look and found myself at the back of a queue of 4 guys. We stood watching a middle aged, slightly portly woman laying on the front seat. Her feet were outside the car and her head was laying on her partners lap. One guy was already pumping his cock into her cunt

Each guy fucked her without any talking or asking for permission.

I watched the guy in front of me spit on his hand, wipe it on her cunt and slip his cock inside her without a condom. He fucked her for about 5 minutes and left his cum inside her cunt. As I went up to her, a thin trickle of cum dribbled out of her cunt and onto the seat. I made sure to wear a condom myself, but slipped my cock into her wet slippery hole.

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Her cunt was not exactly tight. It was like a warm wet sock. I fondled her tits as I started to pump her. The feeling was pleasant and after a few minutes, I shot my load into my condom. As I moved away and took it off, someone had already come up to take my place fucking her.

I spoke to one of the other guys, who had also fucked her. Apparently the 'red BMW' was a regular every week on Saturday night. the couple went to some sort of bar or club and then came to the viewpoint just after midnight. she took everyone who was willing to fuck her and never seemed to bother if a condom was used or not.

Later I tended to avoid the red BMW because of the lack of 'safe sex', but I saw it many times and she always fucked anyone who wanted it. .