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True story of my now ex wife. Let me start with little back ground,She was 21 at the time I was in my mid 30s. She is a petite girl about 5 foot 110 lbs brown hair and green eyes ,34 c bra and has a very thick butt. We had been married alittle over a year and things wasn't going well. I work for a small fire dept so i am gone for 24 hours at a time.
It was early summer I was at work when she called and asked if i could take off and go to club with her. It was Friday so at the time I didn't think I would be able to take off so Itold her I wouldn't be able to someone was already off that night,but we could go next week. Well she wasn't happy with that and said fine and hung the phone up. Later that evening the person that was off canceled there leave and I was able to take off. I tried calling her a few times she didn't pick up, I didn't think much of it I knew she was pissed at me and alot of times when she was pissed would do that. It was starting to get late almost 11pm so I loaded up and took off for home in hopes I could smooth things over with her. It takes me a good 40 Min's to drive home,we live in the middle of no where. I get in sight of the house the front light is on and two cars and in the drive way. One of the cars is my wife's the other car i didn't know who's it is. As I get closer to our house,the only light that is on is coming from our bed room window. Now I'm thinking what the hell is going on.

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  I pull past our house and park in a dirt drive the leads to a corn field. I walk back to the house the light that is on is from the master bathroom. She would turn that on when she wanted some light in the bed room but didn't want it bright. I walk slowly up to our bedroom window. Trying to walk softly the windows of the house are open and didn't want her to hear me coming up. When I get to the window the curtains a open at the bottom just alittle,maybe 2 or 3 inches. I peek in and see my wife and another woman laying on our bed. The bed is next to the window i can tell that they are talk but cant make out what they are saying. After a min or so the woman starts kissing my wife. The other girl is looked to be taller then my wife maybe 5'8 a thicker girl about 160 lbs with short blond hair. As they kiss the girl lifts off my wife's shirt, she wasn't wearing a bra. She slides down and starts to suck on my wife's nipple. Her nipples about 2 inches across lite brown. I the girl kiss her way down and slips my wife's shorts off. My wife spreads her legs for her the girl dives in.

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  My wife is moaning and wiggling all over the place. This goes on for 10 min my wife moan the whole time. Then she starts to yell O GOD I'M CUMMING. The girl buries her face in my wife's pussy. My wifestops moaning the girl comes up and lays next to her, she tell her that felt so amazing. The wife climbed on top of the girl and started kissing. I don't guess the girl wanted to wait and started pushing my wife down. MY wife fumbled with the girls jean for a few secs. Then the girl moved her undone her jeans kicked them off and pulled her shirt off. The bra was next to go,she was very busty had to be 36 D to a DD. By now my cock is rock hard and I'm wanting to go in there for some. The girl lays back, my wife spreads the girls legs and takes on long lick. The girl moans softly and rubs hers larges tits. She reaches down grab her by the hair pulling her into her pussy. She starts griding on her face and yells O YES over and over.

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That's when it took a turn. I could tell my wife was lifting her hips but couldn't see, so move to my left to see what she was doing. That's when I got the shock there was a man behind her lifting her up to her knees,He had the biggest dick I have ever seen. He was on his knees, the damn thing almost was touching the bed. I'm only about 6 inches. He took his hand and started to rub her pussy sliding his finger in her. He keep pushing his fingers in and out of her. He grabbed his cock with on had and spit in the other and rubbed it over the huge head. After rubbing it on his dick head he lined it up with her pussy. Rubbing the monster head up and down her slit,til he found her tight hole. He tried to push it in, she hoped up and yelled shit that fucking hurts. He said he was sorry and girl giggled and told her that she had something to help with that. She got up and got what looked like to be KY out of her bag and handed it to the guy. The girl laded down and told my wife to come here. She pull her up top of her she is laying her head on her big tits with her nice round ass in the air.


  The guy lubes his dick up with alot of KY then rubs it over my wife's pussy. He lifts that's giant dick and points it at my wife again working the head in. She was holding on to the girls arm tight with grimmest look on her face. He keeps working her little pussy over, push about 7 inches in her. He ask her she is ready for alittle more,she tell him i don't know. He push more in she yell so for him to stop. He pull out, she rolls off the girl curled up in a ball say damn your trying to kill me. The girl rubs her back and talks to her, I couldn't hear what she was telling her. After a few Min's my wife was laying on her back and the girl was kissing her. The guy was on his knees rubbing his monster dick. He asked her if she was ready, she shook her head yes. He grabbed her by the knees and lifter her legs up in the air as he moved closer to her. His dick hang down touching her pussy, he let her legs go grabbed his dick and pushed the head in. She let out a yell. He was hold himself up with his arms working his large meat in and out of my wife.

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  I couldn't take anymore I pulled out my hard dick and started rubbing it fast. He started picking up speed, my wife was screaming one cuss word after another. Then he said get ready I'm about to cum. I cam right then, the most i have ever cam in my life. Then he stated to grunt pushing he dick deep inside her. Never heard her scream so loud before. He was balls deep in her filling her full of cum. Could see his balls pumping load after load in her. He pulled the monster out of her,cum was running out of her well fucked pussy.
After that I headed back to the car went to my brothers apt who is a firefighter also stayed at his place. Thinking about what i seen i had to jerk off again.

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