Curious Guys Help Each other Out... The Alternative Version


Curious Guys Help Each other Out. . . The Alternative Version

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Well, if you've read the previous story written by 'Trey' (obviously made up names to keep our identity secret) I’m 'Paul' and I recommend you read the previous story first.

This story is the same 'encounter' however from my perspective.

Firstly I consider myself a straight man and was totally shocked when the above story was written by my friend Trey.

It started with me returning from Afghanistan.
Being out there I’d missed my friends and family so decided to go on a night out to celebrate my return.
After quite a few drinks I called it a night and took a taxi with my friends, home.
We dropped off friends one by one until me and Trey were the only ones left.

I suggested we go back to mine and continue the night with a few more drinks and Trey agreed.

Back at mine we went to my room (my only TV's up there) I turned my laptop on to put on some music when Trey asked me what porn I collected.
So I clicked on some random porn and sat watching it in silence with Trey.
I got carried away watching and when I looked I saw that Trey had his cock out and was slowly wanking it in time to the guy thrusting his cock in and out of the girl getting fucked on the porn.

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I was stunned but also slightly turned on and being as drunk as I was I too got my cock out and started wanking in time with the porn.
Watching Trey wanking and the porn was turning me on and I was hard in no time.
Trey took his hand and looked like he was going to flick the head of my cock with his fingers.

Out of the blue I blurted out "if you’re going to touch it, then wank me off. . . "
Trey hesitated for a moment and then took a firm grip of my cock which made me throb with excitement.
I couldn’t be selfish so I coughed up the courage and took a hold of Treys hard cock and slowly stroked it up and down.
His hard cock felt great in my hand, so smooth and hard at the same time it was a whole new experience.

Trey then leant over and said to me "I’ll do anything you want to do! As long as you do it to me first!"
With that my mind run wild with what was happening and I was worried what (if anything) Trey would say or who he might tell.
But his hand running up and down my cock and mine on his made me think that our friendship has taken a new level and we wouldn’t tell a soul (except for writing these stories of course)

I don’t know if it was drunken hornyness or that fact I wanted to try it but I passed Trey the computer with the Porn still playing, he laid back resting the laptop on his chest and I took his cock into my mouth.
I used my tongue to tease his cock, running it up and down his shaft, licking the head and sucking on it.
It was awesome his cock felt so big in my mouth I couldn’t fit it all in.
The saliva all over his cock made it glisten in the light and sucked his cock for a good few minutes before I laid back and started to watch the porn with him again.

Trey then passed me the computer in the same way I did him and with that I felt a tongue tease its way across the head of my cock as he took me into his mouth sucking me hard.

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I couldn’t help but enjoy it and I started to moan his name quietly which seemed to encourage him as he took me deep making my cock twitch with excitement.

After he finished sucking me off we placed the computer back between us and continued to wank each other off.
Trey then asked "Your turn now, what’s next?"

Being hornier then ever I wanked his cock harder and whispered to him "I want your cock hard so you can fuck my ass!"
I never thought these words would come out of my mouth but then again I didn’t think a cock would go in it!!

After Treys cock was nice and hard I grabbed some lube and generously rubbed it up and down his cock.
While Trey was laid back I placed the laptop on his chest again and stood up on the bed.
I straddled him facing away and slowly lowered myself onto his cock.
Firstly I rubbed his cock up and down the crack of my ass to lube myself up and then I slipped the head of his cock into my ass.
It felt so hard and big that I struggled to fit it in, the pain was intense.
I tried for a couple of minutes before I had to stand up as it felt like I was being split in half!!!
I moved back to my side of the bed and said "fuck that! It hurts too much!!"

We once again started to wank each other off then after a while Trey applied some lube to my cock and stood up and lowered himself onto me.
The tip of my cock entered his ass and with it a whole new wave of pleasure as he started to lower onto me.
Trey started to slowly bounce up and down on my cock and I gentle thrusted into him.
His ass felt so tight and great on my cock so I started to thrust harder. Trey held my cock so I didn’t thrust too hard into him and it wasn’t long before I was close to coming.
Moaning his name louder now I really wanted to cum in his ass but didn’t know how he'd feel about it.
So as I was about to cum I pulled out and grabbed a towel I had close by and came like I never had before. .

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  . the tower felt drenched with my cum!

Trey then laid back down and I took his cock into my hands and worked him.
I wanted him to cum and I wanked harder and harder until I felt his cock twitch as he came.
I grabbed the same towel I came into and held it near his cock as his cum dripped over my hands and into the towel.

Funnily enough me and Trey have had stories like this before but this is the first one we've shared.
Hopefully when he reads this it'll give him an insight to how much I enjoy fucking his ass but we'll see what he has to say. . .

Till next time maybe?