Freedom Denied chapter 06


Freedom Denied 06

During her sleep, Mandi had several vivid dreams where she was always the centre of the wild sexual action, usually her dreams involved other people but sometimes it was with animals or with machines. She found herself more turned on by the thought of the never ending fucking of a machine than of anything else.

After all a machine did not need to consider its own climax and could therefore concentrate all its actions and energies on making her cum. Also in her minds eye the machine always had the distinct size and colour of a taboo black male.

Suddenly she was awakened by her ankles being grabbed, in her semi conscious state she did not relate to anything real, but thought a machine had read her mind and was taking its revenge on her highly aroused body. As sleep finally left her mind, she saw two males dragging her from her cage towards a large raised box in the centre of the open space.

Laid on her back upon this box, her arms were then tethered to large rings attached to the floor and the two males held her legs wide apart, Her aroused pussy was on display for all to see. Mandi failed to notice the shadowy figure approaching with the leather case, she still failed to notice when he placed the case between her legs and began to remove the apparatus.

The first she noticed was when she felt the excruciating agony in her left nipple and through teary eyes witnessed the clipping of her nipple ring into place. Further pain then emanated from her right nipple as this was similarly pierced and ringed. Just when she thought the pain could not get any worse she felt a blood curdling scream emanate from her lips as her left labia lips was pierced not once but twice and a single ring was inserted through both holes. Even further pain originated from her right labia lips as this was also pierced twice and again a single ring passed through both holes.

Just before she passed out from the pain she felt something being forced into her cunt opening and no matter how hard she tried to look to see what was happening she could not make out the two egg shaped objects being pushed up inside her, then a six inch vibrator was also pushed up her cunt. Just as she grew accustomed to the fullness of her vaginal cavity, she almost screamed the roof down as a single sharp pain began in her clitoris and spread like a burning forest around her pubic area. She vaguely made out the ring being inserted into her clit hood.

She then felt the first rumblings of the vibrator embedded in her cunt start and some how the fullness and the other love egg shapes amplified them as she felt her sore and bloody labia lips being pulled until she heard the undeniable click of a padlock as it sealed her cunt closed from prying fingers.

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   The clit ring though caused the clit head to be pushed forward and clear of the restriction and as she discovered when she felt the guy's fingers playing with her clit, it left her exposed and randy.

Cuffs were then placed around her ankles and they in turn were then tethered to other well-placed rings set into the floor and she was spread eagled on her back over this raised box shape. She was securely fastened in a position where she would not be able to move nor could she rest enough to sleep. Within 20 minutes her calf muscles ached and cramped up on her, her arm muscled tightened and stung, like a thousand bee stings. Her neck tensed and knotted up as she tried to prevent it hanging loosely and obscenely looking back towards her now empty cage.

The hours till morning seemed to drag; there was no respite from the constant aches now wracking her body. Each minute seemed to last an hour as she tried so desperately to relax and rest. The buzzing in her cunt also prevented her from sleeping and it began to feel like three separate vibrating sources were centred inside her, all slowly leading her to a most wonderful powerful climax. Just before the two guys disappeared, their last acts were to each place a bell clip on each of her nipple rings, they tested these bells by flicking her swollen and sore nipples and ting-a-ling was clearly heard, they walked away laughing.

In the stillness and dark of the night, Mandi still feebly hoped for the chance to escape but she had to admit whilst she would not have chosen to endure the things she was made to do, she now cherished the feelings and experiences they had given her. She felt herself flush and blush at the thought of what her dear old mother would have thought of her if she had known what Mandi had experienced over the last days, weeks? How long had she suffered, she tried to remember but as she could not even recall what day it was today let alone the date she failed miserably to work out how long she had endured these things.

Almost the second her eyes finally gave way to sleep, she was awakened by the icy cold rush of water as it cascaded over her secured body. She had in fact managed an hour's sleep before the two women had washed her to make her awake. She was roughly dried and released from her bonds. As one woman turned to retrieve a garment and the other was distracted for just a fraction of a second, Mandi seized her chance and knocked them both down, in seconds she reached the outer fence of the court yard and with some difficulty she managed to scale the eight feet high wall and headed towards the green cover afforded by the trees and bushes.

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   Behind her she heard the chaotic commotion erupt as sirens and bells seemed to invade the air. She then became aware of the yapping of dogs as she assumed the bloodhounds had been released. The panic inside her now spurred her on to even more energy in her attempt to avoid recapture, she raced as fast as she could away from the crescendo of noise behind her and her mind kept telling her she could escape their clutches if only she kept her wits about her.

Suddenly she plunged down an embankment and tumbled into a small river. The water whilst cold did not feel as cold as that which had woken her just minutes ago, She dived under the water and swam down stream thinking the hounds would soon loose her scent and they would be useless for tracking her. After some thirty minutes of panic running during her escape, she now tried to clear her mind and work out a plan to avoid being found. First she needed to find some clothes, as a naked pierced woman would certainly look out of place in the English countryside. She suddenly felt the first pangs of hunger as she realised she had not eaten since the meagre meal last night. Food would be another main concern as she fled from her captors.

She then swam under a bridge and spotted a small country cottage, it was a typical chocolate box appearance cottage, roses round the door and a wisp of smoke lazily drifting from the chimney. She decided to take the chance and tell the occupant that she had been attacked in a nearby lay by after hitchhiking and could she borrow some clothes and she would send reimbursement later for them.

In her mind it seemed so logical and she had already decided that if the occupant wanted to phone the police so much the better as she would love to see Adam's face as he was arrested for sexual crimes against her. She knocked at the cottage door and was greeted by a silver haired old lady who introduced herself as Betty Done, who immediately bade her enter and rustled up a blanket to wrap her freezing body in. Mandi quickly explained about her reasons for being naked and in the state she was in to Betty.

Betty graciously smiled and then invited her to look through an old wardrobe in a bedroom for something that may fit her, whilst she made Mandi a cup of tea and phoned the police.

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   Great, Mandi could see in her minds eye the long arm of the law and rings of justice closing in around Adam. She managed to find an old button down dress in the wardrobe and hastily putting on the garment, she returned to the kitchen to an eagerly anticipated cup of tea, she thought how lucky she had been to find this lonely cottage out here in the wilds of England. She sat facing Betty as the old lady poured the cup of tea and explained the police would be here in about fifteen minutes. Mandi failed to notice the old lady smirk as she handed Mandi the only cup of tea from the pot.

Mandi grasped the hot mug of tea in both hands as she smiled for the first time in months at this kindly old woman. The heat permeated through her hands to her chilled to the bone, body as she sipped the warm sweet tasting tea. Mandi heard movement outside and began to stand up but never made it as she fell over, becoming unconscious before she even hit the floor.

She was not sure how long she laid there but suddenly she heard voices and one of them sounded familiar as she heard "Well done, Margaret, you sure she never suspected you of phoning the lodge?"

"No, Adam she was just thanking me before she heard you arrive!" "So she had no idea I was part of the organisation!" then she added, "Even told her my name was Betty Done, you know B Done!" laughing as she finished.

Adam then added, "Your right there, Mandi here has been done, right and proper!" he laughed.

Then Mandi was man handled to her feet and faced the woman she knew as Betty as she stepped forward and slowly unbuttoned the dress and carefully removed it, folding it up, she then reached out and ran her finger over the still visible clit held in place by its ring. Mandi initially shuddered at the touch but then her hair trigger climax cut in and she could not help but orgasm on the spot. Betty leaned forward and kissed Mandi full on the lips and promised, "I look forward to training you later, my little bitch!"

Mandi was unceremoniously dragged from the cottage and dumped in the boot of the waiting car, her world plunged into darkness and disarray as she now had to contemplate the fool hardy action of running away and being caught. She dreaded to think what torture she would have to now endure, although she did not regret her failed flight to freedom, she did fear the consequences of her actions.

Once back at the Lodge, she was dragged out to the yard and secured to a standing height stock. Although she could not see behind her she sensed the yard filling with other slaves to witness her punishment for daring to try to escape.

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   She felt before she sensed the arriving searing burning sensation as the cat-o-nine tails whips struck her naked rear cheeks. Rapid further lashes rained down upon her burning and scarred arse cheeks, she actually lost count of the number of strokes but the continued until she finally passed out and hung like a limp rag from the stocks.

She was then roused by freezing cold water being directed in her direction from the fire hose, then dragged off, she was dressed (If you can call a skin tight corset which forced her 38D breasts high on her frame, as dressed) and then felt her hands being cuffed behind her back. Mandi then felt the weight of the shackles pulling on her straining nipple rings as her body was placed between the yokes of her cart. Then Margaret appeared and took great delight in finishing the securing of Mandi into her pony-girl trap; when all was ready she felt the flicked tip of the whip on her already extremely sore buttocks as she was told, "walk on"

Several times she was reprimanded about keeping her knees up higher as she strode around the yard and on more than one occasions tasted the wraith of the driver for failing to adhere to the demands. Almost at every step she felt Margaret tug firmly on the reins, which were attached through her nipple rings to her bridle bit securely fastened in her mouth and around her head.

For three solid hours, Mandi was paraded like a new pony around the yard and her muscles ached and her buttocks stung from the constant whippings. Finally she was led to the stable area and led to a single trough where she was allowed to drink. Again she was chastised for trying to drink as a human and was told that as a pony girl she drinks like a horse.

During the next seven hours, several different drivers put Mandi through her paces, each subsequent driver was heavier and stricter than the previous one and the final driver delighted in actually drawing blood on Mandi's crisscrossed scarred buttocks. By 11 pm she was exhausted and fell into a deep sleep when turned free into her cage.

At 3 am next morning she was again roused, and half expecting further punishment was surprised when she was gently stretched over a soft stool and soothing balm applied to her streaked buttocks. She found the balm not only soothing but also almost erotic as it cooled and eased the pains. One of the women tending her needs whispered that she was scheduled to be sent home with in three days but only if she reached the required standards of her new masters.

Mandi cannot recall at what point her desire to escape disappeared, and the desire to service her masters replaced it.

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   But the first she became aware of the current situation was when she had the chance to escape and simply ignore the opportunity. Further more when presented in front of Adam, she carefully knelt before him and literally begged for the chance to accept his cock into her mouth as his personal urinal. All of this was without prompting from anyone; and received a generous smile from Adam, he asked if she would prefer something other than him pissing into her mouth and she replied "I would love to taste your cream, if my master thinks I am worthy of this act"

She could not believe her own mouth had uttered the words, and yet she knew she not only meant them, but also hoped they would be believed. Her will to fight had gone and she now only sought to please her masters in any way they chose for her to do so. She was rewarded with gentle caresses from Adam and smiles from all around her. She was led off to a secluded room where for the next three hours she was the centre of an orgy of cocks, they fucked her every hole, singly, in pairs and even once or twice she took three cocks at once. She still longed for her toys to be put back up her cunt as soon as the erect cock had vacated the cavity, she simply could not get enough of the cocks and sexual feelings. She longed for her new life to be endlessly filled of Cumming cocks and juicy cunts, occasionally interspaced with whippings and bondage. In deed her attitude towards these things she would have once declared as perverted had now become a case of wanting them, no needing them to find her new level of sexuality.

By the end of the orgy she had become a true cum slut sampling seventeen different cocks and had numerous loads of fresh spunk blasted over her face and tits, or up her cunt or arse and she freely admitted now that she loved every second of every single stroke of cock up her well-used pussy.

She dreaded the thought of the orgy finally finishing and her being deprived of any further cocks, almost hoping that a never ending supply could keep her enjoying the slutty feeling of being a wanton sex object at the centre of all these males desires.
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