Living with Aria


I stand in the bathroom watching my sister apply her lipstick. She looks amazing with a red dress showing just enough cleavage and black pumps, her short brown hair framing her face perfectly.

“You’re beautiful,” I tell her, my eyes raking her up and down.

“Thanks,” she smiles at me and adjusts her 40 DD breasts so they pop out even more. The urge to grab them is strong. Aria doesn’t notice and says, “You picked out an amazing outfit. You have an eye for what looks good on me. ”

More like an eye for what I’d like to rip off her.

“I hope you have fun tonight,” I say trying not to sound bitter. Aria is going on another date with that ugly pig Josh. Her phone starts buzzing and it’s her date waiting downstairs.

“I will, thanks,” she says quickly, throwing her purse together, “call me if you need to, see you later!”She dashes out the door leaving me alone in the apartment.

Aria is 25 and perfect in every way. She’s tall and busty with hips and an ass to die for. She also is very smart and constantly gone working or out with her new boyfriend. He was just the latest in Aria’s new slutty phase.

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  I had only moved in six weeks ago but he was number three since then. Every guy she brought home was an asshole or ghosted her. And I couldn’t wait for Josh to be next.

Since I could remember I looked up to Aria and wanted to be like her. When I was 11 I realized that I wanted more than that too. The first time I ever touched myself I came while thinking about my sister’s perfect tits. We shared a room for years and I used to imagine climbing into her bed and touching her all over. But she was perfect and I was just her nerdy, ugly little sister. My body wasn’t curvy like hers but petite and thin, my breasts barely a C cup. Plus, I knew Aria would never go with it.

Hours later Aria came drunk and laughing with Josh. They slammed into the apartment interrupting the show I was watching.

“Shh,” Aria giggled and closed the door.

“Hey, Shay,” Josh says to me and the two stagger into Aria’s room without another word to me. Hot anger boils inside me as I think about his hands on Aria and I turn up the t.

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  v. Soon though I hear loud moaning. I go to Aria’s door and plan on banging on the door but it’s still wide open. Josh is lying on the bed and Aria is on top, her ass in his face. Josh’s hands cup her ass and massage it. One of Aria’s hands is grabbing her tits and nipples. Her other hand is clutching his ball sack and she rubs them in her hand.

I watch as my sister slams her dripping wet pussy down Josh’s hard dick, juices splattering their thighs. Aria’s perfect double D breasts bounce in the air. My pussy is soaking wet now. Without realizing it, my hand has started to pinch my own nipple.

I hear Josh moan loudly and suddenly Aria opens her eyes and sees me standing there. I’m sure she is going to flip out but instead she lets go of Josh’s ballsack and grabs both her tits. She starts rubbing them and playing with them, then looking at me.

Licking my lips nervously I run my hands over my breasts too.

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  Aria moans loudly and nods furiously. Understanding now I pull off my shirt and start pulling at myself over my bra. Aria moans again and her hips start grinding into Josh harder.

I unclasp my bra and out pop my tits. My hand slips under my pants and I start to massage my pulsating cunt. It aches to be touched by my gorgeous sister. I’m so horny that I start to moan and have to bite down on my lower lip to keep Josh from hearing me.

“I want to fuck you so hard,” Aria says, her eyes locked on me. Josh moans loudly, too drunk and horny to say more. I rub my clit harder and can feel an orgasm is close.

Aria leans back, still pulling hard on her nipples, and starts to moan loudly. I realize she’s orgasming and work my pussy even harder. Just as the drunken pair starts to cum I feel my body almost go limp as an orgasm rocks my body. I furiously finger myself until I can cum no more, watching my sister’s ass bob up and down as she sucks her boyfriend’s dick dry.

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