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[2008/08/02 18:43]  Leslie: aaghhhhh. . i told u not to go offline[2008/08/02 18:43]  Lex: it crashed[2008/08/02 18:44]  Leslie: i think better here[2008/08/02 18:44]  Leslie: chat is laggy[2008/08/02 18:44]  Leslie opens my mouth and take your head cock in[2008/08/02 18:44]  Leslie: uhmm. . . starts sucking your cock head[2008/08/02 18:45]  Leslie flick her tongue on your cock head[2008/08/02 18:45]  Lex: mm god baby. . . so needing u. . . [2008/08/02 18:45]  Lex: mmm taste that precum hun[2008/08/02 18:45]  Leslie: uhmmm. .

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  . . taking your cock deeper in my mouth[2008/08/02 18:45]  Leslie: uhmm. . . i look up to u as i lick your precum clean[2008/08/02 18:45]  Leslie: niceee. . . . i keep on stroking your cock as i duck the tips[2008/08/02 18:46]  Leslie: uhmm. . i hope its really hardd for me[2008/08/02 18:46]  Lex: my fingers grippin ur hair as u eat me alive[2008/08/02 18:46]  Lex: i am so hard for u in rl[2008/08/02 18:46]  Leslie: uhmm. . yessss[2008/08/02 18:46]  Lex: cant stop strokin[2008/08/02 18:46]  Leslie: slides your cock deeper in my throat[2008/08/02 18:47]  Leslie: uhmmm. .

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  . . yrddd. . i love a hard cock in my throat[2008/08/02 18:47]  Lex: imagine suckin that baby[2008/08/02 18:48]  Lex: does it look tasty[2008/08/02 18:48]  Leslie: uhmm. . yess. . duvking your cock head harddd[2008/08/02 18:48]  Leslie: yess. . i lovee lickin it[2008/08/02 18:48]  Lex: another one to get ur juices flowin[2008/08/02 18:49]  Leslie: aaahhhhhh[2008/08/02 18:49]  Leslie: licks your cock harderrrr[2008/08/02 18:49]  Leslie: uhmmmmm. . i soo lovee suckin your cock[2008/08/02 18:50]  Lex: i love my cock being sucked. . .

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   it drives me insane. . . the feel of your tongue slidin up n down my shaft. . . ur lips kissin all over it[2008/08/02 18:50]  Lex: mmm[2008/08/02 18:50]  Leslie: uhmm. . sucks your cock harder. . my tongue flickin on your cock[2008/08/02 18:50]  Lex: my hands fumble at ur reasts and nipples. . . . teasin them[2008/08/02 18:50]  Leslie: my hads masaging your balls[2008/08/02 18:51]  Lex: mmm baby eat that cock[2008/08/02 18:51]  Lex: my fingers stroke ur tummy.

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  . . eager to rub ur clit[2008/08/02 18:51]  Leslie: uhmm. . . taking your cock deeper down my thoart[2008/08/02 18:51]  Leslie: uhmmmmm . . yesss. pleaseeeee. . i'm soo wet[2008/08/02 18:52]  Leslie clims up on your face[2008/08/02 18:52]  Leslie keeps on sucking your had cock[2008/08/02 18:52]  Lex: mmm i love eatin pussy. . . . love makin a girl climax on my tongue and lips[2008/08/02 18:53]  Lex: i kiss gently on ur pussy lips[2008/08/02 18:53]  Leslie: yessss.

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  . . . ohhh. . can u feel my juice drippinn[2008/08/02 18:53]  Lex: softly exploring u[2008/08/02 18:53]  Leslie: i'mm soo wettt[2008/08/02 18:53]  Leslie grinds my pussy to your tongue[2008/08/02 18:53]  Lex: my tongue softly slidin on the  surface then between ur slit[2008/08/02 18:53]  Leslie: as i suck your cock harderrrr[2008/08/02 18:53]  Leslie: aaaahhhhhh. . . yessssss. . . thats it[2008/08/02 18:53]  Lex: i tease ur clit with the tip of my tongue[2008/08/02 18:53]  Lex: makin u moan for more[2008/08/02 18:54]  Leslie: yesssss. . ohhhhhhhhhh[2008/08/02 18:54]  Lex: i bury my face into ur pussy lickin at u hard[2008/08/02 18:54]  Leslie: yessss. .

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  . . i'm soo wet[2008/08/02 18:54]  Lex: my hands holding and diggin into ur ass[2008/08/02 18:54]  Lex: my tongue sliding around ur clit lickin every bit, everywhere[2008/08/02 18:54]  Lex: hungry[2008/08/02 18:54]  Leslie: uhmmmm. . yessssssss[2008/08/02 18:55]  Leslie: sooo wettttt[2008/08/02 18:55]  Lex: mmm i want u bad baby[2008/08/02 18:55]  Leslie: yesss. yyesss. . is yur cock really hard[2008/08/02 18:55]  Lex: hard and soaked[2008/08/02 18:55]  Lex: so much precum[2008/08/02 18:56]  Lex: drippin down my shaft[2008/08/02 18:56]  Leslie: fuckkk[2008/08/02 18:56]  Leslie: i'mmm soo wett[2008/08/02 18:56]  Lex: wish we could cam. . . mmm[2008/08/02 18:56]  Leslie giggles[2008/08/02 18:57]  Lex: my lips taste every bit of ur pussy and clit[2008/08/02 18:57]  Lex: hungrly eatin u out[2008/08/02 18:57]  Lex: will i ever get to see a pic of ur fine ass. . . [2008/08/02 18:58]  Leslie giggles[2008/08/02 18:58]  Leslie: uhmmmmm[2008/08/02 18:58]  Lex: i slide a finger deep into ur pussy . .

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  . then another,, still i continue to lick at eat ur clit[2008/08/02 18:58]  Lex: makin it swell and cream[2008/08/02 18:58]  Lex: my greedy tongue lashin every bit of u up[2008/08/02 18:59]  Leslie: yesss. . ohhh. . i want your cock in my cunt nowww[2008/08/02 18:59]  Lex: mmm i love to fuck that cunt[2008/08/02 19:00]  Lex: let me slide my cummy cock deep into it[2008/08/02 19:00]  Leslie clims up on yopur cock[2008/08/02 19:00]  Leslie: slowly lowering my cunt on your cock[2008/08/02 19:00]  Leslie: yessssssssssssssssss[2008/08/02 19:01]  Leslie: oohhhhh. . yessss. . . i can feel your cock strechin my cuntt[2008/08/02 19:01]  Leslie: fuckkk. . . . [2008/08/02 19:01]  Leslie grinds harder on your cock[2008/08/02 19:01]  Lex: mm damn[2008/08/02 19:01]  Leslie cunt tightening against your cock[2008/08/02 19:01]  Leslie: ohhh.

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  . . fuck yesssssss[2008/08/02 19:02]  Lex: my cock burys deep into ur womb. . . ur cunt engulfin my hard throbbin cock[2008/08/02 19:02]  Leslie bouncing on your cock harddddd[2008/08/02 19:02]  Lex: i lean up and lick ur breast. . . hungry and takin it all in my mouth[2008/08/02 19:03]  Lex: buckin up hard into u. . . wild and lost[2008/08/02 19:03]  Leslie: yessssssssss[2008/08/02 19:03]  Leslie: 'me humping on your cock harderrrr[2008/08/02 19:03]  Leslie: aaaghhhhh. . your cock soo hardddd[2008/08/02 19:03]  Lex: mmm so much precum baby in rl[2008/08/02 19:04]  Leslie: yess. .


  . i want all off ittt[2008/08/02 19:04]  Lex: i wish u could taste it[2008/08/02 19:04]  Leslie: uhmmm. . . i lovee licking it off your cock[2008/08/02 19:05]  Lex: i ram deeper into ur hungry cunt. . . mmm fuckin and grindin together as our love juices mix[2008/08/02 19:05]  Leslie: yesssssssssssss[2008/08/02 19:05]  Leslie: fuckkk. . my cuntt is soo wettttttt[2008/08/02 19:05]  Leslie cunt squeezing your cock[2008/08/02 19:05]  Lex: 2secs[2008/08/02 19:05]  Lex: brb[2008/08/02 19:06]  Leslie: aahhhhh[2008/08/02 19:09]  Lex: needed tissue. . . lol[2008/08/02 19:09]  Leslie: giggles. . .

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  [2008/08/02 19:09]  Leslie: uhmm. . . lots of precummmm?[2008/08/02 19:09]  Lex: more than i can deal with. . . was makin typin a challange lol[2008/08/02 19:09]  Leslie: lol. . . uhmmm. . . [2008/08/02 19:09]  Leslie licks some of it[2008/08/02 19:10]  Lex: mmm u kept me waitin and damn did it build up hun lol[2008/08/02 19:10]  Leslie giggles. . hmm.


  . am i gonna get it all noww[2008/08/02 19:10]  Leslie vunt squeezing your cock tighter[2008/08/02 19:11]  Lex: mmm u want it all huh[2008/08/02 19:11]  Leslie: uhmmm. . yessssss[2008/08/02 19:11]  Leslie: i want u too cumm soo harddd[2008/08/02 19:11]  Lex: mmm where do u want my hot load then hun[2008/08/02 19:12]  Leslie: uhmm. . how about all over my face[2008/08/02 19:12]  Lex: mmm damn. . . [2008/08/02 19:13]  Lex: and a lil inside that sweet cunt?[2008/08/02 19:13]  Leslie: uhmmmmm[2008/08/02 19:13]  Leslie: yessss. . . . . [2008/08/02 19:13]  Lex: are u close my sweet?[2008/08/02 19:13]  Leslie: ok. .

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   i want u too cumm soo harddd in my cunttt[2008/08/02 19:13]  Leslie: yesssssss[2008/08/02 19:13]  Leslie: soo wettttt[2008/08/02 19:13]  Lex: u want me to fill it up hard[2008/08/02 19:14]  Leslie: pleasweeee// i'mm soo hornyyyyyy[2008/08/02 19:14]  Leslie: aaaaghhhhhh. . my cunt griping your cock[2008/08/02 19:14]  Lex: slammin it deep inti u. . . my balls tightenin[2008/08/02 19:14]  Leslie: aaaaaghhhhhhhhh[2008/08/02 19:14]  Lex: ready to explode[2008/08/02 19:14]  Leslie: yessss. . . . harderrrr[2008/08/02 19:14]  Leslie: fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk[2008/08/02 19:14]  Leslie: cummmmingggggggggggggggggg[2008/08/02 19:14]  Lex: im gona cum in u baby[2008/08/02 19:14]  Leslie tightens against your cock[2008/08/02 19:14]  Lex: telll m e to cum in u[2008/08/02 19:14]  Leslie: yesssssssssssssssssss[2008/08/02 19:15]  Leslie: cumm in my cuntt[2008/08/02 19:15]  Leslie: cumm reall harddd[2008/08/02 19:15]  Lex: oh god shootin so hard in u[2008/08/02 19:15]  Leslie: yessssssssssssssssssssssssss[2008/08/02 19:15]  Leslie: oohhhhh. . fuckk[2008/08/02 19:16]  Lex: mmm damn. . . cum mixin and drippin out of ur well fucked hole.

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  . . mmm[2008/08/02 19:16]  Leslie: ohhh. . . soo much loadddddd[2008/08/02 19:16]  Leslie: drips down my legss[2008/08/02 19:16]  Leslie: let me clean up your cock[2008/08/02 19:16]  Lex: mmm ok[2008/08/02 19:17]  Leslie: uhmm. . takes your cock in my mouthh[2008/08/02 19:17]  Lex: leans back and closes eyes in pleasure[2008/08/02 19:17]  Leslie: uhhmm. . sucking your cock reall harddd[2008/08/02 19:17]  Leslie: licking it all over[2008/08/02 19:17]  Lex: moans out loud in satisfaction[2008/08/02 19:18]  Lex: softly stokin u as u clean me[2008/08/02 19:18]  Lex: fingers strokin ur hair[2008/08/02 19:18]  Leslie: uhmmm[2008/08/02 19:18]  Leslie: licks it all cleann[2008/08/02 19:18]  Leslie: uhmm. . . look up to u. . sure lots of loads[2008/08/02 19:19]  Lex: mmm wipes a drip off ur lip.

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  . . . and winks[2008/08/02 19:19]  Leslie giggles. . opps[2008/08/02 19:19]  Lex: mmm told u there was. . . and all for u[2008/08/02 19:19]  Leslie licks her lips[2008/08/02 19:19]  Leslie: uhmm. . i hope u feel btter now[2008/08/02 19:19]  Leslie giggles[2008/08/02 19:20]  Lex: im lost in pleasure release[2008/08/02 19:20]  Leslie giggles[2008/08/02 19:21]  Lex: mmm that was damn hot
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